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The Spirit is a monthly publication of Sun City Anthem Community Association, Inc. (SCACAI). Its primary mission is to provide nonpolitical
community information and news to SCACAI members and to build community awareness. Advertising does not inuence editorial
decisions or content. We reserve the right to refuse advertising for any reason or cause. Information, services, products and materials
contained in the Spirit magazine are provided on an as is” basis with no warranty. SCACAI disclaims all representations and warranties,
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of performance. In no event shall SCACAI be liable for any damages whatsoever whether in an action arising out of or in connection with
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Community Service/Assistance
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The Revere Golf Club
Anthem Therapeutic Massage
Buckman’s Grille
Administration Oces Hours
Weekdays 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.
Saturdays 9:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
General Manager Sandy Seddon
Association Manager Lori Martin
Executive Coordinator Anneliese Gamboa
CFO Jim Orlick
Manager Chris Wiko 614-5859
Administrator James Arteaga 614-5820
Coordinator Desi Rafailova 638-5751
Director Shawn Evans 614-5857
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All phone numbers are preceded by area code 702.
Community Association
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 5
Table of Contents
6 Board of Directors
8 Board Summary Report
8 Board Meetings/Contacts
10 Committee Reports
14 Community Patrol
16 Community Service
17 Mandatory Age Restricted
Community Survey
18 SCA’s Fourth Annual Photo Contest
19 Community Standards
20 Seminars
21 Excursions
22 Events
24 Fitness
28 Club Contacts
29 Club Reports
40 Freedom Hall Theatre
75 Interest Groups
76 Service Directory
19 AARP Driver Safety
29 Ace Patio Covers
63 All Access Garage Door
79 Anthem Village Dental
23 Aquarius Landscaping
33 AthletiCare Physical Therapy
47 Badger Plumbing
7 Berkshire Hathaway - Burgoon Team
63 Best 55 Plus Communities
80 Cassady Law Oces
78 Chanwell Medical Clinic
67 Dyno Plumbing
53 East-West Blinds & Shutters
3 Fairless Homes General Contractor
61 Farmers Insurance - Jonathan Penn
33 G & B Fence
69 HealthCare Partners
59 Hearing Associates
23 Humana - Barry Keeney
37 Ichabod’s Lounge
65 Jack Dish Plumbing
57 Kaiser Garage Doors & Gates
49 McMillan & McMillan Painting
49 Merrill Gardens
39 Nevada Eye Physicians
27 On the Spot Air
43 One Reverse Mortgage
17 Penny Electric
29 Precision Garage Door
31 Prestige Dental
45 Prestige Travel
2 Proudt Realty
51 Revere Golf
11 Shepherd Eye Center
9 Station Casinos
47 Sun City Healthcare
13 Windermere Anthem Hills
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6 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
Committees and Service Groups –
Life Blood of SCA
In the April Spirit, the Association
recognized over 500 volunteers who
served the community in 2016. SCA
Board members attended the Volunteer
Recognition Luncheon held in February
to thank personally the many guests for
their commitment to service and hard
work during the past year.
Our volunteers are the key resource in our functional
success and we need to improve the recruitment, retention,
organization and recognition of volunteers in the coming year.
Karen Lotspiech, our volunteer coordinator, continues to
examine how to best use these volunteer resources for us to
maintain our status as a premier 55+ community.
We enter into the second year of the self-management
transition. e Board recognized early last year that it needed
to change its relationship with committees. Most of what
committees do is operational work, more suited to interface
regularly with management.
Last year, I tasked Board vice president, Aletta Waterhouse,
and director, Bob Burch, with examining the missions and roles
for our all-volunteer committees. I asked them to obtain input
from both committees and management about how their
relationships should work and make recommendations for any
needed changes.
Sun City Anthem Board of Directors
P’ R
2016-2017 SCA Board of Directors
Standing from left: Tom Nissen, Bella Meese, Carl Weinstein,
Jim Mayeld, Bob Burch
Seated from left: Rex Weddle, Aletta Waterhouse
Our volunteers are the key resource
in our functional success and we
need to improve the recruitment,
retention, organization and recognition
of volunteers in the coming year.
Aer several months this resulted in a recommendation
to eliminate two committees which duplicated management’s
responsibility, to realign the missions and functions of several
others and to leave a couple unchanged. ese recommendations
were approved by the Board, the nal one in January, and have
been implemented.
is year, Bob and Aletta have a similar charge for our
volunteer service groups. We need to ensure their support of the
SCA community is clearly dened and is properly supported by
management. Bob and Aletta will work with the service group
boards, their SCA board liaisons and management to examine
the missions of the service groups, provide greater coordination
between the groups and insure communications and support
between management and service group leadership.
Bob and Aletta will report regularly to the Board and home-
owners on the status of this task, holding workshops as needed.
Stay in Touch!Stay in Touch!
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Visit and click “Register” for step by step
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May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 7
8 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
At the regular monthly board meeting on Thursday,
March 23, the Board discussed or took action on the
Opened sealed bids for the Anthem Center Locker
Rooms; and Wall and Fence Special Reserve Study;
Awarded the bid to Charger Construction for the
Anthem Center Locker Rooms;
Reviewed the Unaudited Summary Financial
Approved Carol Siebel as a new member of the
Elections Committee;
Approved Jerry Hoium as chair of the Facilities and
Landscape Committee;
Discussed 2018 Budget Guidelines and Budgetary
Concepts as proposed by the Finance Committee;
Approved the Community Service Group Mission
Approved four expenditures: 23 new wireless
access points at Anthem, Independence and
Liberty Centers; painting at Independence Center;
landscape contract; and stools for the Billiards Room
at Independence Center;
Changed the date of the June Board meeting from
June 29 to June 22;
Discussed plans on a workshop for a restaurant
Accepted the recommendation of the general
manager to eliminate the self-managed restaurant
option from any further recommendation;
Discussed the Legal RFP;
Approved the 2018 Budget Guidelines as presented
by the board treasurer; and
A homeowner complaint alleging the wording of
the SCA Assessment Coupon Booklet and alleging
discrepancies with the Facilities and Landscape’s
recent Charter.
Board Book. The complete Board Book for this meeting
along with all related documents will be posted on the SCA
website by end-of-day Wednesday. It can be viewed by log-
ging in at, clicking on Documents / Board
of Directors / Board Book / 2017 and then the le. You can
click on blue text links in the agenda to go to the material
related to that item in the Board Book. You may also review
the Book in hard-copy form at the Membership Oce.
You may also nd the Audit Report by clicking
Documents / Financial/Audited Financial Statement.
Board Contacts / Upcoming Meetings
In accordance with NRS 116.31083, the above shall serve as notice of Board of
Directors’ meetings for the Sun City Anthem Community Association, Inc.
Homeowners may speak to the Association or Board, except during an executive
session of the Board. At the beginning of every Board meeting there is a
member-comment period for remarks relating to agenda items only. At the end
of every Board meeting there is a member-comment period for remarks on any
subject. The Board will not take action on comments or requestsmade during
the comment periods. Agendas for Board meetings are available on the Monday
prior to the meeting at the Administrative Oce in Anthem Center and may be
viewed on the Anthem Centers bulletin board or at the Associations Website
( Hard-copy minutes from the monthly regular Board
meeting and audio copies are available from the Administrative Oce for a
small fee. Address, phone and hours of business at the Administrative Oce are
listed on page 4 of this publication every month. The Board is aware of all legal re-
quirements pursuant to the applicable laws and regulations.
May 2017 through July 2017
Monday, May 1, Membership Meeting
BOD Election Ballot Count Meeting
9:00 a.m., Delaware Room
Thursday, May 4, BOD Organizational Meeting
1:00 p.m., Delaware Room
Thursday, May 25, Executive Session
9:00 a.m., Greene Room
Thursday, May 25, Open Session
1:30 p.m., Delaware Room
Thursday, June 22, Executive Session
9:00 a.m., Greene Room
Thursday, June 22, Open Session
1:30 p.m., Delaware Room
Thursday, July 27, Executive Session
9:00 a.m., Greene Room
Thursday, July 27, Open Session
1:30 p.m., Delaware Room
* Subject to change
Executive sessions will be held on the day of all open Board meetings,
before the Board meetings, if an executive session is scheduled. Executive
sessions are not open to members unless they are party to a hearing.
President Rex G. Weddle
(702) 496-5901
Vice President Aletta Waterhouse
(702) 485-2105
Secretary Bella L. Meese
(702) 407-0970
Treasurer Tom Nissen
(702) 463-3550
Director James N. Mayeld
(702) 994-0559 james.may
Director Bob Burch
(702) 617-2916
Director Carl Weinstein
(702) 616-9601
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 9
10 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
Need Help! CLC Club liaisons are available to guide clubs
in the use of Association facilities and to review and advise on
policies, rules and guidelines in the use of those facilities. Don’t
hesitate to contact your CLC liaison when you have questions
or need assistance concerning your clubs activities and special
events, changes to your bylaws, nancial issues, grievances or any
other issue of concern to your members.
CCG&Rs: e CLC is in the nal stages of updating our
CCG&Rs and the associated forms to conform to any changes in
that document. Current forms and documents can be found on
the SCA website under Community Lifestyle Committee. In line
with this eort, the committee continues our review of all clubs
to assure that all documentation (e.g., charters, bylaws, meeting
room assignments) is current, being adhered to and in the hands
of the Activities Department.
Club Fairs: e rst club fair in 2017 is scheduled for May
20. Hope to see you there! e next club fair will be held on
December 2, 2017. Having two club fairs per year should provide
clubs with the opportunity to promote club membership and club
Please contact us at the above email address if you have any
concerns or questions.
Covenants meetings are not open to residents unless invited.
e Board of Directors, as required in Article 5.2 of the
Bylaws, established a Deed Restriction Enforcement Committee.
At Sun City Anthem, this committee is called Covenants.
e Covenants Committee is the hearing tribunal of the
Association and conducts hearings pursuant to Section 3.26 of
the Bylaws and Article 7.4 of the Declaration of Covenants,
Conditions and Restrictions.
Hearings are normally scheduled once a month. Covenants
meetings are not open to the public. Any questions, contact A hearing is scheduled when a case
cannot be resolved during the enforcement process.
e Covenants Committee hearing tribunal reviews the
information regarding an alleged violation and determines
whether a violation of the standards set forth in the Governing
Documents occurred. is committee is also responsible for
imposing nes and/or sanctions. Following a hearing before the
Covenants Committee, the alleged violator has the right to appeal
the decision to the Board.
Committee Reports
David Chess, subcommittee chair
Plan reviews second and fourth ursdays
9:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
Emerson/Franklin Rooms, Anthem Center
On behalf of the ARC, ARC Subcommittee and SCA sta
we would like to express our appreciation to all of the SCA
homeowners for their support and willingness to follow the
design guidelines. Sun City Anthem is a beautiful community
because of its wonderful residents who take their time to attend
the bi-monthly subcommittee plan reviews in order to have their
plans approved or to answer questions about future plans for
modications to the exterior of their homes or yards.
Recently we gathered some information that may be of interest
to you. Many other HOAs charge a fee for each plan approval and
also require substantial cash deposits before any work can begin.
We believe SCA homeowners are also owners of the community.
SCA only charges a one time fee when you purchase your home
for unlimited ARC reviews for the desired work. Certainly this
sets SCA apart from other HOA communities.
As volunteers representing the SCA community we all take
pride in being helpful. We take the time to fully explain and
suggest ways of accomplishing the homeowner’s goals.
ank you again for your support, we look forward to
assisting you.
Patricia Carrell, chair
(702) 260-3383,
Next workshop: ursday, May 4, 1:00 p.m.
Arlington Room, Anthem Center
Next meeting: Friday, May 12, 9:30 a.m.
Arlington Room, Anthem Center
CLC April Meeting Schedule:
Next workshop: ursday, June 1, 1:00 p.m.
Next meeting: Friday, June 9, 9:30 a.m.
Arlington Room, Anthem Center
Just a reminder…CLC workshops meet the rst ursday
of each month. e purpose of our workshops are to give clubs
the opportunity to bring requests and issues to the attention of
the committee and to hear requests for special events and new
club charters. No vote is taken at CLC workshops. CLC meetings
are held on the second Friday of each month at which time the
committee will vote on club requests and discuss upcoming
issues and events.
CLC Club Liaisons: Due to the addition of three new
committee members, we have reassigned club liaisons. Clubs will
be notied if their liaison has changed. As always, our team looks
forward to serving the community and helping to maintain and
improve our lifestyle.
We want to encourage everyone to sign up
to receive the Associations eBlasts.
• Go to the SCA website at
Access your User Prole; click the Subscriptions tab;
under Email Bulletins, place a check mark in both boxes
in the Subscriptions window; Click Save Changes on the
bottom of the form to save your selections.
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 11
12 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
John Kalenak, chair
(310) 408-7888,
Next meeting: Tuesday, May 9, 8:30 a.m.
Concord Room, Anthem Center
Ocial Secret Ballots packages for the 2017 Board of
Directors election were mailed to homeowners via U.S. mail on
March 31, 2017.
Ballots will be counted during a Membership Meeting on
Monday, May 1, 2017 at 8:30 a.m. in Anthem Center, Delaware
During the committee meeting on April 11, we discussed
lessons learned from the Candidate Meet and Greet event held
on March 29 and our preparations for the Membership Meeting
to count ballots.
All Election Committee meetings are open to homeowners.
As an ocial meeting, only Association members may attend an
Election Committee meeting. SCA identication is required at all
Election Committee meetings and events.
Andrew Muha, chair
Art Schuetz, vice chair
Next meeting: Friday, May 19, 9:00 a.m.
Bristol/Concord Rooms, Anthem Center
e Finance Committee advises and assists the SCACAI
Board of Directors on many nancial matters. e more
important of these include overseeing the CFO’s preparation
of the annual budget; performing a detailed review, at least
quarterly, of the unaudited nancial statements, including an
analysis of signicant variances; and an annual review of the
nancial statements and the processes of the chartered clubs.
Two Finance Committee members are generally appointed to the
SCAs Audit Committee.
e monthly Finance Committee meeting is open to the
public, where a current SCA nancial update is presented prior
to its submission to the Board. Residents are encouraged to attend
these meeting in order to better understand the nancial
operations of the community. Questions and constructive
comments are valued as such input provides new ideas and may
identify items to be addressed at future meetings.
Jerry Hoium, chair
Bruce Litcheld, vice chair
Next meeting: Tuesday, May 9, 10:00 a.m.
Arlington Room, Anthem Center
e Facilities & Landscape (FL) Committee continues to have
committee and workshop meetings to develop processes that will
assist the committee members in observing and reviewing facility
and landscape issues in all of the SCA villages. ese process tools
include direct observation/assessment processes, as well as detail
maps and photos of village landscape issues. Identifying issues
and prioritizing these issues will assist in making recommenda-
tions to management that will ultimately contribute to a master
plan that can be used to determine nancial impact and provide
guidance for a long term solution for SCA landscapes. Having a
master plan has to be the overall goal of the FL Committee. As the
committee pursues this overall goal, smaller specic issues will be
identied that can possibly be addressed.
Committee Reports
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 13
12231 South Eastern Avenue, Suite 150
Henderson, NV 89052
On the corner of Eastern and Sun City Anthem Drive
Over 30 local real estate professionals to serve you!
• Buyer Representation • Listings (including Short Sales)
• Property Management and Rentals • Commercial Sales and Leasing
Windermere Anthem Hills
Call 702-212-1900
Open 7 Days a Week • Email: •
“Locally Owned and Operated” Di Redman-Wolfgram, Broker, Owner
1986 Colvin Run Drive -
Just Reduced
$660,000 3bdrm/3 bath with a
casita. Views of city, mountain
and golf course.
Rene Escontrias (702) 800-1650
1610 Black Fox
Canyon Road
$349,900 Semi-Custom
Monroe Model. 1788 sq ft with 2 master
bedrooms w/skylight, trellis & tranquil pond.
Elaine Fink-Urruchurtu (702) 267-8041
82 Parker Ranch
$329,900 4 bdrm/2.5 bath,
2838 sq ft. Gibson/Horizon
Ridge. Call for private showing.
Phillip Dwyer (702) 917-1919
Di and Chris Wolfgram along with Linda and Doug Proudt would like to thank everyone for their overwhelming
support of the merge between Proudt Realty and Windermere Anthem Hills. We appreciate the positive letters, emails
and conversations from our Sun City Anthem neighbors since our announcement March 1, 2017.
Please know that together we will continue to serve our clients and friends with knowledge, expertise and community
involvement. Please stop by one of our ofces and get information about selling and buying residential and commercial
property, as well as property management.
We continue to offer exceptional service to our clients and lead the market in Sun City Anthem. We appreciate your
continued support.
Proudt Ofce
2880 Bicentennial Pkwy, #130, Henderson, NV 89044
Anthem Hills Ofce
12231 S. Eastern Avenue, Ste 150, Henderson, NV 89052
Memorial Day, May 29, 2017
Originally called Declaration Day back in 1890, Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who gave the
ultimate sacrice serving the United States of America. With appreciation, we remember our fallen heroes.
14 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
Community Patrol
Non Emergency — 311
SCACP — (702) 614-6751
Val was born and raised in Chicago, spending many of
his early summers on the family farms in Wisconsin. Joining
the Illinois National Guard in 1947, he volunteered for active
service in 1950 and spent ve years on duty in Japan, Korea,
Germany and the USA. Aer his discharge, he entered college,
earning an MBA from the University of Chicago.
During his rst year of college, thanks to a fellow veteran,
he got a night job running IBM business machines, which was
the start of his life-long vocation and avocation in computers
and systems analysis. In 1968, while working for ITT, he was
transferred to ITT World Communications. He spent the rest
of his working days in companies involved in international
communications, nishing his career as CEO and president of
RCA Global Communications.
Retiring in 1990, he and his wife, Nancy Hepburn, built a
house at the New Jersey shore and spent the next 15 years split
between traveling internationally and boating activities. ey
also joined the Coast Guard Auxiliary where they patrolled
Barnegat Bay, did safety inspections on boats and taught
boating safety and coastal navigation.
In 2005, tired of the weather in New Jersey, they bought
a house in SCA, moved here in 2006 and immediately joined
the Computer Club, serving as monitors, teachers and house
callers. Over the years, they have done over 2,000 computer
help calls to about 700 residents.
In 2008, they joined the patrol, electing to work at night on
open garage door” patrol. In 2015, Val added duty as dispatch-
er; Nancy doing the same in 2016. At present, Val, assisted by
Nancy, is busy updating operations at the Patrol. In turn, he
assists Nancy in her heavy commitment to SCA-TV activities.
Ray Calderon moved to Sun City Anthem in 2006. For
Ray it was a dream come true. He loved all the activities and
amenities. He was especially drawn to the tness center. ere
was always lots to do and many friendly neighbors. What a great
combination. In the beginning, getting lost on all the streets in
Anthem seemed to happen oen. Someone suggested he join
the Community Patrol as a quick way to learn all 65 miles of
streets in SCA.
Ray volunteered for the patrol in 2006. Training consisted
of two four-hour day shis and one four-hour night shi. His
rst driving assignment was 0-400 hours – 0-800 hours. Later
the shi was changed to 0-000 – 0-400. During the 11 years of
Ray’s service he has served as a patrol driver, house checker for
residents on vacation, watch commander, assistant chief and, in
2009, patrol chief.
Ray was born in East Los Angeles. He served in the U.S.
Army and was stationed in Germany for two years. When he
returned to Los Angeles he attended Los Angeles Trade Tech
College from 1965-1967. He earned an AA degree in industrial
design. Aer college he worked in Los Angeles as a drasman
and designer for the Army Corps of Engineers and for the
Metropolitan Water District. Ray attended California State
University at Los Angeles and received a Bachelor of Arts
degree in industrial arts.
He earned a vocational teaching credential from UCLA and
taught draing at Bell High School Los Angeles Unied School
District from 1976-2006. From 1980 to 1988 he was a part time
assistant professor at California State University Los Angeles.
His hobbies are photography, chess and tness activities.
Ray Calderon, March Volunteer of the Month
Val Podmolik, Volunteer of the Year for the
Community Patrol in 2016
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 15
Community Patrol
Each year in March, the Community Patrol has an awards
program to recognize the members for their volunteering to help
keep Sun City Anthem Villages safe. ere is a program called
“PVSA,” Presidential Volunteer Service Award. e program is
federally sponsored. e PVSA program recognizes individuals
for volunteering their time and giving back to their community.
is is a program that has been around for many years. e
Community Patrol has participated in this program since 2005.
e program recognizes volunteers who have volunteered
100-299 hours for the year, nished 2016, with a bronze pin and
a certicate signed by the President of the United States. e
individuals who have volunteered 300-499 hours are awarded
a silver pin and a certicate from the President. ose who
volunteer 500 or more hours get a gold pin and the certicate.
ere is a program called “life time volunteer” and it is to
recognize individuals who have volunteered 4,000 hours or
Annual Community Patrol Awards Breakfast
more during active time with the patrol. ese members receive
a special pin and a larger certicate signed by the President.
In the patrol family, there are these members who have
volunteered 4,000 hours or greater.
