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By: Robert Scalere III


Dedicated to my Mom, Who carries the food into the refrigerator.

    Have you ever arose from sleep in the middle of the night because you couldn't sleep and you were starving? If you have, you know where you and 94% of the world would have probably went, the refrigerator. Re•frig•er•a•tor - Noun: “An appliance for food and drinks to keep them cool.

You use this piece of equipment for every meal of the day, it hold numerous things, which 6 i'll be mentioning now. So sit back relax and snatch your refrigerated snack, and let's learn about 6 refrigerated foods.



Cows, the first farm animal you can probably think of is responsible for this delicious drink and ingredient called milk.

How Did that Milk get into your Refrigerator?

Farmers would prepare a field for the cows to graze on and become ready to be milked. 


Then farmers would squeeze the milk out of the udders with a machine that can suck up to 20 different cow udders! Then farmers would carry bucket by bucket to a factory.


    After that all the good milk we be produced in 3 different ways, Pasteurization, homogenization and preparation.


     Then the helpers would package up the milk into plastic or paper cartons and sell them to us at supermarkets.


How did that soda get into your Refrigerator?

That maybe 10 liter bottle of soda that was probably used for parties was a favorite. But it was made in a special process.


     First the workers would make plastic bottles and pour carbonated water and syrup into a large bowl. Also in the bowl workers would insert lots of sugar and caramel coloring.



      After they would mix the bowl and pour it into the bottles, But wait! We forgot the fizz! The workers would put the fizz we enjoy in soda.


On the bottles the workers would add the cap insert and construct the cap. They would insert glue and stick the brand label on it too.



And after that they would package it, put he bottles in 6x6 boxes or lonley 10 liter bottles, and transport by truck to the markets.


How did those eggs get into your refrigerator?

The largest single celled organism, it came from another common farm animal, its known for a super popular food in diners. If you guessed Eggs, then you are right. If you thought eggs came from chickens and into the carton, not correct. Theres a longer process,


Workers would bring loads of chickens from farms. Then lock them up in cages with protein and water for them to drink and eat.


When all the chickens laid eggs, the workers would sort out the nasty from the clean eggs, whatever was dirty, they would clean. And not be thrown out.



They would refrigerate the eggs for 48 hours and test their shell for how stable it was, if they didn't pass they would be thrown out. After the eggs were packed with a machine and refrigerated again.


Then the workers would load the truck with all the eggs. The driver would drive to markets with the eggs to be sold.


The workers would collect chickpeas from farms and load them one crate at a time into the truck.


How Did That Hummus Get Into Your Refrigerator?

Then they would steam the chickpeas so they can be squishy. After the workers would stack them all up and steam them, a second time.



Then they would dump all the peas into a tank and add spices, the peas would sit there cooking at a high temperature so the peas could turn into a mushy like substance.


The peas would be tested by the workers, then they would make boxes out of plastic and form them into a cup like structure, then they would dry glue a label with the company named brand on it.


Then the workers would take each hummus cup and put each little box into a large crate. After they would put crate by crate into a storage truck with carries and transports the hummus to a super market.

How did that Cherry Jam get into my Refrigerator?

Cherry Jam is an all time favorite on lots of things, like bread on a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, or on a fresh piece of toast, or maybe a bagel, what ever it is on, its still a all favorite with an intresting process.


The workers would place a huge sheet under a cherry tree. Then they would shake the tree and collect the cherries to the factory.


The workers would peirce the pits out of the cherries with the stem. And afterwards dumped them into a large pot.



While they were in the pot, every 1 kg of cherries, they would add 1kg of sugar. Wow! Also they would stir, and add pectin which makes the jelly, jelly.


After a worker would sample test the jam to see if they have to do it over. If it passes it is bundled into a jar and then it it sent to us, if it fails is is thrown out.


This wonderful sauce is used with many people and is a 5 star too, its used in lots of fast food. This awesome dip was made by uits one main ingredent, topmato paste.

How Did That Ketchup Get Into Your Refrigerator?


Workers would test loads of it. If it passed, they would roll the bin of passed tomato paste to a machine that sucks the paste and spouts it into a large pot where it it cooked. The cooking time was always sacred.



Each company does it a different way because the ketchup business is largly competitive. When cooking the workers would add spices to flavor it.


An aligning machine would align bottles for the ketchup to enter, then on the bottles they would add a ring to the long part that stays there on the bottle until someone takes it off.


The ketchup bottles would be refrigerated for about a day, then they would be packaged into large boxes, and one by one, they would place the boxes into a shipping truck, so they can be sold to us.

From Milk to ketchup there are hundreds of other things to be put in a fridge. So whatever you have in your fridge, think about how it was brought to the supermarket, and into your fridge.


This part is the machine to the refrigerator that can dispence ice cubes, crushed ice cubes, water, and it can reset the ice storage, which is right above the actual machine inside the fridge that opens up when you need something inside.

And this is the main refrigerator, the storage that holds the foods that need to be cooled, but not to cooled, like beverages, and most foods you know. This would be the main door on a refrigerator.

This is the freezer, It is connected to the refrigerator time to time, it stores extra ice, frozen foods, microwaved foods, some desserts, and veggies. This part of the fridge is also the most cold.

This is probably where the ice machine is, inside, it saves ice cubes that you would buy, you can also store crushed ice and water in there for the other buttons, but usually its ice. The ice would get in set when you click the ice button, and as same for the others.

Mountain Dew Soda became the first sponser for the first ever X-Games which was in 1996.

Around the 1800s, ketchup was considered a medicine.

Very old versions on ketchup were not made of tomatoes.

Hummus can protect you from having cancer.

Chickpeas were in this world for over 7000 years.

Spinning an egg can help you tell if its hard boiled or not.

The citrus preserves of jam is called marmalade.

An Egg is the largest single celled organism.

Food Facts!