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Kindergarten Enrollment Guide

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COngratulatiOns!It’s time for kindergarten!YOUR GUIDE TO KINDERGARTEN ENROLLMENT FOR THE 2023-2024 SCHOOL YEAR

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1CONTACT INFORMATIONOfce of Registration and RecordsEdison Administration Building615 7th Street SWRochester, MN 55902507.328.42008:00 am - 4:45 pm | Monday - andSuperintedent Enrollment Timeline9RPS Preschool3Registration Information10Kindergarten Prep & School Age Child Care (SACC)4Getting My Child Ready for Kindergarten To-Do List11Family & Community EngagementVolunteers in Education5Health Services12Transportation6Quality Neighborhood Schools13-14Frequently Asked Questions7-8District-Wide Schools & Programs

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2Our records show that you have a child who will be eligible to enter kindergarten in September 2023. As the parent or caregiver of a student in our schools, you are our most important and valued partner in our work to help your child achieve academic excellence. Rochester Public Schools oers several dierent programming options for your kindergartner. This book will introduce you to all of the options within Rochester Public Schools, as well as information about kindergarten preparation, school tours, transportation, and more. NOVEMBER 16, 2022 Open date for District-wide option registration.LATE DECEMBER 2022Oce of Registration and Records will mail kindergarten registration instructions to all eligible incoming kindergartners.JANUARY 3-31, 2023 Kindergarten registration opens online and at the Edison Administration Building (615 7th St SW).Oce of Registration and Records | 507.328.4200 Monday-Friday | 8:00 am-4:45 pm JANUARY 22, 2023 District-wide school applications are due to the Oce of Elementary and Secondary Education. See page seven for information on the District-wide application. Students accepted into a District-wide school via random selection process are notied by the Oce of Elementary and Secondary Education during the week of January 23.SUMMER 2023 Kindergarten Prep 2023 is oered through Community Education. Watch for Community Education’s spring brochure for class times, fees, scholarship, and registration information.MAY 2023 Approved/Denied Exception to Attendance and acceptance to District-wide school/program copies are mailed to parents/guardians.Parents should contact the Oce of Student Advancement by May 1, 2023 at 507.328.4275 to make initial request for early entrance to kindergarten.LATE AUGUST 2023Transportation routing information will be mailed to those that qualify for busing.Elementary Step Into Learning (meet-the-teacher) events will occur at all schools.

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3MANDATORY EARLY CHILDHOOD SCREENING BEGINNING AT AGE 3The State of Minnesota requires that all children check in for a development screening before entering a public kindergarten program. Rochester Public Schools provides a comprehensive early childhood screening for any child three years of age and older at no charge. During an early childhood screening our sta will check your child’s vision, hearing, growth, immunizations status, skills in thinking, communication and language, large and small muscle control, and social and emotional development. The best time to schedule your child’s screening is when your child turns three years old. Children will be asked to complete age appropriate tasks, so just as children grow and change with age so will the tasks they complete at screening. Early detection and intervention make a dierence in the lives of young children. Getting your child screened at age three will help you identify developmental needs your child may have. Even if you have no concerns about your child’s development, you are still required by law to have a childhood screening summary and an immunization record before your child can start school.Appointments are available at a variety of days and times. Screenings are completed by Registered Nurses and Early Childhood Professionals. A parent or guardian must attend the screening with the child. An interpreter is provided if needed. If your child receives special education services from Rochester Public Schools, speak with your child’s teacher or case worker regarding the screening. HOW TO MAKE AN APPOINTMENT:Call 507.328.4004 Early childhood screenings take place at Northrop Community Education Center 201 8th Street NW, Rochester MN 55901What you should know.Kindergarten registration packets will be mailed to families in late December 2022. If you have not received a registration packet by January 3, 2023, please call the Oce of Registration and Records at the Edison Administration Building at 507.328.4200. Please bring the following records to your appointment when you register your child for kindergarten:• A certied copy of the child’s birth certicate. A photocopy can also be made from the original by Registration and Records sta.• A copy of your child’s latest immunization records. It is understood that many children will not have all their immunizations needed until their 5th birthday.

