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This booklet is designed to help you Get More Give Back to your school by sharing with you some idea and templates so your life will be easier and sales will increase which means more for your school.

This booklet has been prepared for you as our contact at your location in order to help you.

Inside you will find simple and useful things you might choose to use to make your, very appreciated help easier, faster or more effective.

We know after servicing fund raising in our business for over 20 years, that these simple suggestions work, increase sales and thus more for your fund raising efforts.

Please share with us any suggestions you might have on improving this process.

You can email us at:

or call us at 941.626.3834



You marked on the Collective Goods display order form some items you wanted to order. You payment is due. We need to fax the order in so our items will be delivered. If your payment is not received your order could be scratched out.

Please take care of this today...Thanks



Your payment is due... Copy and paste this note and email to your associates that haven't paid yet:

I think you will find it easy, no pressure and rewarding.

First off we give back to your school by donating 10% of the purchases each time we come in the way of free merchandise.

We will try to make contact with you when we arrive at your location.

You chose an area where you would like us to set-up the display. Normally a location which receives a lot of traffic does much better at generating sales. Suggested areas are teacher's lounge, teacher's work room, near the mailboxes, general office area. If those aren't appropriate then the media center is a second choice but we find that the traffic and thus sales is somewhat diminished.

We will leave an order form with a second copy and a payment envelope. Some contacts prefer to hold on to the order form themselves, others prefer it to be with the order form and the display.

Customers of course can order right on the form or through the Books Are Fun App.

We accept cash, credit or debit cards and checks. We even accept checks postdated up to 30 days. (even on the App !!)

The day before delivery day it is a great idea to email ALL your associates to remind them there is only 1 more day and to get their orders and or payments in by 8AM on delivery day.

In the afternoon the day before delivery day we ask that you FAX the order to us at 888-788-1564 or if you prefer scan and email it to us at this email address.

Items that have been ordered from the app we see immediately when they order. Sometimes people will "double" order (from the order form and from the App. We are used to that happening occasionally and are trained to catch and deal with this so there is no confusion.

We will send you an email reminder the day before FAX day reminding you to fax.

If you make the order form with an "F" for each of the free items you are choosing we will be sure to bring those as well.

When we arrive on delivery day we will contact you if you are available, check the order for issues and payments and then fill the orders from the stock we have brought based on your fax. We will separate each person's order so that all you have to do is oversee it's pickup by your associates.

If there are even any issues we try to address those right away. It's best of course to let us know about issues ASAP (Maybe we are still in the area and can come back immediately if necessary). In order to keep interruptions to a minimum to avoid confusion for the rep servicing your school we ask that you email or text 941.626.3834 with any issue.

You can also call the above number and we try to answer calls immediately however to be honest we aren't very efficient with voice mails so it is better to email or text.

My name is Chuck Squires, I am the office manager and see all emails, faxes and texts immediately. Karen Buckingham the local rep is my wife and is in the field every day and so hard to reach. Steve Pavliak is our helper and is also in the field every day.

Thanks again for being our most valuable asset. We really appreciate it.

Thank you for being our new school contact.

We now have cash envelopes inside our large blue payment envelopes as well as credit card authorization slips.