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2019 Annual Report

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2019 Annual ImpactReport Beach Party is a popular evening activity allowing campers to practice social skills Alexandria Snow 3rd year camper and Jessica Cummings 5th year camper participate in a Map Compass Workshop

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Contents Board of Trustees Chair Matthew Cyr Inkwell Consulting Group Vice Chair Kylie Mason Sebago Technics Clerk Lisa Drew Southern Maine Health Care Board of Trustees Foundation Staff and The Mission 3 A Letter from the Executive Director Kathryn Pierce 4 A Profile in Resilience 5 Sandie w commentary from Elyse Corbett Ph D Treasurer Robert Nadeau Bangor Savings Bank Past Chair Rocky Cianchette Main Line Fence Company Todd Beacham Bank of America Merrill Lynch My Journey 6 Airikah Simons Benji Borowski Preti Flaherty Elyse Corbett Bella Vita Counseling Brian Deveaux Hussey Seating Company Why I Refer Students Carol Lundberg Richard Emerson Purdy Powers Company Don Foerster L L Bean 7 Why We Give 8 Shawn Gorman L L Bean Michael Geneseo Consultant Pamela Joy Piper Shores Chris Norton Rogers Norton Wealth Mgmt Grp of Raymond James Michael Norton Consultant Nolan Reichl Pierce Atwood LLP Robert Stevens Curtis Thaxter LLC Susan Thomas Retired Attorney Paul C White Paul White Company CSC 2019 Highlights 9 2019 Financial Report 10 Thank You to Our Donors 11 Save the Date s 15 Bryan Wiggins Pulp Wire Foundation Staff Kathryn R Pierce Executive Director Terri L Mulks Director Camp Susan Curtis Lori Southworth Director of Grants and Special Events Jessica Eller Office Associate The Mission The mission of the Susan L Curtis Foundation and Camp Susan Curtis is to ensure that economically disadvantaged Maine youth develop the individual character self confidence and skills essential to becoming independent contributing citizens At the end of each session campers attend a Book Fair and take home a free book We accomplish this by Building trusting relationships with Maine youth and their families through the provision of fully sponsored high quality camping educational and social experiences that bolster education attainment promote health and well being and support the development of life and workplace skills Maximizing collaborative relationships with organizations and individuals to help the youth we serve secure the tools and connections they need to complete their education prepare for careers and contribute to Maine s economic future Kayakers build their skills on Trout Lake 2019 ANNUAL IMPACT REPORT SUSAN L CURTIS FOUNDATION 3

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A LETTER FROM THE EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR Voicing the Lifelong Impact of Camp Susan Curtis Woodrow Wilson once said the ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people This is particularly true when you are the leader of an organization with as rich a history as the Susan L Curtis Foundation which celebrated 45 years of Camp Susan Curtis last summer As I learned from my service in the Peace Corps your first job as a newcomer is to listen so as a new Executive Director I set out on a listening tour and sought to hear from as many of the organization s key stakeholders as I could in my first three months on the job My ears are still ringing with the voices of past and present staff and board members former campers referral partners camper families peer organizations in the camp and or nonprofit space and longtime supporters From the many disparate voices though came one unison tune lifelong impact The lifelong impact on our campers 68 of campers this year demonstrated increased ability to bounce back after disappointments adapt to challenges and maintain a positive outlook behaviors that are known to be linked to increased resilience and improved health outcomes down the road on the next page you will find a compelling camper s Profile in Resilience The lifelong impact on our alums 49 of staff this year were former campers Airikah writes about her experience returning to camp as a staff member on page 6 The lifelong impact on our communities school referral partners observe that campers are more willing to help others and participate in school activities which is suggestive of their increased interest in and engagement with the world around them hear from one partner who observed this noticeable change on page 7 and The lifelong impact of our supporters L L Bean has made significant in kind investments over the years to ensure the safety and longevity of Camp Susan Curtis read more about this longstanding partnership on page 8 It has been humbling and inspiring to hear the many stories of lives changed because a school referral partner saw promise in an economically disadvantaged Maine youth and a donor saw the critical role that Camp Susan Curtis plays in helping them to realize their potential The 2019 Susan L Curtis Foundation annual impact report recognizes them and you for your collective contributions the lifelong impact of which is evident in the thousands of Camp Susan Curtis alums who today lead healthy fulfilling and thriving lives in communities across Maine Kathryn Pierce Executive Director 4 SUSAN L CURTIS FOUNDATION 2019 ANNUAL IMPACT REPORT Campers participate in Wet Wildlife a popular class in Science Nature