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4As soon as my child turns 3, schedule an early childhood screening by calling 507.328.4004.Location of Screening:Date of Screening:Time of Screening:NorthropRegister my child for kindergarten online or by appointment in January, 507.328.4200. My appointment date/time: Papers to bring to registration:• Birth certificate• Immunization recordsPlan how my child will get to and from school - walk, bus, other.From home to school:From school to home:Before & after school child care arrangements:Attend events at my child’s elementary school such as Meet the Teacher Day, an open house, or play at the playground during the weekends following.Dates for Events:Figure out my child’s kindergarten schedule for the fall.School start & end times:Start: End: Breakfast/lunch programs are provided. Breakfast:Lunch:Share information about my child with the kindergarten teacher.Ways to share:• Meet or talk with the kindergarten teacher• Meet the Teacher Day is in August See if there is a kinder calendar• Visit the classroom with my child• Provide written information to the kindergarten teacher about my child’s strengths and needsDo fun things with my child at home to help prep for kindergarten.Examples of things you can do:• Play on the playground • Work on letter recognition• Read with your child• Play counting games• Visit the libraryFind out if there are resources at the elementary school that may help my child and our family.For example, translation services, speech therapy, transition resources, ViE, PTSA, etc.Notes:Learn which school my child will attend.Name of School:School Phone Number:Principal Name:School Website:11 2 34 5 67 8 9

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5The safety of our students and sta is our top priority. Our Department of Student Health Services is a key component to meeting this daily goal. If your child has special considerations (such as food allergies, diabetes, asthma, seizures, etc.) we need to know about this before your child can begin kindergarten. Please visit our Student Health Services website, download, and complete the appropriate forms before your child’s rst day of kindergarten. Some forms may require a health care provider authorization, in addition to parent/guardian authorization.Find us at: this chart as a guide to determine which vaccines are required to enroll in child care, early childhood programs, and school (public or private).Find the child’s age/grade level and look to see if your child had the number of shots shown by the checkmarks under each vaccine. MINNESOTA’S IMMUNIZATION LAWIMMUNIZATION REQUIREMENTSAre Your Kids Ready?Prior to your child’s 5th birthday you should contact your child’s primary care physician to schedule a Well Child Checkup for your incoming kindergarten student. Schedule early to ensure your child will have the needed immunizations prior to the rst day of school. Students will not be allowed to start school on the rst day of school if they do not have their immunizations or the proper documentation for exemption.BIRTH THROUGH 4 YEARS AGE: 5 THROUGH 6 YRS AGE: 7 THROUGH 11 YRS AGE: 12 YEARS AND OLDEREarly childhood programs& child careFor Kindergarten For 1st through 6th grade For 7th through 12th gradeHepatitis A (Hep A)üHepatitis B (Hep B)üüüHepatitis B (Hep B)üüüHepatitis B (Hep B)üüüHepatitis B (Hep B)üüüDTaP/DTüüüüDTaP/DTüüüüüTetanus and diptheria containing dosesüüüTdaP & at least 2 tetanus and diphtheria containing dosesüPolioüüüPolioüüüüPolioüüüPolioüüüMMRüMMRüüMMRüüMMRüüHibüMeningococcalü & boosterPneumococcalüüüüVaricellaüVaricellaüüVaricellaüüVaricellaüüIMMUNIZATIONS RECOMMENDED BUT NOT REQUIRED:InuenzaAnnually for all children age 6 months and olderRotavirusFor infantsHuman papillomavirusAt age 11-12 years312456792 212345678Not required after 24 months.If the child has already had chickenpox disease, varicella shots are not required. If the disease occurred after 2010, the child’s doctor must sign a form conrming disease.First graders who are 6 years old and younger must follow the polio and DTaP/DT schedules for kindergarten.Fifth shot of DTaP not needed if fourth shot was after age 4. Final dose of DTaP on or after age 4.Fourth shot of polio not needed if third shot was after age 4. Final dose of polio on or after age 4.Need proof of at least three tetanus and diphtheria containing doses. If up to date on DTaP/DT series, no additional doses needed.An alternate two-shot schedule of hepatitis B may also be used for kids age 11 through 15 years.One dose of Tdap is required beginning at 7th grade. Also need proof of at least two tetanus and diphtheria containing doses (DTaP/DT/Td). If a child received Tdap prior to 7th grade, another dose of Tdap is not needed.One dose is required beginning at 7th grade. The booster dose is usually given at 16 years.EXEMPTIONSTo enroll in child care, early childhood programs, and school in Minnesota, children must show they’ve had these immunizations or le a legal exemption.Parents may le a medical exemption signed by a health care provider or a non-medical exemption signed by a parent/guardian and notarized.LOOKING FOR RECORDS?For copies of your child’s vaccination records, talk to your doctor or call the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection (MIIC) at 651-201-3980.89

