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   The continent of Rogen



    Inhabitants: Connor Mogen, Fulton Ballet, Joel Macguire

             and Jack Lennon

In Rogen, there are 5 different culture groups. 4 of the 5 cultures originated from the large mountain. Using the rivers to expand outwards, they broke into different branches of the culture, but still share similar qualities. The one culture group that did not have an origin in the large mountain, was the people of AnhiGator. The first people to create a civilization and the people who brought the first culture, were called the people of Bullism. From there, branched the people of Ignis Tempestas, Trumplandians, Krazy Klowns, and the Pontanes. The people of AnhiGator spawned at the mountain range from a long lost group of people called the Gatorians. Trumpland’s population grew the fastest, and the people of Trumpland began to explore the rest of the continent. The people of Trumpland discovered Pontane, first, and they got along well. Next, was the land of the Krazy Klown, who were hostile toward the explorers, and killed them all. With Ignis Tempestas and AnhiGator, they were also friendly toward them. As the other cultures developed, they eventually discovered each other and set up a trade system. All of the countries get along well, except with Krazy Klown Klub. The main interaction between the countries is economic, because there are many meetings a year to discuss trade, and there is constant movement of people and materials between the countries. Trumpland is the most advanced of the countries, so the main topic in the meetings are which raw materials to send to Trumpland, because they have the most manufacturing and mass produce all kinds of different goods and materials, including: cars, boats, engines, steel, tools, and more.


Overtime, the relations with all of the countries grew stronger, and now, the leaders and the people of the countries interact everyday. There is a difference in language throughout the countries, but with translators, they have a good time. With the open border trade system, there are many economic, social and political interactions. The companies and suppliers of materials interact and there is a lot of economic interaction. While in the meetings, similar to the U.N., linguistic interaction occurs, due to the differences in languages. Also in these meetings, political interactions occur. There are differences in the governments in the different countries. When a political issue happens, it is resolved with the help of the other countries leaders.


The commonalities of the nations on the continent is that they all want peace. Except Krazy Klown Klub. Krazy Klown Klub wants war. Because of the common goal of peace, all of the nations work together, demonstrating supra-nationalism. Some symbols which have been carefully constructed to unify the people of Rogen, are the gifts exchanged between the countries on gift day, similar to Christmas. These gifts are not expensive, but very meaningful. Also, there is a main attitude that everyone is a friend.



Oh beautiful Rogen

From your hills of green clover to the desert sands of the south

You gave us life from the earth and the ocean

You have lived unchanged through peace and war

Steadfast and strong you stand forever more


Though storms may try to consume you

You will not flinch

United yet separate all countries serve you

To the end of time


Long live our Rogen





Come all from far and near, listen to the story of the Krazy Klown Klub from then to here.  As an ancient civilization, the country started as a corrupt dictatorship and has evolved into a “father knows best state”. The government has allowed a plethora of civil rights like equal pay for all genders and races for its citizens throughout all of the country’s entire history. However, it has had a tight grip on the political freedoms possessed by citizens of the country including very few religious freedoms with no religious affiliates involved in the government or governmental decisions. The country has historically had a fairly weak economy with the government encompassing most of the economic activity going on. The country contains the natural resources of Mica, Gypsum, and Uranium. It produces many household goods and have most of the country running on nuclear energy. It makes a large amount of money by exporting uranium for energy and nuclear weapon use. Krazy Klown Klub has an open policy with those on its continent, but has heavy taxes on those outside of it.  

Krazy Klown Klub has developed a primate city in the capital city that is along the coastline which is the head of most governmental and economic activity going on inside the country. Next, in terms of relationships with other countries, Krazy Klown Klub has a good trade economic relationship with those in its continent that help provide the country with the necessities for human life. There is a lot of transportation by train from uranium mining sites to other parts of the country along with bulk food transport by truck and air from food production sites to big cities. The Country is in more of a semi-peripheral position with most of the country working in industry having yet to move along to mainly services as an industry. Next, the country is in stage 3 of Rostow’s model with it having a lot more industrialization and is starting to strengthen the country’s overall economy. And lastly, the country has very negatively affected the environment with little regard for wildlife and living things, but more towards industrialization, making a profit, and strengthening the economy. Positively, the country has affected the environment by building parks and other landscaping projects around the capital city, but much less around the rest of the country.