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THE LIFELONG IMPACT ON OUR CAMPERS A Profile in Resilience Camp Susan Curtis CSC provides a safe and beautiful landscape for children to make meaningful connections with peers and trusted mentors With the backdrop of opportunities for play building relationships and informed programming CSC is a place where kids can be kids and discover their own unique potential A Profile in Resilience Sandie s Story In re ecting on her past Sandie remembered where she started before the days of CSC Sandie talked about how at age ve she experienced a harsh family break up when one of her parents left for good She added that there were moves too and fear Name calling and yelling are not good sights for a ve year old Now a teenager Sandie shared that camp eased her feelings of uncertainty She said that the collective experiences at CSC over multiple summers as a returning camper helped her cope with the pain and feelings of abandonment residual from her past and framed a foundation for the present and future As Camp Susan Curtis provides a place for kids to have these healing experiences they tap into their own resilience and share their light with the communities around them Elyse Corbett Resilience refers to a person s ability to successfully adapt to both acute and chronic stressors traumas and adversities while maintaining psychological wellness Cicchetti 2012 Current research offers compelling evidence of the powerful positive impact of personal relationships on the development of resilience and associated brain functioning such that one s history need not be destiny Busso 2014 Sandie shows tremendous resilience in the meaning she attributed to her experience at CSC She said I love coming back to camp year after year and referred to her time there as an opportunity In this way Sandie has given her time at camp the chance to positively affect her sense of herself her openness to relationships with others and a belief in the greater good in the world Commentary by Former Camper Current Board Member and Licensed Psychologist Elyse Corbett Ph D As more is known about resilience protective factors such as having social support scaffolding for learning and the availability of positive role models have been identi ed as key interventions that help buffer children from the negative impact of adverse life events Additionally noteworthy is that adolescence represents a developmental opportunity where a child s brain is open to growth and reorganization which is second only to early childhood Busso 2014 Children can actively incorporate new experiences and the meaning they come to make of these events people and happenings matters Cicchetti 2002 As a former camper myself with a history paralleling many of these adversities in Sandie s story I am grateful to know rsthand the powerful in uence of time spent at CSC In my multiple summers at CSC I too experienced the discovery of my own potential and resilience through the meaningful connections I built I now get to share my light with the community around me as a Licensed Psychologist and member of the Board of Trustees for the Susan L Curtis Foundation Elyse Corbett Ph D References Cicchetti D 2012 Annual research review Resilient functioning in maltreated children Past present and future perspectives The Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 54 4 402 422 Cicchetti D 2002 The impact of social experience on neurobiological systems Illustration from a constructivist view of childhood maltreatment Cognitive Development 17 3 1407 1428 Busso D 2014 Neurobiological processes of risk and resilience in adolescence Implications for policy and prevention Mind Brain and Education 8 1 34 43 2019 ANNUAL IMPACT REPORT SUSAN L CURTIS FOUNDATION 5

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THE LIFELONG IMPACT ON OUR ALUMS My Journey AIRIKAH SIMONS Camp Susan Curtis youth My journey with Camp Susan Curtis began when I was eight years old Now at age 21 I continue to attend every summer because it is my second home People who have never experienced a place like Camp Susan Curtis may not fully understand that statement but I know it is a shared feeling within all the lives that CSC has touched Growing up in a single parent household with a mother that struggled to make ends meet and an alcoholic father that was rarely around I did not get to have the same opportunities that were presented to many of the kids I went to school with Camp Susan Curtis gave me the opportunity to be a kid while building critical character skills that helped shape my young life and have stuck with me through school and Camp Susan Curtis gave me the into college As a child I would pack my bags weeks in opportunity to be a kid while building advance anticipating the thrill of all the new friends I critical character skills that helped would make and the experiences I would have As a shape my young life camper I dreamed of growing up and becoming a part of Airikah Simons the CSC staff I felt important at camp Staff went out of their way to make sure I felt listened to and showed me that I had the potential to reach any goal that I set my mind to I went through the Bridge program that allows campers to choose an area of interest to build skills in at the time I choose Hewnoaks which was a music program and then moved on to the Leadership Development Program During those three years I learned the skills that continue to benefit me as I pursue a degree in Psychology From how to communicate well with others and be a part of a team to how to write a college essay and push myself out of my comfort zone including applying to the University of Maine at Orono where I am a Junior Camp taught me that making mistakes are okay as long as you hold yourself accountable and learn from them I have received unconditional positive regard from supervisors and peers alike within this community This past summer was my fifth as a staff member at CSC I have had many different roles as staff but have found my place as Leadership Coordinator striving to give the kids who come to this camp the same experience I received as a child and training them to become our future staff members I truly cannot explain the impact that this summer camp has had on my life I continue to go back year after year because the mission that CSC strives for is an amazing and inspiring one The relationships that you build with the children and staff are priceless And the reward of being a part of this organization is something that I sincerely value and will never forget 6 SUSAN L CURTIS FOUNDATION 2019 ANNUAL IMPACT REPORT Airikah 2015 first year staff

