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Read about my tutoring program and curriculum for public and home school students.

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Tutoring and Supplemental
One on One Academic Tutoring
My private tutoring is
focused on the needs of the
individual student. I use the
curriculum your child is
already using and
supplement it with additional
researched based materials
as needed. We will meet
once a week at local libraries.
Tutoring is available in all
Academic subjects K 9th
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Curriculum for Public and
Home School Education
I write and sell curriculum for
elementary students.
My resources include:
US History activities
Writing prompts
Writing rubrics
CCCS writing continuum
Music Appreciation
Learning to Read Music
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Piano Lessons
Private piano lessons are
available. Thirty minute
lessons will be held once a
week. A piano or
appropriate piano
keyboard must be
available for the student
to practice daily. Parent
is responsible for books
and piano. Lessons will be
at the student’s home and
a parent must be present.
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Instrumental Music Lessons
Teaching children to play a
band instrument. Instruments
taught include: flute, clarinet,
saxophone, trumpet,
trombone, and percussion.
Students are responsible
for purchasing or renting their
own instruments and method
book. We meet weekly for
lessons and students are
expected to practice daily.
Lessons would be held at the
child’s home and parent must
be present during lesson.
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My Educational Background
Christian, Grandmother, Writer
20 years private piano/ organ teacher
15 years elementary school music and band director
I have taught all grade levels K 6
30 years public school instruction and school
Master’s Certification in Orff Schulwerk Music
Master’s Degree in Education: Curriculum and
Bachelor’s of Arts Degree in Music and Performance
District Technology Coordinator
K 9 self contained multiple subject credential
Administrative Credential
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Social Media Connections
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