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Corporate Canvas

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BE INSPIRED LOOKBOOKCorporate Canvas gives you a straight-forward and stress-free way to create unique corporate wear that elevates your product offering and wins you more business. Discover a trusted partner with Corporate Canvasvibrant colours05SOFT BLOUSESnewest season13FASHION CHECKSmove without limits09STRETCH CLASSICSmake it pop17CLASSIC PRINTSin full bloomgarment specifications2334FLORAL PRINTSSTYLE GUIDEstand out from the crowdethical manufacturing2738SPECIAL EVENTSBEHIND THE SEAMS

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7Lightweight stretch polyester, available in black, silver aqua, cobait, dark teal, pepper and coral.97% polyester, 3% spandex, 95gsmSmooth crepe mechanical stretch available in black, navy, teal, aqua, vanilla andcharcoal. 100% polyester 109gsmLightweight, Soft Georgette available in black, navy, mint, blush and melon. 100% polyester, 125gsmMechanical stretch, available in black, charcoal and pepper. 100% polyester, 120gsmMatte jersey knit, available in Black and navy. 100% polyester, 230gsmSoft Blouses

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8With the heritage of Gingham check and themodern technology of stretch, this is a versatilefabric to suit all work environments.

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11Stretch Classics

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12*Limited edition: Spring/Summer 2020 release. Once the seasonalfabric stock runs out, re-order a minimum of 500m.These brightly coloured multi-tone checkscreate a stand-out corporate look, the perfectstatement for special events and promotions.*

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fashion checksfashion checks

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14*Limited edition: Fashion season releases. Once the seasonal fabric stock runs out, re-order a minimum of 500m

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16Take a considered approach to mixing and matching tones, colours and prints to design a unique and creative corporate uniform.

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19Elevate your corporate look by putting prints together in new and inventive ways.

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21Classic Prints

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22Freshen up your corporate look with a burst of botanical print.

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23Floral PrintsFloral Prints

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26Make an impression at your next special event with fun and exciting digital prints.

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32Add a tropical twist to your shirts and blouses for a fun and engaging uniform.

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343100S• Slim fit shirt• Short sleevesSizes: XXS- 4XL3100L• Slim fit shirt• Long sleevesSizes: XXS- 4XL3092S• Corporate fit shirt• Short sleevesSizes: XXS- 4XL3092L• Corporate fit shirt• Long sleevesSizes: XXS- 4XL3030S• Comfort fit shirt• Short sleevesSizes: XXS- 4XL3030L• Comfort fit shirt• Long sleevesSizes: XXS- 4XL

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356230S• Fitted blouse• Short sleevesSizes: 6 - 286230Q• Fitted blouse• 3/4 sleevesSizes: 6 - 286230L• Fitted blouse• Long sleevesSizes: 6 - 286301S• Semi-fitted blouse• Short sleevesSizes: 6 - 286301Q• Semi-fitted blouse• 3/4 sleevesSizes: 6 - 286301L• Semi-fitted blouse• Long sleevesSizes: 6 - 28

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366100F• Soft blouse, round neckline• Double flutter sleeves• Keyhole button back openingSizes: 6 - 286199S• Soft blouse, round neck line• Hook & Eye closure at front keyhole feature• Center front pleat, Pleated shoulder detailSizes: 6 - 286051N• Soft blouse, round neckline, sleeveless• Double-layer fabric front and back• Asymmetric back drape detailSizes: 6 - 286051S• Soft blouse, round neckline, short sleeve• Double-layer fabric front and back• Asymmetric back drape detailSizes: 6 - 286052E• Soft blouse, round neckline• Flowing sleeves• Keyhole back feature• Single shoulder pleat detail for added movementSizes: 6 - 286801S• Soft blouse, V-neck• Tie feature sewn down to V-neckline• Short sleevesSizes: 6 - 28

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376802Q• Soft blouse, asymmetric neckline• 3/4 sleeves• Long line blouse, side splits.Sizes: XXS- 4XL6053C• Soft blouse, shape neckline• Wide neck band• Cap sleevesSizes: XXS- 4XL6103B• Soft blouse, round neckline• Extended sleeves, bell cuffSizes: XXS- 4XL6400S• Soft blouse, round neckline• Center front pleat• Pleated sleeve detailSizes: 6 - 28

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38BEHIND THE SEAMSETHICAL MANUFACTURINGWe own and operate our own garment factory in Vietnam and proudly provide full transparency into our manufacturing practices. We have genuine relationships with our employees and value their many years of experience and dedication to the company. It is with genuine respect and appreciation for all our employees that we ensure our factory conditions are safe and that we pay fair wages. We are very happy to discuss our factory with you further so please get in contact with us.UMSV satisfies all guidelines set out by the International Labor Organisation, including no child labour, no forced overtime, fair wages, and a safe workplace. Our staff also participate as members of an independent trade union body which vests them with collective bargaining powers over their working conditions and pay rates.

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