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6Rochester Public Schools takes tremendous pride in a safe and welcoming learning environment for all of our students. Our quality neighborhood schools oer child-centered curriculum that include age-appropriate teaching methods and materials. Teaching and support sta work to develop all areas of a child (social, emotional, physical, academic, and creative). We promote independence and decision-making, problem-solving, and social skills in each child. A balance of whole group, small group, and individual learning opportunities, along with a wealth of classroom materials and resources are used to create the best learning environment possible for your child.SCHOOL ADDRESS PRINCIPAL PHONEBamber Valley 2001 Bamber Valley Rd SW Rose-Martine Hagland 507.328.3030Churchill 2240 7th Ave NE Emily Pearson 507.328.3150Elton Hills 1421 Elton Hills Dr NW Steve Willman 507.328.3200Folwell 603 15th Ave SW Kristin Engbrecht 507.328.3220Franklin 1801 9th Ave SE Sam Pearson 507.328.3300Gage 1300 40th St NW Kris Davidson 507.328.3400Gibbs 5525 56th St NW Mark Randall 507.328.4100Harriet Bishop 406 36th Ave NW Wendy Moritz 507.328.3100JeersonLongfellow1201 10th Ave NE1615 Marion Road SEHeather KlavetterAmy Adams507.328.3500507.328.3600Overland 2300 Overland Dr NW Jared Groehler 507.328.3050Pinewood 1900 Pinewood Rd SE Michelle Schrantz 507.328.3630Riverside Central 506 5th Ave SE Matt Ruzek 507.328.3700Sunset Terrace 1707 19th Ave NW Brenda Wichmann 507.328.3770Your child will be attending the school assigned to your neighborhood area. For additional information, visit and search keyword ‘Neighborhood Schools’ or visit info