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THE LIFELONG IMPACT ON OUR COMMUNITIES Why I Refer Students CAROL LUNDBERG Oxford Otisfield Elementary Schools Carol Lundberg is the School Counselor at Oxford Otisfield Elementary Schools MSAD 17 and has been referring campers to Camp Susan Curtis for more than 10 years I love summer camp and that is why helping to build enthusiasm for camp is one of the highlights of my spring at school Camp Susan Curtis offers almost two full weeks of programming helping to build bonds between people that leave lasting memories Campers return with enthusiastic stories about swimming singing dancing and feeling valued And while I have helped attain scholarship funds for students to attend other camps CSC is unique in its ability to create a camp family Other camps are fabulous but it is often a onetime event whereas CSC welcomes campers back year after year The students who qualify for Camp Susan Curtis are typically from families without resources for summer activities Work responsibilities rural isolation and lack of access to transportation can be barriers for commonplace summer activities like swimming I tell students that as long as their family continues to qualify financially and as long as they have good camp behavior they can continue to attend camp each summer I don t know how many of the students I ve sent have stayed long enough to become counselors or counselors in training but I love that they aspire to become staff Nothing about CSC looks like a camp for families with less resources It is a camp full of activities and opportunities to learn and grow The staff understands our kids and I appreciate how well they come to know them I trust Camp Susan Curtis to keep students safe and encourage them to grow in so many ways The staff are prepared for any situations that may arise and helpful in solving conflicts or relieving anxiety and homesickness I recently had lunch with some campers and asked why I should continue sending students to camp It was endearing that after our first snowfall they were eager to reminisce about their summer experience Memories was the unified answer to my question and they elaborated by talking about learning to swim better singing silly songs and how watching counselors acting goofy made them feel more comfortable trying new experiences One boy said the reason he joined chorus this year was because of his experience participating in a lip sync battle at camp Surprisingly I heard that having time away from a cell phone was enjoyable In response to my question about what they do the other weeks of summer when they are not at camp one boy said Well sadly a lot of kids are watching YouTube At camp you can learn how to really do stuff I look forward each year to inviting students to take advantage of this incredible opportunity I try to choose students who have flexible thinking problem solving skills and a sense of adventure I also work to identify families who can navigate potential barriers like transportation and scheduling and see camp as a valuable experience The opportunity is just too special to leave an empty bunk at camp when it could be filled with a happy camper I ve taken time to visit camp the past three summers Seeing their active bodies running by with a moment to say hello and let me know how happy they are to be at camp makes it all worthwhile I can t wait to give this gift to my students next summer 2019 ANNUAL IMPACT REPORT SUSAN L CURTIS FOUNDATION 7

