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TCD Savvy Change Leader Program

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Weekly 90-minute Live Sessions62 page Change Leader Guide & 8 Leader ToolsWeekly instructional videosA private online platform to access the toolset andguides, pose questions and discuss the materialDESCRIPTIONUsing a simulation approach, business leaders becomepart of a fictitious company to practice techniques.New concepts are introduced each week and build onprevious concepts as the change progresses.SCHEDULESavvy ChangeLeader ProgramA five-week virtual leadership training programfor leaders interested in taking care of theirpeople and leveling-up their skills, tools andtechniques in Change Leadership. 1Week 1: Create Your Change StoryLearn how to keep your leadership team aligned andready to communicate using a simple and highly-effective communication technique.2Week 2: Find Your Change InfluencersLearn to identify the biggest influencers of change andlearn how to bring them along and empower them toparticipate or even lead the change with you.3Week 3: Identify the Best Change MetricsLearn how to use three types of metrics to know howthe change is progressing, and then decide your nextsteps.4Week 4: Act on the FeedbackLearn how to use the feedback you get during change tomonitor how it’s landing with your people; interpret it,assess the risk and decide what to do.5Week 5: Lead, Even a Change You Dislike (and win foryour people!)Finally, learn how to lead in this situation and get thebest possible outcome for you, your people, yourcustomers and your

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Roxanne Brown is a well-knownchange expert with more than 20years of experience in technology,policy and culture change, andrelated disciplines. She’s also theformer Board President of theAssociation of Change ManagementProfessionals (ACMP). Roxanne'sthinking has inspired companies tolook at business change as a leverfor strengthening culture.Ed Cook is an experienced leader ofteams and large organizations. He’s aformer Navy pilot who spent a yearin Iraq nation-building. Ed is also aProfessor at the University ofRichmond, teaching graduate andundergraduate level Analytics in theRobins School of Business.+1804-506-0403joy@thechangedecision.com2920 West Broad St, Suite 107Richmond, VA 23230Your InstructorsQUESTIONSHow much time do I need to dedicate?Each week you receive a brief video to watch before the 90-minute Live Session. After eachLive Session you receive a video to walk you through a quick exercise to try before the nextweek’s Live Session.What happens if I miss a Live Session?Each Live Session is recorded and available on the learning system so you can catch up on whatwas covered. Your instructors are also available to meet with you to answer questions.A high-end, high-quality course.Much more than expected.- Debra, Fortune 500 bankexecutiveExcellent content. A practical andthorough approach to change. Highlyrecommend!- Erin, CEO, small businessmarketing firmOur NPS was 88! Our benchmark is>45.97%. 97% said the course metor exceeded their expectations. Thisis much higher than usual. Thankyou!- Mos', Director of Learning,Fortune 200 software firmI never thought about leadingchange this way. It's just what Ineeded.- Josh, Data Analysis, electriccooperative utility

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