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Ruggette Quiz

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Ruggette RFC Women's Rugby Trivia Quiz

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Q1. Which is growing at a faster rate globally?

a. Women's Rugby b. Men's Rugby

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a. Emily Valentine

b. Stef Evans         

2. Who was the confirmed recorded female to play rugby at any level anywhere in the world?

Q2 . Who was the first confirmed recorded female to play rugby at any level anywhere in the world?

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a. 1867

   b. 1887   

c. 1901

d. 1922

Q3. What year did she play that first game?

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   a. England

b. Wales

            c. New Zealand 

    d. Australia

Q4 Which country tried to hold a women’s tour in 1891 and was forced to cancel due to public outcry at females playing rugby?

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Q5 During the First World War, some women's charity games were organised. The most well-documented game took place at Cardiff Arms Park on 16 December 1917, between Cardiff Ladies and Newport Ladies. Who won?

a. Cardiff   b. Newport

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Q6 throughout the 1920s a popular game very similar to rugby was played in France by women. It was largely similar to rugby, with a few minor differences to the tackling laws, and played 10 a side. Having started out as a sport for both genders in the 1880’s before rugby became more popular for men, it had a brief resurgence as a female sport, and there were National Championships held throughout the decade before it faded out in the 1930’s. What was it called?

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Q7 What country formed a complete women’s rugby league in the 1930’s, which ran until it was halted by WW2? a. England b. Australiac. Canadad. New Zealand

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a. Edinburghb. Loughboroughc. Cardiff d. Bristol Q8. What UK University formed the first women’s rugby team in 1962 (and played matches against the men’s team in 1963?)

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Q9 In the 1960’s, the first senior adult matches were held in the UK largely for charity. These games played men’s teams against women’s.

a. True b. False

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Q10 On 1 May 1968, the first fully documented and recorded women's club match was held in which country? a. Australiab. Francec. Scotlandd. England

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a. 1970

b. 1976

 c. 1982 

d. 1996

Q11 What year did France play the Netherlands in the first women’s international rugby match?

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Q12 In 1990, the first international women’s tournament, sometimes called a ‘mini World Cup’ was held in Christchurch, New Zealand, over two weeks in August. What was it called?

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Q13 Who won it?

a. Australiab. Francec. Englandd. New Zealand 

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Q 14 What year was the first Women’s World Cup held, and where? Who won it? (3 points)

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Q15 The tournament was created and largely organized by four players from which London area women’s team?

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Q16 What caused the second women’s world cup to move from the Netherlands to Scotland in 1994?

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Q17 Who won the 1994 World Cup?

a. United Statesb. Scotlandc. Australiad. England 

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Q18 What year was the first Women’s World Cup held that was fully sanctioned by the IRB (now World Rugby)? Who won? (2 points). Bonus point- name both teams in the final.

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Q19 Name one name the tournament now known as the Women’s Six Nations previously went by.

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Q 20 What year did was the Women’s Five Nations formed?

a. 1996b. 1999c. 2001d. 2004

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Q 21 Which country was added to make it the Women’s Six Nations?

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Q 22 Name all the countries in the Women’s Six Nations (six points)

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Q 23 What year did Italy replace Spain in the Six Nations?

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Q 24 Who has won the most tournaments across all versions of what is now called the Six Nations?

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Q25 Which country hosted the first Women’s World Cup outside of Europe? Bonus point for the year.

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