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THE LIFELONG IMPACT OF OUR SUPPORTERS Why We Give SHAWN GORMAN L L Bean Chairman of the Board L L Bean supports the mission of the Susan L Curtis Foundation and Camp Susan Curtis which provides support to economically disadvantaged Maine youth through a wide array of programs and services For example by sending kids to camp who otherwise might not have the chance Camp Susan Curtis builds character through a shared experience of the Maine outdoors At L L Bean we ve always been about helping to get more people outside whether it s a paddle down a river or a hike on a neighborhood trail We believe spending time outdoors brings out the best in all of us and can help us to lead healthier and happier lives Camp Susan Curtis understands and shares the value and importance of the outdoors We re fortunate to have an organization like CSC doing the incredible work they do to positively impact the lives of so many young people and ultimately our communities in so many ways At Camp Susan Curtis outdoor immersion is our vehicle for core program delivery We re very proud of the decades long relationship we ve had with Camp Susan Curtis and our shared goals of improving access to the outdoors for all Campers participate in experiential and adventure activities including mountain biking hiking camping nature exploration a ropes course with low and high elements and a climbing tower Results increased appreciation of the outdoor environment and the power of recreational play greater likelihood of developing active outdoor lifestyles and habits and increased motivation to protect and preserve the environment 8 SUSAN L CURTIS FOUNDATION I don t think there could have been a better way to learn how to creatively problem solve or to gain as much resiliency as I did after sinking my entire hiking boot into a mud pit or clumsily falling into the river not once but three times while hurrying across I would have never imagined those three days of insanity struggling up that mountain and rolling back down on the slippery pine needles would become one of my favorite memories and years later the topic of my college entrance essay Julia McClure former camper and CSC staff Career Exploration Manager at I Have A Dream Foundation First year camper Mikaylah Danforth Gordon gives a thumbs up from the Ropes Course 2019 ANNUAL IMPACT REPORT

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CSC 2019 Highlights In 2019 we at Camp Susan Curtis served 455 campers from 14 counties including 303 Traditional Campers entering 4th 7th grade 98 Bridge Campers entering 8th 9th grade 54 Leadership Development Campers entering 10th 12th grade At 73 the 2019 Camper Return Rate reached a five year peak Jasmine Pirela enjoys her first year at CSC Generally about 42 of our staff team are former campers and have been trained through the Leadership Development Program This year 49 of our staff were former campers Alexis Madore Kennady Savage Staff Apprentices show their love of CSC Our campers showed significant skill progress with 81 increasing Self Confidence She is more outspoken and stands up for her beliefs Family Member Campers participate in a teambuilding activity 76 increasing Teamwork One student included another student who was left out Normally that student wouldn not have reached out to another student Referral Partner 61 of our Referral Partners noted significant increases in Friendship Skills Campers build Friendship skills 68 increasing Resilience My boys seem to come out of disappointments more quickly and have been more capable of finding the positive aspect in most situations My student seems so much more socially confident and is trying new things that he didn t do before Referral Partner Family Member 2019 ANNUAL IMPACT REPORT SUSAN L CURTIS FOUNDATION 9

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Financial Report Fiscal Year 2019 Nov 18 Oct 19 REVENUES Direct Contributions 344 334 Grants 148 134 Special Events net of direct costs 51 410 USDA Food Subsidy 52 168 Weddings Outside Groups net of expenses 1 962 Retreats Outreach Trainings 16 000 Investment Fund Spending Allowance 76 956 Dividends Interest 42 465 TOTAL REVENUES 733 428 EXPENSES Program 565 776 Fundraising 125 281 Administration 42 643 TOTAL EXPENSES 733 700 Revenues Expenses 77 Program 17 Fundraising 6 Administration 47 Direct Contributions 11 Investment Fund Spending Allowance 20 Grants 7 Special Events net of direct costs 7 USDA Food Subsidy 6 Dividends Interest 2 Retreats Outreach Trainings

