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Amazon Rainforest

BY Savannah Belton

 (Table of contents)

page 2: the soultion of the amazon 

page 4; problem of the amazon

page 6: inventions 

page 8: about the author

The soultion is that we should tell people not to cute down trees anymore beacues if we dont have anymore tre es we cant breath or have oxygen to survive and the animals need those trees to have a home to stay away from predators.and we should make iventions to prevent things from happening like cutting down trees or other things that harm the earth or animals.


The problems of the amazon


the problem is that people have been cutting down the animals trees and the less the trees we wont have air to breath. from my reading people have been building things in the amazon that does not belong there at all and its not fair for the other animals. what if they have babies a predator will eat that baby cause there in the open where they can see it.