Mike Waterhouse 7,000+ Sue Christensen 6,400+
Ed Miller 6,100+ Carol Kornblum 5,800+
Ray Calderon 5,400+ David Booth 5,400+
Samaria Graham 5,000+ Gene Freeze 4,000 +
At this year’s recognition, there was one patrol member who
was recognized for the lifetime award, ve for the gold level, six
for the silver level and 34 for the bronze level.
Henderson police captain, Dane Mattoon, and several of his
department ocers, were invited to be part of this awards breakfast.
Community Patrol Team
Michele and Vincent Kan, Community Patrol Goodwill Ambassadors
Vincent and Michele Kan were named “Community Patrol
Goodwill Ambassadors” for 2016. During the past year they
promoted the Community Patrol by producing a Home Safety
Series which aired on SCA-TV. ey are vacation house checkers
and also help with the patrol table at various expos. ey are
very willing in any way, where needed and always with a smile.
anks for all you do, Vincent and Michele.
Vincent and Michele both grew up in Taiwan. Aer college,
Vincent worked as a resident buyer of Sear’s Taiwan oce and
Michele worked as a copywriter for Reader’s Digest. In 1975, they
immigrated to the U.S. Vincent rejoined Sears at New York, then
Chicago, where he worked his way up to senior project manag-
er. In 1985, they built a company doing business as wholesaler/
distributer of furniture parts, which continued for 25 years
until their retirement. During a business trip to Las Vegas in
2004, they discovered Sun City Anthem and decided that this
was the place for retirement. ey bought their house that year
but did not fully move in until 2013. Both Vincent and Michele
joined the Community Patrol right aer settling down because
they wanted to be a part of the Community Patrol volunteers to
reciprocate what the community has provided them!
Vincent and Michele enjoy their active life here. Vincent
plays guitar and harmonica; he has an instrumental band.
He also loves photography and videography and works as
webmaster for the Chinese Heritage Club. Michele is current-
ly secretary/communication director for the Chinese Heritage
Club. Both are also SCA-TV members. At leisure time, they love
nature and would like to visit all the National Parks.
16 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
Community Service
Announcing Memory Loss Support Group
e Community Service
Group is proud to sponsor the
Memory Loss Support Group.
is group will oer free
seminars throughout the year
that provide tools, techniques
and education about brain
health. Please join us for our
rst seminar (see ad on page
55), 6 Ways to Maintain Your
Brain Health.
Date: May 17
Time: 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Location: Freedom Hall eater/Independence Center
is free seminar is open to all Sun City Anthem residents.
Volunteers from the Cleveland Clinic Lou Ruvo Center for
Brain Health will discuss the six pillars of brain health, help
you take a free self-administered brain checkup and get your
Brain Health Index (BHI) score and report. ey will show you
how to track progress and get tips for improving your memory.
Prostate Cancer Support Group
Norm Kaplan, who facilitates the Prostate Cancer Support
Group, has a wealth of knowledge and information about
Prostate Cancer as well as rsthand experience. Since his
diagnosis in 2009, Norm attended the following symposiums
and participated in support groups to learn about the disease.
Attended monthly prostate cancer support groups at
both Duke University Hospital and in Raleigh, NC
where attendees exchanged ideas and experiences.
Sessions also featured presentations by oncologists,
radiologists and urologists, experienced in treating the
Served on the Congressionally Directed Medical
Research Program to evaluate research proposals
from universities and medical research companies for
government funding.
Attended a symposium entitled, “Innovative Minds
in Prostate Cancer Today” to learn about the latest
research in prostate cancer.
Attended the Prostate Cancer Research Institute
annual symposium in Los Angeles, CA.
Sponsored by the Community Service Group, this group
meets on the second Monday of each month in Anthem
Center’s Greene Room at 2:00 p.m. Men previously treated
for prostate cancer can make very important contributions to
newly diagnosed men by sharing their experience. Please join
us to share information, learn about research and treatment,
and support others dealing with this disease.
Call our Assistance Line at
(702) 614-5862 to Schedule Our Free Services
A recorded message will advise you to leave your name
and phone number. One of our volunteers will call you back.
Calls received from 4:00 p.m. Friday to 9:00 a.m. Monday will be
returned on the next business day.
Business hours 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Mondays through Fridays - No weekends, no holidays
(New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day,
Labor Day, anksgiving and Christmas)
Transportation - rides to/from local area medical
providers or supermarkets.
Home Maintenance - replaces batteries in garage door
keypads, smoke and carbon-monoxide detectors, changes
overhead light bulbs, lubricates garage doors, cleans or
replaces air lters and adds salt to water soeners.
Home Assistance - provides information on fee-based, dis-
count and other services available to seniors: home care,
handymen, transportation and much more.
Support Groups
Bereavement Call for dates, location and time
Cancer Support 2nd Monday 10:30 am to noon Greene,
Anthem Center
Caregivers Support 1st 10 am to 11 am Arlington,
Wednesday Anthem Center
Diabetes Education 3rd Monday 10 am to 11:30 am Morris/Nelson,
and Support Independence Center
Friends of Bill W Mondays 7 pm to 9 pm Greene,
Saturdays 9 am to 10 am Anthem Center
Living Well 3rd Monday 10 am to noon Greene,
with Disabilities Anthem Center
Organ Transplant 3rd Tuesday 1 pm to 2 pm Greene, Anthem Center
Prostate Cancer 2nd Monday 2 pm to 4 pm Greene,
Support Anthem Center
May coee baristas:
African American Heritage,
Spotlight and SCA-TV
Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Monday - Friday
Pre-paid coee cards
are available.
All services provided by the Community Service Group are
free of charge. Your donations are deeply appreciated and go
directly to CSG so that our volunteers can continue to provide
services and sponsor support groups. Please make checks pay-
able to Sun City Anthem. You may put them in the CSG mailbox
in the Anthem Fitness Center or mail them to:SCA Community
Service Group, 2450 Hampton Road, Henderson, NV 89052.
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 17
ank you to those who submitted a completed survey form. Yo u r
cooperation is greatly appreciated!
Please submit a completed survey form today for each property you
own. Use one form for each dierent property. List all occupants on the form
and their ages.
Where can I get the survey form? You may obtain forms at the
front desks at Independence and Liberty Centers, at the Anthem
Fitness Center or at the reception desk in Anthem Center. Forms
are available by email. Just send a request to or Additionally, you can download or print a
form from the SCA website.
What are the consequences if I do not return the survey
form for my property? Failure to complete the survey is a violation
of Article 15 of the Rules and Regulations. Covenants Committee
hearings may be held where non-compliance can result in nes
and/or sanctions. Also, an incomplete survey could be a problem if the
important age restricted community status is challenged.
Who can ll out and sign the form? Homeowners are held responsi-
ble for completing this requirement. However, any occupant of a home
who is at least 19 years of age may complete and sign the survey form.
What if I have questions about the survey? Contact the Association at (702) 638-5751 or
Please do your part to make this a successful survey year!
Mandatory Age Restricted Community Survey
18 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 19
Many homeowners are not aware that the area between their
wall and the sidewalk is part of their property. is area may be
neglected and become weedy. Remember to patrol your entire lot
weekly to remove weeds and maintain an attractively landscaped
lot. Each homeowner contributes to the overall appearance of
Sun City Anthem.
Do you see a property in your neighborhood that is in
violation of the landscape maintenance requirements for
Sun City Anthem? Is the lot weedy? Are there any dead or
dying plants? If you see any landscape violation, you may
submit a report to the Community Standards Department and we
will process the alleged violation. Reporting a violation that you
have personally seen and believe to be out of compliance can be
accomplished in several ways.
Call (702) 638-5751…simply provide the address of the
lot and the description of the landscape issue as well as
the location on the lot (front yard, side yard). Or email
the information to
Send a note in the mail to: 2450 Hampton Road,
Henderson, NV 89052.
Bring in a written complaint or complete a tan card (aka
comment card/form). Tan cards are in all the centers and
a monitor can guide you to nd one. You can either place
the completed form in the drop box on the wall or bring
it in to the Membership Services Desk at Anthem Center.
Fill out an eForm on the website under:
Contact Us/eForms/Community Standards.
If you provide your name, address, contact number and/or
email, we will send you an acknowledgement that your report was
received. e Association keeps this information condential.
Once a resident reports an address where landscape mainte-
nance is needed, an inspection of the property is conducted from
the roadway. Once veried, a notice is sent to the property owner.
Normally, 30 days are allowed for compliance to be achieved.
Spraying the weeds is not enough. e weeds must be totally
removed and not just sprayed (leaving the dead weeds visible).
Dead plants must also be removed, and replaced if necessary, to
retain minimum landscape standards. If this is not done within
the 30 days, then a hearing may be held where nes or sanctions
may be imposed by the Covenants Committee hearing panel.
Summer Travels: If you plan to be out of town for an ex-
tended period, please provide the Association with good contact
information. While you are traveling, you remain responsible
for maintenance of your lot. If any SCA correspondence/notices
do not get delivered to your summer location, nes could be
imposed while you are away and could build up on your account.
As always, we hope this information is helpful. You may
call me directly with any questions regarding compliance with
the Governing Documents at (702) 614-5859 or email us at
Chris Wiko
Community Standards Manager
Wednesday, May 10 Friday, May 26
5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 8:00 a.m. to Noon
Greene Room Greene Room
20 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
Lunch & Learn
Friday, May 12, 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
Delaware Room in Anthem Center
Lifestyle Medicine: Living a Luscious Life
In todays culture, media and the education messages
on wellness and nutrition are a mixed bag at best.
Medications and drugs are handed out like candy as a “pill for
every problem.
Lifestyle modications, though least emphasized, are one of
the best ways to dramatically improve your health. Come hear
Dr. Evan Allen, who is a board-certied Family Practice Doctor
for over 23 years, speak on lifestyle medicine, nutrition and
Dr. Allen will teach you how to avoid acquiring diseases of
all kinds and to reverse diseases even after they have begun to
damage your well-being.
First Friday Health and Wellness
Friday, May 5, 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m.
Delaware Room in Anthem Center
The World of Dermatology
Dermatologists are specially trained doctors who diagnose
and treat conditions of the skin, hair, nails and mucous
membranes (such as those lining the eyelids, mouth and nose).
They see patients at every stage of life, from newborn infants
to the elderly.
Dermatologists deal with more than 3,000 dierent diseases,
ranging from acne to skin cancer. They can also provide
support for cosmetic issues, helping patients to revitalize the
appearance of their skin, hair andnails.
Join us for an expert presentation on dermatology issues,
especially as they relate to seniors.
First Friday Seminar sponsored by St. Rose Dominican
Health Foundation.
Continental breakfast provided courtesy of Green Valley
Ranch Resort.
got health?”
Tuesday, May 16, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Delaware Room in Anthem Center
Is It All In Your Head? Migraine and the Brain
Migraines aect more than one in eight adults. The
pulsating pain in your head can be debilitating. Can those
frequent headaches signal something more?
Join Dr. Kevin Xie of Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center’s
Nevada Neurosciences Institute and learn what to watch for
and what to do to stop a headache before it stops you.
You may also gain peace of mind by learning how to know
for sure that your headaches are not signaling a greater
neurological concern.
Free refreshments and seminar sponsored by Sunrise Hospital
and Medical Center.
Seminars are free, but reservations are required. Sign up in the
Activities Oce or call (702) 614-5865 to reserve a seat.
June 1 – Bus Trip: Smith Center – Phantom of the Opera
June 2 – First Friday Health & Wellness Seminar
June 2 – Bobby Brooks Wilson – Freedom Hall
June 9 – Lunch & Learn Seminar
June 9 – TGIF Free Concert on the Lawn – VooDoo Cowboys
June 15 Bus Trip: LV51s Baseball Game
June 18 Michael Mongue – Freedom Hall
June 20 Bus Trip: Atomic Testing Museum
June 20 got health?” Seminar – Joint issues w/golf swing
Light refreshments
sponsored by
Sams Club.
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 21
Bus Trip/Excursion tickets may be purchased online at Log in with your password, scroll under the slide
show and click on the blue “Purchase tickets for upcoming SCA events here” link. You may also purchase tickets in person in
the Anthem Center Activities Oce located across from the Fitness Center. For additional information, call (702) 614-5865.
Refunds are given two weeks prior to an excursion. No refunds are given after that time.
Boulder City Spring Jamboree
Sunday, May 7
$20 per person (price includes bus fare – Jamboree is
free admission)
Tickets on sale now
Held the rst weekend in May since 1977, the Spring
Jamboree outdoor festival is held throughout four beautiful
public parks located in the historic downtown district of
Boulder City.
Come enjoy a classic hot-rod car show featuring cars from
all over the west, rows and rows of arts and crafts produced
by skilled artisans, scrumptious snacks and drinks from food
concessioners representing every ethnic origin, a rock, gem
and mineral show that will showcase earthen treasures and
center-stage performers that will entertain you!
Boulder City is a community in Nevada without gaming and
home of the states number one tourist attraction, Hoover Dam.
It is ideally located between the entertainment and excitement
of Las Vegas and Henderson and the recreation paradise of
the Lake Mead Recreation Area. Come see for yourself why the
Spring Jamboree continues to be a much-anticipated event!
8:45 a.m. Bus arrives at Sun City Anthem - load
9:00 a.m. Depart Sun City Anthem
9:45 a.m. Arrive at Boulder City Spring Jamboree
9:45 a.m.
to 1:00 p.m. Free time at the Jamboree
1:00 p.m.
to 1:15 p.m. Load bus
1:15 p.m. Depart Jamboree
2:00 p.m. Arrive at Sun City Anthem
Smith Center - Phantom of the Opera
Thursday, June 1, 2:00 p.m.
$106 per person (price includes show ticket, bus fare)
Tickets on sale now
Cameron Mackintoshs spectacular new production of
Andrew Lloyd Webbers THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA will come
to Las Vegas as part of a brand new North American Tour. Critics
are raving that this breathtaking production is “bigger and
better than ever before” and features a brilliant new scenic
design, original costume design, lighting design, new
choreography and new staging. The production boasts
many exciting special eects including the shows legendary
chandelier. The beloved story and thrilling score - with songs
like “Music of the Night, All I Ask Of You” and “Masquerade” -
will be performed by a cast and orchestra of 52, making this
PHANTOM one of the largest productions now on tour.
12:30 p.m. Bus loads at Sun City Anthem
12:45 p.m. Bus leaves SCA
1:20 p.m. Bus arrives at Smith Center
1:30 p.m. Theatre doors open inside Smith Center
2:00 p.m. Phantom show begins
Show is 2 hours, 40 minutes with a 20 minute intermission
4:40 p.m. Show ends
5:10 p.m. Bus leaves Smith Center
6:00 p.m. Bus arrives at Sun City Anthem
Approximate arrival time
*Times are approximate and subject to change.
22 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
Document Shredder Truck
Saturday, May 6, 8:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
West parking lot of Anthem Center
Free to all Sun City Anthem residents only. Activity card
must be shown to sta that day. No business shredding.
This shredding event is for DOCUMENT SHREDDING ONLY. It
is NOT for recycling. Following are the ONLY items that can be
shredded. Do not bring other items as they will not be allowed.
• Tax returns
• Bank statements
• Insurance statements/documents
Financial pension/401(k)/Social Security statements
• Medical statements/documents
General mail—yers, pamphlets, newspapers, magazines,
coupon books, advertising postcards, bills (put all these
items in your weekly blue recycling bin)
Any type of wire: wire bound spiral notebooks, metal
3-ring binders, paper clips, clamps, etc.
• Film, photographs
• Magazines, scrapbooks
• Paper thicker than heavy cardstock
• Plastic bags of any type: garbage, grocery, etc.
• Pills—both loose or in bottles
• Batteries, light bulbs, bullets, matches
• CDs/DVDs/8-tracks
TGIF Concert on the Lawn
Friday, May 12, 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Anthem Center North Lawn Amphitheater
Free for everyone!
Time to put on your bell-bottoms and break out the disco
balls, becauseDr. Fever is here to bring you back to the 70s!
Playing all your favorite disco hits by artists such as Kool and
The Gang, KC and the Sunshine Band, Donna Summer, Gloria
Gaynor, BeeGees and many more. Dr. Fever is sure to keep the
dance oor alive and the party going all night long!
Dressed in funky 70s hair and costumes, along with their
audience participation, this band will make you want to boogie
the night away!
Parking Lot Sale
Saturday, May 13, 8:00 a.m to 12:00 p.m.
Tickets on sale now
$15 per space/includes one 3’x6’ table (you provide your
own chair)
Join us for this nal parking lot sale before the weather turns
hot. The next sale won’t be until September, so join us for this
one whether you are a buyer or seller.
As an added convenience to purchase, parking lot sale
tables are now also available online as well as in person in the
Activities Oce. Purchase the same way as you would a show
or event ticket at:
Anyone may attend this sale, so invite your family, friends
and neighbors from Anthem and beyond. Come have a fun day
buying and selling!
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 23
Club Fair
Saturday, May 20, 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
Anthem Center Grand Ballroom
Free to attend!
This is an opportunity for you to come learn about the 59
chartered clubs at Sun City Anthem, all in one place at one time!
Representatives from clubs will be there to answer your
questions and give you more information regarding what they
do. You will be able to sign up and join clubs that very day as
clubs will have their registration forms and materials available.
Most clubs have a membership fee to join which vary in price.
There will be items for display that the clubs make for you to
Staying active and involved is an integral and exciting
part of retirement. The Club Fair makes it easy for you to get
Movie on the Lawn
Saturday, May 20, 8:00 p.m.
Anthem Center North Lawn amphitheater
Free for everyone!
Living in a comfortable
retirement community in
Southern Oregon, estranged
from her family, unsatised
with her surroundings and
generally not happy about
life, Marie (Shirley Knight)
decides to journey 80 miles,
on foot, to the coast of Oregon
to revisit the ocean of her past
for the rst time in 45 years.
Once reluctant to attend her
granddaughter’s wedding, she
now arrives as an unexpected
guest. Along the way, she
meets an extraordinary cast
of characters and discovers that you’re never too old to learn
something about life... and about yourself!
This movie is rated PG-13 and is 1.5 hours in length. Bring
your own lawn chairs and blankets. Come enjoy a fun evening
with family, friends and neighbors!
24 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
SCA Membership I.D. Required for Entry
Come out and enjoy
the beautiful weather!
Sign up with our
tennis professional,
Rick Storozuk, TODAY!
(702) 205-8670
Anthem Fitness Center ...............614-5885
Independence Center ................614-5803
Liberty Center .......................638-5780
Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10:30 a.m.
Josh Kennedy
are under renovation.
Please be aware of posted closures.
Pools, spas and handicap locker room
remain open with a heated rinse-o
shower available outside as well.
Looking to improve your swing, get some mobility
back so you can eye the ball or just have enough energy
to nish a round of 18! How about your tennis swing,
putting on a pair of skies or going on a hike? Consider
taking some personal training lessons to gain strength,
lose weight and release some tightness that is holding
you back from improving your game or just getting
back in the game!
Contact Josh today for a
FREE initial consultation
and references from other
active senior clients!
(702) 600-3238
or email at
Call the Anthem Fitness desk today
for an appointment!
(702) 614-5885
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 25
New to the community?
Not sure how to use the machines?
Sign up at the Anthem Fitness Center
for a free orientation.
Located upstairs in the
Anthem Fitness Center
Call or go online to schedule your appointment
or visit the tness desk to purchase a gift certicate
(702) 614-5809
could be
getting a
right now.
Be a HERO!
Donate Blood
Monday, May 15
between 6:45 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.
in the Concord Room
at Anthem Center
Appointments not necessary
walk-ins are always welcome.
Call Jerry Malone at (702) 207-9309
for more information or if you
would like an appointment.
Only NOODLES allowed in
the pool – no rafts
OUTDOOR: 10:00 a.m. to Noon
INDOOR: Noon to 2:00 p.m.
26 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
SCA-TV, your community television
station, has supported all the clubs in
our community throughout the years
and many have been a part of Anthem
Alive, our weekly video magazine. “CLUB
CORNER” is the newest idea on how to
best serve the community and its many
The purpose of “Club Corner is to pro-
vide an opportunity for all sanctioned
clubs at Sun City Anthem to have access
to further their club’s goals and interests.
This is in addition to “Let’s Go Clubbing”,
a series of ve minute promos featur-
ing the clubs. These video segments are
semi-permanent commercials that have
aired on Anthem Alive as well as the club
websites. This allows both new and long time residents to see
a video with an overview of the clubs they are interested in
joining. Lets Go Clubbing can be found on our website
at Club Corner will allow all clubs an
additional opportunity to give updates, information and news
about upcoming events on their clubs activities.
Club presidents, board members or PR reps for every club
can access the forms and information required and request
an SCA-TV member coordinator to assist them in producing a
segment either at the studio, on location, or the club can
submit their own video. Our coordinator will assist with
information on format, resolution and other factors that will
help get club information on the air. Just another example of
SCA-TVs motto “For Residents, by Residents. Come join our
team and assist with this new venture we call “CLUB CORNER!”
