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RORM Seminar Agenda

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Results Oriented Reliability andMaintenance Management  Seminar AgendaRe-energize your improvement initiativesin a partnership between Operations,Maintenance, Stores and Engineering.

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Knocking Bolts, Asset Management, Terotechnology,and Life cycle costsEvolving your organization through maintenanceprevention, preventive maintenance, correctivemaintenance and Root Cause Problem EliminationThe leadership, beliefs, management, people andprocesses needed to improve reliability andmanufacturing throughput The link that must not be broken in order to succeedThe "Gemba" where execution must occurThe work management system partnership What KPIs to measure and when to use themDiscovering the gap between how good you are andhow good you can becomeThe secret to successful improvement initiatives What Good looks like in World Class Organizations- andhow you can become one. Strategy roundtable. Discuss your goals and getconcrete ideas how to start achieving them. Christer Idhammar is anaward-winning, world-renowned expert in the fieldof reliability and maintenancemanagement. Over his sixdecades in the field, he's developed a common-senseapproach focused on buildingsustainable organizationalpartnerships. Hundreds of companies haveengaged Mr. Idhammar tocoach them in their reliabilityimprovement efforts. Now it'syour turn!Join onlineSeminar beginsLunch breakSeminar continuesClose9:25 am9:30 am12:30-1:15 pm1:20 pm3:30 pmOrganizations know what to do. WHY DO SO FEW DO IT?This one-day, online seminar reveals how your organizationcan build and sustain a successful reliability & maintenanceprogram in a partnership between operations, maintenance,engineering and stores.SEMINAR HOURSTOPICSTHE INSTRUCTOR Contact Us send BUY NOW DOWNLOAD AGENDA