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7What is a District-Wide School/program?District-Wide Schools/programs are schools or programs located within the Rochester Public School District that may deliver the curriculum/calendar in a dierent manner than neighborhood schools. District-Wide Schools and programs are tuition free to students. Transportation is provided to eligible students that are enrolled in a District-Wide School or program.How do I apply for a District-Wide School/Program?To apply, you must ll out and submit an application to the Oce of Elementary and Secondary Education. There are three ways in which you can do this.1. Complete the form online. – (Families – Enrollment/Registration and Records – District-Wide Schools – Apply for District-Wide Schools and Programs). Please note that you will need to create an account prior to creating an application, this is not connected to your Skyward account. This application does not take place of the registration process for new incoming kindergarten or other new students to the district.2. Print the Paper Application and mail it or drop it o at the Oce of School Support, Edison Administration Building, Second Floor, 615 7th Street SW, Rochester, MN, 55902.3. Fill out the form in person at the Edison Administration Building, 2nd Floor.What is the time frame for the 2023-2024 process?The application will open on November 16, 2022, with the rst initial drawing for incoming kindergarten students. To be included in the rst initial drawing, your application must be submitted no later than midnight January 22, 2023, this includes siblings. Students that are selected will be called sometime during the week of January 23, 2023. Once you are selected and accept placement, we ask that you complete the registration process immediately. If you do not receive a call, your student will remain in the lottery pool for future drawings. Additional drawings will be done as spaces become available. Grades 1-5 will be done closer to the end of the current school year. Contact Diane Paprocki, Oce of School Support for any questions, 507-328-4300Why do I need to apply?Students are automatically assigned to their neighborhood school when enrolling at Rochester Public Schools. In order to learn about a family’s interest in attending a District-Wide school/program, students must apply to attend a District-Wide School. Students applying for sibling preference must also apply. What are the District-wide Schools/programs?ROCHESTER PUBLIC SCHOOLS OFFER FIVE DISTRICT-WIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS/PROGRAMS.Sibling PreferenceSibling preference applies to students who will have a sibling attending a District-Wide School at the same time. For example, if you are a current 5th grade/8th grader moving to middle school/high school, there would be no sibling preference to the incoming student. For more information on sibling preference, please contact Diane Paprocki, Oce of School Support 507-328-4300.RPS ONLINERPS Online oers a live, virtual learning environment with opportunities for occasional in-person activities such as hands-on labs and eld trips. Students participate in instruction aligned to the state standards taught by RPS teachers. Instruction is provided in a synchronous (real-time) model along with some asynchronous options. Our kindergarten experience is designed for layered skill development and oer a variety of learning techniques and students have the opportunity for ultimate exibility as they participate in kindergarten. For more information visit or call 507.328.4240.Principa:l Brandon Macrac

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8GAGE SPANISH IMMERSION DISTRICT-WIDE PROGRAM¡Hola! Gage oers the Spanish Immersion District-wide program in Rochester Public Schools. Our Spanish Immersion program follows a 90-10 model, meaning 90% of the day is in Spanish and 10% of the day is in English. Our teachers are licensed elementary teachers procient in both Spanish and English. The Spanish Immersion program covers the same curriculum and is held to the same standards for success as our traditional kindergarten programs.To arrange a tour, call 507.328.3400. Principal: Kris DavidsonLINCOLN K-8 DISTRICT-WIDE SCHOOLThe mission of Lincoln is to educate and empower our children in a family-oriented and creative community by cultivating excellence. Sta use a thematic approach to deliver curriculum which support the individual learning styles of the whole child. Our innovative science curriculum supports academic excellence and is fostering the next generation of talented and creative scientists. We are a creative community that incorporates visual arts, music, and class productions in grades K-8. To arrange a tour, call 507.328.3550. Principal: Jim SonjuLONGFELLOW 45/15 DISTRICT-WIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOLLongfellow follows a 45/15 instructional calendar with school beginning the last week of July after a six-week summer break. Students attend school each of the four instructional quarters for approximately 45 days followed by 15 days of break. Benets of the 45/15 schedule include greater student retention and less re-teaching due to the strategically placed breaks, consistent teaching time, and positive school culture. The sta at Longfellow are highly creative with the infusion of research based dierentiation models to meet the needs of our learners. To arrange a tour, call 507.328.3600. Principal: Amy AdamsMONTESSORI AT FRANKLIN DISTRICT-WIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOLThe Montessori approach to education embraces individualized instruction for children, mixed-age groupings, a structured curriculum, and a prepared environment using specialized Montessori teaching materials. The Montessori classrooms allow children to move, touch, manipulate, and explore the specically designed learning materials with both direct and indirect teaching to foster their journey from the concrete to the abstract. Since Montessori education is based on the inner motivation of the child, it is the teacher’s role to work with this motivation in ways that will enhance each child’s learning experience. To arrange a tour, call 507.328.3300. Principal: Sam PearsonWASHINGTON CORE KNOWLEDGE DISTRICT-WIDE ELEMENTARY SCHOOLWashington uses a portion of their curriculum based on the Core Knowledge Sequence, a rich and rigorous body of information in American and world history, geography, science, literature, music, and art. It is our belief that the most eective elementary education balances high expectations for mastery of basic reading, math, writing, and technology skills with a solid foundation of factual information in the content areas. The area of reading stresses systematic phonics instruction in the primary grades and builds vocabulary, comprehension and reading uency throughout the grades and reading instruction is supplemented with classic literature recommended in the Core Knowledge Sequence. Bridges Math 2.0 is used for math instruction that focuses on developing students’ deep understandings of mathematical concepts, prociency with key skills, and ability to solve complex and novel problems in multiple ways. Bridges blends direct instruction, structured investigation and open exploration.To arrange a tour, call 507.328.3800. Principal: Chad Schroeder