Questions can be forwarded to us at
Celebrity Corner
Cox Channel 1960
Jassen Allen, our celebrity co-host last month on Anthem
Alive, is a wonderfully talented singer entertainer who has
done background vocals for Barbra Streisand plus many oth-
er well known performers. His show With Love” is a tribute
to Luther Vandross, Natalie Cole, Whitey Houston, Eta James
and Donna Summer at the “Space May 4. He is also coming to
Freedom Hall with Mistinguett Productions on May 19 for the
show Variety, so don’t miss him. His co-host, for our holiday
show, was our own SCA-TV celebrity and NJ native Dianne Davis
who is also our entertainment reporter. Dianne not only
brings the celebs to host but she also writes for Vegas Voice,
Las Vegas Round the Clock and as well as Wow - what energy these two people
possess! If you missed the show go to Anthem Alive archives
on the website at
Dianne Davis and Jassen Allen
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 27
Its hard to mention one with-
out the other, so the “LIEBLEIN
TEAM” is a great example of
how couples can do community
volunteer work and explore
new horizons with our TV family
together or separately.
Stan and Helen, who moved
to SCA in 2012, joined SCA-TV as
reporters. Helen has completed
over 50 segments of her own as
well as edited them which is tru-
ly commendable. Stan has over
100 episodes of “People I see Around Anthem under his belt
and has created or been part of other interesting and fun
programming in the past such as “Stan the Good News Man
and “Lets Go Clubbing. Being a marketing innovator he also
brought us the “Night on the Town contest where viewers
could win prizes for tuning in.
The Liebleins also covered the 2014 FAS golf tournament.
Stan, who loves golf, says his most memorable interview was
with Tiger Woods’ coach, Butch Harmon.
Both have some very interesting segments coming up.
Helen is currently shooting “medical marijuana and likes
a wide variety of topics in her reports. Nothing stops this
inquisitive and creative team, except maybe a vacation in
Seattle to re-charge. Congratulations to the Lieblein team
from SCA-TV.
Crew Member of the Month
New TV Schedule
Watch on your computer
at 24/7
Podcasts on your
mobile device
24 HR
Senior and Military Discounts Available
Check us
on Yelp
10% OFF
Service Call
(with any repair over $50)
We Repair ALL Brands
Duct Cleaning &
Indoor Air Quality Products
Unit Replacement
With Purchase of AC System
Limited oer, call for details
Service Within 2 Hours!
May not combine with other oers. Must present coupon at time of service.
May not combine with other oers. Must present coupon at time of service.
May not combine with other oers. Must present coupon at time of service.
May not combine with other oers. Must present coupon at time of service.
AC or
18 MO
18 MO
We Provide Installation, Repair, Maintenance & Service
(702) 713-7912
(702) 713-7912
Bonded & Insured - Lic. #0081009
28 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
Clubs and Service Groups
African American Heritage
Jim Coleman
Amateur Radio
Allan Griefer
(916) 477-0009 • AL.GRIEFERGMAIL.COM
Anthem Authors
Robert Turtle • (702) 492-7725 • RTURTLECOX.NET
Rosemary Stortz
(702) 778-2515 • R_STORTZYAHOO.COM
Arts & Crafts
Franki Roizman
(702) 586-1376 • PAULAFRANKI22GMAIL.COM
Ballroom Dance
Bob Newman
(919) 636-1943 • FRNEWMANYAHOO.COM
Bid Whist
Charles Berry
(702) 361-9907 • CBERRY1085CENTURYLINK.NET
Cheryl Kraft • (702) 410-9850 • KRAFT.CAOL.COM
Bocce Ball
Michael Korin
Judy Garity
John Norton
Erika Baum
(702) 287-4879 • BAUMMOM1YAHOO.COM
Elaine Galant
Marcea Reid • (702) 263-7003 • MARCEAREIDCOX.NET
Bill Beckman • (702) 538-8094 • BILLGAILBAOL.COM
Chinese Heritage
David Chan
(702) 510-6463 • DTCCHANMDGMAIL.COM
Community Service
Mary Ellen Dolan • (702) 614-5862
Community Patrol
Gene Freeze • (702) 616-0849 • MAPA98AOL.COM
Harry Kane • (702) 897-1228 • HARRY.KANECOX.NET
Current Events
Thomas Stone
(702) 901-7234 • TSTONE4447COX.NET
Duplicate Bridge
Thomas Mehrho
(505) 850-3633 • TMEHRHOFFAOL.COM
Ronald Hrebenar
Emergency Preparedness
Bill Henggeler • BILLHENGG1791.COM
Patsy McCarthy
(702) 270-4427 • PMCCARTHYCOX.NET
Joy Rose • (702) 269-0042 • JOYLEECOX.NET
Enie Delanis • (757) 343-8146 • EEWOWAOL.COM
Hand and Foot
Fran Mayer • (702) 541-7077 • POP183MSN.COM
Barbara Miller
(702) 361-1165 • BPMILLER417GMAIL.COM
Hiking & Outing
Don Davison
(702) 630-9400 • DONDAVISSONGMAIL.COM
Horse Racing
Bill Hoge
(702) 776-7793 • TRACKFASTYAHOO.COM
How To, Can Do
John Waterhouse
International Culture
Charlie Wong
(702) 492-6318 • CNWONG888COX.NET
Italian Forum
Johanna Distefano
(702) 270-0642 • JDISTEFANO6AOL.COM
Lifelong Learning
Pauline Molinelli
(702) 614-4449 • JOHNPPMCOX.NET
Mah Jongg
Elizabeth Breier
(702) 499-2956 • EIB9550GMAIL.COM
Men’s Golf
Bill Freitag • (702) 614-1743 • WRFEITAG3GMAIL.COM
Paddle Tennis
Alison Chinn
(503) 380-3891 • AJCLAWWLGMAIL.COM
Kellee Kempf • (702) 434-1909 • LVMAMIEMSN.COM
Party Bridge
Owen Miller
(702) 275-7673 • WOM2126CENTURYLINK.NET
Performing Arts
Richard Guaraldi
(415) 350-1457 • R_GUARALDIYAHOO.COM
Jim Patton
(702) 608-0640 • SCAPETCLUBGMAIL.COM
Pickle Ball
Ron Latorre
(702) 420-0077 • RONLATO75YAHOO.COM
Sam Aboulaa
(702) 617-3444 • BOOMERSAM5GMAIL.COM
Steve Sacks
(702) 263-6151 • SACKSFAMILY1COX.NET
Carol Montambeau • (702) 896-0095
Suzanne Arnona
(702) 685-1996 • SUZ4POLOAOL.COM
Roy Prince
Bob Passaro • (702) 617-0458 • RPASSAROCOX.NET
Alicia Silver • (518) 495-4454 • ASILVERNYCAP.RR.COM
Sewing & Quilting
MaryAnn Brim
(702) 292-3377 • SCASAQHOTMAIL.COM
Shanghai Rummy
Shirley La Chance
Silver Foxes
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May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 29
Samuel “Toothpick” Jones became the rst Afro American
to pitch a no-hitter in Major League Baseball on May 10, 1955.
is was also the rst no-hitter game in 40 years by any pitcher!
e African American
Heritage Club (AAHC)
sponsors and supports
group activities and events
designed to promote, share
and preserve African American culture, heritage and values. e
African American Heritage Club will also aord all members and
guests opportunities for fellowship, unity and awareness through
cultural and social events.
e rst general membership meeting will be held May 31 at
Independence Center in the Morris/Nelson/Penn Rooms from
6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. All AAHC members are encouraged to
attend to review and approve scal reports and discuss future
AAHC business/activities.
On March 12, AAHC held its rst “Dine Out” at the Rhythm
Kitchen in Las Vegas where 40 members enjoyed all you can eat
catsh, good conversation and an opportunity to meet and greet
new and current friends.
AAHC’s preferred method of communication is by email, so
please check frequently for email blasts about club events and
AAHC community happenings. Event yers can also be found
in the kiosk by the Anthem Fitness Center and on the electronic
message screens in all of the Anthem centers.
e African American Heritage Club is conrmed for the
Coee Corner’s operations May 1-31, from 7:00 a.m. to 11:00
a.m., MondaythroughFriday. Please come by and support AAHC
by purchasing a cup of coee, tea, hot chocolate, water, so drinks
or snacks for $1. e prots are shared with clubs that have
volunteered for the year. “e more we sell, the more we share.
As most clubs, the experience of volunteering is at the heart
30 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
of the club and AAHC dinners, dances, holiday celebrations,
Coee Corner and cultural events could not be successful
without our dedicated volunteers. Volunteering is a fun way to
meet new friends; and it is always needed and appreciated. To
volunteer, contact Maurice Robertson at
Save the Dates for Upcoming Events:
July 15: Kool White Night Dinner Dance celebrating
• September 10: TBD.
• December 28: Almost New Year’s Dinner Dance.
Interested SCA residents can still join at any time by sub-
mitting dues, $20 per person, with your name, address, phone
number, email and each prospected member’s association number
in a sealed envelope. Once completed, place it in our AAHC mail-
box (#3) located just inside the Sun City Anthem Fitness Center.
If you have any questions or concerns regarding AAHC, please
feel free to contact Jim Coleman at
Nelson Mandela was inaugurated as the First Black President of
South Africa on May 19, 1994.
Club membership meetings are scheduled
for the second Wednesday of each month
at 4:30 p.m. in the Morris/Nelson Rooms in
Independence Center. Classes or mentoring
sessions are scheduled Mondays at 12:30
p.m. in the Bristol Room of Anthem Center.
e club provides FCC/ARRL testing for amateur radio
operators’ licenses. Club members are notied in advance
and, through ARRL, the public is notied as well. Pre-
registration for testing is required in order to assure that
appropriate preparations are made for those taking tests. Please
contact club volunteer testing administrator, Dave Rettig, at
Sunday evenings at 7:30 p.m. the club hosts a “net.” ose
wanting to participate should tune in to the SCA repeater at
445.680mHz with a PL of 123.0 and a -5mHz oset.
An amateur radio like this is less than $50.
BAOFENG UV-82 unit is enough “hardware” to
communicate to-and-from the SCA ‘repeater’
and many, many other stations and repeaters
across the greater Las Vegas valley. is equipment
and a $15 exam fee will get you on the air. Club
members will mentor newcomers to help pass the
exam and learn about this rst buy of amateur
radio gear and the informal and formal protocols
to follow when communicating via the vhf and uhf bands. is
is all it takes for initial entry and, as ones interest and experience
grows, more advanced equipment may be procured. (p.s. - for
a long time now, passing a Morse Code communications test is
NOT part of the exam for licensing.)
Visitfor news about testing schedules and other
club oerings.
is months spotlight showcases the
diversity of our members. To learn more
about the club and its activities, visit our
Sharron Grodzinsky is a former nurse
and medical administrator. She started her rst book about ve
years ago, with most of it written
the year aer she retired. Waiting
on the Outside ranked #1 in
nonction books in a 2015
national readers’ poll. It is the
heartbreaking story of her son
and his journey to incarceration.
Her book also addresses the
inadequacies of the penal system.
Sharron maintains an informa-
tional, support blog for the friends
and family of incarcerated people
From Chapter One, Waiting on the Outside: “…How had it
come to this? What had gone wrong? How could my child, my
son, whom I had cherished so dearly, have ended up here?”
Says Sharron, “I was a military ‘brat’ and moved every
two-to-four years. I have always loved reading, writing,
and learning about other cultures. So, the next book came
Sharron Grodzinsky
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 31
Richard’s other award-winning books include Vietnam
rough Rose-Colored Glasses and a collection of short stories,
Did You Ever Try to Melt a Lemon Drop? Recently, he published
Matilda the Queen, a ve-act play. e heroine was both Empress
of the Holy Roman Empire and claimant of the English throne
during a 19-year civil war. Richard explains, “Matilda (1102-1167)
was the granddaughter of Scotlands King Malcom III, better
known as Shakespeares Macbeth.” He wrote the play aer taking
an OLLI course on the Early Middle Ages at UNLV.
Club events. For Nevada Reading Week, Robert Murphy
and Donna Mabry read to students at the Mater Academy. Book
signings occurred at the Paseo Verde Library, Clark County
Library in Las Vegas and at the SCA Spring Cra Fair. In addition,
club members gathered at the Tuscany Grill for dinner.
Do you like to write? Join us Tuesdays from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00
p.m. in Anthem Center.
St Patricks Day and four birthdays were
celebrated at the Village Pub in March. As
always, we had a great time.
On Wednesday, May 17, were going
to have an “Indoor Picnic.” We will be
celebrating the birthdays of Jeannette Pinocci, Brenda Graf and
Sue Weddle. Our picnic will take place at Liberty Center at 11:30
a.m. Box lunches costing $10 will be catered from Panera Bread.
e Aquacize Club will provide beverages. Kathy Kruss, treasurer,
naturally.” Her work-in-progress, Dangerous Journey: Riding La
Bestia to the Promised Land tells the story of Honduran children
trying to reach their mother in America. In Mexico, they board
“La Bestia,” the train of death.
She also wrote the introduction to a book of poetry and
drawings, Solitary Words: Reections from the Inside by prison
inmate Brett McKeehan.
Chicago-born Richard S.
Rose is a retired Navy Master
Chief Journalist who spent a year
as the leader of a team of 12 navy
photographers and journalists
in the Mekong Delta. He was
the writer and photographer of
many magazine articles and news
stories about Navy units there.
One story described an ambush
operation he participated in
with Marine Advisory Team
43 on the lower Saigon River in
March 1968.
His Master’s esis was revised into the award-winning Brass
Curtain: a Novel of Vietnam. From Chapter One:e Santa Ana
had been blowing for days on that dry October morning when the
telephone rang, a routine sound for a Monday morning. However,
on this particular dry October morning, nothing was destined to
be routine.
Richard S. Rose
32 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
accepts only cash or checks when you sign in at the luncheon.
is luncheon will also be an Aquacize Club meeting with a guest
speaker. Be sure to bring your SCA membership card with you to
Liberty Center. If you plan to attend, RSVP to Rosemary Stortz
at or call Yvonne Shanta (702) 818-3015
by Sunday, May 14. If you are not getting emails from the club,
please contact Rosemary Stortz or Yvonne Shanta.
You do not need to be a member of the Aquacize Club to attend
Aquacize classes. Any occupant of a Sun City Anthem home who
holds a valid Sun City Anthem Community Association (SCA)
Membership ID and who enjoys water aerobics can participate in
these classes. Aquacize class-schedule updates are communicated
directly to our members. SCA has Aquacize classes in the Anthem
Center pool Monday through Friday at 8:00 a.m. and Monday,
Wednesday and Friday at 9:15 a.m., Saturday at 9:30 a.m. and
Sunday at 8:30 a.m. You may come to a class any time it is oered.
Your SCA membership ID is required each time at the center
before entering the locker room or class. Cost is $2 per class.
Anyone who enjoys water aerobics is invited to join our club.
Membership is $5 annually. Membership forms can be found at
the kiosk outside the activities desk in Anthem Center. Every
month we celebrate our members’ birthdays at a luncheon at a
local restaurant. We always have a great time with lots of laughs
and good food.
You didnt need to be Irish! In March, SCABDC members
and guests had a great time celebrating St. Patricks Day at the
Sunday aernoon dance. Everyone in the room was dancing to
the tunes of smooth Waltz, Tango, Foxtrot; to Night Club 2-Step
and Latin beat; from Cha-cha, Samba to Salsa and Rumba.
Aquacize Club members, Jackie and Irene
Aquacize Club birthdays – Pat, Robin, Mary and Susan
Another fun luncheon with the Aquacize Club
St. Patricks Day Sunday Dance
St. Patricks Day Sunday Dance
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 33
SCABDC will celebrate Mother’s Day with a dinner dance
and catered buet on May 14 from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the
Sun City Anthem Ballroom.
Cost: $30 for SCABDC members and $42 for non-SCABDC
members and guests. Dinner will be served buet style:
plated salad, bread and butter, prime rib, salmon, chicken,
mashed potatoes, asparagus, New York cheesecake with
strawberry compote; beer $3; house wine (red and white), $4;
mixed drinks $5. e reservation form for the dinner dance is
available at
Below is the weekly schedule for dance lessons and dance
practice times at Liberty Center.
American Rumba and Tango – Mondays, 4:00 p.m. to
6:00 p.m., $10/person/class
West Coast Swing – Tuesdays, 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.,
Argentine Tango – Wednesdays, 11:15 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.,
International Waltz – Wednesdays, 4:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.,
American Foxtrot – ursdays, 2:00 p.m. to 3:30 p.m.,
Free time for dance practice – Thursdays, 3:30 p.m. to
5:00 p.m.
Free time for dance practice – Fridays, 1:00 p.m. to
2:30 p.m.
2017 Sunday aernoon dance schedule: June 11, July 9,
August 13, September 10 and October 8 from 2:00 p.m. to 5:00
p.m. Cost is $5 for SCABDC members and $10 for non-SCABDC
Please visit SCABDC website at for updated
Wed like to invite you to join us on Friday nights for a lively
game of bid whist. A derivative of the card game whist, bid whist
joins other whist derivatives, bridge and spades.
Bid whist is a partners’ card game that utilizes strategy,
blung and “psyching out” your opponents. Games can be easily
completed in less than half and hour or may take as long as an
hour depending on the skills of the opposing players.
New to the game or not condent in your skills? No problem!
ere are plenty of seasoned players willing to oer their tutelage
to teach you the rules and strategies for success. It’s easy to learn
and you may nd yourself quickly developing the bravado needed
to blu your opponents and hone your skills.
e club meets Friday nights in the Anthem Center’s
Emerson/Franklin Rooms from 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Membership is $10 a year and we welcome all SCA residents and
guests to join.
Curious? Please join us for a night of camaraderie, snacks and
fun. It’s a good way to make friends, learn a skill and have some
fun in the process!
34 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
e Arts and Cras Club aims to promote interest and skills
development in various types of arts and creative mediums. e
chart shows the many types of cras that are established as groups,
which meet in the Arts and Cras Room in Independence Center
according to the workshop schedule listed. We oer activities at
all levels, from beginner to advanced.
e Adult Coloring group was formed in 2015.
Colorists enjoy this cra for a variety of reasons: camaraderie,
socialization, creativity, relaxation and mental acuity. In addition,
adult coloring promotes mindfulness and provides some of
the benets associated with meditation. is group meets on
ursdays from 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Artwork may be as basic or as detailed as desired, limited only
by the imagination of the artist. Starting is easy and inexpensive,
as newcomers are asked only to bring the medium with which
they choose to work, i.e., colored pencils and/or markers. Pencils
and/or markers are relatively inexpensive (generally under $10
per set), and a huge selection is available in local art supply stores.
Current members will share books with those wishing to try out
this cra before purchasing other materials.
As colorists advance in this cra, they employ more elaborate
color schemes and improve their skills by blending colors. Of
course, with experience comes the need for higher quality sets of
Prisma pencils (under $100 per set), which require better quality
Adult coloring books range in price from $5 to $30 and are
readily available at art supply stores and even at grocery stores.
Books vary by topic: fashion, architecture, faces, geometric
designs, animals and jungles scenes, enchanted forests, gardens,
still life paintings, folk art, art nouveau, patchwork quilts, etc.
Many artists prefer one-sided designs, which avoid “bleeding”
from colored markers and are more suitable for framing. Books
entitled Artist’s Edition provide more intricate designs on superior
quality paper.
Coloring books feature renderings of the original works
of many famous impressionists opposite a black and white line
drawing to guide you in creating your own artwork. Also available
are books with designs that may be colored and later folded into
origami shapes.
Before making purchases, interested parties are encouraged
to search the internet for free design downloads and/or search
YouTube for adult coloring demonstrations.
Contact Debbie Feeney at (702) 421-2521 or for more information.
Visit the Arts and Cras Clubs display cases in the Anthem
Fitness and Independence Centers. Examples of group works are
displayed and rotated throughout the year for your enjoyment
and inspiration. Some items are for sale also! Direct inquires
about items in the Anthem Center displays to Robin Wilen,
(702) 405-6535. e cases in Independence Center can be
accessed by the front desk monitor.
Visit our website at
Mary Turner, Peggy Summereld and Gloria Adler
Linda Sommer
Debbie Feeney
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 35
Group Leader Phone Email Workshop Schedule
ADULT COLORING Debbie Feeney (702) 421-2521 Thursday 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
BEAD WEAVING Cynthia Nielsen (702) 830-9860 Wed. & Fri. 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
COLORED PENCIL Kathy Baird (702) 617-8825 Friday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
FUSED GLASS Connie Abuan (702) 378-9933
Tuesday 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Thurs. & Sat. 9:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
KNIT/CROCHET Jeri McCurnin (702) 586-5233 Wednesday 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
MOSAICS Sandy Dyan (702) 614-9939 Friday 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
NEEDLEPOINT Karen Gustafson (702) 658-4858 Wednesday 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
PHOTOGRAPHY Dan Snell (702) 606-1966 2nd Monday 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
(Penn Room)
POLYMER CLAY Pat Badgers (702) 489-6783 Monday 10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m.
SCRAPBOOKING Pat Manalo (702) 750-1140
Monday 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
Sunday 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.
STAINED GLASS Ralph Saccoliti (702) 456-1819 Tuesday 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
STAMPING (Monday) Bernadette O’Neill (702) 340-3525 1st & 3rd Monday 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
STAMPING (Thursday) Diana Titus (702) 837-7913 1st & 4th Thursday 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.
