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Time to get back to the great outdoors
"Mount Cook Adventure centre offers a distinctive approach which is of value to both
formal and non-formal education. We offer young people first hand experiences and can
therefore unlock a range of skills and understanding not always achieved in more formal
settings such as schools or colleges. Given the necessary arrangements over the last two
academic years it is more important than ever to reconnect your young people with
themselves and their environment."
Steve Turner - CEO
About us
Our mission
Benefits of residentials
Our activities
Educational experiences
Making a booking
About us
We are an independent, not for profit, outdoor education centre
based on the outskirts of the Peak District. We have a small, friendly
team dedicated to educating people of all ages and abilities about
our natural environment and outdoor activities.
How we can help you
We create bespoke trips to ensure that your pupils have an
authentic and memorable time with us in the outdoors. We
are dedicated to providing unique experiences which will
broaden the horizons of your pupils. Our activities will help
young people to discover new opportunities, expand their
appetite for learning, increase attainment, and equip them
with valuable social skills which will last a lifetime.
We are based in Derbyshire, in the heart of the UK, which makes
us easily and quickly accessible from most locations.
Established in 2016, we have since welcomed over 30,000 individuals
through our doors and continue to work with a variety of schools,
groups, organisations and charities.
We hold the belief that the outdoors should be accessible to all, making it our mission to enable
that for as many people as possible. We are determined to reach individuals who face constant
barriers when it comes to outdoor education, and help them to experience the tremendous
benefits that it can bring. If you know of a group who would benefit from a trip to Mount Cook,
let us know!
Our Mission
"the activities were
amazing, a once in a
lifetime experience for
the children" -
Chernobyl Children's
Lifeline, 2019
"Children cannot learn by
textbooks and computers alone.
They need to experience the real
world for themselves if they are
to truly understand their role
within it."
The positive impact of residential trips is
significantly greater for 'vulnerable' pupils.
The sense of community and the memorability of experiences on
residentials helps boost a sense of belonging amongst participants.
Of young people did more exercise than normal
when on a trip.
Of teachers felt pupils were more confident in
their own abilities after a trip.
Benefits of residentials
We are proud advocates of the campaign for brilliant residentials. We know that
learning can successfully extend beyond the classroom walls and into the great
outdoors. When done effectively, learning outside of the classroom transfers into a
variety of life skills, and changes in attitudes and behaviours.
We have two types of activity - onsite & offsite. Onsite activities are all based at the centre and
do not require any additional transportation, we have labelled these on the following activity
pages to make it clear what is based at the centre, and what is in our local area.
Offsite activities may incur a supplementary cost, and may also require transportation to their starting
point. Your dedicated sales person will discuss these options with you to ensure that you have all the
information you need prior to booking.
Team Work & Cohesion
Resilience & Confidence
Learning a New Skill
We have an exciting and exhilarating range of activities for you to include in your residential
or day trip. At Mount Cook, we ensure that each of our activities is linked directly to one of
the following outcomes:
All of our activity sessions
are half day sessions. This is
to make sure that there is
plenty of opportunity for
understanding and
development within each
Requires TransportOffsite Activity
A strong teamwork environment can help to foster stronger relationships, and motivate
individuals to work cohesively and support one another through challenging situations.
Teamwork & Cohesion
Team Challenges
These small challenges are an ideal way to bring a group
of people together with each activity requiring leadership,
planning, coordination and communication.
Archery & Archery Tag
This activity combines the traditional skills of archery with
the fun team game of archery tag. Archery tag is a new and
exciting combat game using specialist safety equipment.
Low Ropes & Mini Zip
Designed to encourage problem solving, teamwork, balance
and communication. Our new purpose-built low ropes course
with mini zip is a great activity for building up confidence.
Raft building is a superb team building activity! Groups
are required to work as a team to input design ideas,
form a plan and create a buoyant raft using a selection
of materials which include: rope, wooden planks and
polythene barrels.