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Thank You to Our Donors Lifelong Achievement Partners are denoted with MEMIC Bob s Clam Hut Portland Michael E Pizzo and Maria Trivellin The preliminary listing below is for gifts received during fiscal year 2019 11 1 18 10 31 19 We apologize for any omissions or errors Please contact us with any questions at 207 774 1552 or info susancurtis org Poland Spring Bob s Discount Furniture Charitable Foundation Susan and Jack Thomas Therese Chasse Cianbro TumbleDown 2 400 4 999 Helen Cianchette Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Citizens Bank Artist Craftsman Supply Clark Insurance Todd and Christine Beacham Priscilla Coffin Kim and Nick Begin Consolidated Communications Jamie and Karen Chouinard Elyse Corbett Rocky and Cherrie Cianchette Curtis Thaxter Attorneys at Law John and Emily Cole Ken and Polly Curtis Davenport Trust Fund Daltile Elsie William Viles Foundation R M Davis Robert and Michele Davis Richard and Rhonda Emerson Jr Dead River Company Eunice Frye Home Foundation Brian and Kelli Deveaux Bernadette Alexander Even TE Elizabeth Ann Leach Charitable Trust F L Putnam Investment Management Company John and Pam Fridlington Donald and Sharon Foerster Jr Good Shepherd Food Bank Scott Searway in memory of Jan Searway Franklin Savings Bank Community Development Foundation Daniel and Connie Haley State 23 Media Maine Magazine Nate Gagnon TD Bank Susan Garfield and Lynda Mullen The Greg Altman Foundation Goodwill Industries of NNE Katahdin 10 000 and up Anonymous Bangor Savings Bank Bank of America Charitable Foundation The Elmina B Sewall Foundation Harold Alfond Foundation IDEXX Max Kagan Family Foundation Pratt Abbott Pulp Wire RBC Capital Markets Sam L Cohen Foundation Binga s Maine Great Northern Docks Hobie and Ceil Harnden Hussey Seating Company J S McCarthy Co Kittery Lions Club Kris Way Truck Leasing Sugarloaf 7 500 9 999 Headlight Audio Visual Consigli Construction Consigli Foundation Douglas and Linda Hermann Paul White Company Anthony Buxton and Elizabeth Hoglund Purdy Powers Company L L Bean Raymond J Mary C Reisert Foundation M Christopher Norton Rogers Norton Wealth Management Group of Raymond James Saddleback 5 000 7 499 NRF Distributors Michael and Patricia McNamara Anonymous PC Construction Company Richard Ministri Laura and Stephen Beckmann Pierce Atwood MMG Insurance Crooker Construction Robert and Dorothy Goldberg Charitable Foundation Ray Mushrow Sebago Technics Steve Niles Shaw Brothers Construction Michael R and Victoria T Norton Simmons Foundation Norway Paris Kiwanis Club Lori Southworth Richard and Barbara O Leary Robert Stevens and Kathleen Sullivan Thomas and Jennifer Pelletier Town of Yarmouth Karen Peltier WEX People s United Bank Main Line Fence Blake and Gibson Wilkes Portland Provident Association McGoldrick Family Fund of the Maine Sabattus 1 200 2 399 Stephen D Poulos American Camp Association New England Preti Flaherty Fool Scouts Mike Iadonisi Memorial Fund MI Fisher Charitable Foundation Helen George Ladd Charitable Corporation Hillside Lumber Woody and Connie Jones Kate J Anthony Trust Libra Foundation Machias Savings Bank Community Foundation 2019 ANNUAL IMPACT REPORT Landry French Construction Maine Children s Home Martin s Point Health Care Massabesic Lions Club Masthead Maine SMS Joe Newbert RM SUSAN L CURTIS FOUNDATION 11

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Elisha and Michael Cicio RBC Wealth Management Judith Barker Redwoods Group Foundation Jacob Bartlett Jay Clark Nolan Reichl and Julia Lipez Sara Bartlett Brian Clement Residential Mortgage Services Janice Battle Daniel R Clifford Shaw Industries Sean Becker Catherine Cloudman Harold and Carol Taylor Ellen Belknap Annie Coates and Timothy Connolly Bob Dr William Taylor and Martha Speed Bibeau Company Coen Robin Taylor Chiarello Robert Blank Karen and Bruce Coffin Dead River Company Fred and Jane Bopp Alexander Cole The Wonderful Foundation Ellen Borden Samantha Commeau United Way of York County Benji and Megan Borowski Ryan Conant and Nikki Scott Andrew UNUM Lois Bowden Cook W D Matthews Machinery Company Marilyn Brady Westwind Foundation Sabre Yachts The Jack Beulah Bresler Tzedakah Fund Amanda Coombs and Timothy Coombs Zachau Construction Kevin Brewster and Jeanine Bischoff TLP Brandon Brichetto Jim and Beth Costello Jen Cousins Tony Coyne Patrick Cunningham Cheryl Curran CustomBuilt Christopher and Heidi Darling Michael and Susan Davis Richard and Patricia De La Chapelle Robert Dealy Patrick and Patricia DeFilipp Thomas Deignan