BEGINNER STAMPING Sheryl Miracky (702) 263-8251 2nd Wednesday 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
TUESDAY PAINTERS Nicki Sullivan (559) 246-7894 Tuesday 1:00 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.
WOODCARVING Martel Thompson (702) 279-8299 Tuesday & Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.
For more information, please contact club president, Franki Roizman, at
or club secretary, Ellen Kreger, at
The Colored Pencil group
Leotha Evins and Mary Lou MillanponceAlexis Doria
36 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
e Billiards Club is a social organization whose purpose is
to promote interest in all cue sports. We invite and encourage
residents of all skill levels to join our club.
e Billiards Room in the Independence Center is open to all
residents. If you have never played pool, join us. You’ll discover it’s
a lot of fun. ere are 7-foot and 9-foot tables available for open
play, as well as a carom table and a snooker table. ere are also
tables in the gallery in Anthem Center.
e club runs individual or doubles tournaments each
weekday aernoon at 1:00 p.m. New members are
evaluated before competitive play and assigned to a ight
with players of similar ability. e top three players in
each ight for last month were: C ight: Russ Hackett,
Walt Collins and Karl Mille; B ight: Frosty Forcheskie,
Dan Kovac and Al Fortunato; A ight: Dennis
Landsman, Jim Murphy and Charles Salter; and AA
ight: Earl Carlson, Owen Humphrey and David Datillo.
We have a Tuesday evening CSI 8-ball league and a
Wednesday morning CSI 9-ball league.
We have three-cushion billiards tournaments on
Tuesdays at1:00 p.m.
We have a Friday morning 9-ball league for club members
who are in the bottom two ights of tournament play.
e club is running tournaments on selected Saturdays
each month. Sign up in the billiards room or contact any
club ocer if interested. e fee is $10 and all funds are
awarded to winners as prize money.
We can arrange lessons if you are a beginner or a player
who wants to improve your game.
For those who simply want to play, have fun and meet
new people, there is also a social ight.
Club ocers are Cheryl Kra, president, (716) 523-2376; Bill
Feeney, vice president, (606) 304-1561; Beth Weddle, secretary,
(702) 407-8342; and Dan Hernandez, treasurer, (626) 627-7871.
For more information or to join the club, please call any ocer.
Our next club meeting is July 26 at noon in the Penn Room in
Independence Center. Much more information is available on our
Our Spring League schedule has come to an end and there was
some exciting action right up to the nal week. In the next issue, I
will announce and congratulate the winners of each league. We do
still have our Spring Tournament on Saturday, May 13, starting at
8:00 a.m. and I hope that we have a record number of teams sign
up. Enjoy the competition, sunshine and friendship of our group.
Despite the end of the spring season, I want to let everyone
know that our open practice sessions will continue on Monday
evening at 7:00 p.m. and Saturday at 10:00 a.m. Be advised that,
eective Saturday, June 3, we will move our start time to 9:30 a.m.
to accommodate the heat of the season. Our fall leagues will start
in September and I am looking forward to our leagues’ expansion.
Finally, I want to remind everyone that we will be holding our
rst general meeting on Tuesday, May 9, in the Concord Room
in Anthem Center. At the meeting, we will discuss proposed rule
changes and eld questions/concerns.
anks to Henry Uretsky, league coordinator, for his help in
making the spring leagues so enjoyable. Special thanks to the
Board of Directors for their help and dedication!!!
e third ursday of each month, the Book Club meets
from 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. in the Morris/Nelson Rooms at
Independence Center to discuss a book that members have read.
On May 18, we will discuss Fates and Furies by Lauren Gro. For
more information about the Book Club, visit
Here is the review of the book:
“Fates and Furiesis a literary
masterpiece that dees expecta-
tion. A dazzling examination of
a marriage, it is also a portrait
of creative partnership written
by one of the best writers of her
Every story has two sides.
Every relationship has two
perspectives. And sometimes,
it turns out, the key to a great
marriage is not its truths but its
secrets. At the core of this rich,
expansive, layered novel, Lauren
Gro presents the story of one
such marriage over the course
of twenty-four years.
At age twenty-two, Lotto and Mathilde are tall, glamorous,
madly in love, and destined for greatness. A decade later, their
marriage is still the envy of their friends, but with an electric
thrill we understand that things are even more complicated and
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 37
EXPIRES 5/31/18
remarkable than they have seemed. With stunning revelations
and multiple threads, and in prose that is vibrantly alive and
original, Gro delivers a deeply satisfying novel about love, art,
creativity and power that is unlike anything that has come before
it. Profound, surprising, propulsive and emotionally riveting, it
stirs both the mind and the heart.
Book Club members volunteer at the SCA library at
Independence Center, which is available to all members on
the honor system. e library’s collection includes ction and
nonction, hardcover and paperback books. Book donations
are welcome but due to space constraints, only books published
within the past 15 years are accepted. If you have a large donation,
Paseo Verde Library will accept it and you can take a tax write o
for your donation.
Book Club dues are $5. If you are interested in joining or
have questions, send an email to Judy Garity at
e Bowling Club serves as an organization to promote
bowling for SCA residents who meet the clubs bylaws. e club
itself has no dues, and holds one annual meeting in October to
elect ocers and to review any club issues. John Norton is the
club president and the clubs point of contact, and may be reached
at (702) 837-6614 or Dan Martens
is the club vice president. e secretary/treasurer is Faye Rosen.
Bowling Club members have a ursday Sin City Seniors
Bowling League at the South Point Bowling Center at 10:00 a.m.
with four-person mixed-gender teams. is is a closed league and
is open only to SCA residents age 55 or over. Each league member
pays an annual USBC sanction fee, plus a weekly bowling fee.
League ocers for the 2016-2017 season are Don Krivec,
president; Dan Martens, vice president; and Hector Rosario,
secretary/treasurer. e 2016-2017 fall/winter season began on
September 8, 2016. For information regarding this league or to sign
up, contact Hector at (702) 586-7225 or Don at (702) 260-3534.
League ocers develop the team listings and schedule. e
secretary also maintains a list of individuals who wish to bowl.
Vacancies due to illness, moving or injury occur year-round. Be
sure to contact Hector to ll these openings or get on the wait list.
e league is also actively looking for SCA residents to ll
anticipated vacancies for the 2017-2018 season beginning in
September 2017. If you would like to bowl, starting in the fall,
please contact Hector to be placed on the interest list.
A second league, the Anthem Rollers, is a 10:00 a.m.
Monday league with three-person mixed-gender teams. e
2016-2017 fall/winter season began on September 12, 2016.
League ocers for the 2016-2017 season are Morrie Mansell,
president; Bill; Etienne, vice president; and Carol Pontillo,
secretary/treasurer. is is not an SCA Bowling Club mem-
ber league. If you are interested in this league, contact Carol at
(702) 778-8115, or the South Point bowling desk, Debi Chapman,
(702) 797-8080 ext. 77174 or
e Bunco Club meets Mondays from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.,
in the Emerson Room at Anthem Center. Come early to ensure
a seat since our current room can only accommodate 48 peo-
ple. We will look into moving back to one of the Liberty Center’s
multi-purpose rooms when repairs are complete. is will ensure
that we can accommodate everyone who wants to play Bunco.
Bunco is a social dice game that involves 100% luck and no skill
since no decisions need to be made. Keeping score and our rules
are simple. If you can throw three dice and count, you should join
our club and enjoy this easy-to-learn and fast-paced game. Don’t
worry if you have never played before since everyone at your table
will be happy to help you learn the game.
If your Monday night routine could use a change and some
fun, come join us for Bunco. You will meet new friends and
neighbors, catch up with old friends and enjoy a fun night out.
Bring a partner or friend, everyone is welcome.
Cash prizes are given at the end of our fun night for most
Buncos, most wins and most losses.
38 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
Yearly membership fee is $3 and only $2 per week to play.
You can play two times before needing to join as a member.
Make sure you bring your SCA membership card when you join.
For more information, contact club president, Erika Baum, at or (702) 287-4879.
Look forward to seeing everyone at Bunco!
Are you looking for a challenging partnership
game of silent signals, oensive and defensive play
that has lots of strategies intertwined? en the
Canasta Club is right for you.
ere are many versions of this game and the club has chosen
the Aces, Deuces and Sevens version. Whether you have never
played this version, need a brush up or want to rene your game,
we have volunteer teachers available.
We pride ourselves on having a congenial social atmosphere
while enjoying the competitive nature of our game. e club has
a policy of no set games; which means that anyone can come sit
at any table and form a game of 4, 5 or 6 players. No one is ever
turned away.
We meet twice weekly from noon to 4:00 p.m. ursdays
we are in Liberty Center and Sundays we are in Anthem Center
Upper Gallery. Our annual dues are $5.
For further information or to become a member, contact
Elaine Galant, president, at or
(702) 444-2528.
If you would like to make a functional item for the house or
yard, or something decorative as a gi, our club oers a world
of possibilities. We paint, glaze and re pieces that are already
molded. We also have members who hand build, starting with a
block of clay and then cra their own shapes. With the variety of
glazes and tools readily available, you can learn something new
with every project. Get techniques from a website, glean tips from
other members and visit the ceramics room during workshop
times to make friends who can share in the joy of creativity.
April Showers Bring May Flowers” is the theme of the Ce-
ramics Club window now! From Easter to Mother’s Day, our club
members celebrate by making and decorating plates, vases, gis
and things for the home. Our blooming desert oers inspiration.
Check out the happy colors of this time of year; you might spot a
special piece Lonette Pope has painted just for the occasion.
In the month of March, Marcea Reid guided classes attended
by 23 members to make a Shamrock Petals Plate with multicolor
brushstroke techniques; each one a unique work of art and
functional too! e April class was a small bunny for the yard with
sponge-applied glazes. For May, the class project is a May owers
vase of tulips or rosebuds on matte color-block surfaces. ese
project classes oer a chance to try new application techniques
and build skills for independent work.
is year, Ceramics Club introduces a First Saturdays program
guided by Linda Sauer. Especially for newer members, a topic is
discussed, such as glazes and members bring their questions or
problems to solve. Always more to learn!
While many members enjoy the design possibilities of
painting glazes, our group of hand-builders is still busy. Walt
Collins is one who likes to replicate something he sees in a design
magazine, or a special request from family members. e project
in the works at the time of this writing involves building many
pieces that will be joined together for a sculpture.
‘Members teaching members’ is one of the ways we learn
Shamrock Petals Plate student projects
Linda Sauer with First Saturday workshop
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 39
Lonette Pope’s April Showers bunny
Walt Collins hand-building
new techniques. Most oen this is done on an informal basis, by
working in the ceramics room together and asking questions
about how to use products, the design and inspiration comes
from within. Sometimes ceramic club members volunteer to
teach other members. Notices of upcoming classes are posted in
the clubroom.
e ceramics room is open to members every day except
Wednesday mornings. Monitors are available 9:00 a.m. to noon
on Tuesdays, ursdays, Fridays and Saturdays; and 1:00 p.m. to
4:00 p.m. on Mondays, Tuesdays and ursdays. Please stop by
and take a tour of our space. Stay and enjoy the great fellowship
and creativity of our members. Prepare to be inspired.
We welcome new members and oer formal orientation.
For more information, contact club president, Marcea Reid, at
40 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
Tickets may be purchased with a credit or debit card online at Log in with your password, scroll
under the slide show and click on the blue “Purchase tickets for upcoming SCA events here” link.
You may also
purchase tickets in person at the Anthem Center Activities Oce, located across from the Fitness Center, with cash, check or
credit/debit card. For additional information, call (702) 614-5865.
Las Vegas DM presents
featuring the VegasGoodfellas
Sunday, May 14, 3:00 p.m.
Tickets on sale now
Tickets: Residents $20 / Guests $25
This show takes you back to the glorious 50s and 60s, from
the beginning of rock & roll with Bill Hailey & the Comets to
the Doo-Wop of Frankie Valli, Elvis to The Beatles, The Doors
to The Stones and covers two great rock & roll decades of hits
by all your favorite artists.
Since their formation in 2007, Vegas Goodfellas have
entertained audiences in all showrooms on and o the
famous Las Vegas Strip. They are the recipient of the prized
“Best of Las Vegas for a rock band as awarded by the Las
Vegas Review Journal fan poll.
This show features the solid harmonies of three great
singers: Danny Rome, Phil Ricco and Jerry Clark. Their
repertoire transcends the legendary decades of rock music
of the 50s & 60s!
Whether your tastes run from the street corner days of
close vocal harmony or the twisting, mop-top era of the
swinging 60s, this show will take you back to the day of
American Grati.
Mistinguett Productions presents
Friday, May 19, 7:00 p.m.
Tickets on sale now
Tickets: Residents $20 / Guests $25
Variety is the secret to the success of a Mistinguett
Production show and this year we will have plenty in
our Showgirl Follies 2017 production ENCORE!. A brand
new 90 minute production that pays tribute to the iconic
entertainment found only in fabulous Las Vegas.
Featuring Las Vegas Showgirls and all their beautiful
spectacle, this show is packed full of entertainers, sparkle,
talent and a “wow factor that is worthy of your paid ticket.
Direct from The Strip, past and present, ENCORE! features
acast of 20 performers including dancers, singers, comedians
and specialty acts who have all worked and are still working
in major showrooms on The Strip and around the world.
Since the last of the great productions closed on The
Strip last year, we want an ENCORE!...and Mistinguett is
dedicated tokeeping this unique style of the variety show
alive.Hosted by a headliner comedian, this show will be our
biggest production to date. This will be a show you will not
want to miss!
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 41
Tickets go on sale six weeks before the show date on the prior Thursday. Tickets are always released on Thursdays at
12:01 a.m. for online purchases. Refunds are given two weeks prior to a show. No refunds are given after that time.
Freedom Hall Theatre is located in Independence Center at 2460 Hampton Road. For additional information, call
(702) 614-5865.
Las Vegas DM presents
Continuing the Legacy of his Dad, Jackie Wilson
Friday, June 2, 7:00 p.m.
Tickets on sale now
Tickets: Residents $20 / Guests $25
Bobby Brooks Wilson is a talented entertainer who received
high critical acclaim for his recreation of the legendary Jackie
Wilson – a stage persona he undertook long before learning
that he was the rightful heir to the legacy, the son of Jackie
In 1994, Bobby became a backup singer for the Hernandez
familyplaying at various venues in Hawaii. At the time, Peter
Hernandez Jr. was only 6 years old, doing Elvis imitations.
Peter would later become Bruno Mars!
The Hernandez family group was instrumental in helping
to develop Bobby’s impersonations of various musical artists
like Little Richard, Sam Cook, Stevie Wonder and...Jackie
Wilson (before Bobby knew he was Jackies son).
Bobby was at Bally’s in Atlantic City portraying Jackie
Wilson during a run of a Legends In Concert show when one
evening the iconic Motown vocal group the FOUR TOPS,
came to check out Bobby and the Legends show. Afterward,
they asked to meet Bobby in the hotel’s VIP room.Levi Stubbs,
a member of the Four Tops and a cousin of Jackie Wilson, was
convinced that Bobby and Jackie were “family.
Today, Bobby has found new audiences to entertain as a
regular headliner on cruise ships, theaters and casinos as a
singer and has remained on the threshold of major success.
Musical history is once again going to be made – and
Mistenguett Productions presents
Featuring Reva Rice
Sunday, June 18, 3:00 p.m.
Tickets on sale May 4
Tickets: Residents $20 / Guests $25
Michael Monge has been living a dream. Hand picked
by Steve Wynn himself out of a Flordia restaurant, Monge
was transported to the beautiful “Encore” to perform an
extended run at the Eastside lounge. Wynn was rewarded
with a feather in his cap asMongewas voted“Best Las Vegas
Lounge Singer 2015.Since his extended two year run ended
last year we are in luck to pick him up for our theatre.
Entertainment writer, Steve Bornfeld, describes Monge’s
performance best… As the house jazz trio swings into
toe-tappin’ action, so does he, launching into a repertoire
anchored in Sinatra-esque classics and sprinkled with
contemporary surprises. In a voice that could be made out of
ne wine and silk, he delivers the expected goods—“Come
Fly With Me,”“Fly Me to the Moon,” “The Lady Is a Tramp—then
moves the timeline up toBilly Joel’s “New York State of Mind,
then further to John Legend’s All of Me.”
Backed with a six-piece band, the show will also feature
Las Vegas headliner and star of Vegas the Show, the
beautiful Reva Rice. Slipping away from her long running
hit at Planet Hollywood to join Monge and hot o her
successful solo debut performance “Song Bird” at Cabaret
Jazz in the Smith Center, Rice will dazzle with her
repertoire and award-winning vocal stylings. Along with a
few special guests, this show is sure to entertain beyond
42 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
e Chicago Club holds events of interest to people who like
to have a great time meeting new friends and enjoying good
Midwestern hospitality with a friendly group of people. Our
Chicago Club membership keeps growing as we now count over
200 members. While activities oen have Chicago themes, you
don’t have to be from the Chicago-area to join. If you enjoy new
experiences, with friendly folks, then the Chicago Club may be
the perfect t for you. Come see for yourself. We have a great
line-up of fun activities.
In March over 100 of our members met at Cashman Field to
watch our World Champion Cubbies take on the Cincinnati Reds.
It was a beautiful day at the ballpark, made even better with the
Cubs winning the game 11 to 7. Take a look at the accompanying
In April, we had a terric turnout for our Wine Tasting Party
at Khoury’s Fine Wine and Spirits on Eastern. e wines we
tasted were terric and the information we received on each wine
was also really interesting. But, best of all was enjoying the
camaraderie of all our club members in attendance.
is month is our annual BBQ on the patio of Independence
Center. e food will be provided by Dickey’s, just as it has been
the last two years. Following a great BBQ dinner, we will all get a
chance to sing a little karaoke, or just sit back and enjoy it as other
members try their hand. e date is Friday, May 12, from 5:30
p.m. to 8:00 p.m. e deadline for reserving a spot at the BBQ is
May 5.
In June, with many of our members on vacation, we are
planning a casual lunch get together at a nearby restaurant. e
date is ursday, June 22,at 12:00 noon. Club members will be
getting more information on this event in the coming weeks.
Check your email.
On Saturday, August 12, it’s “Arlington Million” day at
Arlington Race Track. South Point is where we will gather to
make our bets and enjoy an aernoon of racing in the Grandview
Lounge with its giant screen. is annual event is always a lot of
fun and some of us even come away winners! Be sure to watch for
more information on this fun event.
e Chicago Club is one of the best bargains at SCA with
annual dues of only $5! If you are interested in joining or have
any questions about the club, please contact club president,
Bill Beckman, at or (702) 538-8094,
or visit us at, our club website.
Dragon boat racing and eating Zongzi (glutinous rice wrapped
in bamboo leaves) have been traditions for centuries. ey
originated from folklore and each has its symbolic meanings.
Dragon boat racing is said to pay respect to the river god
and chase away evil spirits. Zongzi were to be thrown into the
river to commemorate a famous poet in early Chinese history,
Qu Yuan, 340–278 BC. He served as Minister to King Huai, but
was slandered by his enemies. He was sent into exile when his
advice to the King was rejected. In his exile, he wrote some of
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 43
Zongzi Rice dumpling
Herbal pouch
Dragon boat racing
the greatest poetry in Chinese literature. He committed suicide by
wading into a river holding a rock in 278 B.C.
e Chinese Heritage Club sponsors activities and events
designed to promote Chinese culture and tradition. ere are six
regular group activities. Members can work out through various
forms of Tai Chi, dance, aerobic exercises or create traditional
cras at the Arts and Cras Workshop.
For new CHC members, to learn more about the group activi-
ties, we will take you to the Chinese Arts and Cras activity room
for a quick look, with more details to be viewed on CHC website
Members of Chinese Arts and Cras gather every Friday
morning and have fun in dierent projects they created. For the
Dragon Boat Festival, they make “Herbal Pouches,” a tetrahedron
ornament shaped just like Zongzi. In old times, young children
wore these pouches lled with herbs for protection against
insects or diseases when summer started. ey also make Chinese
knots as wall decorations for good luck. ey welcome more CHC
members to join them. Everyone learns from each other!
Health Enhancement Gathering – Liberty Center
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: 2:30 p.m. to 4:00
p.m. Contact omas Cheng at or
(702) 750-0718.
Modern Chinese Dance Workshop– Liberty Center
Sundays: 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. Contact Reenie Wang at or (702) 800-4237.
44 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
ursday, May 11, which will be held at 1:30 p.m. in Freedom
Hall at Independence Center. is presentation, with a
computer-based emphasis, will focus on senior exploitation,
scams and preparing for the unexpected.
e Computer Club welcomes any Sun City Anthem resident
with an interest in using a computer, tablet or smartphone. Our
club has programs for all levels of users, from novice to advanced.
Annual dues are $10. Visit our website at for full
Computer Club hours are:
Monday through ursday, 9:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Friday and Saturday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
Sunday, closed for maintenance
Computer Talk, an open forum on any computer related topic,
is held in the Computer Club classroom every ursday at 9:00
a.m. e Apple User Group meets there the second Saturday of
each month at 10:00 a.m.
e benets of club membership include:
Use of the clubs computer facilities, which include
numerous computers, both slide and document
scanners and a fax/copier machine. ere is also a station
for transferring your family VCR tapes to DVDs and
another for copying your personal CDs or DVDs.
