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the motherland emily rhodes

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Forecast Warm days are ahead but the days are not brighter Sunglasses for sale

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White Christmas Spoons under pillows Backwards pajama pants Bedtime dance rituals Our half assed invitations for a white Christmas But what if Snowfalls grand invitation was an acceptance letter of his only holiday wishes the acknowledgment of a little thing some people like to call heat wrapped up in a bow a special gift to mother earth sent from us

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Star_Girl_420 Please This rain is not the universe telling you Because if you were one with the universe and the gemstones and the crystals You would hear them shake You would hear their sweat trickle and you would listen to what you were told Because I promise you she would not be telling you that her powerful droplets have anything to do with your shoes And I promise you It takes a lot more than a flower crown to be regal in nature

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Publicly Owned Shaming I shame myself in the aisles of the store I grab the bottle I say to myself You are the reason for this Global warming Ocean pollution Sea level rise Animal extinction How dare you Unemployed Student Debt ridden individual even consider the purchase of plastic Their voices chime in Saving the world is on you shouts the trillions of dollars and trillions of schmucks who could save the earth but would rather sell it

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The Talk We learn about the birds and the bees before we learn about the birds or the bees and we wonder why we are confused about life

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Toxins Lots of things are toxic from the people around us to the water we drink We are aware but we are not awakened Our problem is that we can hold the toxins in our hands for hours days and years and refuse to feel them

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The Final Rose She cried She will never meet anyone like him ever again Millions of people invest in the fate of her final rose Pause Mother Earth had a civilization of red roses Millions of her red roses wiped away She will never ever meet anyone ever of their kind ever again Where is her TV show

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Butts Butts plop in the sand The ocean s worst nightmare Spring break forever

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Sleep Noises It s ironic that when we hear extreme rainfall we fall right asleep

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Yuge Sea Level Rise The coast looks clear right now but the future of the coastlines are blurred The ocean doesn t move speed up or slow down solely based on our word It seems like our weather alerts went off years ago and were set on snooze So he s wrong when he says he will keep our economy protected but the one thing he s right about is that It s Gonna Be Huge