Krazy Klown Klub

New trumpland is a Holy Empire meaning that church and state stand together and they both interact and influence each other in the decisions they make. There is a very strict government which is good for an economy and keeping crime rate down but it doesn’t allow for a great deal of flexibility on civil rights or political freedoms. The country is ruled under the iron fist of leader Donald J. Trump who by way of propaganda has the devoted love of his people who would follow him to the death. There are other small political parties within the country but Trump makes sure that they stay in the background. There are no rights to free speech, in fact it is against the law to speak against government policies or actions. News and TV is screened to make sure that it stays that way and failure to comply with these laws can result in a large fine or even imprisonment. People are worked hard and do not have time for hobbies or fun. There are no child labor laws so child deaths in the workplace are fairly common.

The economy is strong because of the hard working nature of the people and the lack of arguments in the government because there is only one party. New Trumpland’s plentiful oil reserves provide a great amount of income and helps strengthen its auto and mechanical manufacturing industries. However this industry wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for AnhiGator and The Democratic Republic of Pontane who provide the aluminium and steel used in the manufacturing of cars, boats, trains, and other motor vehicles. This trade will be provided by international highways that can move both people and materials without the addition of rails or airports. Also for exporting cars out of the country the port city of New Texas is used for most transport.

Because most of the oil mines are located in the southern desert area of the country many large mining communities have emerged. Because the population in these towns is focused on mining the government has encouraged farming towns to make the country self sustained when it comes to providing food for the rest of the country.

The relationships that New Trumpland has with its neighbors is friendly. From open borders to highways connecting all the countries they all function together in a union. Airport are present but no used as much as rail and car transport. The government encourages public transport because they see it a necessity in the future as their population grows larger. In Rostow’s Modernization model, New Trumpland is places in stage 4(Drive to Maturity). This is because They are a high producing and innovative country that is starting to become more reliant on their own power without the help of other countries. In the World Systems theory New Trumpland is a semi-periphery country. This is due to the fact that it is in between a core and periphery countries. It is both a low consumer but it still provides a large amount of the world manufacturing and oil refineries.

As the country continues to grow in industry so does the the amount of pollution that is released into the environment. The government doesn’t see this as much of a problem because they feel that production is more important than preserving the environment. Leakes have factory runoff as well as temperature pollution and the farmlands have flattened natural earth into flat line where the wind blows unchecked.

Even Though it has issues New Trumpland will hold a place of power in the world and that power in continuing to grow with the increase in population and industry.

The Holy Empire of New Trumpland





 The Democratic Republic of Pontane is, as the name states, a democratic republic. The citizens there vote for officials who make the important decisions for the people. Re-elections occur every five years for national officials and every two years for state or county officials. National officials can hold a position for a maximum of three terms and state officials and lower can hold unlimited terms. County officials can be removed from their position by the votes of the citizens of their county or by state judges. State officials can be removed by citizens votes from their state and national officials are removed by citizen votes and then military force. Laws and punishments are written by national officials and then voted to be approved by citizens. Citizens may speak freely and do whatever they want to do as long as it is within the law. The laws are voted on by the citizens so there is no excuse for breaking the law. Also, citizens have the simple liberties to vote and speak freely. Politicians have the power to vote on foreign affairs,decide military strategy, and how to run the economy of the nation. The government promotes Cowism, the main religion of the citizens of Pontane. Although Cowism is promoted, the government does not discriminate against other religions.

The economy of Pontane is capitalism. The nation trades with the other nations in Rogen. Also, people make their own money without much government support. Military and former military are well taken care of, but people who refuse to get jobs are not supported by the government. Ranching jobs are always available because of the very high population of cows in the country. The nation’s resources are zinc, aluminium, lead, sulfur, and potash. The country produces many metal products such as machinery, vehicles, and fencing. With these products, the borders are well maintained with the best fence products on the market, and buildings are built with the strongest materials. Cities are beginning to grow and become larger world cities and ports. Trade within Rogen is fantastic. Everyone trades together and maintains our continental security. The newest cars and trucks are on the market and the citizens are able to travel easily. Roads are maintained. There are not many trains because most people travel by car or by boat. Beef is also a large part of the economy and products exported. Cows reproduce and thrive in Pontane’s ecosystem. On Rostow’s model, my country is in the third stage, take off. We are exporting more goods such as beef and vehicles. These exports make a lot of money for the economy. Also, the government does not own all of the power in the country. The people make many decisions concerning the country’s well  being. Although the country can make most of its money on its own, it still relies on the fellow nations in Rogen. For this reason, Pontane is a semi-peripheral country. Finally, Pontane tries to protect the environment as much as possible. There are strict laws and regulations about carbon emissions and deforestation in the country. Unfortunately, as the population grows, cities and towns must expand more and more into the natural environment. There are limits he size of a town can be.