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Kiera Emerson Daniel and Phyllis Hayes Marion Lipson BF Leigh and Allen Hayes Kathleen Litch Fairview School PTO Charles and Suzanne Hedrick Jr Jason and Allison Long Falmouth Lions Club Deborah and Jack Heffernan Candy and Joe Loring Austin and Eileen Farrar Stephen and Kim Hendry Lovell United Church of Christ Brian and Barbara Farrell Hews Company LLC Peter Lowe Robyn Fay Tringali Bob and Katy Hews Lois Lowry Karen Feld Marianna Fenton Hibbard and Jay Hibbard Wendy Lucas Joshua Fifield Jill Hibyan The Lunder Foundation First Congregational Church of Scarborough Jennifer Hohenboken James and Ellen Lyons John Holland and Hannah Cole David and Nancy Machesney Vivianne Holmes Emily Machesney Valerie Horn Andrew and Dena MacVane Sandra Horowitz Madore Family Chris Horvath Zach Madore Lisa Huber Chris Twombly Daniel Even and Kathleen Boyd First Universalist Church of Norway Firstgiving Peter and Cary Fleming Emily Fletcher Gary and Ellen Fontaine Beatrice Ford Carol Ford BF Truman and Anna Fort Margaret and Patrick Foster Matthew Frank Charlotte Fullam Jerrold Ganzfried Michael and Rebecca Ivey Geneseo Miriam Gerber Mary and William Ginder Maria Glaser WJ John D Gleason and Katrina Van Dusen Gnome Landscaping Bella Godfrey Alice Gold Rachel Gosselin TE Laura Gouin TE Carl S Graffam and Roberta Hanna GrandyOats Terry Gray Gray New Gloucester Lions Club Libby Grossman Brian and Mary Guillerault William and Sally Haggett Marc Hamilton Susan Hamlin and Robert Mead Jason and Renee Hanley Maureen Hanlon Roberta Hanna Steven Hansberry TE Wendy Harris Harrison Lions Club Stephen Harrison Harvard Pilgrim Health Care Wendy Harvey TE Sharon Hughes BF MC TE Marble and Granite Ford and Patsy Hutchinson Lisa Marin Truc Huynh Jacobina Martin Donna Japhet Anna Mason Christine and William Johnson Kylie and Mike Mason Nils Johnson Mary Matson Timothy and Amanda Johnson Andy and Lori Mayo David and Jackie Joy Betsey McCandless Pamela Joy Amanda McClendon Pauline Kane Carla and Joseph McDonnell Kevin and Trese Kelley Mary Theresa McEvoy KeyBank Michael and Bobbie McKenney Lynette Kiernan Ghoreyeb Ian Messier and Ally Raymond Walt and Kim Klinger Chris and Heidi Meyers Susan Koch Rachel Michaud MC Jodi Kramer and Don DeSalvio Charles J and Judith F Micoleau Paul Krasnoo Brianna Mitchell Baize Andrew Kriger Kent and Ann Mohnkern Paul L Krinsky Shelby Monroe Jennifer Kruszewski and Eric Bailey Martha Montello Bill and Lucy LaCasse Bob and Jennifer Montgomery Rice Joe and Patty LaChance Morong Falmouth Amanda Laffin Scott and Mary Beth Morrison James and Sherry LaGrone L Dane Moser Melissa Lail Robert Mosley Laurie LaMountain Mountain Limited Frederick Lancaster Jordan Myerowitz Denis Landry Bob Nadeau Stephen Lansing TE Abby Neill TE Gary and Marjorie Latuscha Sr Kenny and Mary Nelson Leaders LLC Neile and Matt Nelson Ellen Lewis New York Community Trust Liberty Mutual Give With Liberty William and Janet Nichols Nancy and Elliot Lilien Gary Nielsen Kermit V Lipez and Nancy Ziegler Thomas and Jennifer Noonan 2019 ANNUAL IMPACT REPORT SUSAN L CURTIS FOUNDATION 13

