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Articles was no longer needed so he


Just faded away.


Constitution was big and strong.


He made three branches.


One for the president, one for the


Sepreme Court and smaller courts


And one for the Senate.


They were to protect the people.


Articles didn't have this, Articles


Wasn't big and strong.


Slowly the poeple started liking


Constitution, he would keep them




The States were mad because the


The Artcles had to go.


The Constitution was being born.


He was better than his younger 




He could get a little bit of money 


From the States.


He could also make an army to 


Protect the states.


Articles of Confederation, 


Was a mess and wasn't the best


For the nation.


All day he would be sad,


Because the other states were




The Adventures of Articles of Confederation

By Taylor Schiefelbein