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Due Date: Wednesday 29, 2017

Teacher: Miss Armstrong

1st period, English 2


By: Macie Rodwell

Religion plays a big role in most people's lives in Nicaragua. The people in Nicaragua usually study Roman Catholicism; in the 16th century is when they all started to believe in it. But the Christian religion is honored in Nicaragua. The people in Nicaragua call their celebrations fiestas. They’re mostly for the saints to honor and respect the saints for all they do. There are saints, people can give them something and they will give something in return such as, good crop, healing, prayer, etc. For each saint there is usually a fiesta; In Nicaragua there is one saint for every city; they can be shared throughout towns as well. Priests lead the service and give the message, and for every 7000 or so people in Nicaragua who studied Roman Catholicism there was only one priest. Lower classmen don't usually go to services and receive the ritual, usually only see upper/middle class and women there. The people in Nicaragua believed in many things but a big one was Heaven and Hell; they believed in everlasting life. Since they have fiestas and celebrations for their religion, so it must play a big role because they wouldn't just celebrate nothing. (“Nicaragua”)

Religion of Nicaragua

The history of Nicaragua is pretty interesting how it got to where it is today. The community was always moving from place to place. In 1524 the Spanish  conquered  for 300 years. There was always a problem, like attacks, conflict, slaves, etc. In 1812 Nicaragua decided to become independent and get away from all the bad. In 1838 Nicaragua was officially separate from the Spanish. Sandino was a campaigner who forced out the US when they were trying to build a military base. The general of the national guard was voted president a few years later, he ran a dictatorship for about 5 years. The general, his name was Somoza, he was killed in 1956, and his two boys gained control and became the new leaders. The national guard became a problem and they were getting in the way. They immediately asked to cuff and kill sandino and his team. In 1972 a natural disaster made everything change, It was an earthquake in Managua, over 500,000 people came out homeless and 10,000 died from this disaster. The people who were on Sandino’s side, they got back together and fought for what they wanted. In 1979 the government was reversed back. They did what was right and started a programme that helped the lower classmen get the land that was taken from them back, then they put together more programs that helped with health. They did not have that life for long though. A guy by the name of Daniel Ortega became leader and ran in the elections but he always lost, Except finally In 2006 he finally was elected then got re-elected in 2011. So that is how Nicaragua started,  see it wasn’t easy but the people never gave up.(“Nicaragua, History, Language, and Culture”)

History if Nicaragua

How is the food in Nicaragua?? These foods go back to the pre- Columbian times and the art of food. Ingredients they use are probably not common; they are interesting. The people in Nicaragua use a lot of tropical foods and things grown around there a lot; those are really common throughout the country. Corn is a common food in Nicaragua; it is used widely among the people in Nicaragua. The people of Nicaragua say they are the sons of corn. Meats used are always interesting, because they use different parts of the animals. Some Parts of the animals that were used were, like brain, tails, udders, testicles, etc. Dishes of food are common in Nicaragua; Dishes in Nicaragua start off in one area, so then it becomes to spread throughout the country so then it's known all over Nicaragua. A lot of the dishes become so big that it becomes a national dish, and some places still get credit for being the place where it originates from. Nicaragua is one of those places where their food there is a big hit. Mostly because it is original and it is also because it is unique. (“Traditional Food”)

Food in Nicaragua

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