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A Branch Manager's Guide to Scheduling a PVU

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Scheduling a PVU

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All PVU-Management and Communication and Service courses are branch-hosted events. They are scheduled well in advance of when you want to host one for two reasons:

  1. It takes time to schedule, promote and host a successful event. 
  2. PVU maintains a full calendar due to demand.

To be able to meet your branch PVU needs, the PVU team has developed a set of guidelines for scheduling your PVU course event.

A PVU should be requested 6-12 months ahead of your desired hosting date(s). It takes a MINIMUM of 6 months to align scheduling requests, instructor availability, event promotion, customer registrations and event hosting needs. The earlier you request your PVU course event, the more likely you are to have it during your desired time frame. 


  • PVU-Management courses are 1.5-day events and are typically held all day Wednesday, and half day Thursday. It is a 5-course series with each class held approximately one month apart. 
  • Month 1 – Human Resource Management
  • Month 2 – Inventory Management
  • Month 3 – OSHA & Safety Management
  • Month 4 – Reputation Management
  • Month 5 – Financial Management 
  • PVU-Communication & Service course is a 1-day course, held for two consecutive days. They are typically held all-day Tuesday and all-day Wednesday. They are set up to be hosted on back-to-back days so a practice can split their team and send some team members on the first day and the rest on the second day. The benefit for them is the entire team can hear the same message without having to shut down the practice.