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9Everyone Connects!PRESCHOOL LOCATIONS Hoover Early Learning School *PACC Available 369 Elton Hills Dr NW Rochester, MN 55901Northrop Education Center 201 8th St NW Rochester, MN 55901Mighty Oaks Early *PACC Available Learning School 3800 50th Ave SE Rochester, MN 559042022-23 REGISTRATION STILL OPEN!For more information and registration, call 507.328.4024SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES SCHOLARSHIP OPPORTUNITIES AVAILABLE FOR QUALIFYING FAMILIESAVAILABLE FOR QUALIFYING FAMILIESWhy Rochester Public Schools preschool?Skills we build in preschool serve us for a lifetime—positive relationships, language and literacy, numbers and thinking skills, and much more. Rochester Public Schools preschool prepares our young learners for a future of school and life success. We use a play-based approach facilitated by high quality educators with respected curricula and assessments in a positive learning environment. RPS preschool is a quality preschool program that respects the unique needs of each child. When children are prepared to succeed at kindergarten entrance, all of society benets. Growing Young Minds RPS preschool focuses across the areas of child development, facilitating learning in social and emotional, cognitive, and physical development, literacy and language, math, science, and the arts. Our children play to learn, with whole group, small group, and individualized opportunities. Our licensed teachers and talented assistants provide caring, quality environments where the love of learning will ourish.RPS preschool program has earned a Four-Star rating from Minnesota’s Parent Aware Quality Rating System, as a result of our commitment to quality curriculum, instruction, assessment, and professional development.4-Star RatedFour-Star Parent Aware RatedPreschool Age Child Care available!

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10(SACC)School Age Child Care (SACC) provides the highest quality enrichment opportunities in a nurturing and safe environment for more than 1,700 children in kindergarten through fth grade throughout Rochester Public Schools. SACC provides care before and after school on all regular school days, non-school enrichment days (NSEDs), most inclement weather days, and summer. The SACC program is available at all RPS elementary schools where registration numbers support an operating site. Information for SACC is available at Kick O to Kindergarten, through the SACC oce at Northrop Education Center, and online through Rochester Public Schools Community Education. Registration begins in March for the following summer and school year.For more information PREP 2023Kindergarten is one of your child’s milestones that creates excitement and wonder. Community Education, along with your child’s school and District teachers, have created an optional course for incoming kindergartners to help them feel prepared and excited to come to school in September! Experience what a regular day in kindergarten will be like with:• Hands-on learning • Number games• Art projects • Learning the layout of the school• Purposeful play • Experiencing how classroom materials are used• Classroom routinesClasses will be oered summer of 2023—watch for Community Education’s spring brochure for class times, fees, scholarship, and registration information. Visit for more information.Kindergarten ToursYou are welcome to visit your neighborhood or District-Wide School. Please contact the main oce to schedule a tour. Phone numbers can be found on pages 6 and 8.

