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RTD Book 2020

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Pre Mixed Cocktails 2020 RTD BUYING GUIDE

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The Finnish Long Drink A true liquor with an incredibly crisp and refreshing taste that is completely unique Traditional Long Drink is a refreshing citrus soda with a premium liquor kick Product Codes Regular 1410060 Zero Sugar 1410160 Vita Frute 100 Calories Gluten Free Made with American Vodka Natural Flavors Vita Frute is gluten free and contains no added sugar or artificial flavors Product Codes Grapefruit 1574560 Lime Basil 1574660 Pineapple Coconut 1574460 Watermelon 1574360

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Dulce Vida Sparkling Cocktails Ready to drink sparkling cocktails and Dulce Vida Blanco Tequila Our sparkling Ready To Drink Margaritas and Palomas give you a high quality cocktail experience on the go Product Codes MARGARITA 7079470 PALOMA 7079370 WATERMELON MARGARITA 7079570 Kalo Hemp infused seltzer nonalcoholic Kal is the best tasting hemp infused seltzer handcrafted to help you feel good With our patent pending process we re able to extract the full power of the hemp plant and deliver to you the naturally occurring vitamins antioxidants CBD 20mg other cannabinoids so you can live the day your way Product Codes Lemon lavender 1494350 Pomegranate peach 1494050 Raspberry lime 1494150 Strawberry watermelon 1494250 Variety pack 4 pack 24 pack 1494450

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Absolut Vodka Soda A high quality low calorie drink ready to be enjoyed with just the flick of the wrist Inspired by the iconic go to drink but with an added twist our Absolut Vodka Sodas are your perfectly balanced premix made perfect for any occasion free from any artificial ingredients and full of natural flavors 97 cal 0 carb 0 sugars Product Codes Lime Cucumber 3968300 Raspberry Lemongrass 3968500 Grapefruit Rosemary 3968400 Absolut Cocktails Made with Absolut Vodka all natural flavors real fruit juice and second to none mixology expertise we are bringing those highly sophisticated cocktails to your spur of the moment parties Enjoy chilled straight from the can or serve in a cocktail glass with a garnish if you are feeling fancy Product Codes Grapefruit Paloma 3968200 Mango Mule 3968000 Berry Vodkarita 3968100

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Jack Daniels Country Cocktails More Flavor More Refreshment Sit back and enjoy a cold Jack Daniel s Country Cocktail Product Codes Watermelon Punch 0239030 Southern Peach 0228130 Downhome Punch 0230030 Lynchburg Lemonade 0228030 Fabrizia Cocktails No Artificial Colors No Preservatives Shake it up No Carbonation 100 ALL NATURAL 7 abv Product Codes ITALIAN MARGARITA 2820260 ITALIAN LEMONADE 2820460 ITALIAN BREEZE 2820560

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Stolen X American rye whiskey organic raw honey and orange peel Product Codes Rock Rye 2050380 Disarrono Amaretto Sour Ready to drink Amaretto Sour Cocktail Product Codes Amaretto Sour 1559270

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JOSE CUERVO CANNED MARGARITAS Each can has 8 alcohol volume for a delicious blend of the classic margarita drink Save time and skip mixing drinks because this Mexican style margarita provides you the refreshing lime alcoholic beverage in a can Product Codes White Peach 1698970 Iced Teagarita 1697270 Mango 1698370 Pink Lemonade 1604070 Watermelon 1698670 Classic Lime 1697070 Sparkling Paloma 1697370 Strawberry Lime 1697170 Sparkling Rose Margarita 172040 UVGO Sparkling Vodka Cocktails Product Codes Black Cherry 1550162 Blue Raspberry 1550160 Lemon Lime 1550163 Pink Lemonade 1550161

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The Club These drinks are of the highest quality and include only the finest ingredients Distilled for a smooth bold taste Product Codes Pina Colada 6846370 Peach Daquiri 6836870 Vodka Martini 6843974 Manhattan 6846375 Long Island Iced Tea 6843970 Margarita 6835870 Gin Martini 6843972 Malibu Cocktails Classic and innvative Flavors in PreMixed Cans Product Codes Malibu Fizzy Pink Lemonade 1484970 Malibu Pina Colada 1485470 Malibu Pineapple 1484770 Malibu Kiwi Strawberry 1485170

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Whistle Pig RTDs Pre mixed Old Fashioned cocktails with a a twist Product Codes Orange Fashioned 0171560 Ginger Fashioned 0171660 Smoke Fashioned 0171760 On The Rocks Award winning mixologist created all natural Ready To Serve cocktails crafted for your enjoyment without the hassle Product Codes Margarita Hornitos Tequila 1104370 Jalapeno Pineapple Margarita Tres Generaciones Tequila 1104171 Aviation Larios Gin 1102171 Old fashioned Knob Creek 1104060 Cosmopolitan Effen Vodka 1102071 Mai Tai Cruzan 1104271

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