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Samuel L Jackson's life story.

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Samuel L Jackson
By Darius Scott
Humble Beginnings
Samuel Leroy Jackson was born in Washington, DC, but had grown up with his
grandmother in Chattanooga, Tennessee. There he and his grandmother were
subject to racial discrimination, which had become an active part in his life.
The Stage
Before Samuel L Jackson had become a movie star, he had many roles in
theatrical plays in civil injustices for African Americans to mostly white crowds. In
1967 he had entered the HBCU Morehouse College and had become enthralled
with the Black Power movement.
No More Peaceful Protests
Once Martin Luther King Junior was assassinated, it had caused a spark in civil
outrage. Jackson and some of his colleagues had taken members of the board of
trustees at Morehouse hostage and locked them in one of the buildings,
demanding more African Americans be allowed onto the board. While eventually
more black members were accepted onto the board, Samuel and the rest of the
men involved were promptly expelled for their actions.
Moving On
After a year of fighting for the Black Power cause, Samuel had calmed and tested
back in to Morehouse where he had completed his education. After completing his
education, Jackson had moved to New York to pursue his acting career. It was
well known that there was high demand for talented black actors in New York, and
Samuel was looking for a more diverse role than simply the angry black man.
Big Break
After living in New York for a while, Samuel had made some connections with
some soon to be famous people such as Spike Lee who would influence his
career dramatically. Samuel would have become most famous for his portrayal of
a character named Gator, who was a crack addict in Spike Lee’s very own Jungle
Fever. His award winning job was no anomaly. He had played the part so well
because until a few weeks before he obtained the role, he was an addict himself.
Onward & Upward
This recognition for Samuel’s Spectacular performance had set his acting career
in motion. He had many more movies with soon to be big names such as Spike
Lee, Quentin Tarantino, and had later gone to act in many movies. He has been in
over 120 over his lifetime, with three more on their way (Glass, Incredibles 2, and
Captain Marvel)
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