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The Bad Bad Wizard

By:  Sawyer Scatherd

Dedicated to 

My family

One day in the rain forest a wizard was hiding behind a tree and sawyer and yathu were walking close to the tree.

Then the wizard jumped out from behind the tree and said ha ha! Then the wizard turned yathu into a frog.

Then Sawyer took the wizards magic wand and with a few magic word he truned yathu into a person again.  Then yathu climbed a tree and jumped on the wizards hat. Oh I forgot......

that the wizard fell down.  Then sawyer and yathu  started to look around.  After we were done looking around

We went to the car and drove to ST.JEROME and it was recess and we played wallball.

The End

About the author

Name: Sawyer scatcherd

Age: 6

what I like the most to do is: Play on the I pad

My favourite book is: chapter books

My best subject at school is: PhysEd because i like running around

Hobbies: I like dancing and playing football and hockey

When I grow up I want to be a football player

This book is about the adventures of Sawyer and yathu on a adventure that takes them to the rain forest.