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Kira Sakaguchi

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The Lost 





Kension was not an only child, He had a sister by the name of Kira. Kension and Kira had been twins, Though due to how things were in the time and age, Kension was given special treatment since he was the son, He would be the one to carry out the family name, Once he found a women who fit his needs. While kira was just set aside.


The family was looked up to, in their small town, Their father was the towns leader, almost like a king. Even their home was looked up to since it was much bigger then the others.

She could only wait and see what Kension would be taught.. How he had to learn to fight, as well as being bright up as a gentlemen.
Despite how she was treated like a unwanted child, Kension was never mean to her, After all that was his sister. From time to time, He would even Hide a few things he got and give them to her so she could enjoy it as well, being gifts given to him by their parents, sweet treats, even some food since she was given scraps.. This always made Kira happy.. She loved her brother.
One day how ever.. Kension was teaching Kira how to fight.. At this time of age, Female were only allowed to be a house wife, and nothing more, But Kira wanted to be able to fight, She wanted to be able to be a leader
like her brother to prove she was able to, despite that she was a girl. well as Kension was teaching her, Their father had walked in, Catching them in the act.. They were only 10 years old.

He was outraged by this and so was their mother.. So they took Kira and had her locked away in the basement cellar.. Kension tired to stop them but they only shoved him off and had the gaurds take him into his room, their they would watch over him to make sure he would no longer see his sister..

This tore Kira apart.. Now she was alone, in a cold cellar were she would only get fed once a day..
A month had past after that day.. Things went back to normal for Kension, all but having his sister around that is.
Kira was never let out of the cellar.. but while she was down there, She would keep practicing everything her brother taught her.
She would wait until the gaurdes left and she would push her self.

ten years later.. Kira had waited for the right time before she had broke out the the cell she was being held in.. And unleshed an attack onto the gaurds, Taking a sword off of one of them and using it.. only then to Take them out one by one .. Making her way to her mother and father..
About 50 men lost their lives to her hands.. and taken by shock, Her parents didnt know how to reacted.. until it was to late.
She had killed them.. Kension didnt come home intime to stop her.. He didnt even know what had happen until he stepped inside, seeing the trail of bodies and blood. Rushing to find his parents he then see her.. Kira.. She was standing their beside her parents bodies that had been comepletely torn apart.


Kension was shocked seeing this.. It was like he head stepped into some kind of nightmare.. His sister how ever just stood there looking at him.
They were silent.. only to hold eye contact for the moment before she would speak and tell him to draw his sword. She had intentions on fighting him, Killing him for the title of being leader. How ever.. As Kension drew his sword and she charged at him.. He dropped his sword and just held his arms out.
She stopped from being inches away from impeling Kension.. The look of shock on her face as well as confusion.. only to hear him say "..I will not fight my sister, If you really want this place, Its yours. I never wanted it." Kira's eyes had just widen hearing this.. Then had shouted out at him "What is this?! some kind of joke! You obviously wanted it badly enough to never get me out of that place!"
Kension was silent as she had said that.. Looking at Kira, He slowly looked away as he spoke
"Im sorry i couldnt get you out soon.. Kira. The day you were taken away, i sweared to myself i would become king and free you.. But i wasnt fast enough.."
Kension then lowered his arms as he bowed to her, speaking kindly "If this is truely want you want..Then take my life and the title.."

Kira couldnt understand this.. being in that cellar for so long. she had thought her brother.. the only who she looked up to, who she thought betrayed her.. Now learning the truth.. That while she was planing on ending him with their parents, that he was only doing this to free her.. Slowly, Kira lowered her sword. Looking away from her brother.. She didnt dare look at him, She had tears forming and didnt want to look weak infront of him.

She then walked past him as she spoke "..Keep the place, Ill make my own, Ill earn it.. And ill be the best leader one can be.."
Before Kension could stand straight up to look at her.. She was gone..


Years had past from that day.. Kension had stayed at the town, becoming the new "king" for only a few years, before he himself went and left for a new life. Which he did with meeting a women named Mei.. And then thats when the curse had happen.


Kira how ever.. She didnt get to make her dream come true.. Not completely. She was a leader.. But it was for a cult. She had found her way into a small village.. where their only monsters lived.. And due to the curse placed on Kension, It had linked with her as well, making her into a vampire.. So she was able to fit in fine with the village. Though that curse was new and scary at first, she managed to learn it very quick.
The place she found was there own place.. They fallowed no rules from the kingdoms, nor any other rules..

Kira had made her way in.. And took over the village with her new found powers of the curse..

 Some Mosters disagreed for her to be the leader.. They challanged her, but would loss. People soon resepcted and looked up to her. Some started to fall in love with her as well.. As she took over, she made her own rules.. She ended up having a lot of husbands, For in this town.. This cult.. That was how the law was. The female could have as many males as she seen fit. All the males were to please their women, Or they were to get punished. Because of this.. Kira had many children, all sons. Who grew up learning these rules..

Kira been the age of 125..

And didnt look a day over 30. Because of the curse, She couldnt die of old age, And she actually had her children around the same time Kenion's gandchilern we're born.


Once the oldest child became 18, He had the chose to leave and see if he liked the world out beyound theirs.. Or if he would prefer staying in the village. Because they where Kira's sons, She made and acception, to allow all of them to go out on their own. The rules may be the men serve the women, but she didnt want her sons being weak. So they left to see what the world had to offer.

The sons had made their way to the city.. But soon found out they werent accepted in their true form like they were at home. They learned it the hard way that you had to look and act normal to have people accept you in the city. So they set up and worked togather making a cabin in the woods. There they lived togather, every now and they some would go into the city.. to take money from men and feed their needs, Since they were raised to treat wemon like goddess, Men were the only ones they could fed and kill.