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Our food comes from South America and Spain. They are also original recipes made by us and can not be found anywhere else.

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Specializing in Colombian and
Galician food
S C D F o o d
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SCD Food
Founded in 2001. Our food comes from South
America and Spain. Sergio, Camilo and David are
incredible chefs with threee michelin stars. They
are experts in boiling fríjoles” and octopus.
Monday - Friday 3 P.M. 12 A.M.
Saturday 3 P.M. 1 A.M.
Sunday 3 P.M. 12 A.M.
Is a traditional food created in Medellín.
Starter (Fríjoles)
Beans with potatoes.
Main course (Rice with pork
Rice, pork scratching and banana)
Dessert (Custard of arequipe)
A brief description of the dish.
Maracuyan juice/Milkshake
Lulo Juice/Milkshake
Is a traditional food created in the notrh of Spain.
Starter (Caldo gallego)
Potatoes with beans and chorizo
Main course (Octopus)
Boiled octopus with potatoes and sweet
Dessert (Filloas)
Crepe with sugar
Estrella Galicia
INGREDIENTS: we will need approximately 750 gr of flour, one liter of milk, one spoon of salt and five eggs.
PROCEDURE: we will separate the whites of egg of the yolks. You have to beat the whites of egg in a bowl and add
the salt. Later, you have to put the milk, the flour and the yolks on the bowl. Now we will remove until there are no
more grumes you can do this with a few rods or mixer. Keep it resting an hour to temperature sets. Once passed this
time, you will need a frying pan (the size is optional), puts to the fire and the bottom smears itself (this step is
necessary to do it, whenever we are going to cook a filloa). When we see that it is warm, with a ladle we throw the
mixture so that it covers the bottom of the frying pan. Once curdled on the one hand, the return is given him and this
way with all. Let's see that it is warm, with a ladle we throw the mixture so that it covers the bottom of the frying pan.
When we finish, we can add chocolate, sugar and whatever you want.
INGREDIENTS: we will need an octopus, oil, sweet paprika, three potatoes and salt.
PROCEDURE: we will heat the water, when it´s cooking put the octopus in and out from a saucepan during 3 times.
Once done that put in the octopus during 25 minutes. If it´s not cooked when time pass it can be more time on the
water. We will put out the octopus from the water and we will cut octopus legs in small pieces. We will place them in a
special dish. Once we finished we will cook some potatoes to put them on the dish too. When everything is on the dish
we will scatter the sweet paprika, oil and salt.
FRÍJOLES (5 people)
INGREDIENTS: we will need half kg of beans, two bananas, salt, tomatoes, one onion and one hand of pig.
PROCEDURE: we will leave the beans in water the day before then in the morning we cook the beans during 20
minutes. Add pieces of the banana and the hand of the pig and the salt. When the beans were smooth we add tomato
with onion oil and salt until it's finished cooking.
INGREDIENTS: we will need 400 gr of rice , 400 gr of pork scratching, 400 gr of sausage, 400 gr of tocineta, five
tomatoes, three mature bananas, one onion, one bunch of coriander, one tin of tender maize, paprika, flour of wheat
and butter.
PROCEDURE: the first thing that is done is to cut the pork scratching in small chunks and fries. Immediately
afterwards we prepare the slightly fried one with the tomato, the onion, the coriander, the broth of hen, the paprika,
very well bad all that. Then we prepare the boiled rice in order that when the rice should dry, it should stay with
another color and different flavor. With the slightly fried one that stays we sauté the tocineta, and with this one we fry
the bananas in small pictures and the tender maize.
INGREDIENTS: three liter of milk, two cups of corn starch, two vanillas pods to the smell, one kg of panela, two
butter spoons and the mold.
PROCEDURE: mix half a liter of milk with the corn starch in a bowl until we get a homogeneous paste, the rest of the
milk we have to put it into a pot and bring it to a boil over low heat along with the panela (scraped) and vanilla in
branch. We have to remove the mix regularly until its brakes down.
Now we to add to the hot milk the mix of the mil with the panela and two spoons of butter, lower the heat when you
see stirring the whole mix of the custard and bring it in a boil for ten minutes when it’s cold you just have to serve it.