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Our school vision statement was developed by our school community in 2018 ‘Nga Rangatira mo Apopo’ - Leaders of Tomorrow. Our students are the future leaders and at Mangonui School we try to broaden their experiences so they can practice leadership. A big part of what we do is about ‘Kaitiaki to Others’. Tuakana Teina the older student helping the younger one. Many of our senior students spend time each day in the junior classroom helping other students. This may be with reading or doing some maths. We have mentor leaders who watch out for new students to our school. Each term we have a couple of days where students teach students about what they have been learning. We try to build that concept that great leaders help others, share and make their world a better place.

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It was sad hearing about the passing away of Anthea Goodwin. She was an amazing person who we developed a relationship with as a school many years ago. She very quietly supported our efforts to build a curriculum that works outside our school. Her first encounter with us was with building penguin boxes and then supporting us with our mahi at Rangikapiti Pa. At the beginning of this term she was digging holes at our Papatuanuku planting day. Encouraging others, sharing her knowledge and connecting with the earth. Kua hinga te totara i te wao nui a Tane - The totara has fallen in the forest of Tane. Next year Mangonui School has been invited onto the Food for Schools programme. I n 2019, the Government introduced a two-year initiative to explore delivering a free and healthy daily school lunch to Year 1 to 8 (primary and intermediate aged) in low decile schools. Providing lunch to all students in participating schools will make sure that every student who needs a free lunch can access one, and will minimise any stigma that sometimes comes with receiving free meals. Mangonui School will outsource to an external supplier to provide lunches each day. We know some whanau will want to continue making their child’s kai. That is fine. More details will come out soon. We have just received our ‘Provisional Staffing’ for 2021. This notice tells us how many teachers we can have in 2021. Our roll is growing which means our teacher entitlement grows too. We are happy to report that we will have seven classrooms next year making smaller classrooms. This year we also have employed another teacher who works with small groups of students, this will continue in 2021. Next term all classrooms will be part of our ‘Education Outside the Classroom Term 4’. We use these outdoor opportunities to explore and connect with our local environment. It also allows the students to experience new and enjoyable outdoor activities which promote health and wellbeing. We really want and need or whanau to join in on these days. It is great to see your child in the outdoors connecting with unique whenua and tai. Newsletters for all classrooms will be coming out this week. Millan and Alyssa, two of our senior leaders won the Principal award this week for ‘Stepping Up’ in their leadership roles. Mill’s does a lot of little things to support the school. All those little things add up and we really appreciate it. Alyssa does a great job in the library. Thank you for your efforts so we can have a functional library! Nga Mihi Dave Sedcole

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 Awards Term 3 2020 Weeks 9-10 Principal’s Awards: Millan Bradbury and Alyssa Durval Kotuku Our Duffy awards went to Shiloh MaCarthy for always trying her best and Marley Matia for making a quick change in his attitude. The Kaitiaki awards went to Alyssa Duval for kaitiaki to herself, ensuring she is always completing her mahi at a high standard and Fern Tracey for being kaitiaki to others and always offering a helping hand. The Learning awards went to Leah Lloyd for having a great attitude towards her WOW and climate change site and Tohe Tatai-Write because your humour and enthusiasm in the classroom is a hoot. Tuatara Our Duffy awards went to Frances Edmonds for always trying her best and putting 100% into her mahi and Lucy Heighway for stepping up and becoming a great leader. The Kaitiaki awards went to Josie Millichamp for kaitiaki to herself, ensuring she is always completing her mahi at a high standard and Cooper Hibbard for a great help in the classroom and always trying his best. The Learning awards went to Jordan Naicovi for being a great worm farm leader and Amber Clark because she always tries her best in all areas of her learning. Kowhai The Duffy Awards went to Cole Tracey for quickly and quietly completing mahi with great ideas and Shem Bruce for thinking deeply about his reading. The Kaitiaki Awards went to Molly Matia for being kaitiaki of herself by persisting with work even when it gets tricky and Brody Masters for being the Kowhai class tech whiz. The Star Student Awards went to Ayla Tiatoa for coming to school with a great attitude and Tyler Ashby for always being kind to others. Taonga The Duffy Awards went to Attalia Rarere for being a great role model and always doing her best work and Eastern Heighway for using his phonics learning to help his reading and writing. The Kaitiaki Awards went to Estella Thompson-Harris for always helping others in class and being a great leader and Kyle Gore-Easton for showing kaitiki of self with his learning about pollution and looking after the environment. The Awesome Awards went to Kingston Shepherd-Kimi for working really hard with his reading in class and Tiare Harris for taking pride in his work and showing that he is a great leader.