Yuan-Ji Dance– Liberty Center
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays: 8:30 a.m. to 10:00
a.m. Contact Celia Chang at or
(702) 982-2298.
Chinese Arts and Cras Workshop– Liberty Center
Fridays: 10:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. Contact Lana Tan Lee
ator (702) 281-8882.
Chinese Folk Dance – Liberty Center
Mondays: 10:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Contact Vicki Van Fossen
at or (702) 361-4383.
Game Days – Liberty Center
Second and fourth ursdays of the month: 12:00 p.m. to
4:00 p.m. Contact Stella So at or
(702) 272-1616
Some members may have already discovered that we have a
new look and new format for our website. It has been updated and
revamped. On the new page of “Introducing Chinese Heritage,
our CHC members will share their knowledge about Chinese
culture. Another new page is “My Cup of Tea.” is page is for
CHC members to share their interests and hobbies. e new
website is for all CHC members to participate in and get to know
more about each other. We encourage you to let us know if you
have any new ideas.
We always welcome new members. Membership fee is $5,
per member, per year. Please contact Alice Hwang ator(702) 553-1668, or you can visit CHC’s
website to download application form.
In early April, the computer lab and classroom were renovated
with new carpeting. Both members and residents are encouraged
to see our new look. On Saturday morning, April 29, we spon-
sored a recycling event with the Blind Center of Nevada where
residents were able to drop o computers and electronics that are
no longer needed. Teaming up with the Community Patrol, club
volunteers helped residents unload their equipment donations.
General meetings are open to all SCA residents. Financial
Pitfalls for Older Adults will be the topic for the meeting on
Art and Crafts workshop
L to R - Nancy Ward, Terri Begas, Warren Begas and Brian Corr -
tech team that made the carpet replacement eort possible
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 45
Ability to sign up for free online computer
Computer instruction and free classes. To view class oer-
ings and descriptions, visit the website at
and click on Classes. To view monthly class schedules,
select Calendar. Club members can sign up for classes via
our website by logging in and then clicking on specic
classes on the Calendar page.
Eligibility for personal computer help and house calls.
Need personalized one-on-one computer instruction,
help solving computer problems, assistance in setting
up a computer on your home network? With our house
call program, a club volunteer will come to you for just a
$20 donation to the club. For a list of volunteers and their
areas of expertise, visit
Sharing useful information and tools. Ask questions or
share details of your discovery with fellow members
about apps, security or any other computer related topic
in one of our on-line forums.
Are you interested in becoming more involved? Consider
volunteering as a club monitor, classroom aide or house call
technician. Contact Harry for more details at (702) 897-1228 or
Wanted: SCA members who care about what is happening
around the world today and would like to address topical issues.
e Current Events Clubs only purpose is to meet with friends
and neighbors to discuss local, national or world issues and to
have fun doing it. Topics run the gamut of SCA matters to world
politics. All points of view are encouraged and welcome.
Join us and stop yelling at the
television. is is your chance to
express your ideas without fear of
recrimination. We speak, we listen
and we honor points of view other
than our own.
Members represent all points of
view, from the very liberal to the
very conservative and everything
in between. Civility is encouraged,
controversy is guaranteed. You may
participate in any discussion or just
sit and take it in. Unless you ask to
be heard, you won’t be called upon.
e club meets every Monday from 10:00 a.m. to noon and
ursdays from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. On average, 35 to 45
members attend each meeting. Most meetings are in the
Bristol Room at Anthem Center. Annual dues are $10.
Prospective members may attend up to three meetings free of
charge prior to joining. Give us a try; you wont be sorry. You will
be made to feel welcome.
Contact Tom Stone at (702) 901-7234 or email him at for more information, or just take a chance
and stop in at any meeting.
46 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
…democracy demands an educated and informed electorate…
omas Jeerson
e SCA Democrats Club stands
for the core principles of LIBERTY,
e Democrats support: WOMEN’S REPRODUCTIVE
e Sun City Anthem Democrats congratulate our own Debra
March for winning the primary election and becoming the next
Mayor of Henderson. We know Debra will continue to do an
outstanding job to keep Henderson a thriving city and a safe and
prosperous place to live.
Sondra Cosgrove, a history professor at CSN and president
of the League of Women Voters, was the guest speaker at our
March meeting. Ms. Cosgrove spoke on bills being debated in the
current session of the legislature including: social justice
related to usury lending with no cap interest rates; civil rights
related to predatory lending to pay for parking tickets that
lead to more fees; domestic abuse cases related to the ability to
break rental leases when seeking safety; automatic voter regis-
tration and funding of voting machines; problems related to the
Nevada presidential caucus and the process to change to a
primary; the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment; and mental
Debra March and supporters celebrating her victory on Election Day
health related to Medicaid expansion. We thank her for a very
informative presentation.
Our guests for the May meeting will be Vinny Spotleson of
the Nevada Conservation League. Lynn Lanier has set up this
informative program about the environment.
Our June meeting is going to be a very big event. Our featured
guest will be Senate Majority leader Aaron Ford. Further details
will be provided in the Alerts.
New board members for 2017: Ron Hrebenar, president;
David Hatton, vice president; Karen Fleischer, treasurer; and
Wanda Zaccone. Bob Haughey and Neal Matzkin are our
newest board members. Bob will share the secretarial duties with
Wanda Zaccone.
Our meetings are the third Wednesday of every month. Be
sure to join us at the next meeting, which will be held on May
17 at Independence Center at 6:00 p.m. Please note that our
meeting time has been changed to begin at 6:00 p.m. instead of
6:30 p.m. Be sure to arrive early and experience the delicious food
prepared by our own Lynn Lanier. Program will begin promptly
at 6:30 p.m.
e purpose of the “Sun City Anthem Democrats” is to
advance the historical and cultural contributions inherent in the
Democrat Party while acting within the guidelines, rules and
regulations of the Sun City Anthem HOA and to work to
promote public policy through political issue analysis, education,
recruitment and other activities to benet its membership in
Sun City Anthem.
For more information on SCA Democrats, email:
Sondra Cosgrove
Democrats hold signs on Election Day
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 47
Play duplicate bridge in the Emerson/Franklin Rooms
at Anthem Center. Our game is open to all levels of players,
beginners through expert.
e game is not American Contract Bridge League (ACBL)
sanctioned, but we abide by their standards of play. Points are
not awarded. If you have played duplicate bridge, this is a great
opportunity to play in a competitive and friendly environment.
Yearly dues are only $10.
Playing times: Wednesdays from 6:00 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. and
Saturdays from noon until 3:30 p.m. Please arrive 15 minutes
before the start times. If you would like to play but need
a partner, contact Carol Mehrho at (505) 280-8040 or
If you are interested in bridge lessons or refresher
lessons, contact Faye Diamond, (702) 614-3970 or email
Club ocers are omas Mehrho, president,
(505) 850-3633; Barbara Seeley, vice president, (702) 837-0089;
Marion Manausa, secretary, (702) 914-1949; David Dodd,
treasurer, (702) 606-5006.
e SCA Entertainment Club is pleased
to announce our next production will be on
Sunday, May 21, at 4:00 p.m. in Freedom Hall.
is will be a brand new production
of songs from the pens of Rodgers and
Hammerstein. ey are one of the most
famous duos in American musical theatre
history, certainly with some of the most recognizable songs.
eir musical theatre productions were all turned into success-
ful movies. eir earlier works included “Oklahoma,” “Carousel”
and “State Fair.” Later they wrote such unforgettable musicals as
South Pacic,” “e King & I,” “Flower Drum Song,” “Cinderella
(specically written for television) and, of course, the irrepressible
and magnicent “e Sound of Music.” Unfortunately, the cast
has not been completed by the deadline for this article but we can
assure you of some of your favorite Las Vegas performers.
Rodgers and Hammerstein had 35 Tony Awards, 15 Academy
Awards, 2 Grammys and a Pulitzer Prize among their accolades.
is will be a show not to miss. Tickets go on sale May 1
through our website and will be available at Anthem
Center by the Fitness Center the week of May 8 to May 12 from
10:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Tickets are $15 for Entertainment Club
members and $20 for non-members/guests.
And, dont forget that there will be a Meet and Greet with the
performers immediately aer the show in the Nelson Room at
Independence Center. Refreshments will be served.
It’s still not too late to become a member before our May
production so you can save money for the rest of our season.
Membership is $10 per person and the form is available on our
website. Simply follow the directions on the opening page, print
the form, attach your check and deposit it in the Entertainment
Club mailbox at the entrance to the Fitness Center in Anthem
Center. Members are invited to our regular club meetings, the rst
Monday of each month, in the Green Room at Anthem Center at
1:00 p.m.
From January to March, many of our
club members travel out of the country
to take advantage of the better weather
in the tropics and good holiday deals at
various other places. Small group travels
are arranged among friends and mem-
bers within the club. If interested, put
your name on the “interested list” of
Carmelo Beley, club vice president. Carmelo is the best of travel
48 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
bargain hunters. Every year, he books a nice holiday deal out of
the country, usually in March, and everyone comes back happy
and satised. He recently traveled with a small group of friends on
a small cruise ship for a trip through the Seine River from Paris to
the beaches of Normandy. See some of the pictures included with
this article.
The happy tourists in Paris
Philippines - examining a patient while many more patients wait
Philippines - distributing clothes
Philippines - distributing
canned food
We also welcome back members Dr. Fil Olegario and his wife
Josie from three months of work for the Eye Medical Mission in
the Philippines. From January through March, Fil and his crew
of volunteers visited 15 villages in seven provinces and saw 2,296
patients. Goods shipped from U.S. donors (clothes, shoes, books,
canned food, reading glasses, etc.) were also distributed to the
poor. We are happy that the Filipiniana Club was able to help
Fil with his project with a small donation to cover some of the
shipping cost of materials.
Travel and Entertainment chair, Manny Mallannao, has com-
pleted all the meticulous planning for two club trips in 2017. One
is the bus trip, August 21-23, to Laguna Beach for the Pageant of
the Masters, Sawdust Art Festival and other side trips. e other is
the CA Coastal Cruise, October 7-14, on the Princess Cruise Line.
Space may still be available for both trips. Please contact Manny at or (702) 336-7514 for more information.
e yearly bus trip to Tuacahn will be Monday, September
18 to see “Shrek the Musical.” Cost for ticket and bus is $65 per
person. For reservations, contact Carmelo Beley at, (702) 837-4900.
Mark your calendars for the three major social events of the
year: Friday, June 10, for the Philippine Independence Party;
Friday, September 29, for the Only the Oldies – 50s and 60s”
Party; and Monday, December 4, for the Christmas Party. All
events will be held at the Anthem Ballroom from 5:30 p.m. to
11:00 p.m. Social chair, Lucy Lariosa and her committee, are busy
nalizing details; ticket sales will be announced soon.
SCA residents, consider expanding your horizons and join the
club. You do not have to be a Filipino. Membership is open to
ALL residents. Annual dues are $5 per person. e club meets
the fourth Monday of most months and members are invited to
come, participate and contribute to the clubs success.
e Anthem Financial Club
provides timely and educational
nancial information in a casual, yet
professional format. Meetings are on
the second Wednesday of the month
at 7:00 p.m. in the Delaware Room at
Anthem Center, except August. e Fi-
nancial Clubs website at
has a wealth of information that you may nd useful.
PLEASE NOTE: Our program for May will be on May 17.
is is a change in date from our usual second Wednesday.
Daniel P. Wiener, chairman and chief executive ocer,
Adviser Investments, will be our featured speaker at the May 17
meeting. Dan is one of the nations foremost experts on Vanguard
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 49
mutual funds. He is editor
of the ve-time award-
winning newsletter, the
Independent Adviser for
Vanguard Investors and
author of the denitive
text on investing with
Vanguard, the annual In-
dependent Guide to the
Vanguard Funds. Dan
co-founded Adviser Invest-
ments in 1994 in response
to numerous requests
for his personal supervi-
sion of client accounts.
His insights and analysis appear regularly in such publications
as theWall Street Journal and Barrons and on CNBC, PBS and
Bloomberg television. Previously, Dan wrote about personal
nance for U.S. News & World Report and Fortune magazine. He
spent seven years on the board of the Bedford-Stuyvesant YMCA
and currently serves on the investment committee of BRIC, an
arts and music non-prot. He earned a B.S. from Tus University.
An avid cyclist, he and his wife live in Brooklyn, NY.
We have many more interesting speakers scheduled for
2017. In particular, the June 14 meeting will feature Jim Lamb
who will talk about Medical Marijuana Investments. Come and
listen to the many opportunities available in this expanding
Guess the Dow has returned due to popular demand! We are
having another contest for the close of the DJIA, this time for June
30, 2017. Club members submitted their guesses at the March
and April meetings. Winners will be announced at the July 12
Financial Club meeting. Winner will receive a $50 gi card, while
second and third place will receive $25 gi certicates. As always,
the winners must be present to win.
e Anthem Financial Club continues to seek volunteers
to serve on the Board of Directors. Please consider joining our
board. We have a great group who has a lot of fun putting on the
monthly programs and other events.
Annual membership of $10 is due for 2017. For more
information on the Anthem Financial Club, contact our club
president, Joy Rose, at or (702) 269-0042.
Dan Wiener
50 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
On Tuesday, March 14, the Garden Club hosted Ralph
Sgamma, Master Gardener, University of Nevada Cooperative
Extension, as our guest speaker on the subject of “Growing
Tomatoes in Las Vegas.” Ralph provided us with a lot of valuable
information and rearmed our own experience, that growing
tomatoes in our native environmentis challenging but absolutely
possible. He provided us with a lot of valuable tips from
amending the soil, to choosing the proper plant variety, to
watering the plants. We are all anxious to incorporate his ideas in
our new spring gardens.
Ralph Sgamma, Master Gardener, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension
We are pleased to announce that on Tuesday, May 9, members
of the Garden Club will tour the Spring Preserves Garden, 333
S. Valley View Boulevard in Las Vegas. e Springs Preserve is
owned and operated by the Las Vegas Valley Water District. e
preserve is built around the original water source for Las Vegas.
e tour will begin at 10:00 a.m. and we will be guided by an
expert sta member for a tour through the garden exploring ways
to design a sustainable landscape for our home, which extends
the living space into the outdoors. e tour cost is $12, payable
at the gate. For those who are interested, we will also be taking
a tour of the seasonal buttery garden, where we will see free-
ying butteries and the plants that sustain them. is additional
tour is $2, payable at the gate. e buttery garden will provide an
excellent lead into our June program featuring Frank Sgamma,
Master Gardener, University of Nevada Cooperative Extension,
speaking on attracting butteries into your garden.
e two tours should be completed about noon. Interested
members may wish to stay and dine on their own in the Divine
Café on the grounds of Springs Preserve. e Divine Café oers
both indoor and patio dining. Aerwards, you are free to tour the
grounds at your leisure.
We will be meeting at the entrance of the Liberty Center at
9:00 a.m. on May 9. Members will be encouraged to carpool.
A map outlining directions, including directions for either
highway or city street routes, will be provided to members.
e drive should take about 45 minutes, allowing you time to
purchase your ticket prior to the 10:00 a.m. tour start time.
e Springs Preserve is an excellent education tool for
gardeners, showcasing the endless possibilities available to home
landscapers wishing to create a lush and vibrant landscape using
native plants. You won’t want to miss this opportunity.
Mens Golf
ere were no seed rounds this year. Seeding in the top 16 was
by index of the players who signed up.
Last year’s club champ was seeded as number one.
It is match play for the club champion; he had to win all four
of his matches.
e top 16 players (gross score) who competed in four rounds
of gross match play, on both March 21, 22, 28 and 29. e reigning
year 2016 Club Champion, Jim Cail, was automatically included
into the eld of the top 16 golfers for being the Year 2016 Club
Congratulations to our new club champion, Mark Reiland.
e championship trophy was presented to Mark at the March
The Buttery Garden of the Springs Preserve
The Cactus Garden of the Springs Preserve
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 51
Revere Golf Shop 259-4653 | Buckmans Grille 617-5780
Sun City Resident Green Fees
Morning $62 | After 11:00 a.m. $52 | After 12:00 p.m. $42 |
After 2:00 p.m. $25 | After 3:00 p.m. $19 | After 4:00 p.m. $15
Morning $65 | After 11:00 a.m. $55 | After 12:00 p.m. $45 |
After 2:00 p.m. $29 | After 3:00 p.m. $19 After | 4:00 p.m. $15
Sunday, May 14
Buy One, Get One Free
Play with Mom and Receive One Free Green Fee
Promo Code: MOMSDAY
Book Online at
Cinco de Mayo Sale
Purchase 4 Dozen Golf Balls and Receive 5
Sleeve Free
Mother’s Day Sale: May 8-14
25% O Women’s Apparel and Free Shipping on
Special Orders
Memorial Day Sale: May 29
Receive a Free Sleeve of Balls with a $20 Golf Shop
Purchase Before 3:00 p.m.
Order Buckman’s To Go”
Visit to order online
$5 Margarita Mondays
16 oz. Strawberry, Mango or Original Margarita
Served Frozen or “On the Rocks”
Includes Basket of Chips and Salsa
Mother’s Day Brunch
Sunday, May 14 | 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
Enjoy a Special Buet with Family and Friends
in Celebration of Mom
Adults $38.95 | Children 4-12 $16.95
*Price does not include tax or service charge.
Reservations required by May 11, call (702) 617-5704
29 Tournament Luncheon by the clubs annual sponsor, Brian
Wittman, of Wittman Capital Management and club president,
Bill Freitag.
e second place nisher was Rich Lepke.
Flighted Play Results:
All remaining Mens Golf Club members were invited to play
in the two round ighted event March 22 and 29 provided that
they had played with the Mens Club at least seven times during
the past year. Players who were not in the top 16 were listed by
handicap index and divided into ve ights of about 12 members
Trophy Presentation to Mark Reiland by our sponsor, Brian Wittman,
of Wittman Capital Management and RMGC President, Bill Freitag
Age Restricted
Community Survey
Please take the time to submit your
completed survey form
if you have not already done so.
You can pick up a form at any of the
Community Centers, from the front page
of the SCA website, or email us at
and we will send you a form.
ank you for your participation
during this required survey process!
52 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
and competed in two rounds of stroke play for rst and second
place gross and net awards in each ight. A special 80+ ight for
players 80 and older also competed for gross and net awards.
e rst place results are: A Flight Gross, Les Eastman and
Net, Leroy Lalley; B Flight Gross, Scott Gardiner and Net, Bo
Gajewski; C Flight Gross, Scott Sommer and Net, Jim McGonigle;
D Fight Gross, Danny Spoto and Net, Rick Supnet; E Flight Gross,
Brad Walker and Net, Dave Weil; Eighty plus Flight Gross Samuel
Valia and Net, Jimi Matsunga.
e second place results are: A Flight Gross, Michael Carrigan
and Net, Bill Olsen; B Flight Gross, Lee Rhodes and Net, Dave
Lorz; C Flight Gross, Harold Momany and Net, Vince Colucci;
D Flight Gross, Steve Stewart and Net, Keith Gitzla; E Flight
Gross, Michael Haines and Net, Jack Walsh.
e winner’s for 80+ Flight were: Gross, Sam Valia and Net,
Jimi Matsunaga.
Congratulations to all of these winners. A special thank you to
Lew Carlson and his Tournament Committee on making the Club
Championship a success, to Brian Wittman of Wittman Capital
Management for sponsoring the luncheon and to Bill Klemke
and his Revere Golf/Buckmans Grille sta for the support in
tournament play, the popular luncheon service and the free beer.
What a match! Presidents Cup nalists Jean Morken and Nona
Tobin fought a seesaw battle throughout 18 holes of “Golf on the
Concord,” March 11. Jean had to win on 18 to stay in the match,
which she did and the match continued to the rst playo hole on
Concord #1. Both Nona and Jean were in position on the green
to win, and it came down to Nonas putt winning her the 2017
President’s Cup title. An exciting match to end the ve-match
bracket which started in February. Congratulations to Nona, our
new President’s Cup champion. And, congrats to runner-up Jean.
President’s Cup Champion Nona Tobin (right) with runner-up Jean Morken
Judy Critcher and Lucy Lee – 2017 Net Champions in Nevada State Women’s
Golf Association Partner’s Tournament
e “Battle on the Concord,” our annual invitational, is
only two weeks away. A eld of 120 players from the Southern
Nevada area will hit the Concord on May 11 with four-person
teams. Two balls will be counted on each hole with one designated
by a color code and the other will be the best ball of the foursome.
e tournament includes breakfast and lunch and a wide array of
rae prizes. If you haven’t signed up, contact tournament chair,
Sharon Bunker, asap to see if you can still get in. It is always a
great tournament and a chance to meet other women golfers from
Southern Nevada.
SCAWGC member, Judy Critcher, and her partner, Lucy Lee,
were the Net Champions in the 2017 Nevada State Womens Golf
Association Partner’s Tournament. ey nished 14 under with
a net 130 in the two-day tournament at Anthem Country Club.
Congratulations to Judy and Lucy for their state win.
Both the SCAWGC Member-Member Tournament and the
Spring Fling, a mixed event with the Revere Mens Club, were
played in April. Well have the results in the June issue.