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Norway Savings Bank Randolph B Rowe Teresa D Trickey and Jace R Trickey Amy Novak Deborah Rubin Cooper Stanley Tupaj Lester and Tina Noyes Anonymous Robert Ufer Sarah and Steve O Neill Steve and Carolyn Sanders Joanne Urquhart and Tim Vail Susan Epstein Phil and Cindy Sargent Deborah Vallely Harold and Peggy Osher Bill and Nancy Schad Autumn and Timothy Vargo MC Brian Vermette Judy Osher Debora Schnappauf Nancy Osher Blumberg Elizabeth Schultz and Robert Bone Voya Foundation David and Martha Ott Scott Parolin Agency Allstate W James McNerney Jr Family Foundation Lauren Packard Ryan Scott Robert Waeldner Andrea Patstone Sebago Lions Club Waldoboro Lions Club Lucia M Pellegrini David and Julie Shackley Walter and Holly Wallace Leoncio Perez Samuel Shapiro Carol and Tom Warren Crawford and Kathe Perry Sr TLP Patricia Shearman Dan Warren Joyce Peseroff David Shorette Daniel Warren Donald and Charlotte Peters Paula Silsby Sophia Warren Jeff Peterson Robert L Simon Anna and Owen Wells Lynne Teague and Joe Picoraro Airikah Simons Brian Wesolowski Jim and Polly Pierce Erin and Patrick Skall Hannah and Stephen Whalen Kathryn and Jotham Pierce Ann Sloatman Ian Pinette Michael Smith White Pine Wealth Management of HighTower Advisors Andrew and Amy Pires Jayne Soles Larry and Lisa Plotkin Charles and Barbara Soule Bruce and Maggie Podhouser Andrew Speed Robert Ponchak St Peter s Episcopal Church LC MC Tiffany White Pushard Joyce White Paul and Lisa White Rosemary and William White Karen Whitley Barbara and Keith Powers Bryan and Dana Wiggins Bob and Beth Willey Marie Quattrucci BF Brittany Williams David Woodford MI Susan Quillin Loren and JB Wright R M Davis Yarmouth Lions Club Wright Ryan Construction Michael Young Melissa Raleigh Lee Ramsdell Pat and Stephanie Redding Andrew Stern Remax by the Bay Margaret Stockwell Lisa Rideout and Michael Foley Storey Bros Rebecca Rogers Sharon A Sudbay Thomas Romano Kim Suhr Shannon Roper Norton David and Glenn Sweet Sara Rosario Gray Paragon Management Drew Swenson Helen Rosenberg Pete Thaxter and Mary McCann Molly Ross Beverly Thayer Susan Rouillard The Nature Conservancy Terrence Rouse The Swanson Group LLC Ellen Rowe Theberge Construction Happy Rowe Jeff and Jerri Tounge 14 SUSAN L CURTIS FOUNDATION 2019 ANNUAL IMPACT REPORT _______________________ LC Gifts in memory of Lucinda Caros MC Gifts in memory of Marilyn Cianchette TE Gifts in memory of Timothy Even BF Gifts in memory of Beatrice Ford MI Gifts in memory of Mike Iadonisi WJ Gifts in memory of Winston Jones RM Gifts in memory of Ray Mushrow TLP Gifts in memory of Terri Lynn Perry SMS Gifts in memory of Susan Ministri Seningen Trebor Fund

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Save the Date s Susan L Curtis Foundation 2020 Notable Dates Annual Leadership Celebration Dinner Portland Sheraton at Sable Oaks So Portland March 20 Spring Clean up Day Camp Susan Curtis Stoneham June 5 Friends Day Camp Susan Curtis Stoneham July 10 An Evening with Maine Authors Stone Mountain Arts Center Brownfield August 7 Susan Curtis Golf Classic The Woodlands Club Falmouth August 17 Camp Susan Curtis 2020 Season Returning Registration Opens February 14 All Registration Opens March 1 Staff Training June 13 19 CSC Session 1 June 21 July 2 CSC Session 2 July 5 July 16 CSC Session 3 July 19 July 30 CSC Session 4 August 2 August 13 Clean up Day volunteer Amberlynn Esperanza sweeps the pottery porch to help get ready for campers Trustee Rich Emerson putts for 10 000 at the Susan Curtis Golf Classic 2019 ANNUAL IMPACT REPORT Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Strout visits Camp Susan Curtis as part of An Evening with Maine Authors SUSAN L CURTIS FOUNDATION 15

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Located in Stoneham Maine Camp Susan Curtis is a program of the Susan L Curtis Foundation a nonprofit 501 c 3 organization 1321 Washington Avenue Suite 104 Portland ME 04103 207 774 1552 info susancurtis org www SusanCurtis org Friends of Camp Susan Curtis camp_susan_curtis CampSusanCurtis Susan L Curtis Foundation