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Reading Program

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ScholarSkills Presents!
Specialized Training for Accelerated Reading Skills !
Sentence-Smart for S.T.A.R.S.!
A selective, accelerated reading skills program for grades 2-4
Students will learn the skills they need to understand everything they read.
📕 Better grades in school
📗 Higher scores on tests
📘 Admission to Top Schools !
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ScholarSkills helps students to learn the skills they need to understand everything they read.
Our reading and writing skills program is called Sentence-Smart™ for S.T.A.R.S. !
S.T.A.R.S. is the acronym for (Studious, Teachable, Ambitious, Responsible Students)
S.T.A.R.S. is also the acronym for (Specialized Training for Accelerated Reading Skills).
This is a selective program. Students must apply for admission and scholarships.
Sentence-Smart™ consists of an intensive study of sentence parts, word parts (such as roots,
prefixes, and bases), and an analytical study of complex texts such as historical documents,
great essays, and literary masterpieces. Sentence comprehension is the key to"reading
comprehension. And the key to sentence comprehension is word and sentence analysis.
Sentence-Smart™ equips students to turn words and sentences into tangible structures and
parts which can be easily assembled, disassembled, and analyzed. This program cultivates
a"multi-sensory,"interactive approach to reading comprehension which helps students to learn
and decode new words and to think, talk, and write intelligently about the connections that
create meaning within and between sentences."Sentence-Smart™ can be taught to students
from grades 2-12—and beyond.!
Program commences: September 30th
Schedule: Saturdays from 10:30-11:45 (75 minutes)
Program Duration: 10 months for Course One:
(Sentence-Smart™-Foundations for Excellence in Reading, Reasoning, and Writing)
Program Tuition: $500 per month.
Clients must pay for two months at a time.
Payment is made in 5 installments of $500.
***Books and resources will be charged separately (The first set of books is $55.00)
***Scholarships of $250 are available for a limited time only. These scholarships will
reduce the tuition to $250 per month. The payment timeline is the same for students who
receive this scholarship.
Application: Online (Please click on the link below or copy and paste it into your browser.)
Please feel free to contact us at or at (718) 258-4647
4709 Ave. N (ScholarSkills)
(718) 258-4647
How does Sentence-Smart™ help children to improve their reading, reasoning, and
writing skills?
Students will improve their reading, reasoning, and writing skills by studying Latin and Greek
word parts and analyzing sentences, paragraphs, and complex texts. They will also learn how
to construct and combine sentences to express themselves clearly and accurately. !
Sentence-Smart™ teaches students how to identify the parts of words and the parts that
words play in sentences. It helps students to develop an analytical view of words and
sentences so that they are able to understand what words mean and the roles that words play
to create meaning in sentences. Sentence-Smart’s™ combination of texts, color-coded charts,
and word part cards helps students to think, talk, and write intelligently about words and the
logical relationships that writers create to communicate their ideas.!
Since reading comprehension is the art of finding and following the connections within and
between sentences, sentence comprehension is the key to reading comprehension. !
Sentences are the building blocks of texts, and words are the building blocks of sentences.
When students understand the meanings of words and the way words create meaning, then
they can read, reason, and write more eectively. And as their sentence intelligence grows,
students are able to read and respond to complex texts across a variety of genres. !
What will your children learn in their Sentence-Smart™ tutorials?
In Sentence-Smart™, students will learn three inter-related skills that will help them become
more confident and eective readers, writers, and speakers:!
1. Vocabulary Acquisition: !
Students will become word-smart by using prefixes, roots, and context clues to decode
complex words. !
2. Syntax (Sentence Structure) !
Students will learn how to analyze and understand sentences by recognizing the grammatical
role that each word and group of words is playing in the sentence. !
3. Sentence and paragraph creation !
Students will learn how to use their knowledge of vocabulary and sentence structure to write
clear, concise sentences and paragraphs. Students will also learn how to use syntactic analysis
and sentence combination skills to forge a greater understanding of how writers achieve
coherency within and between sentences.
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How to help your kids to improve their reading skills
Skillful reading is the key to excellence in all areas of school and life. Skillful readers use their
knowledge of words, sentence structure, and specific subject areas to comprehend complex
texts. To fully comprehend complex texts, students need an expansive vocabulary, an
analytical understanding of the logical relationships between and within sentences, and a
comprehensive understanding of areas such as history, literature, and current events. In short,
a skillful reader has a profound and growing knowledge about the world and about words. !
How do children become skillful readers?
