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Can you actually save time (=money) by learning from the business expierence of others? Yes and no. It depends on your learning habit.

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The Process of Business

Over lunch the other day I asked my friend and mentor to give a 20-minute talk to aspiring CTO's on the lessons he learned from building a global business. Yea I know. It's the type of idea you come up with  when you had a few glasses of Sauvignon Blanck over lunch. And yes, you only accept the assignment when you shared the bottle.

The folks from Twitter had a point when they decided to subject us to 140 characters. It's a great way to abstract your ideas (when you really (a).have and idea, and (b) are prepared to apply your mind).  Roelf  came up with a most elegant  abstraction that I felt it should be shared with the world. 

Think of anything you want to accomplish in business (and in life).What would you say is the core, the foundational element that you need to have in place?


The excitement of entering and exploring the unknown.



Desire. A deep felt urge, for something that , if you don't achieve it, your reason for living would be at stake.