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RLA Health and Safety Protocols

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Health and Safety Protocol When we open our doors this is what you can count on RLA Staff We will assist our clients and community in rescheduling and arranging meetings trainings conferences and social events We will custom design price and provide professional event planning to all clients These services will cover every detail to ensure an effective use of time while staying safe at the RLA Our campus will be open when you need us around your hours

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Air Quality and Cleaning We have superior air quality Our system is a quadruple filtration system with anti microbial treatment before it is distributed into each space We have C02 detectors in every room that ensures the rate of air circulation is quick not allowing germs to linger in the air Each room s air is circulated from outside not from other indoor space See the illustration below For 15 years we have exceeded the highest cleaning standards in our industry The facility will continue to be consistently cleaned with registered disinfectants Every restroom will be cleaned multiple times per hour All public spaces will continue to be cleaned daily including all furniture and touch areas We provide 12 hand sanitizer stations located near both entrances and throughout the facility Door handles in entire building are treated with a medical grade application which acts to ensure 99 9 of germs cannot adhere to the surface Sanitizing wipes are located in every meeting room All surfaces in every space are sanitized every day of operational use

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Catering Services We have temporarily closed our central break stations and will be setting up breaks in each meeting space Breaks will be sanitized after each restock No sharing of breaks each room will have their own Everything will be individually packaged no shared serving utensils and sanitizer will be provided Lunch times will be staggered avoiding groupings in public areas including our Dining Room We will have your group spaced out and will add additional rooms for group lunches to ensure proper social distancing Meal options will be served or boxed no self serve buffets Utensils will be wrapped or individually packaged All catering will be the consistent high quality you have come to expect from the RLA

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Example of a meeting room set up for social distancing Social Distancing Meeting rooms have been reset with 1 chair per 5 ft table with extra space between for social distancing We will provide a minimum of 49 sq ft per person in each space i e meeting rooms that typically seat 30 attendees will now seat a max of 15 Technology Service We offer Zoom Cloud Video Meetings for live streaming We can record your sessions for podcasts Virtual meetings we can provide connections between meeting spaces both within the RLA and with places and people in any remote location We offer Slido a Q A software to engage your audience during your event with additional options including voting live polls and quizzes