And, don’t forget the Foundation Assisting Seniors’ fund-
raising tournament on Memorial Day. Put a foursome together
and contact our member Judy Kaade to sign up. Remember FAS
provides a variety of community services to our residents.
If you are interested in joining SCAWGC or want more
information, go to our website
Looking for a cool place to get out of the Las Vegas heat? Come
join Hand and Foot! We meet in the Morris/Nelson Rooms in
Independence Center on Tuesdays at 6:00 p.m. and Fridays at
12:30 p.m.
Hand and Foot is a card game similar to canasta, only with this
game you’re dealt two sets of cards – the “hand,” which is played
rst, and the “foot,” which is played when the hand has been used
up. Variations of this game exist, but there are no standard rules
outside of our club.
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 53
It is really easy to play, but the best part is the camaraderie
that accompanies the game. Strangers become acquaintances
and friendships oen develop over time. Snacks, provided by
members on a volunteer basis, add to the feeling of fellowship.
Interested? Call Fran Mayer at (702) 541-7077 to make
arrangements if you need lessons. Annual dues are only $8.
Come, join us, and bring that sweater!!
Havurah, or friendship circle as
translated from Hebrew, is a social group
dedicated to celebrating Jewish history and
culture. Since 2002, SCA Havurah has been
inviting residents to join the circle as we
socialize, learn and enjoy the
holidays together.
Our Havurah holds a wide
variety of social, cultural, edu-
cational and recreational events
throughout the year. We get
together for parties, movies,
dine-ins (small groups sharing
dinners in members’ homes),
dine-outs, day trips, lectures,
Shabbat dinners, break-the-
fast gatherings, a Purim party,
our annual Chanukah party
and more. Club activities are
planned based on members
suggestions, needs and inter-
ests. We welcome singles and
couples to our varied activities.
On April 5, an upliing
membership meeting was held.
Our business meeting was fol-
lowed by a short, humorous
lm entitled “Gelte Fish,
which celebrates how genera-
tions celebrate their holidays.
Aerwards, an entertaining
discussion was led by our own
Cara Greene.
Havurahs latest endeavor
was also kicked o at the meet-
ing. We are excited to announce
the formation of a Jewish Gene-
alogy group. eir rst meeting
was held on April 26. Watch for
more information about this
exciting and informative club.
On Sunday, March 12, over
100 people gathered to share
Havurahs Purim 1950s Cele-
bration at Buckmans Grille. It
was a fun lled evening with
festive rock ‘n roll music and
dancing, lots of food, including Hamantaschen, and wonderful,
spirited people. Included are only a few pictures showing the
liveliness and joy!
Holiday celebrations, outings with old and new friends
and camaraderie with like minded people are only some of the
reasons to join SCA Havurah. For more information or to join,
please call Ellen Goodside at (702) 816-4654 or email her at
Upcoming and Future Havurah Events and Programs
Were looking forward to being together at the following
(Continued on page 55)
54 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
e May Hiking and Outing Club General and Social
Meeting is Wednesday, May 24 at 6:30 p.m. in the Multi-Purpose
Room at Independence Center. We welcome those interested
in learning more about the club. For information about hikes,
upcoming away trips, club activities and club contacts visit
If you are a new member or thinking about membership and
have questions, contact Steve Nelson, new member advisor at He is also available at club meetings.
ree Hikes, ree Dierent Hike Levels + Picnic Lunch
Several times a year the hike leaders organize hikes starting
at one trail head incorporating dierent hike levels with dierent
starting times and the anticipation of ending at the picnic area
at about the same time to enjoy lunch. Recently, the Red Springs
picnic area in the Red Rock National Conservation Area was the
starting and ending point for the following hikes:
Calico Hills to Red Springs Loop Trail
A strenuous four mile hike with 1000’ elevation gain has
several unique features but you will be scrambling to the trail
around Santa Cruz cave, then scrambling to view the Eye of the
Needle ri, and then reverse direction scrambling down a chute
to the Red Springs Loop trail and the picnic area.
Red Springs Loop Trail
A dicult level loop hike, four miles with a 1000’ elevation
gain. Climbing through the Calico Hills over Angel Pass (named
for the unique stone carving found along the trail) involves some
scrambling. en descend into a wash below the Calico Hills
overlooks, continue through the wash with more scrambling
before returning to the picnic area.
Club walkers showing o their green
Social committee organizer Sue Dorer with Pub manager
Gathering under sun shade to enjoy a picnic lunch
Hiking Red Springs Loop Trail
Ash Canyon Loop Trail
For those club hikers interested in a hike of less elevation gain
and no scrambling, the Ash Canyon Loop is a four mile moderate
level hike, a nice loop trail that begins at Red Springs Picnic Area,
the hike following the base of Calico Hills. en hike into Ash
Canyon and the beauty of Ash trees and a running spring. Return
to the picnic area by way of an easy trail.
e Picnic Lunch
Aer their respective hikes, y-two hikers meet up at Red
Springs picnic area heading for the sunshade area to compare
notes on their hike experiences. Grills were in full swing for a
lunch of grilled hot dogs (provided by the club). Hikers provided
salads and desserts to round out the lunch menu. A great event
enjoyed by all.
Second Annual St. Patricks Day Walk and Traditional St.
Patrick’s Day Lunch
In celebration of St. Patricks Day, the social committee
organized the second annual walk and lunch. is year the
walk was three miles, leaving from Anthem Center—it was all
downhill, then lunch at Winchell’s Pub and Grill on Eastern Ave.
e pub set aside the entire enclosed porch for the 50 plus walk-
ers oering a traditional corn beef and cabbage or shepherd’s pie
lunch or order o the menu—of course green beer was available.
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 55
May 4, 6:00 p.m.: Dine-out at Baja Miguels (South Point
Casino). Contact Linda Kaplan at
Watch for more information about other socials and delicious
meals with your Havurah friends.
June 9, 6:30 p.m.: Catered Shabbat Dinner. Uri Ram, Retired
IDF Brigadier General, will speak on the topic, “What’s Going on
in Israel Today: Is Israel Divided From Within?”
Saturday, September 30: Yizkor Service and Break the Fast.
Friday, October 20: Shabbat Dinner, more information to
Havurah Single Friends: We have a group for friends
without partners. ey plan frequent activities above and beyond
the regular Havurah goings-on. For more information, contact
Bette Pollock at
Communications: Check your email frequently for Havurah
eBlasts about club events and Jewish community happenings.
Event yers can also be found in the kiosk by Anthem Fitness
Center. Be sure to visit our website at
Volunteers: As most clubs experience, volunteering is at the
heart of the club and the Havurah could not have the successful
dinners, holiday celebrations and events without its dedicated vol-
unteers. It is always fun – a wonderful way to make new friends
- and it is always needed and appreciated. To volunteer, contact
Bobbi Garron at or (702) 492-9291.
Have you ever gone past a
casino sports book and heard all the
yelling and excitement over a horse
race and wondered why? Well, join the
Sun City Anthem Horse Racing Club
to nd out.
At the April 17 meeting we had guest speakers to discuss the
(Continued from page 53)
56 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
Kentucky Derby entrants and displayed videos of some of their
qualifying races.
We also had our second meeting of the “Introduction to Horse
Racing” class in late April.
Our rst track visit to Del Mar Racetrack has been scheduled
for August.
Future meetings will include open forums with track
announcers, professional handicappers and book authors who
will share their insights. Members will share their own personal
stories about horse racing. We will show videos of members
favorite races and famous calls of classic races. We will have
special gatherings for this years classic races: the Kentucky Derby,
Preakness, Belmont Stakes, Breeders Cup, Hambeltonian and the
Little Brown Jug.
So, don’t be le at the gate, join our club and well wager you
are bound to have fun! We meet on the third Monday of every
month at 3:00 p.m. in the Penn Room at Independence Center.
Note that we are a dues free club. See you there! Contact Bill Hoge
at (702) 776-7793 for more information.
(Asset Protection) Club
e How To, Can Do (Asset Protection) Club meets monthly
on the third ursday from 10:00 a.m. to noon in the Delaware
Room in Anthem Center.
How To - Know your wills, trusts, deeds, marital contracts, life
insurance and annuities. Morbidity and mortality issues are not
just creative liabilities for you and your family.
Can Do - Learn to do the right things in law and economics
when it comes to your money by knowing the questions that
you need to ask. en learn to Pro Se’ your own solutions to
probable negative issues and diculties in law, economics and
when it comes to your money, your investments, your taxes and
your estate and nancial health. e key to the club is knowledge,
learning right from wrong and making sure you know the right
questions to ask for your security and peace of mind.
For more information, contact John Waterhouse, president, at
e ICCC is dedicated to exploring cultures around the
world, promoting young generations who are involved in cultural
activities and supporting charitable institutions.
e ICCC board meetings are now on the rst Monday
of the month in the Conference Room at Liberty Center. All
members are welcome to attend. We look forward to seeing you
at the meeting.
ICCClub members Sandie and Ralph Durgin are featured
performers in the Performing Arts Club production of “Visitor,
an original musical written by John Rothman and directed by
ICCC vice president, Nicole Duel. e ICCClub members are
looking forward to this May 5, 6, and 7 production in Freedom
Hall. Tickets are on sale in the box oce, get your ticket now for
the best seats.
ICCC will hold the next potluck dinner dance on July 16 in
the Delaware Ballroom from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Get your
dancing shoes on and bring a potluck dish to share with your
table of friends.
Step by Step class with Mel is back to Tuesdays from
4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at the Liberty Center
e Italian Forum Club is focused on having fun Italian style,
with lots of laughs, good food and cheer. Everyone is welcome.
We do not hold regular meetings, but we have ve fun-lled
events each year. All of our members are invited to help plan and
participate in everything we do.
Participation is critical to the existence of our club. We need
you. We need volunteers, not just for the incredible events we
have during the year but to help run the club. Please volunteer
and consider becoming a member of the board and an ocer of
the club. Simply, get involved to keep your club going.
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 57
Carnivale 2017 was our rst event of the year, on the evening
of March 3, in the main ballroom in Anthem Center. Carnivale
has always provided a great evening of food, fun and lots of danc-
ing. is was THE dancing evening you did not want to miss. We
had over two hundred members and guests dancing with Pure
Our second event “Festa di Primervera” (Spring Festival) was
held on Friday evening, April 28. Well attended and wonderful.
Based upon the great time had by everyone, the Spring Festival,
we think, is going to be one of the best events of the year.
To become a member of the club and to receive information
about our upcoming events, we require your name, email address,
phone number and SCA member number, which is required,
along with a check for $10. is information is truly needed for
your membership to be completed. en, place the envelope in
our mailbox in Anthem Center.
We continue to collect dues for 2017. Renewing members,
your dues were $5 until March 31. Because March 31 has come
and gone, renewing members for 2017 will now also pay $10. Its
a penalty for procrastinating. You’ve received numerous email
notices letting you know its time for your 2017 dues to be paid.
To again become a member in good standing, place an envelope
containing your check in the Italian Forum Club mailbox at the
entrance to the Anthem Fitness Center.
Since email is our primary means of communication, it is
imperative that you include your email address. For more in-
formation about our club, visit our website or send an email to For special event information,
call Barbara Levine, our vice president, at (702) 898-6202.
e LLL Club pursues knowledge through the presentation of
lectures and discussions. Members free; non-members, free for
three presentations, then must join. Programs are in the Anthem
Center, Delaware Room.
e program dates are:
First Wednesday: May 3 at 1:00 p.m. Dr. An-
thony Ricciardi, a leading medical practitioner in
the eld of neurogenics will have a program to help
those suering from diabetes and/or neuropathy.
Second Wednesday: May 10 at 10:00 a.m. Don
Denton, a local well known SCA resident, will
speak on General Asset Protection for Estates
and Investments.
ird Tuesday: May 17 at 10:00 a.m. Lazy Day.
Fourth Monday: May 22 at 7:00
p.m. Neil Portnoy, a well-known lead
illustrator for the Las Vegas Review
Journal, will talk about his life journey
as an illustrator,
58 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
Fourth Friday: May 26 at 10:30 a.m.
Discussion Group. Concord Room at
Anthem Center. “Tort Reform” what is it
and do we need it?
All members of the Lifelong Learning
Club are invited to attend.
Since programs are scheduled well in advance, cancellations
and changes for various reasons are inevitable. Every eort is
made to inform the membership of these changes, please look to
all iers and emails for current information.
e Lifelong Learning Club is looking for speakers. If
interested or know of anyone interested, please do not hesitate
to contact Al Tenner, (702) 448-6518.
Any and all topics are welcome.
e SCA Mah Jongg Club promotes the
recreational, social and competitive aspects of
this enjoyable and popular game. e clubs over
350 members, play both American (Western)
and Asian versions of the game.
e club has three reserved play times in the
Morris/Nelson Rooms on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from noon
until 4:00 p.m. and ursdays from 5:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. We
have all the equipment needed to play both versions of the game.
You must be a club member to play during our reserved times.
New members may join at any time during the year; annual dues
are $10. Please get a membership form from the club website at or email any of the club ocers who will
gladly provide the form to you.
Do you want to learn how to play the American (Western)
or Asian versions of this addictive game? e club sponsors
training classes in both versions of the game. Contact Liz Breier,, for more information on classes. Club
ocers make every eort to place members in groups so that
everyone has an opportunity to play.
Upcoming Events:
October 3 - General Meeting
October 10 - Social Tuesday Aernoon
October 26 - Social ursday Evening
November 14 - Annual Meeting and 2018 Elections
December 4 - Holiday Luncheon, Monday, Buckmans Grille
e club has the NEW Asian Fan Payout Cards available for
sale, $2. e new cards have a more detailed explanation on some
hands and changes to fan pay-out values.
e 2017 American Mah Jongg Card is available for
purchase from the National Mah Jongg League at or by calling (212) 246-3052.
Come and join the Mah Jongg Club. We promise you a
delightful aernoon at each of our events and an opportunity
to meet fellow Sun City residents while playing during our re-
served play times. Please do not hesitate to contact any club ocer
should you have any questions. Please continue to support our
club by attending our events.
President, Liz Breier,; vice president,
Harriet Lerner,; secretary, Donna Topolski,; treasurer, Barbara Bogdan,
Follow us on Facebook at or search for
SCA Mah Jongg on your Facebook page.
Check out our website at
Paddle Tennis goes POP!
e Paddle Tennis Club recently
celebrated its seventh anniversary at our
Liberty Center courts. Seven years! How
time ies. However, the vast majority of
the people in our community still haven’t
experienced paddle tennis or have even
stopped by our courts at Liberty Center to check us out.
Paddle Tennis continues to be one of SCAs best-kept secrets.
Were a friendly bunch so we are willing to share our fun with you.
No need for spring training practice sessions or expensive lessons
and equipment. Just show up with non-marking court shoes and
our group will have you playing in minutes of your arrival. Our
club supplies paddles and balls for your use. Soon you will want
your own paddle as the game becomes very addictive.
Sunday Munch Bunch
Member play group
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 59
Sunday Munch Bunch
Shot of courts
Want to learn more? No, you do not need to read seven years
of Spirit back issues. However, you might view the excellent
SCA-TV paddle tennis video listed under ‘Clubbing’ at You may also wish to Google paddle tennis or pop
tennis in your web browser. Check out and read
about the latest name change to our sport. And dont miss that
sites link to the Today Show segment on paddle tennis with Jenna
Wolf. en, aer you’ve explored for a bit, see if you can identi-
fy your friends and neighbors from our Sunday Munch Bunch
group photos.
As the weather heats up we adjust play times accordingly. For
the most current play schedule, please check our listing at the
Liberty court bulletin boards near the bocce courts.
Our club is all about making exercise fun and playing and
mingling with our fellow members. Dues are only $5 per year and
membership forms are available courtside. Dont be shy. Please
join us on the courts.
Contact Dennis Musselman at or
(702) 862-9013.
e Pan Club invites all SCA residents to
experience the fun of playing in a friendly
game of cards. You don’t need to know how
to play, well teach you at no extra cost.
Weekly Pan sessions are Mondays
and Saturdays from 12:30 p.m. to 3:30 p.m., and Wednes-
days from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Were located in the
lower gallery of Anthem Center. Please be there by 12:20 p.m. on
Mondays and Saturdays, and 5:50 p.m. on Wednesday evenings
for table assignments. Choose any or all of the sessions that t
your schedule. We look forward to seeing you there.
Numerous players participated in our Pan Tournament
in April. Congratulations to the winners! Our tournament
60 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
directors, Fay Schoenfeld and Elaine Ellis, are to be commended
for doing an outstanding job in coordinating the event. We would
also like to thank all of those who assisted them. Winners will be
announced in the next issue of the Spirit.
If you have any questions about the game, please email Carol
Franklin, communications chair, at
Party Bridge is played every Tuesday, ursday and Sunday
in the Emerson/Franklin Rooms at Anthem Center beginning at
1:00 p.m. It is recommended that people planning to play should
arrive about 12:40 p.m. so tables can be arranged and play can
proceed on time. Each session of play is about 2½ hours long,
comprised of ve 30-minute rounds.
We encourage anyone without a partner to come as well,
usually we can t you in with someone at the club. is club
stresses the fun aspect of bridge so no one needs to feel inferior
or out of place. Our members want everyone to leave with a
wonderful experience and having met some enjoyable members
oering the opportunity to make new friends.
For any further information, our president, Owen Miller, can
be reached at (702) 275-7673.
ose of us who venture onstage love hearing an audience
respond. Applause, gasps or laughter let the performers know
they have made a connection. On March 26, during the
Readers’ eater show, “Laughter is the Best Medicine,” the cast
heard laughter from the opening skit to the closing one-liners.
ank you to Bill Starr for taking on the role of director for this
performance, thank you to the cast who gave it their all and most
of all, thank you to the marvelous audience who made all of the
hard work worthwhile.
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 61
Members of the Performing Arts Club will next be taking to
the stage, presenting the spectacular “VISITOR!” on May 5 and
6 at 7:00 p.m. and May 7 at 2:00 p.m., Plink from planet Plonk
will be taken on a whirlwind tour of Las Vegas as he learns all
about our beautiful planet Earth. Be prepared for an out-of-this-
world experience of dance, song and comedy. Hurry on down to
the Anthem Center Activities Oce or go online at to
purchase tickets.
Join the Millennium Chorus Group (MCG) in Freedom Hall
on May 20 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. for a FREE “Friendship
Cultural Concert.” e group will perform Chinese opera,
sentimental Chinese songs and traditional Chinese and
Tibetan dance, as well as some Italian opera. To obtain your
complimentary tickets, come to the Independence Center on May
3 or May 5, from 11:00 a.m. to noon. For more information, please
call Stella Huang at (702) 407-4168. Dont miss this opportunity to
experience what this talented group has to oer.
June is just around the corner. e month that brings
summer also treats us to another concert by the Choraliers! Titled,
“Musical Memories,” performances will be June 16 at 7:00 p.m.
and June 17 at 2:00 p.m. in Freedom Hall. ey will be singing
a variety of music from rock to Disney, Motown to folk… and
maybe some surprises as well. Take advantage of the Early Bird
Special of $8 until May 14. Aer then, ticket prices will go up to
the usual $12. Tickets can be purchased at the Anthem Center
Activities Oce or online at Hurry! ere is still time
to get that bargain rate!
Karaoke continues to draw enthusiastic participants and
a happy audience. Please mark your calendar for the second
Wednesday of May, from 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. and the fourth
Wednesday, from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. Come to Freedom Hall
to hear some great singing, have some fun and maybe take the
chance to get up and perform on stage.
ose of you who have either participated in, or have attended,
a PAC show know how much work goes into each production.
Proposals are submitted several years in advance and gaining
approval is an arduous process. “Bon Voyage,” a musical comedy,
written by SCA resident Victoria Schaefer, will be performed in
the fall. It is the story of four girlfriends who embark on a cruise
around the world, seeking fun, adventure and possibly romance.
An informational meeting will be held in Freedom Hall on
Tuesday, June 20 at 6:00 p.m. Auditions will be held on Tuesday,
June 27 andFriday, June 30 at 6:00 p.m., also in Freedom Hall.
For more information about PAC, please contact our
president, Richard Guaraldi, at
62 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
On Saturday, March 25, the SCA
Pickleball Club held our annual Spring
Training. More than 40 residents turned
out for introduction and instruction
in pickleball at our Liberty Center
courts. Several club members assisted
Clay Joyner for the training sessions, which were followed by a
social hour with snacks and so drinks. is annual event has
introduced many SCA residents (and present club members) to
the fun sport of pickleball, the fastest growing sport in America
with an estimated 2.5 million players and projections of 8 million
by the year 2020.
If you own a pet or would like to own a
pet, please consider joining the Pet Club. We
meet once a month (weather permitting) in
the courtyard of Independence Center. e
dues are $10 per year per household. We usu-
ally meet the fourth Wednesday of the month
at 10:00 a.m. Pets are welcome at our outdoor
meetings. We will have our potluck this May
24. We are dark June, July and August.
Go to to join the club. Your dues help to
support lost pets in the community and help to support various
pet rescue groups.
