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Rubidium Hero

By Jonathan H Malone

By Jonathan H Malone

 Its a cloudy, cold day.  Gray snow covered the streets of East Germany on December 24, 1942. In the East Block #2, there lived a man by the name of Rubin Bunsen. He lived a normal life in his small quaint apartment once inhabited by his parents and younger brother.

Rubin lived a routine life, home to work and back every day, six days a week. Rubin’s father, Robert Bunsen worked in the same factory years before when the factory produced tractors.  News of looming war motivated Robert to seek asylum with his family in Poland. Rubin wanted to stay to take care of the home and continue working. The factory later converted to a firework factory.

One morning he arrived to work to find German soldiers taking over the factory.  The employees, including Rubin, stood silently. Employees were dismissed to go home.

Once home, an SS officer with Gestapo came, to the apartment, knocked on door, they put a bag over Rubin’s head and took him to a secret location.

Then the unthinkable happened, war broke out.  Adolf Hitler became the new leader of Germany and everything changed for Rubin. He discovered that his family never made it to Poland, they were being held in a secret concentration camp.

This hostage situation with his family was how Rubin was made to be a weapon of destruction by the Nazis.  Rubin was taught his genetic chemistry of Rubidium.  During the brain-washing he found out he can deform his body and form it into anything he wanted and he could make rubidium bombs and throw them. The chemical properties of Rubidium allowed him to become a thin wire, a flat sheet of metal, or any shape that will not break.

Rubin later became part of a platoon. Rubin’s Platoon 8546 was assigned to a small Italian village. On invasion of Italy, Rubin met his cousin Reginald.   Reginald was a farmer, in town to sell his produce.  Reginald asked Rubin about his containment suit, to which Rubin replies, “Classified”.  Later, as they dined together, Rubin told about his family and his forced work with the SS. Rubin and Reginald talked for many hours about the Nazi movement to invade other countries.  Reginald was determined to stop the Secret Platoon 8546.  He went to the SS officer, and tried to convince him to stop the invasion.  Rubin was afraid Reginald would be killed for his ideas. Reginald was killed the night before the platoon moved on to Poland.

Rubin decided to go against the orders of the SS officer. He was taken to a secret concentration camp and watcheed as his family was gassed in front of him. He was taken to a cell that was about 20 ft. under ground with an air vent so he could breathe.   He escaped the cell and destroyed the camp by placing a big ball of rubidium inside a vat of water. As he did this he said “this is for my family”. The camp explodeed into a fiery ball.

Rubin traveled for three months. While traveling to Berlin he thought about his cousin and recalled his conversation with Reginald.  Rubin thought of Reginald as his mentor.  

With family dead, his life totally changed, he had little to live for.  One thing he did know, the men who brainwashed him were dangerous.  The only thoughts he could have were of stopping this madness.   His plan was to find the source of this madness, Adolf Hitler.

On his journey, he heard stories of a bunker, a hiding place for Hitler.  Upon arrival, he killed some SS officers in an attempt to find the bunker. In his SS uniform, he made his way to the bunker.  Acting as a near guard of Hitler he waited patiently for three days.

What Rubin knew from the brainwashing, recalling “he can deform his body and form it into anything he wanted.  He could make rubidium bombs and throw them. The chemical properties of Rubidium allowed him to become a thin wire, a flat sheet of metal, or any shape that will not break.” Using this information, he formed himself into an object of death.

Rubin transformed himself, forming himself into the shape of a bullet. And replaced the bullet with himself. Hitler loaded him into the gun and then shot himself. 

He heard footsteps and everything went black. He was taken out of Hitler’s body and placed in a metal container and shipped off somewhere. To this day he resides in a warehouse in Germany.