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By: Rita Benoit

The Environment

In this e-book, I'm going to tell you all about different types of pollution, teens who are helping to make the world a healthier place, how we can help, and how we can be a teen activist. You may not think this but in the U.S. are environment is healthier than other countries, but it still needs a lot of improvement. One place in the U.S. that is really polluted is... Fresno-Madera, California: this place in California is the #1 top polluted place in the U.S. and the #3 in America according to the LA Times. People around there really need to help out the environment. Below shows a picture of what it looks like.



Chapter 4  How Can We Become a Teen Activist

Chapter 3 How Can We Help

Chapter 2 Teens Who Are Helping the Environment

Chapter 1 Different Types of Pollution

Table of Contents

Different Types of


Introduction to Chapter 1

What are the three types of pollution? If you said "land, water, and air," you are correct. These three different types of pollution are really dangerous because lots and lots of people, animals and plants get killed each year from them. However, we are also the cause of it. In this chapter, you will read about it.

Have you ever gone outside and seen something that was out of place, maybe like one of these things to your left? I'm sure you all have. What do you usually think when you see one of these items? Do you usually feel an urge to pick it up? Well, that's what happens to me. Can you do me and the environment a favor? If you said yes, then the favor is... If you see any trash on the road, sidewalk or anywhere besides the trash can, try to pick it up. Also, it may be helpful to carry around a plastic bag wherever you go. Along with that you may want to have a pair of plastic gloves. However, remember that when you pick up trash, be carful. Don't go so out of your mind to pick stuff up that you end up getting run over.

Right on the right, you can see what water pollution looks like. It's gross- right! Then the picture that looks like RETHINK shows some teens who picked up trash on the beach and were

using the trash bags they, wrote RETHINK. This shows that plastic is a problem along the beach from water bottles to trash bags. The picture on the way bottom shows a timeline.

 This causes all of the animals to die that live in this place, and the next thing that we know, the food chain is broken. Also, 12% of the oil that enters the ocean is from oil spills. Now it is getting really dangerous. However, it just takes one person to make a difference, and maybe you can be that person!

Link to website

link to video to right

Water Pollution

Water pollution is really scary because I know that a lot of you want to swim in fresh water. However, some people get really sick from swimming in water that has been polluted. What happens is sometimes there are big companies near a river, and they just dump all of their trash into the water without thinking.

Link to... More of what it causes above.

Here on the right shows air pollution. Then on the bottom, it shows what it does to your body. 

You may not think this, but air pollution is just as dangerous as water pollution. About 2.4 million people die each year from it. The causes of it are exhaust from cars and big factories. First of all, most big factories think that it's okay to just send out all of the waste into the air harming lots of animals and people (including themselves). Then cars create a big part of air pollution because first of all, there are so many of them, and second off, they are burning gas which causes bad gas/air. To help prevent this, you can walk or bike more instead of riding in a vehicle (smart cars are okay) or you could (if you work in a big factory that lets out lots of waste  into the environment), you could try to limit it. Let's all try to make a difference !!!

Ask what they think of it.

Air Pollution

As you can see, air pollution can cause serious damage to your body for a lifetime, so, all you need to do is... Help prevent it! You can do anything.

Do you know what land pollution is? Land pollution is the destruction of Earth's surface. "Oh no!" you are probably saying. 

Land Pollution

This picture above shows land pollution

What is land pollution caused by? Land pollution is caused by: ashes, mining sources,  trash and garbage, sewage, and many other things. This picture shows a pile of garbage... one source of land pollution. Then the picture on the bottom shows the cycle of pollution.

Teens Who are Helping the Environment

Introduction to Chapter 2

In this chapter, I will be telling you about some teens who are very, very,  very, passionate about helping the environment and will do anything to make the world a better place.

Josiah Utsch and Ridgely Kelly

Two boys Josiah Utsch and Ridgely Kelly are both twelve-years-old. They are also very passionate about water pollution. What they are doing is helping a sea creature called the chambered nautilus, that is hunted for its shell. In 2012, the       TFK (Time for Kids) heard about the efforts they had been making and wrote an article on them. The boys raised over  $9,000 and gave the money to Peter Ward. Peter was very thankful for the money and invited the boys to go along, which they did. After the trip, Ridgely said, "We got significant data.”

  • China's Celia Ho is another kid trying to help the environment-- elephants especially. A couple of years ago, she found out that elephants were getting killed because of their ivory, so she decided to do something about it. At only fourteen, she has spread the word about it by: posters, writing letters to newspapers, and email. "I am working on an ivory ban campaign," she told TFK in an e-mail. "The most important part is educating young people."

China's Celia Ho

Clay is now seventeen, but when he was eleven, he became very worried about the environment since he was always outside either rock climbing, fishing or playing around, so he decided to do something about it by starting a crusade. If you don’t know what a crusade, it is a campaign concerning a social, political, or religious issue. Now at seventeen, he has almost fifty grants, and his bank account is flooding (not literally). From those grants, he has $180,000. While he was a senior in high school, Clay helped pass a state law that lets Ohio elementary students get taught about wetlands and the state's symbols.

Clay McMullen


How Can We Help?

Introduction to Chapter 3

In this chapter, I am going to tell you about how we can help make the environment a better place be doing just little things.

Have you ever picked up trash while you were playing around outside?  If you have, that's great. Most people just leave it there for an animal to eat and die, and even worse-- some people litter. The people that litter must feel really guilty, so please don't litter. You can also pick litter up on beaches. If you can do this, some little things that have been harming the environment are cured!

This picture shows a boy that saw trash on his way home from school and decided to pick it up.


Start Helping 

Are any of you shy when it comes to speaking up? You know that you could always write a letter or email. This can be very effective; plus, you don't even have a chance to stumble or mess up. If you check it all over, then it can be pretty much perfect. 

Speak Up

Never be afraid you can do anything if you try. All it takes is believing in yourself. Just tell yourself...I can do anything!

How Can We Become a Teen Activist?

Introduction to Chapter 4


In this paragraph, I


will tell you what it


takes to be a teen




A teen activist is someone that helps fix a problem in the world. Anyone and everyone can be one, for all it takes is courage and good support from friends and family.  If you care so deeply about something, you can be the one to change it. All it takes is one person. Do it, Don't be afraid! Tell yourself... I can do anything, I can't make it worse. If I try, I am bound to make the world a better place. I believe in you, and a lot of other people do too. Even if someone doesn't believe in the same things that you do, do it. You Can Do Anything!!! Think about Malala who never stopped fighting even when she got shot in the head.


Teen Activists!!!

Link to the left

The author's name is Rita, and she is a sixth-grader at Hall-Dale Middle School. She is very athletic and loves sports. For sports, she plays soccer, softball, and basketball! This year, her soccer team went all the way to the quarterfinals and then lost to the best team 2-0, Windam. During the end of the game, Windam's best player bulldozed her over. From the sidelines, it would look very funny, but it hurt a lot. Her dad, the head coach, almost yelled at the other team's coach. Right now, she is in the middle of basketball season. Hall-Dale Rec is now over, but she is still playing Augusta Rec and travel team. Her travel team this year is doing really well! She also plays the piano and does the clarinet. This year she made District 3. Rita also does her part in being involved with keeping the environment healthy. 

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