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11Our goal is to educate parents and community members about the value of family and community engagement, as well as to provide strategies for these eorts throughout the District. You are encouraged to visit the webpage where you can access resources focused on engagement. Learn more about the six dierent types of proven parent and family outreach practices. They are:1. Parenting: Help all families establish home environments to support learning.2. Communicating: Design more eective forms of communication to reach parents.3. Volunteering: Recruit and organize parent help and support.4. Learning at Home: Provide ideas to parents on how to help a child at home.5. Decision Making: Include parents in school decisions and develop parent leaders. 6. Collaborating with the Community: Identify and integrate resources and services from the community. For questions, call 507.328.4356 or visit can deliver immeasurable rewards.Parents, guardians, grandparents, and community members are encouraged to share their time, talents, and knowledge with our students. Volunteering in RPS enriches the educational programs and strengthens our relationships with families, businesses, and the community as a whole. To volunteer in Rochester Public Schools, visit to complete an application and review frequently asked questions. Volunteers in Education | ViEMEETING DATESAll parents, families and community members are invited to attend one or all of the following meetings. Meetings are typically held on the second Tuesday of each month from 10-11:30 am.*Meetings will be canceled if there is a 2-hour school delay.*Calendar subject to change

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12What you should know.The Minnesota state statute requires transportation for students residing two miles or more from their neighborhood school. However, Rochester Public Schools transports students in grades K-5 who reside more than 1.25 miles from their neighborhood school. You will receive an enrollment letter in the spring. Your letter will state whether or not you are eligible for transportation. If you are eligible, you will receive bus routing information by mail in late August of 2023.Transportation can be provided to and /or from your child care location if the following circumstance exist: • Your child care is in the attendance area of the school your child attends. • Your child care address is more than 1.25 miles from the school your child attends. • A child care request form must be completed in its entirety and signed by the parent/caregiver. • Requests for transportation from child care will be carried forward each year through 5th grade. Parents must notify the Transportation Oce if they wish to cancel. Forms are available at the Transportation Oce | Room 122 | Edison Administration Building (615 7th St SW) or online at

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13Kindergarten registration will take place by appointment from 8 a.m. to 4:45 p.m., Monday-Friday Jan. 3-31, 2023 at the Edison Administration Building, 615 7th Street SW. Please bring a certied copy of your child’s birth certicate. A photocopy can also be made from the original by Registration and Records sta. You will also need a copy of your child’s latest immunization records. It is understood that many children will not have all immunizations needed until their fth birthday.Where and when will kindergarten registration take place?School attendance boundary maps are available on the District website, or you may contact Registration and Records at 507.328.4200. Boundaries are subject to change. How can I find out where my neighborhood school is located?If your child was born in the state of MN, you can purchase a copy at the Olmsted County Courthouse in Rochester. If your child was not born in MN, contact the county of the state in which your child was born. We can photocopy the original for you.How do I obtain a copy of my child’s birth certificate?Yes. The Rochester Public Schools kindergarten program is all-day, every week day. Is there all-day kindergarten in Rochester?What is the age requirement for entrance to kindergarten?According to MN State Statute, a person shall not be admitted to a public school as a kindergarten pupil, unless the pupil is at least ve years of age on or before September 1, of the calendar year in which the school year commences. (120A.20, MN Statutes, 2007)Students who demonstrate superior academic readiness will be considered for early entrance to kindergarten if they will be turning ve years of age between September 2 and August 31 of their early entrance school year. (120B.5, MN Statutes, 2004) For more information, contact Monica Bowler at 507.328.4275.All children in Minnesota are required to begin attending school by the age of seven. Children are not required by statute to complete kindergarten before beginning rst grade. The District recommends that children attend kindergarten before entering rst grade.

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14Applications for Free or Reduced Priced School Meals are available at your school oce or the Student Nutrition Services Oce located at the Edison Administration Building. For more information, please call 507.328.4218, or go to do I apply for ‘Free or Reduced’ lunch?The District can assist families that may need a language interpreter during the registration process. Please let us know if you will need some assistance during registration by calling 507.328.4237. What do I do if I need to have an interpreter help me during the registration process?Visit the District website to learn how you can volunteer at your child’s school or ask your child’s teacher or principal.How can I volunteer at my child’s school and become involved in my child’s education?Rochester Public Schools’ Community Education administers the School Age Child Care (SACC) Program. The School Age Child Care Oce is located at the school sites. Information regarding the SACC program can be found on the Community Education website.Is there childcare at school?A parent/caregiver may request that a child attend school in the neighborhood school serving the area in which the childcare provider resides. This is granted provided building capacity/class size will accommodate the request; agreed-upon plan will continue for the entire year; transportation is provided by the district only if the address is within the attendance area of the receiving school and meets the distance requirements for the transportation; and the student maintains acceptable attendance and behavior as determined by the building administrator. An Exception to Attendance form for this request can be found at, search keyword ‘exception to attendance’. What if my daycare is in another attendance area other than where I live?GñkBitCaTTYlsaVKmenATIenH你在这里是受欢迎的!Hân hoan chào đón các em Học SinhElementary starts at 9:35 a.m. and ends at 4 p.m. Franklin, Gage, and Longfellow Elementary School start at 9:30 a.m.and end at 3:55 p.m. time school start/end?