The Democratic Republic of Pontane


             Ignis Tempestas is a kingdom with a strong military. The Ignis Tempestian government treats it’s citizens not poorly but not like how the US treat their people. For the most part people have freedom of speech, religion etc but are forced to serve in the military for at least a year. My government allows alot political freedom and citizens are free to participate in elections as well as vote in the elections . These elections are a rare My economy is not the best and the average income of a citizen is about 51,000 sparks. The highest income in Ignis Tempestas is 264 thousand sparks. My natural resources are rubber trees, calcite, salt and borax. My country produces weapons, tires for cars and tracks for tanks as well as salt for cooking. Also I use calcite for weapon sights and concrete repair. Borax is used for fiber glass, detergents, cosmetics, fire retardant, and anti-fungal compound. These resources strengthen my automobile and arms manufacturing industry. Ignis Tempestas exports rubber trees, calcite, salt, and borax to Krazy Klown Klub, New Trumpland, Pontain, and AnhiGator on our continent. I also import oil from New Trumpland to further strengthen my automobile industry. I also trade with my neighbor, Krazy Klown Klub for uranium for my nuclear missiles. Lastly, I import gold, iron and lead from Pontain and AnhiGator to strengthen my military.
My relationships with most other countries is very poor. I often go to war with many countries outside of my continent and often it turns into nuclear war or a full scale land invasion. But those on my continent are treated well and I rely on them for their important resources. My people have impacted the environment poorly by mainly deforestation and almost causing my nation’s animal to go extinct. My cities are very developed. My cities typically go off the multiple nuclei model and I am a semi-peripheral country. Most buildings and housing has electricity and have crime at a record low because of an advanced camera system and good police force. Most people get around by car or if going far north or far south often take a plane because my country is pretty big. My country according to Rostow’s model is in between stage 3 and 4 or the take off and drive to maturity. The reason for this is because my country is getting into manufacturing and my industry is starting to become more diverse. My country is a core country according to the Wallerstein World System theory because I rely on manufacturing and import of goods. The major role I play in the economy would be in the automobile industry and weapon industry.

The Empire of Ignis Tempestas


        The civilization of AnhiGator has changed greatly over time. The population, economy, and government has grown and developed. AnhiGator is a commonwealth, meaning it is an independant country, similar to a democratic republic. Religion and government do not interfere at all, because The Religion of the Mountain is a humble and peaceful religion only interested in finding one's true self. The government is not strict about civil rights, and allows for average social freedom and equality. The government within AnhiGator believes that everyone can do what they want as long as it is legal. There are basic laws, no murder, rape, stealing, etc. The only thing that the government is really strict about is political freedom. There is no open elections, and is pre decided by the government. In AnhiGator, the people are relatively happy about what is happening so there is absolutely no political freedom. It is outlawed.


    Natural resources play the biggest role in my nation's economy, because all of the industries are not very big and do not play a big role in the economy, except mining which is exceptionally high in revenue. Being located next to a mountain and rivers, there are many natural resources. Silver, gold, zinc, copper, and iron ore are used to make different things, such as machines, weapons, cars, tools, etc. by smelting these things down into the raw material like pure gold or silver. Within Rogan, every nation is trade partners with AnhiGator. There is a central meeting place between Ignis Tempestas, Pontane, New Trumpland, and Krazy Klown Klub, to discuss trade. There are ports on the coasts of each nation-state, so cargo boats can flow between all of the nations. There are also roads and airports for more trade opportunities.


    Economic resource and production impacts urban development in the way that which every city is able to produce more and make more money and is going to be bigger, and more technologically advanced, including rank-size rule. The main cities are near the mines, because that is where the money comes from. Because all of the countries within Rogen trade, our and relationships are good. As mentioned before, there are many ports, roads, and airports for transportation of goods and

people across the open borders. According to RostowĹ› model, AnhiGator is stage 3. AnhiGator falls under stage 3 because it is in the takeoff stage of econimic growth. Soon, instead of exporting the raw materials, AnhiGator will be able to have factories and mass produce things. Because the main job is mining and other labor intensive jobs, AnhiGator is a semi-periphery country. There is not many high skill jobs that would be necessary for AnhiGator to be classified as a core country.


     Man has definitely impacted the environment in a negative way. What started out as a nice green lush place to live is now known for being barren and inhospitable. This happened because of the farmers who could not afford to change their crops out, causing the soil to lose all of its nutrients. This also cause a lot of the animal life to flee to the outskirts of the nation. There has been a notice of this and there has been a huge improvement on how the people treat the land. The eco-friendliness level has risen from just above zero to over three hundred. With the awareness for the environment soaring, the environmental landscape will be back to normal soon.



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