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Koru The Duffy Awards went to Kaitlin Roberts-Tangihuna for trying hard in her reading group and remembering her learning and to Halo Stacey for working hard to learn our kupu o te ra. The Kaitiaki Awards went to Mia Giorgetti for working very hard in mathematics and sharing her ideas and to Ashlyn Thomas for completing our wero ki te kainga during Te Wiki o te Reo Maori. The Ka Pai awards went to McKenzie Ritchie for using different and awesome phrases in writing and to Ryder Roxburgh for using Te Reo Maori in Seesaw posts. Nga Ringa Awhina The Duffy Awards went to Toby Wakeling for having the confidence to approach ‘go-to’ people when he is unsure and for taking feedback on board, and to Luke Yates-Tomars for asking amazing questions and getting stuck into reading. Kaitiaki Awards went to Ruby Chuck for her ongoing hard work and her ability to identify her next steps for learning, Tyson Broadhurst for his progress with being able to write down his amazing ideas, and to Hone Oppert for being a wonderful kaitiaki of our classroom resources. Pukeko The Duffy Awards went to Saskia Kelly for having a wonderful attitude towards learning and making great progress in all areas and Millie Lloyd-Dangen and Sofia Greaves for making a wonderful start to school in Pukeko Classroom. The Kaitiaki Award went to Shelby Wilton for enjoying working in teacher groups and always trying her best. The Star Student Awards went to Jacob Harrision for confidence and enjoyment during Mangonui’s got talent with Matua Tups and Leo Bridson for sharing thoughtful ideas during class discussions. Reading Nights Awards: 25 nights reading: Hunter Simpson, Jda Tukariri, Arya Collins. 50 nights reading: Danica Eruera. 100 nights reading: Gabriel Oien, Jacob Harrison, Flynn Ashby. Term 3 – Mon 20th Jul – Fri 25th Sep Week 10 Fri 25th Sep - Last Day of Term 3 Term 4 – Mon 12th Oct – Tue 15th Dec Week 7 Sat 28th Nov - Whanau in the Park Week 9 Fri 11th Dec - Prizegiving Week 10 Tue 15th Dec - Last Day of Term 4 Any questions please contact the office: 406 0182 or 021 544 702 Please remember to inform the office about any student absences.

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FOOD IN SCHOOL 2021 The Government is currently introducing a free, healthy, daily school lunch in some schools for all students. We are really excited to let you know that our school will be joining the free lunch programme from Term 1, 2021. All parents want to provide their children with a lunch every day. But, as you will know, there are many reasons parents can struggle, often through no fault of their own. We know that some of you will have been particularly affected by the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. Offering a lunch for all our children who need it will go some way to helping families and whānau to support their children and tamariki. This is why we have decided to take part in this programme. Lunches will cater for the diet, health and cultural needs of our students, and we will work with suppliers and the Ministry of Education to make sure they are healthy and nutritious. All suppliers will be required to meet New Zealand food safety standards. The lunches will be available for all our students. While we know there are hungry children in every community, we do not always know who they are. Providing a lunch to every child means we do not need to single-out those who need it more than others. However, lunches are not compulsory, and you can continue to provide your child’s own lunch if you wish. Right now, we are working with the Ministry of Education on the best way to meet our school’s needs. For us this means working out our supplier for the lunches. The programme will run until the end of 2021 and will be evaluated whilst it is running. This will include feedback from schools, students and suppliers about what the lunches are like, how they are delivered, and if they have an impact on students’ learning and achievement. This information will help to decide whether to continue beyond 2021, and what an ongoing programme might look like.  You can find out more about the programme at: chool-lunches If you have any further questions, please contact our office, or the Ministry at

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 Taonga Class News WOW! This term has flown by so quickly. Taonga class has been doing lots of learning about environmental sustainability and what we can do to help keep the world healthy. We have been learning what causes pollution and what we can do in our class to make less landfill. The highlight of our week has been planting our class garden. We can’t wait to see what starts growing after the holidays!  

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Koru Class News We can’t believe it’s the last week of school. We spent lots of time last week celebrating Te Wiki o te Reo Maori and we even tried a bunch of activities like playing string games. We have been so busy at school learning about how we can care for our environment and what actions we can take. We have started prepping our class garden so that we can do some planting soon.   

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 Kotuku News Term 3 Week 8 2020 Kotuku and Tuatara had a great day on Monday. We visited the Kaitaia library, walked around Lake Ngatu and had lunch at 90 Mile Beach where we jumped o the sand dunes. It was great to get outside the classroom. Our Year 6 students are o to Taipa on Wednesday to play sports with the intermediate class, we can’t wait! Thank you to our school whanau who joined us at the quiz night last Saturday. We all had a fantastic night and raised a lot of money towards our end of year camp.   

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 Tuatara Year 5 using our home-made compost and bokashi to prep our school gardens. Year 5/6 trip to Kaitaia.

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Nga Ringa Awhina News During purposeful play we have been making wind chimes, volcanoes and learning Whai string games. We have been enjoying practising our soccer skills in PE and have also been doing yoga and mindfulness each day.

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 Kowhai Class News  This term a school wide focus has been around sustainability. During class time, we spend a lot of time reading dierent resources about this topic. One group has done an amazing job at learning, practicing and performing a play that is all about recycling. 

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Pukeko Class News  Pukeko class have begun our learning around plants and gardening. We have planted sunflower, bean and pea seeds in CD cases so that we can be scientists and observe them as they grow. We have also planted some more of these seeds in soil to grow over the holidays so that next term we can plant these in our class garden. 

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