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17EARLY LEARNING SCHOOLS | PRE-KSCHOOL DAYCONTACT SITE FOR HOURSTransportation 507-328-4260Registration & Records 507-328-4200Student Nutriton Services 507-328-4218Student Services 507-328-4310Mighty Oaks Early Learning School 3800 50th Ave SE 507-328-4900Hoover Early Learning School 369 Elton Hills Dr NW 507-328-4550ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS | GRADES K-5SCHOOL DAY - 9:25 AM – 3:50 PM UNLESS NOTED OTHERWISEMIDDLE SCHOOLS | GRADES 6-8SCHOOL DAY - 8:10 AM – 2:50 PM UNLESS NOTED OTHERWISEDakota 5501 65th St NW507-328-4530John Adams 1525 31st St NW 507-328-5700Kellogg 503 17th St NE 507-328-5800Willow Creek 2525 11th Ave SE 507-328-5900HIGH SCHOOLS | GRADES 9-12SCHOOL DAY - 8:10 AM – 3:20 PM Century 2525 Viola Rd NE 507-328-5100John Marshall 1510 14th St NW 507-328-5400Mayo 1420 11th Ave SE 507-328-5500Bamber Valley 2001 Bamber Valley Rd SW 507-328-3030Bishop 406 36th Ave NW507-328-3100Churchill 2240 7th Ave NE 507-328-3150Elton Hills 1421 Elton Hills Dr NW 507-328-3200Folwell 603 15th Ave SW 507-328-3220*9:20am – 3:45pm | Franklin 1801 9th Ave SE507-328-3300*9:20am – 3:45pm | Gage & Gage Spanish Immersion 1300 40th St NW507-328-3400Gibbs 5525 56th St NW 507-328-4100Hoover 369 Elton Hills Dr NW 507-328-3450Jeerson 1201 10th Ave NE 507-328-3500*8:10am – 3:20pm | RPS Online*9:20am – 3:45pm | Longfellow 45-15 District-Wide 1615 Marion Rd SE507-328-3600*9:20am – 3:45pm | Montessori at Franklin District-Wide 1801 9th Ave SE507-328-3300Overland 2300 Overland Dr NW 507-328-3050Riverside Central 506 5th Ave SE 507-328-3700Sunset Terrace 1707 19th Ave NW 507-328-3770**99::2200aamm –– 33::4455ppmm || Washington District-Wide 1200 11th Ave NW507-328-3800OTHER EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS | CALL FOR MORE INFORMATIONCareer and Technical Education Center at Heintz (CTECH)2130 College View Road East 507-328-5780PTECH-535 2130 College View Road East 507-328-5780Phoenix Academy 334 16th St. SE 507-328-4330Rochester Academy for Independent Living (RAIL) 1200 South Broadway507-328-4360Rochester Alternative Learning Center (RALC) 37 Woodlake Drive SE 507-328-3999Pinewood 1900 Pinewood Rd SE 507-328-3630*9:25am – 3:55pm | Lincoln K-8 District-Wide 1122 8th Ave SE507-328-3550*8:10am – 3:20pm | RPS Online*8:10am – 3:20pm | RPS Online

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615 7th Street SWRochester, MN 55902Join us to learn about your Rochester Public Schools options for your child entering Kindergarten for the 2023-2024 school year. Stay tuned for details and visit for more information.