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The Menace Zinc Man


He once was a man

Built like a tin can

He had certian powers

That made people cowards

sunscreen from his hands

mixed with oxide he protects your glands 

No one feared him

But he was super lonely

And he had nobody

But one day he found

A man of his kind to stick around

This man was oil

With a big face and frown

and in common

They both were Cream

They both were clean

But when it came to their heart they both were mean

And in their mind they both were complete

That they have a friend that will be there in need

They both never loved and didn’t know why

But when it came to each other they never lied

They were so filled with hate

And when they met it was fate

They gave a big speech

 To be the enemies of the beach

They ran up and down

Causing people around

To be frightened and scared

And no one was spared

Their tans were gone

And some burned to a crisp

Distinct like Mike Tyson's lisp

But one day they came across a man

Bigger than any other bigger than any lifespan

There no way they could beat

The man that takes no defeat

They were scared to approach

And they’ll get squished like a roach

They needed to make a plan

Overwhelmed by the will at hand

Determination to thrive for success

Enraged by the given stress

They both gave each other a glance

Both ready to fight and finish the rest

Why be afraid

Why live in vain

Stand uo to the fight

dont be afraid of the night 

they stood up to the man 

they were prepared to win and they knew thay can

They first ruined his tan

then sun birned his skin

they both were so happy

that they finnaly could win 

so they went back home

super happy and not alone

they learned with friends 

that they'll be with each other to the end