Land Karts & Onsite Orienteering
Game of Tribes
Raft Building
Groups use a selection of resources to design and
create their own Land Kart. Once complete, the Kart
must successfully transport a member of the team
around a set course. This activity is combined with
navigating around an onsite course.
A map based challenge where teams will have to
navigate to points (where they will complete tasks) in
order to complete the overall challenge. It may sound
simple but don't be fooled, there are hidden levels to
this challenge!
By developing resilience, individuals can benefit from improved learning, increased
wellbeing and the ability to face set backs with confidence and determination.
Resilience & Self-Confidence
High Ropes
Zip Wire & Initiative Exercises
Mount Cook provides an impressive 12 metre tall High Ropes
course which includes 5 different elements: The Leap of Faith,
Crate Stack, High All Abroad, Jacob's Ladder and Gladiator
Challenge. The High Ropes is one of our most popular onsite
activities as it provides a fun, unique experience for
individuals of all ages!
Our Rooftop Rider Zip Wire starts 15 metres off the ground
on the roof of the Centre and finishes on the far side of
Steeplehouse Quarry! Guests can expect to reach speeds of
up to 40 mph. Initiative exercises will bring participants
together to solve challenging problems requiring co-
operation and communication.
Requires TransportOffsite Activity
Rock Climbing
Indoor Climbing & Problem Solving
Scale the mountainous walls of our Centre on our indoor
climbing wall. Learn climbing techniques, how to belay and
tie knots. Move on to our problem solving activity with a
focus on the physical problem solving and coordination
within teams.
Derbyshire and the Peak District offers a wide range of
caving opportunities for people of all ages and abilities.
Delivered by our experienced AALA licensed partner
company, Acclimbatize, your group will be taken on an
underground experience rarely replicated
anywhere else.
You will be taught by our highly trained instructors how
to put on a harness, tie climbing knots and abseil down a
rock face safely. Black Rocks climbing area, a 10 minute
walk from the centre, is a playground for lovers of
rock climbing and bouldering!
Our expert instructors will teach your group how to
successfully shoot a modern recurve bow from up to 10
metres away. We mix this with brain games, which
challenge your pupils problem solving skills. This
combination provides a great balance of fun and technique.
Our knowledgeable instructors will teach your group the
essential skills to survive in the wilderness, whilst keeping
the protection of the environment in mind. Groups will
experience and develop skills such as fire lighting, campfire
gadgetry, plant identification, natural cordage and how to
build a shelter.
Your residential is a fantastic opportunity to try new things! From hitting targets to lighting
fires, we have plenty of different ways for your pupils to develop their skill set.
Learn a new skill
Archery & Brain Games
Bush Craft
Requires TransportOffsite Activity
Orienteering at Black Rock
Gem Panning, Fossil Hunting &
Rocket Building
Canoeing is a perfect way to enhance confidence on
the water in a safe and controlled environment. We
use open top canoes that can seat up to four pupils,
encouraging group based learning as well as
improving individual skills.
Our orienteering sessions are a brilliant introduction to
practical map reading and compass skills. For school
groups, these sessions are an opportunity for children to
experience the freedom of exploration out of sight of
leaders in a controlled environment.
We have an onsite quarry which is a Site of Special
Scientific Interest, filled with fossils! Combine a fossil hunt
with panning for gems in our onsite trough to learn about a
variety of different geological elements. Finish the session
with a rocket building challenge!
We make history fun, engaging and informative with our new
educational packages. Using interactive and hands-on outdoor
activities, costumes, reconstructed artefacts and local historic
features, we provide a unique educational experience which will
inspire both pupils and teachers!
"The [Roman] Invaders trip to Mount Cook was
marvellous. The activities were perfect for bringing the
Roman history curriculum to life. Each activity had Roman
context and back story and the leaders all had pertinent
facts to add detail and knowledge to the children's
experiences. The children came away buzzing about
Romans and Roman life - an experience they will long
Bringing your classroom to life
A.Dugdale, Headteacher - Middleton Primary School
Experience life as a Prehistoric Tribesman and learn how to make a fire using
traditional methods. Protect yourself from the elements and build a
waterproof shelter using natural materials. Have a go at cave painting and
learn how a tribesman hunted for food using a bow and arrow! Finally, help to
build a Celtic roundhouse and learn how prehistoric people manufactured
tools and weapons.