If you do lose your pet, you can call the Pet Club hotline at
(702) 608-0640 to report it. Hopefully, you are a member of the
Pet Club and we have your contact information and a picture
of your pet on le. Please only call about a lost or found
pet; we do not have any other information. You can email for other questions. You can also call
Henderson Animal Control at (702) 267-4970 to see if some-
one reported a lost pet and ask if it has been picked up. Another
website you may nd helpful is:
Just a reminder, retractable leashes are illegal in the city of
Henderson. Be very cautious when walking your little ones in the
area. Coyotes and snakes are out and about this time of year.
We would like to thank all who participated, volunteered and
came to Woofstock 2017! We hope you had a wonderful time. e
pictures accompanying this article are pets from local rescues. Go
to our web page at for contact
On May 24 we will be having our annual potluck on the patio.
All members and their guests are welcome. Feel free to bring your
pets as well. We look forward to seeing you at 10:00 a.m. with
your favorite dish. Once again, well be giving prizes for the best
appetizer, entrée, side/salad and dessert.
Pets from local rescues attended the
Pet Clubs March Woofstock 2017
Spring Training group
Sign up desk and equipment issue for Spring Training
If you missed Spring Training, don’t worry - the Pickleball
Club maintains a year round training schedule and program. Our
dedicated and knowledgeable volunteer instructors are happy to
help you get started in this fun sport. e training schedule varies
slightly with the season and weather, but you are welcome to
start at any point in the training schedule. No need to sign up in
advance, the lessons are free and equipment is furnished. At
present the schedule is:
ursday and Sunday – 8:30 a.m.
Clay Joyner: (702) 463-1039,
Beginners and newcomers.
Tuesday – 6:30 p.m.
Mike Corbett:
Bruce Bettridge:
Ron Latorre:
Beginners, intermediate and advanced players.
e aernoon sessions include the use of a ball machine.
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 63
Volunteer instructors Bob and Craig
If you are interested in league play, contact Mike Corbett,
league commissioner. e format is designed to mix players and
partners of diering skill level and abilities so that the league
matches are competitive and fun…with the emphasis on fun.
Liberty Center monitor desk has balls and paddles, furnished
by SCA Pickleball Club, available for check out so if you would
like to hit a few balls with friends, neighbors or visiting relatives at
your pickleball courts you are welcome to do so.
e U.S. Open Pickleball Championships are slated to take
place soon in Naples, Florida. Many of the matches can be viewed
on is is a good chance to see some
top-notch pickleball players in action. Last year CBS Sports
Channel carried some of the championship matches - check your
local channel guide and listings for information.
ere are several websites available for information about
pickleball. Among them are:,,
Wanted: new members. e
Pinochle Club is open to new
members, including novice play-
ers and those who may need a
refresher course. We have members
willing to provide individual and/or
small group instruction during our
regular meeting time on Wednesdays from 12:30 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.
in the Emerson/Franklin Rooms in Anthem Center.
Please contact one of the following for more information:
Wayne Rohrbaugh, (702) 492-6151; Lenore Nusser,
(702) 462-9589; or Reuben Horowitz, (702) 445-6547.
We play both single and double-play deck. Were a fun group.
Novice players are welcome and will get hands-on assistance.
Annual dues are only $5. Our play days are Wednesdays, as
stated above, and ursdays from 5:30 p.m. to 10:30 p.m. in the
Emerson/Franklin Rooms of Anthem Center.
“e good news is that in every deck of
52 cards, there are 2,598,960 possible
hands… the bad news is that you areonly
going to be dealt one of them. ”
Hi there poker players… Here it is May
and our Poker Club is going full force. Most
of our members have paid their 2017 dues
64 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
e Republican Club meets on the
second Saturday of each month at 10:00
a.m. in the Morris/Nelson Rooms in
Independence Center. Our programs are
intended to be interesting and informa-
tive and include Republican candidates
for local, state and national oces,
political pundits and special topics such
as the Nevada caucus, primary and general elections. We provide
our membership with information that will allow them to make
informed votes and elect the best candidates for oce. We invite
you to join us for coee and conversation as we stay informed and
participate during this new political season.
For our May 13 meeting, we welcome
speaker Megan Barth, a nationally recog-
nized writer and political analyst. Barth
will speak to a variety of current political
topics. Locally, she is a weekly co-host
for WAR-e Wayne Allyn Root Show.
Barth has appeared on Headline News
CNN, NewsMax TV, One America News
Network, e Tipping Point with Liz
Wheeler, America Trends with Dr. Gina,
e Blaze Radio, Lars Larson and Bill Cunningham. In addition,
Barth has regular weekly appearances on a variety of nationally
syndicated radio shows. Her op-eds have been published in e
Hill and the Daily Caller. Barth is the founder and proprietor of Join us for this informative meeting!
For our April 8 meeting we were very
pleased to have Victor Joecks, former
executive vice president at the Nevada
Policy Research Institute and currently
a columnist with the Las Vegas Review
Journal. A longtime advocate of govern-
ment transparency, Joecks remarks gave
a special focus to the Nevada Legislature
currently in session this year. As NPRI’s
executive vice president, Joecks worked
as the groups lead lobbyist during the
2015 Legislature and was instrumental in helping lawmakers
pass the country’s rst universal school choice program. Nevadas
Education Savings Accounts have since been overturned by the
state Supreme Court.
e purposes of the RCSCA are to promote the principles
and core values of the Republican Party by providing a forum
for discussion, debate and educational programs for members.
e RCSCA also seeks to identify, promote and support Repub-
lican candidates for oce. e club regularly invites elected and
candidate conservatives to speak to members. Each candidate
forum is followed by a question and answer session to allow
members’ interaction with the speaker. In addition, the club
supports voter registration drives, publicizes voting day
information and keeps members informed on current issues.
of $10. We have 100 paid members as of this writing. Dont forget
to add November 2 to yourcalendar as it when we will have our
poker party and election of 2018 ocers.
We welcome any new members to our club who know the
game of poker or cards in general. We oer a variety of games with
dierent limits. A time change has been made, so please note. Our
regular poker club sessions are from 11:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. on
Tuesdays, 5:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. on ursday evenings and Satur-
days at 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. ere are two sessions on Saturday
so you can come and play until noon or you can come at noon and
play till 2:00 p.m. Our sit and go tournaments are on Tuesdays at
12:30 p.m., ursdays at 6:00 p.m. and Saturdays at 10:00 a.m.
Our “big”tournament is held the last Saturday of every month.
If anyone has any questions about the tournaments you can
contact Don Eckroad at (702) 750-1220. All other questions con-
cerning the Poker Club, any ocer can be contacted. Steve Sacks,
(702) 263-6151; Larry Taylor, (702) 750-1117; Becky Barker,
(702) 616-6888; or Joelene Smith, (702) 501-2227. Hope everyone
is having good luck and lots of fun with theirfriends in our club.
Our club meets on Wednesdays from 9:30 a.m. to noon in the
Porcelain and Ceramics Room at Anthem Center. Experienced
members are available to share their expertise in painting on por-
celain. Explore or expand your creativity in painting on porcelain.
To increase the range and number of items completed and
start painting immediately, club members paint on white glazed
porcelain items available from local stores or mail order. e year-
ly membership is $5 and to keep your costs low, the club provides
the paints needed as well as some other required supplies.
For information about the Porcelain Club, please call Carol
Montambeau at (702) 896-0095 or stop by any Wednesday during
club hours.
Get Involved!
At SCA, we have clubs that cover just about
every interest. Get involved, join a club today!
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 65
e core Republican principles are constitutionally limited
government, scal discipline, individual freedom and responsi-
bility, free markets and economic freedom and the preservation
of our national military and moral strength.
Please contact RCSCA president, Suzanne Arnona, at or phone (702) 685-1996 for more
information about the RCSCA. If you are not already a member,
please consider joining --- dues are only $10 per year, which can
be paid at any membership meeting, or by dropping o a check
with your contact information at the club mailbox at the Fitness
Center. Visit our website at for the latest Republican
Club information.
Fun and Games with a purpose! RV Club president, Roy
Prince, and club member, Cli Runyen, are retired Los Angeles
Fireghters. Each year a group of Los Angeles City Fire
Department members organize a fundraiser to support the
Widows, Orphans and Disabled Fireghters of Los Angeles. Roy
and Cli never miss this event.
Participants enter various activities, including motorcycle
rides, all-terrain vehicles and side by side vehicles. ere is a
Dad and Kids ride, Powder Pu class and the most popular—the
picnic ride. Midway through the picnic ride everyone stops for
lunch! Hot dogs, chili dogs, chips, soda and water turn into a
reunion, where old and new friends get together and spend
quality time reminiscing!
e annual Hook & Ladder Enduro takes place each March
just outside of California City. Take a peek at this year’s photos—
its dry camping time! at would be camping without the benet
of electricity, fresh water or sewer-dump connections. Our club
members only have a few dry camping outings a year. ey are
unique. Dry camping can be a rewarding experience because
youre roughing it in the middle of nature, without the benet of
modern day conveniences. It’s a bit of a challenge, but you learn to
control water consumption and be weary of battery usage. Mind
you, that old generator comes in handy in a push!
Roy and Joanie Prince and Cli and Kathy Runyen, helped
make this run a success. Roy and Cli assisted with setting-up
and marking the course. Roy oversaw the registration and wives,
Joanie and Kathy, sold tee shirts. Aer it was all over, Roy and
Cli helped remove course markers. Roughing it the fun way to
help others! Yay for fun and games—and yay for the Princes and
the Runyens!
If you think you’d like to be a part of our group, or if you want
more information about our club, check out one of our meetings
at 4:00 p.m. on the last Tuesday of the month in the Penn Room
at Independence Center. We usually go out to dinner at a local
restaurant aer the meeting or sometimes we have a potluck. It’s
a great way to chat and get to know folks! If you cant make it to a
meeting, call our club president, Roy Prince, at (702) 889-8221 for
the latest news. Until next time, this is Dianne Hahn for the Sun
City Anthem RV Club. See ya on the road!
Roy Prince o road
Annual Hook & Ladder Enduro
66 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
You may ask:
Why would I want to join your Scrabble Club?
What are the benets of playing Scrabble?
Is it just a word game, or is there more to it?
Well, there are many benets derived by playing this very
popular game called Scrabble. Here are some of them:
Scrabble is a great memory stimulant that can help boost
your powers of recalling.
Playing Scrabble helps polish your strategy-making skills.
Scrabble is an excellent game for children who need to
have strategy-making skills for leading a successful life.
Scrabble strengthens and improves your vocabulary,
spelling, language and word usage.
Scrabble helps in developing skills to do anagrams, which
is the ability to form one or more words with a single word
or phrase.
And last, and the most important thing of all … Scrabble is
fun to play!
e Scrabble Club welcomes all SCA residents to join us
every Friday aernoon from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. in the
Emerson/Franklin Rooms to play Scrabble. Dues are $10 per year.
“To cover service members and veterans touched by war with
comforting and healing Quilts of Valor.
is is the mission statement of the Quilts of Valor
Foundation. e Sewing and Quilting Club has members who
are proud and excited to be a part of this group. ere is now a
Jill Yager with her quilt top
Lynne Warner, Kathy Corless and Robin Mundell plan the borders
for a patriotic panel to make a quilt top
chapter of Quilts of Valor associated with the Nevada State Quilts
of Valor Foundation. It is the intent of this group to take on the
monumental task of covering our veterans at Sun City Anthem in
Quilts of Valor.
is project began due to the passion of member, Robin
Mundell. Robins husband, son and daughter are all veterans. Prior
to moving here a year ago, Robin was in the sewing club in Casper,
Wyoming. It was during that time that Robin learned about the
Quilts of Valor service project. Aer her husband received his
quilt and Robin witnessed rsthand the dedication ceremony and
the personal impact that receiving a quilt means, she became an
ardent supporter of the project. When she moved to Anthem,
she met Jackie Shaprio. Jackie had also been a part of a Quilts of
Valor group prior to moving to Anthem. Both women were sur-
prised to learn the Sewing Club did not have a Quilts of Valor group
and set about trying to make that happen. Robin arranged a meet-
ing of 22 interested members and invited Victoria Colburn-Hall,
the state coordinator of Quilts of Valor, and two of her colleagues,
to come and make a presentation about the organization.
ere are 800 veterans in Sun City Anthem. It is the goal of
these quilters to cover each one in a Quilt of Valor, beginning with
those members who are veterans of World War II. Aer only a few
months, several quilts are completed and 18 are in the process of
being completed. e rst quilt presentation ceremony will be at
the May 9 meeting of Sun City Anthems Veterans Club.
A quote on the foundation website says this, “He wanted me
to tell all of you who make Quilts of Valor that you saved him.
If you would like to help this group reach their goal,
monetary or fabric donations may be made by contacting Robin at
If you would like more information about the Sewing and
Quilting Club, please go to the website,
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 67
Happy Mother’s Day to all our Foxy mothers, grandmothers
and great-grandmothers. Enjoy your day!
is months Foxy Ladies’ Luncheon will be at noon on
ursday, May 18. Locations and hostesses for both the Foxy
Ladies’ Luncheon and May Dinner with the Den will be
announced via eBlast.
Don’t forget to RSVP promptly when invitations are sent,
as club events ll quickly. Also, if your plans change, please
notify us of your cancellation, to provide a seat for someone on
the waiting list.
Sure hope you will be joining us for our Lake Mead Cruise
on Tuesday, May 16. Please be there no later than 11:30 a.m. for
If you are interested in playing a dierent card game, then
Shanghai Rummy, or Push, is for you. Join us on Mondays
during the day in the Emerson/Franklin Rooms in Anthem
Center. Some groups start as early as 9:30 a.m., others around
11:00 a.m. Play usually takes 3 to 3 1/2 hours. Push is an easy
game to learn. ree or four players are at each table, playing two
to four games. Each game consists of seven dierent variations of
rummy. Score is kept.
If you want to learn Push, contact the club president, Shirley
LaChance, at (702) 837-9924 or, to
arrange for a lesson. Club dues are $5 per year. Card racks are
available for $15. As the game progresses, you will have many
cards in your hand. erefore, a rack is of great convenience. If
you cannot make it on a weekly basis, we are always looking for
subs. Push is a fun game. So give it a try. You will like it!
Hello Silver Foxes and Wolves! May
promises to be a fun-lled month. May
12 marks the start of the 2017 TGIF
Concert on the Lawn series. Like last
year, you can plan on meeting your
Silver Foxes friends out on the Anthem Center north lawn for
a casual BYO picnic and social time before the concerts. Watch
your eBlasts for meeting time. at same morning, Friday, May
12, the Silver Wolves will meet for breakfast at 9:00 a.m. at the
Village Pub on S. Eastern Ave.
Silver Foxes on the Hanging Bridge in Costa Rica
68 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
check-in, remember to bring your Senior Pass to avoid paying the
day-use fee to enter the Lake Mead National Recreation Area. If
you have questions, please contact Nina Nowicki.
Next on our travel agenda is a June 23-25 trip to Ely,
Nevada and the Northern Nevada Railroad. Melissa Vaher, at
(702) 876-3096, is our travel agent for this trip.
Sign-ups continue for our British Bash, a 12-night cruise,
roundtrip from Southampton, England, departing September
10 on the Caribbean Princess. Join the Silver Foxes as we
travel England, Scotland and Ireland this fall. Marilyn Schi, at
(702) 837-4145, can provide details and booking assistance for
this adventure.
Shared Interest Groups continue to meet monthly. Contact Jo
Ann Malter at, for more information.
e Silver Foxes Social and Travel Club is open to both men
The wearing of the green
Everyone’s Irish on St. Patty’s Day
and women. We invite you to join us by simply dropping your
check for $10 per person into the club mailbox across from the
Anthem Center Fitness Center. Be sure to make your check out
to the Silver Foxes and include contact information (name,
address, email address, phone number and SCA number).
We welcome your feedback and can be reached at
e Singles Club is a great resource for men and women who
nd themselves in need of nding new friends to do things with.
Regardless of the situation that caused you to be single, you are
sure to nd others in our club with whom you can relate. Join-
ing the club is easy and the dues are just $10 per year. You can
sign up to join the Singles Club at our social events, which we call
T-Time, held on the rst and third Friday of each month, usually
at Buckmans Grille from 5:00 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. Eileen Shepardson
is our membership chair and she has sign-up sheets at each of our
T-Times. You can also call her at (702) 269-8151. Please note that
there will be a change in venue for one of our upcoming T-Times.
On Friday, May 5, we will be meeting at Giuseppes Bar & Grille
Henderson, located at 2630 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy.
When you come to one of our T-Time events, you will
be greeted by our welcoming committee, chaired by Joan
Weinberger. You will also be able to pick up a monthly
calendar and see what upcoming events have been planned.
Some of the upcoming events include a trip to the Top Golf
facility in May and to the Winery in Pahrump. ere are
several special interest groups including cooking groups and
games groups. For those who enjoy dancing, there is a group that
goes to South Point every Wednesday night from 6:00 p.m. to 9:00
p.m. e band Deja Vu plays and the admission is just $5, which
includes a drink and $5 free slot machine play with your Players
e Singles Club board meets the rst Tuesday of each
month at 5:30 p.m. in Anthem Center. If you would like more
information on the Singles Club or our activities, you can
either call the club president, Joe Madrid, at (702) 454-7478
or send an email to the club secretary, Donna Costa, at We hope you will join us!
e Soball Club invites all SCA residents to join in the fun.
Men and women, if you enjoy playing slow-pitch soball, come
watch for a time or two – or better still, bring baseball shoes, a
glove and a bat and start playing. e club will provide a bat if
you don’t have one. You can play up to three times free to see
whether you still enjoy the game. Aer the third time, we will ask
you to join the club and pay $35 ($17.50 aer July 1) annual dues
to continue playing.
A typical day at the eld starts with individual warm-up,
usually stretching and running and then a little throwing.
Aer that, we have batting practice for around one-half hour
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 69
before dividing into between two to four teams, depending on
the number of players on any given day. We are usually at the eld
for around three hours.
We play Tuesday and Friday mornings at a City of Henderson
park. Most of the time were at Anthem Hills Park, which is right
down the hill from us – head north on Anthem Parkway, make a
right at the light at Reunion, turn le just before the Del E. Webb
Middle School, make the next le into the park. On your right,
you’ll see a lamppost sign that says “Field 1”… go up the hill to
the eld. Sometimes the City of Henderson moves us to another
park, which is usually Vivaldi Park on Seven Hills Drive.
For start times and to verify locations, contact John Paul
Molfetta at (702) 361-4572 or Also check
our website at www.scaso
You must sign the application/release form before you can
play. It’s on the website. You can bring it with you on your rst
visit, if you like. If you need more information, email club
president, John Paul Molfetta, at, or call
him at (702) 361-4572.
e Spotlight Club continues with preparations for our
maiden production, “On e Road Again.” Tickets are on sale for
all three shows: ursday, June 1; Saturday, June 3; and Sunday,
June 4 – get yours today!
We are now doing full run-throughs and have entered the
very exciting phase of adding all the sound, lighting, props and
costuming. ere are 46 people in the cast of this show, with a
total of 227 costumes! And what costumes they are – were
including some photos this month of our bevy of showgirls,
just to give you a sneak peek at how amazing this show looks.
e day of this photo shoot, we also took our showgirls to the
“Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas” sign, where they caused quite
a stir among the tourists visiting that day! Everyone went crazy
taking photos and video and were mighty impressed to hear that
this was a group of seniors – SCA was represented in great style
that aernoon!
Showgirls at the Welcome to Las Vegas sign
Grace Liang
Speaking of costumes, our behind-the-scenes prole this
month is Spotlights costume coordinator, Grace Liang. Grace was
raised in Hong Kong, where her sewing interest began in the fourth
grade under the inuence of her domestic science teacher, she
continued taking designing, pattern-draing and sewing classes.
Grace loves the challenge of making intricate clothes and says she
can’t do without her sewing machine! In addition to making many
of Spotlights costumes, Grace has proven to be a “super shop-
per,” spending countless hours online searching out the best deals
from hats to shoes and everything in between! As if this werent
enough to keep her busy, Grace is also part of the Spotlight dance
70 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
Strategy Games Club meets twice
a week for gaming at the Liberty
Center Multipurpose Rooms -- playing
Mondays, noon to 4:00 p.m. and
ursdays 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Come
by and try our games before formally
joining the club. Annual dues are $10.
Guests are always welcome.
Escape Room Event -- We are going to schedule an Escape
Room evening event for May or June. An escape room is for
groups of 6-8 people who are ‘locked’ in a room for one hour.
eir goal is to use clues to solve puzzles and get out of the room
before time runs out. Each escape room has a unique theme. For
example, a room might be in a Pharaohs tomb or the oce of a
loan shark.
Uptown -- is months photos show “Uptown” being played.
Uptown is easier to learn than checkers. Uptown can be taught
in less than 10 minutes but oers lots of opportunity for strategic
play. On your turn, you play one tile (from the ve tiles in your
rack) to the 9x9 grid game board and then draw a tile to replace
the just-played tile…thats it. e objective of the game is to have
the fewest groups on the board.
company and performs in our shows. Grace and her husband
Eric are the proud parents of two sons. When not busy with
all her Spotlight duties, Grace enjoys oil and watercolor painting
and traveling.
Our March workshop was held at Liberty Center and was
conducted by club member Frosty Forcheskie. Frosty, a
barbershop harmony singer for more than 25 years, led the group
in a spirited session devoted to learning barbershop harmony.
