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Accomodations I could make for Low IQ students in my classroom would be visual pictures to help them understand what they need to do.

Accomodations I could make for LD students in my classroom would be to provide lower level reading materials for them and allow extra time to complete tasks.

Accomodations I could make for Developmental Disability students in my classroom for example an Autism student would be to provide a detailed visual schedule and allow choice times between activities for them to relax and tune out the rest of the class for a short time. Their brains are on overload so much of the time that allowing them some down time has proven to be effective for me with the Autism students I work with currently.

Developmental Disability

  • Examples of developmental disabilities would be Autism, Downs Syndrome.
  • Downs syndrome children share common facial features
  • Downs syndrome is caused by an extra chromosome. Life expectancy is between 50-60.
  • Autism ASD individuals with Autism hear everything going on around them at the same noise level. They have trouble with social skills and are often referred to as being in their own world.
  • Autism students may scream, try to get away, jump around, flap arms.

LD is defined as learning disability

  • 41 % of all students receiving special education services are defined as LD.
  • deficits in language and reading.
  • neurological condition that interferes with the ability to process, store, or produce information.
  • affects ability to read, write, spell, compute math, reason, attention, memory, social skills, and emotional maturity.


Intellectual Functioning is defined as having a low IQ. 

  • IQ is between 70-75
  • originates before age of 18
  • affects intelligence



Developmental, Intellectual, and Learning Disabilities