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Megan Alessa Cecilia Garcia Apostol. 


Yes, I know. It's a mouthful

I was born on 
September 29, 1997 at 2.08am at

St Luke's Hospital in Quezon City.

It's also known as

The Feast of Angels.

My relatives said I needed all the divine intervention I could get. 

I was baptized a


Roman Catholic


at St Michael's Chapel 


at Fort Bonifacio.

My mom taught me

how to hear the world with       music and dance

My dad taught me


how to see the world


with books and photography

We used to travel a lot when I was smaller.

I guess that made it harder for  me to find anywhere else to be really home

7 years after me came my brother.

This is

Gian Paolo Cecilio Garcia Apostol

My little (no longer) brother/gremlin/fart machine.

 This is where I went to school here in Singapore

 and eventually, I grew to love...