In addition, attendees learned about the history of barbershop
singing, received a lot of great performing tips and by the end of
the evening, were singing beautiful four-part harmony.
If you have the desire to advance your theater arts skills, by
learning from and working with some of the areas best, join
us today! Dues are only $10 and will give you access to our
ongoing workshops and mentoring programs. Email us today
Looking at the close-up photo of the game board, the yellow
player is currently losing with 2 groups on the game board. is
overview of Uptown shows you how easy it is to play. Simple to
learn, lots of game-play strategy…makes for fun!
Our club mission is to create a friendly environment where
people can learn to play and enjoy a variety of strategy games.
We will teach all who show up as many new strategy games as
they desire, but we recognize that many may just want to play
their favorites, which is just ne. Each meeting you can play easy
new games or just play old favorites like Rummikub, Mexican
train, Sequence or canasta. Our club owns 20 dierent games.
Most of these games can be taught in about 10 minutes. If you are
Spotlight Showgirls
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 71
March 30 game night
interested in more involved games, we have six games that are
rated more complex than mah jongg, backgammon, Scrabble,
canasta or pinochle.
While some people interpret “strategy games” as being “hard
that is not true. “Strategy games” refers to games where the use
of logic or the understanding of probable outcomes is more
important than luck. We nd strategy games to be a great way to
enjoy each other’s company and at the same time kick-start some
brain cells.
Also check our Facebook page to see when we make plans
to go out to dinner and then play games at the restaurant aer
dinner. We have found that “games and drinks” can cause lots of
laughter. You can meet us at the restaurant. We plan to schedule a
dinner about once a month.
For more information: Doug Chorey at (425) 802-4718 or Web:
Facebook: Check our Facebook
page to see additional weekend gaming opportunities.
e Anthem Table Tennis Club has
reserved the following club times at
Independence Hall:
Aerobics Room:
Monday, Wednesday and Friday: 6:00
p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Tuesday and ursday: 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Saturday and Sunday: 12:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Fitness Room:
Monday, Wednesday, ursday and Friday: 5:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Tuesday: 7:15 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Saturday: 12:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Sunday: 10:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
e Table Tennis Club will accommodate all Anthem
members and their guests, regardless of their skill level. Table
Tennis is a great sport for all individuals who want to have fun
while improving their hand-eye coordination. Our annual dues
is only $5.
We held our Spring Club luncheon and Tournament in March
and pictures from that event are included. Upcoming events
include monthly training workshops, a mixer with Sun City
Summerlin and weekly round robin singles.
Club members have access to a table tennis ball machine,
called a robot, which can help players improve their skills and
work on a multitude of dierent strokes at varying speeds.
Finally, to receive email announcements from our club, please
send us a note at
72 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
e spring calendar for the
Sun City Anthem Womens Club
is in full swing! A capacity crowd
of 600 people attended our
major fundraiser of the year at
the M Resort Spa Casino on
April 21. “An Aernoon in New
York” kicked o with a wide va-
riety of spectacular rae items
that guests vied for, as well as
a jewelry silent auction that
Four teams from SCA are competing
in the 55-and-Over 7.0 League. Here are
the results aer the rst four matches:
SCA Team #4, captained by Joyce Barr,
is undefeated and is in rst place. Team
#2, captained by Josie Baker, is 3-1. Team
#3 (Karin Bridges, captain) and Team
#1 (Pam Cox, captain) are further be-
hind but are enjoying the challenges with
much ofthe long season still to be played.
In March, ve SCA Tennis Club players joined three others
from Siena, Summerlin and Louisville, KY to compete as “e
Las Vegas Bling” in the 65-and-Over Womens 3.5 division of the
PNB Paribas Senior Cup in Indian Wells, CA. e Senior Cup is a
featured event at the conclusion of the famous PNB Paribas Open
tournament, widely considered in the tennis world as “e Fih
Grand Slam.
e Bling captain, Josie Baker, has brought a team to Indian
Wells almost every year for the past two decades. Captain Baker
reports that e Bling nished in the middle of the pack this year,
but more signicantly, had a ne tennis holiday in the beautiful
Coachella Valley just outside Palm Springs, California.
featured beautiful baubles. e Milan Ballroom was transformed
into a New York City fantasy, complete with the famous New
York City skyline, Lady Liberty and yellow taxi cabs! Kudos to
the members of the Raes and Decorations Committees for their
hard work and creativity! ey are an amazing group of volunteers
for the Womens Club. Popular Strip headliners, “e Bronx Wan-
derers,” electried the audience with their memorable renditions
of many hits of the decades from the 50s on. ey really brought
down the house with their amazing vocals and harmony. All pro-
ceeds benetted Aprils designated charity, Grant a Gi Autism
Foundation, a local non-prot organization that serves over 4,000
individuals per year. Penn Gaming, owners of the M Resort, gen-
erously matched the funds raised. Special thanks are extended to
the many sponsors and advertisers who supported our published
program. Wittman Capital was the event sponsor for the second
year in a row. All in all, it was a very successful event.
Christine Maddela, Emmy Award winning FOX5 Evening
News anchor, will be the featured guest speaker for our May
11 luncheon to be held in the Anthem Center Ballroom. Ms.
Maddelas presentation will focus upon our strength as women
and how we can overcome hardship and loss. She was recently
named a 2017 Vegas Inc. 40 Under 40 honoree and the American
Bar Association tapped her as one of 19 nalists in the United
States for the 2017 Silver Gavel Award for Media and the Arts.
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 73
Cant make the May luncheon? How about attending our May
Mini Event? Our bus will depart the Anthem Center on May
23 at 9:30 a.m. So, plan on arriving no later than 9:15 a.m. and
returning about 1:00 p.m. We will be touring the County Museum
with lots to see and do. Seating is limited so book your seat early.
With summer months upon us, weve got you covered with lots
of mini events running from June to August. Fun venues include
restaurant lunches, bingo at Green Valley Ranch and more. So
come join us for summer fun…can’t wait to be with you!
For further information on membership in the SCAWC,
please visit our website Everyone is welcome to join
our social and service club. We remind everyone that there will
be no luncheons for June, July or August. Luncheons will resume
in September. ere will, however, continue to be mini events
during the summer.
By Paula Cartier
Spring is a great time of year to start
a new project because the weather in
Southern Nevada is still relatively mild.
But, Doug Gab starts projects
continually throughout the year
whether the weather is cooperative or not. Doug is the shop
project manager for the SCA Woodchips Club. And, in case
residents are unaware, any resident in Sun City Anthem has the
opportunity to enlist the services of the woodchip woodworking
club for just about any woodworking project large or small.
Doug became a permanent resident in Sun City Anthem in
June of 2016. He and his wife Michelle moved to the desert from
the big island of Hawaii. Doug’s background is in construction
and as a contractor in Hawaii, he had been involved with both
new construction and remodels, in both the commercial and
residential arena. Additionally, he owned and operated a garage
door company.
As the “general contractor” for large projects (ie. anything
over $300), Doug organizes the talent within the Woodchips to
get the job done. And, there is no doubt, Sun City Anthem has
some of the best woodworkers in the business; Richie Gusiko,
Dave Sears, Chris Gadda, Scott Sturman, just to name a few.
Both Richie Gusiko and Dave Sears taught woodworking for a
living, and combined, have over 50 years of experience. ey can
denitely do the work to perfection, but also mentor others who
have questions or are just starting out. Chris Gadda is an ex-
pert drasman and can design just about any plan a person can
mentally conjure up. Scott Sturman owned a family cabinet
business and knows cabinetry, as well as artistry on the lathe. And,
the list goes on.
I found while interviewing Doug, he is extremely proud of his
fellow woodworkers and very unassuming of his own talent. He is
very quick to put others in the limelight. But members have seen
his work and know his capabilities and attention to detail, which
is why the Woodchips board knew they asked the right person to
be the shop project manager.
Just a note about your home project: Keep in mind that certain
small projects take the same amount of time as the larger ones. A
box is still a box, regardless of the size. It may use more materi-
al, but it still requires the same man-hours to build. e custom
work done by the Woodchips is just that, “custom.” Its not a piece
from a store that lls the space. Rather, its a custom piece that
actually ts the space, designed by you, the customer. Because the
Woodchips Club is keenly aware of its senior population, the
price is based on the cost of the materials and the man-hours
involved. Once the work is nished, it is installed by the
Woodchips woodworkers.
If you haven’t visited the wood shop lately, come by and take a
look at the unbelievable creativity that exists in your community.
Doug Gab helping with project
Ned Fouste, Dave Sears and Chris Gadda working on a shop project
Dave Sears and Ned Fouste starting the entertainment center
74 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
By Phil Schlaeger
To this day, Mike Busch doesn’t know how it
happened. All he remembers is that it was one
of those dark, scary nights where the only light
youd see from the cockpit of your Huey came
from the guns of the Viet Cong.
It was December, 1963, Mikes rst time
piloting a UH-1 Huey at night under enemy re. But the young
Army aviator had beneted from his strenuous stateside training.
Mike Busch kept his wits.
“Maybe we should y over the water,” he suggested to
Maj. James Ahlred, sitting next to him in the cockpit. Ahlred
quickly agreed.
Mike Busch, Veterans Club guest speaker on May 9
A Huey supporting troops in Vietnam
A Huey machine gunner
e next thing Mike remembers is gagging and choking on the
cold salt water of the South China Sea. e Huey was gone, lost
forever. Ahlred was dying, bleeding from a hideously broken leg
and a punctured lung. One of the machine gunners was already
dead. e other was thrashing wildly in the water. Now panicked,
he fought Mikes desperate eorts to save him.
“I thought he was going to drown me with him,” Mike recalls.
Somehow, Mike got his boots o, tore o his ak jacket and
kicked his way to the surface, gasping for breath. In the distance,
he could make out a mountain, maybe a mile away. Alone and
shivering, he began swimming toward it.
During the Vietnam War, one out of every 18 helicopter
pilots never made it home alive. Somehow, Mike Busch would
live to tell his harrowing tale, a chilling story of survival. e
SCA resident will share his story Tuesday evening, May 9 in
Anthem Centers Delaware Room.
Mikes narrative will be the highlight of the SCA Veterans
Clubs meeting that night. You’re invited to grab a seat and
join us as our guest. e monthly meeting begins at 7:00 p.m.
However, youll want to come before 6:15 p.m., as the Delaware
Room promises to be packed for a special catered meal courtesy
of Green Valley Ranch Resort.
You’ll want to mark June 13 on your calendar, too. Our
guest speaker next month will be Dr. Arnold Stalk, founder
and director of Las Vegas’ highly-acclaimed Veterans Village.
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 75
Interest Groups
This column is a listing for groups with interests or
hobbies outside the scope of existing SCA clubs. Residents
may use this list to connect with like-minded people. Listings
expire at the end of one calendar year and renewal requests
must be received by November 15 to be continued in the
following years listing. Inquiries for new or renewed listings
should be sent to:
detailing the following information:
Your full name and membership number
Your contact information (telephone number
and/or email address)
Name of the subject, special interest group of
activity you wish to have listed.
Please note that listings of businesses or for-prot groups
will not be considered.
Raiders’ Fans, Omega Edwards
Aloha, Hana Perry ...................
LGBT & Friends Pride, Tony Ptak
Sheepshead, Diane Collins
A UH-1 Huey helicopter on mission in Vietnam
Maybe youve been downtown to Veterans Village, maybe
youve seen how much is being done to help veterans who, for
some reason, have fallen through cracks in the system. Since 2012,
Veterans Village has helped more than 37,000 veterans get back
on their feet. It gives them more than just a place to stay. It gives
them a computer job bank, job referrals and access to medical
care, food and clothing, too.
Veterans Village ts in with our mission of helping veterans,
their families and our troops on active duty. ats why were
proud to add it to the list of veterans’ organizations to receive
funding from the Veterans Club.
We’ll have more about Veterans Village in the next issue
of Spirit.
Are you a veteran? No matter what you did in your time
on active duty, we urge you to step forward and talk about your
service in a one-on-one televised interview on SCA-TV.
Make sure youre a part of the recorded Freedom Is Not Free
interview series. Contact Bill Campbell, the show’s producer at
(702) 263-9302 or
To date, interviews have been conducted with over 100
vets. Bill says you can click on to witness their
remarkable stories.
Lastly, remember you do not have to be a veteran to join the
Veterans Club. All you need is love of country. We hope to see
you at the sign-up table at the May 9 meeting.
What did you do
in the Army, Grandpa?
Whether you were in the Army, Navy, Air
Force, Marine Corps or Coast Guard, your
military service is an important story. It
reveals a lot about our country...and a lot
about you. We invite you to share your story
with the community, as well as your family
and friends. Contact producer Bill Campbell,
(702) 524-1428 or to record
a televised interview on Freedom Is Not Free.
76 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
Service Directory
Eli’s Air Conditioning / (702) 327-7850
A/C, heating, repair/maintenance, new units, bonded/insured. Lic. #72945.
On the Spot Air / (702) 713-7912
Air conditioning and heating. Senior and military discount. Lic. #0081009.
Superior Heating & Air LLC / (702) 324-7597
All repairs, senior/military discount. Lic. #0081503.
CAR SERVICE _________________________
Elite Car Service / (702) 835-2513
Airport pickup and delivery. Licensed and insured. SCA resident.
CAREGIVER __________________________
Cynthia Raub / (702) 352-7622
25+ years experience in care giving. Doctor appointments, shopping,
cooking, cleaning, bathing. Can work with long-term care insurance.
CARPET CLEANING __________________
ProCLEAN Premium Carpet & Tile Cleaning /
(702) 871-0602
Hendersons #1 Carpet Cleaner since 1985. Licensed and insured.
"Make carpets fresh and uy again."
DOG WALKING _______________________
Pawsitively Terric / (702) 762-7278
SCA resident – 11 years. Low rates. Call Gary for more Information.
ELECTRICIAN ________________________
TBM Electric / (702) 277-5031
Anthem resident. Family owned and locally operated. Licensed, bonded
and insured. Accredited A+ rating with the BBB. Call Michael for your free
estimate on all your electrical needs. Lic. #70592
New Venture Electric / (702) 580-1414
Anthem resident, SCA discount. Family owned/operated. GFI’s, smoke
detectors, security lighting and much more! Licensed and insured.
Free estimates. Call Steve or Brad. Lic. #72389
Pacic Electric / (702) 433-8777
24-hour service, satisfaction guaranteed. Free estimates. Anthem discount.
www.Paci Lic. #23856.
Penny Electric / (702) 279-6040
24/7 Emergency Service. Repair and replace, Safety First devices, GFI’s.
Breakers, ceiling fan install, light xture, Security Motion Lights. Lic #74758.
Electric Service Company / (702) 736-4040
Repairs, troubleshooting, lighting, new installs, LED. Senior discount.
Lic. # 81868.
ESTATE SALES ________________________
New Beginnings / (702) 203-7471
SCA Resident, licensed, professional service. Call Brenda Castleforte.
Merrill Lynch / (702) 547-2903
Trustee services, mortgages and lending. Aaron DelSignore, vice
Charles Schwab & Co., Inc. / (702) 269-7077
Retirement/Investing. SCA resident.
Scott Citron:
A-1 Furniture Stripping and Renishing / (702) 270-3955
Color changes, repairs, touch-ups. FREE ESTIMATES!
GARAGE DOORS ______________________
All Access Garage / (702) 882-1320
Honest pricing. No gimmicks. Broken springs replaced. Full service on
doors and motors. $15 o for SCA. NCL #0066752A.
Precision Garage / (702) 361-8455
Door and opener sales and service. Open 24/7. Senior discount.
Veteran Garage Doors / (702) 761-3818
Same day service. Free estimates. No extra charge for nights and
weekends. All work guaranteed. Senior discounts. Lic. #79862.
HANDYMAN SERVICES ________________
We Can Do It / (702) 582-9120
Repairs, replacements, installations, organizing. All electronics – TVs,
remotes, computers, smart-phone setup, training, more. Reliable,
trustworthy. Locally owned and licensed. 10% SCA discount.
Handyman Don / (702) 332-1490
20 years experience painting, minor plumbing, electrical and more.
All Henderson Handyman / (702) 595-7646
Complete home maintenance. www.
HOME WATCHERS ____________________
Anthem Home Watchers / (702) 706-3301
Full or modied home watching services for absentee, seasonal or
vacationing homeowners. We live in SCA. Lic. #105092.
HOUSE CLEANING ____________________
A Clean Getaway LLC / (702) 373-8396
Free estimates. Family owned and operated. Lic. #2015301524.
Pro Senior Cleaning Services / (702) 875-3535
First cleaning company catering exclusively to the seniors of Las Vegas!
Reliable, trustworthy, honest! House cleaning, carpet and grout cleaning,
window cleaning, garage and driveway power wash!
Cleaning Fairies / (562) 421-2243
SCA Resident. A Boutique cleaning service. Licensed, bonded and insured.
Call for estimate or text (562) 335-8672. Reasonable pricing.
INSULATION __________________________
First Quality Roong and Insulation / (702) 262-7847
Free estimates. Lic. #54563.
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 77
Service Directory
SCACAI neither endorses nor promotes
any of the products or services
advertised herein and assumes
no responsibility or liability
for the statements made.
INSURANCE __________________________
Farmers Insurance / (702) 529-2600
Protect your greatest assets with a local insurance agency you can count
on. Home, auto, umbrella, life, annuities, investments and more!
Discounts for veterans, multi policy and safe drivers.
Hunter Insurance / (702) 335-6428
"Your Medicare Advantage and Medicare Supplement Specialist."
Call or email Cindy Hunter at
KITCHEN & BATHS ___________________
metrichome / (702) 685-0126
Kitchen, bath, renovations. We believe value comes from design.
Cabinetry and custom furniture.
Free Consultation.
LANDSCAPING _______________________
Aquarius Landscaping / (702) 459-6625
All phases of landscaping, cleanup & maintenance, custom landscapes.
41 years in business. Lic. #19009.
LAWN SERVICE _______________________
SOS Lawn Service / (702) 372-9479
Lawn service/maintenance, landscape, deep-root fertilizing. Call Shane.
PAINTING / DRYWALL ________________
Southwest Drywall / (702) 262-7847
Small and medium repairs. Free estimates. Lic. #54563.
PERSONAL ASSISTANT ________________
All About Time / (702) 897-4416
Will chaueur you anywhere: shopping, doctors, errands and more.
Available for house sitting. Call Lisa or Robert.
PEST CONTROL ______________________
PCI - Pest Control, Inc. / (702) 228-4394
Free rst treatment ~Guaranteed Results~ Low cost. Anthems primary
pest control provider. Lic. # 4632.
Anthem Pest Control / (702) 566-7057
Owner/Operator proudly serving Anthem since 1998. Monthly, every
other month, quarterly and one time visits available. Residential and
commercial. No service contract required.
Sun Country Pest Services / (702) 263-7346
Licensed, insured. SCA resident.
Amazon Pest Control / (702) 558-3730
No start-up fee. Monthly starting at $28. Three month minimum. Licensed
and insured.
PHYSICAL THERAPY __________________
Athleticare Physical Therapy / (702) 263-3802
Personalized care. See our ad in this magazine.
PLUMBING ___________________________
Badger Plumbing LLC / (702) 423-0906
SCA resident, senior discount. Lic. #74880
Jack Dish Plumbing / (702) 283-2320
All residential plumbing service. Repair or installation. 24 hours.
Family owned and operated since 1977. Lic. #57046.
Superior Plumbing & Drain LLC / (702) 478-9643
All repairs, senior/military discount. - Lic. #0079995.
Dyno Plumbing / (702) 434-6976
10% senior and military discount.
Atlas Plumbing / (702) 385-3656
At last a plumber. Established 1980. Lic. #19707.
“Your Favorite Realtor” - Wanda Gabriel / (702) 769-2632
SCA Resident. BHHS Nevada Properties. 20 yrs. Full-time Professional
Realtor. Your goals are my goals. Communication • Staging • Excellence.
ROOFING ____________________________
First Quality Roong / (702) 262-7847
Roong and insulation. Free estimates. Lic. #54563.
SUN CONTROL _______________________
Dropshades / (702) 577-3913
Retractable patio shades. Solar screens installation and repair.
Senior discounts. Lic. #71496.
Fast Track Solar Blinds & Shutters / (702) 409-4600
Senior and Military discount (FREE ESTIMATES) owner operated.
A Rated Better Business and 5 star on Yelp.
TAX PREPARATION ___________________
Michael Bergman / (702) 270-2593
SCA resident, 40 years experience in CA, all states. NV #20121333705.
WINDOW CLEANING _________________
All Washed Up Window Cleaning Service / (702) 273-9500
$10 OFF expert window cleaning. Shampoo screens, clean sills\tracks, pow-
er wash garages/driveways. Lic. #2012138340. FREE ESTIMATE… Call Now!
Anthem Window Cleaning / (702) 557-2461
Professional, Reliable, Aordable. Fully insured, licensed, bonded.
28 years exp. Call Randy for phone estimate.
Window Genie of East Las Vegas / (702) 572-2499
Security lm, window tinting, professional window cleaning & pressure
washing. Nationally ranked franchise, locally owned, licensed and insured.
78 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017
May 2017 | Sun City Anthem | 79
80 | Sun City Anthem | May 2017