Phonics is the foundation of all reading skills because it is the knowledge of the sounds that
letters make. When students know the sounds that letters make, they are able to decode new
words by “sounding them out”. Students who don’t have a strong phonetic foundation rely on
memorizing sight words and have a very dicult time decoding new words. Phonics leads to
fluency, and fluency precedes comprehension. Students cannot comprehend what they are
reading if their minds are struggling with recognizing and decoding words.!
After building a strong phonetic foundation, students need to develop an analytical view of
words and sentences by studying morphology, etymology, and syntax. Morphology is the
study of the structure of words, and etymology is the study of the origins of words. When
students learn words by studying their structures and origins, they develop the ability to
decode new words and add them to their vocabulary quickly and more eectively. Syntax (or
grammar) is the study of the rules which govern how words and groups of words can be
arranged to communicate complete, coherent sentences. Grammar is the language about
language, and students cannot think and talk about language eectively until they understand
the rules that govern its construction. When students understand the parts of speech and the
parts of sentences, they are much more capable of creating and understanding written texts.
Phonics, vocabulary, and grammar are, therefore, the three keys to comprehension. !
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Skilled Readers !
Articulate &!
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About our Director
Rev. Brian Vieira is a graduate of NYC's prestigious Stuyvesant H.S., and an alumnus
of Emory University and Brooklyn College's Graduate Division where he earned his
masters degree in American History.
An award-winning state certified Master Teacher with over 25 years of academic
experience, Mr. Vieira taught American History in high school !for 14 years. He was
awarded !"Students' Choice!Teacher of the Year" at Wingate H.S. in Brooklyn, N.Y for
his passionate!commitment to helping underprivileged, inner-city youth to excel. His
students consistently scored far above city and state norms on the NYS American
History Regents Exams. !
In 2001, Rev. Vieira established his own state-certified school to assist students at
smaller teacher-student ratios. !He also established ScholarSkills Learning Center as an
after-school program to help students to master the foundations for excellence in
reading, writing, and arithmetic. !
He is currently the President of ScholarSkills Learning Center which assists!students,
parents, and teachers in their quest for excellence. !ScholarSkills offers direct tutoring
to!students, guidance counseling to parents, developmental!curriculum to schools, and
professional development workshops for teachers in!English!Language Arts, American
History, and the implementation of civics!education.
Rev. Vieira is the!author of H.O.T.-DOCS (Higher Ordered Thinking Through
Documents) which helps teachers and!parent-educators to teach!students the founding
principles!through the founding!documents. !He is also the author of the ELA Sentence-
Smart Grammar Curriculum, and the Word-Parts for Word-Smarts Vocabulary
Acquisition Curriculum!which helps students to learn vocabulary interactively through
morphology and!etymology.
4709 Ave. N (ScholarSkills)
(718) 258-4647
“Our son had been in promotion in doubt status for some time until I took him to
Scholarskills™. Within just a few weeks he had made great progress and his teachers
kept telling me how impressed they were. He actually started to show other kids in
school how to do math problems more effectively just like the way they were teaching
him in ScholarSkills. He is doing really well now and we thank God and the staff at
ScholarSkills™.” -!Minister Diana Smallwood
“I would recommend Scholarskills™ because each student is provided with an
individualized, diagnostic approach to learning which provides for instruction that
supports intervention as well as acceleration. Scholarskills™ faculty have high
expectations for all students. Students' needs are continuously addressed while their
strengths are continuously challenged. They build progress and success one student at
a time.” -!Barbara Sanders, Retired Principal
My daughter's focus and appreciation of learning drastically improved within one
"My daughter Drew joined ScholarSkills in March 2017, and within one month her focus
and appreciation of learning drastically improved. Rev. Vieira and his team were able to
quickly assess the foundational skills she needed to succeed, and used that to create
and implement tailored lesson plans. He worked alongside my husband and I to ensure
that we understood how Drew learned best, and helped us gain better insight about her
areas of strength and improvement. It is clear that Rev. Vieira is both knowledgeable
and dedicated. Drew is happy, and so are we!" -The McKessey Family
ScholarSkills is amazing and enlightening
I would recommend ScholarSkills because it provides an enjoyable learning
environment that covers useful and relevant information which builds confidence in
children. My children are excited about learning again. They are provided with the
knowledge and understanding and rationale behind what they are learning. Mr. Vieira
provides a safe, open learning environment where the children are not afraid to express
their thoughts even if they may not have the right answers. He praises them which
builds confidence and makes them want to try harder.
Greater confidence
I have seen a great change in my daughter's educational development. She has a much
greater sense of confidence.
4709 Ave. N (ScholarSkills)
(718) 258-4647
4709 Ave. N (ScholarSkills)
(718) 258-4647