Prehistoric Britain
700,000 BC
Experience life in Roman times and meet a real life Roman soldier! Dress up in
Roman armour and invade our Celtic Roundhouse. Shoot a Roman style bow
and arrow, and learn more about Roman roads by building a cart to transport
heavy items. Finally, discover and handle artefacts from the period with an
archaeological dig.
Roman Invader
43 AD
The Vikings
Immerse yourself in the exciting time of Viking Britain! Chat with a Viking
Trader and discover what life would have been like over 1,300 years ago.
Uncover primitive tools, coins and pottery from the period with an
archaeological dig. Learn to build a fire using traditional methods and
gather round for magical tales of the Norse Gods, myths of monsters and
voyages around the world.
700 AD
Tell me and I'll forget.
Teach me and I'll remember.
Involve me and I'll learn.
Benjamin Franklin
Our total capacity across all of our centre rooms and glamping pods is 180
beds, so there's plenty of room for small groups and big groups alike! We have
three types of accommodation available:
Standard rooms
After a day of fresh air and activities, a good night's sleep is very important!
Our standard rooms have two comfy bunks, sleeping 4 people, complete with
complimentary bedding and an en-suite bathroom.
Looking for something different for your next residential?
Our glamping pods are a cosy and fun accommodation alternative. We have ten
glamping pods in total, sleeping up to 40 people. Each pod sleeps 4 guests with a
USB charging point, heater and an en-suite toilet and cold water washbasin.
Additional showers are located on the ground floor of the centre.
Glamping pods
All the bedrooms and glamping pods lock via key card. Generally, groups have one
key per room, and teachers will have a master key that can unlock all their rooms.
Accessible rooms
We have two wheelchair accessible bedrooms located on the ground floor of our centre,
which offer a double bed, with an additional single for a carer, plenty of unobstructed
floor space and a private en-suite wet room. We also have hoists available on request.
For more information on our accessibility, please see our website
where you can take a virtual tour and find out more information on our activities. You
can also call one of our team members to discuss your requirements on 01629 823 702
Ensuring that our centre is accessible is very important to us.
Cooked & continental breakfast with juice, tea & coffee.
A selection of sandwiches, variety of crisps, fruit, slice of flapjack.
Spaghetti bolognaise with garlic bread and side salads,
apple crumble with custard or cream / fresh fruit.
A full board catering package is included as standard within all of our residential trips. We
provide a range of nutritious, substantial meals to keep your pupils powered through their
adventurous activities. We can also provide catering as part of a day trip to Mount Cook.
We can cater for any dietary requirement, but it is important that we are notified in advance
to make sure we can provide suitable options. Dietary information will be requested by your
Booking Coordinator and all information must be supplied well before your arrival.
Sample menu
Sample menu
Making a booking
We can hold your dates for a maximum of 2 weeks without a deposit.
When you are ready to confirm your booking, please let us know and we will send you a
booking form and a deposit invoice.
You will then be introduced to your Coordinator who will be your point of contact going
forwards. They will help you plan the perfect adventurous itinerary, collect all of your group
information and will help with any further enquiries up until your arrival.
Enquire about availability for your group
Confirm dates with one of our Sales team
Place your dates on hold
When you are ready to progress with a booking, these would be the next steps:
If you would like to make a booking, or simply talk through some of the information in
this brochure with one of our friendly team members, we would love to hear from you!
After you have picked your dates
01629 823 702
Let's discuss your perfect trip
Mount Cook Adventure Centre,
Porter Lane
Middleton - by -Wirksworth
01629 823 702
Pushing Boundaries
Opening Minds
Making a difference to peoples lives through direct
experience with the outdoors