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Learn about the tiny world of Quantum Physics.

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By Rishi Nelakurti


Ever wonder how it is to telport hundreds of miles in seconds using Entanglement? Wonder how a world without discovering Quantum Leap would look like? Wonder how Albert Einstein thought of this crazy, mind blowing theory? Would you ever think that everything you know about the Unsiverse is wrong? Today we will go down to the atomic scale learn that atoms can be in more than one place at the same time.


Intro to The world of the Tiny

Max Plank was consider one of the founders of Quantum Theory.




Some people think that a quantum leap is a particularly large leap. This is incorrect. In fact, in quantum physics, where the expression came from, a quantum leap is usually a very tiny leap indeed, often smaller than the diameter of the nucleus of an atom.


So what is a quantum leap? A quantum leap is a leap from A to B, without passing through any of the points between A and B. Imagine that you enter a train in A-ville. You sit in your seat, and the train is instantly transported to your destination of B-ville. You just made a quantum leap. The train didn’t pass through any point between A-ville and B-ville.


Besides leaping across a distance,  particles can change by leaps in other ways. An electron can change energy from energy-level A to energy-level B in a leap, without having any of the intermediate values of energy. 


A downward jump relases a certian wavelenght of light. In fact, this is where the term “quantum” comes from. At the sub-atomic level, energy is created and used up in well-defined amounts called “quanta.” “Quanta” is plural, “quantum” is singular.


               Quantum Leap

 when a superconductor is placed in the space above a magnet it is called Flux pinning. The superconductor must be a superconductor (not any Conductor) because  superconductors cannot be penetrated by magnetic fields. The act of magnetic penetration is what makes flux pinning possible. the superconductor allows the magnetic flux to enter in quantized packets surrounded by a superconducting current vortex . These sites of penetration are known as flux tubes. At a simple 76 millimeter diameter, 1 micrometer thick disk, next to a magnetic field - there are approximately 100 billion flux tubes that hold 70,000 times the superconductor's weight (wow!). At lower temperatures the flux tubes are pinned in place and cannot move. This pinning is what holds the superconductor in place, thereby allowing it to "levitate". This is called Quantum Locking.

   A Superconductor floating above a magent.






One photon was stored in a crystal while the other was sent along optical fiber, over a distance of 25 kilometers. These two photons where entangled. The photon that was sent along the optical fiber collides with a third photon, which was assumed to destroy them both. However, the information from the first photon was transferred to the third photon in the collision! The information from the third photon came back to the crystal where it could be measured to ensure the information was preserved between the first and the second.

The photon did not “teleport” as we are used to hearing about in sci-fi, where someone’s body can be moved from place to place in a matter of seconds. Instead, the information contained on the now-distant photon can be seen based on what is seen with the information in the photon in the crystal.




    The crystals used in the expirment.


   Two atoms are linked from a far away distance.

    Entanglement is when two or more are entangled particles or connected particles. The thought I have about is how the particles linked and became entangled. I think this has to do something with Dark Energy.  The connection is faster than light ! (that is the only reasonable explanation.)   Okay Example; If we gave two entanglements electrons zero spin and separated them over a large distance and measured one electron spin to be +1, the other, no matter how far it is the other particle will spin the opposite - in this case -1.       

   Albert Einstein said himself, “Spooky action at a distance.” to describe Quantum Entanglement. He thought that the spin was already decided like a pair of gloves. If you saw one glove that would determine what the other glove is, no matter who far it is.



“I am bored,” said Albert. I look at the calendar, It was March 4, 2017. “We could play outside,” I suggested. “It’s not like we can sit down and watch that costly TV.  Well, the world hasn't improved since the 19 hundredths.”  

Without Quantum Physics we would be in the 18 hurdends. We use Quantum Physics for everything that has a circuit board. It stops electrons and redirects them. We depend on it. It controls our lives.  

A World without Quantum Physics

 This is a ciruit board - that is only possible by quantum Phsics.

   This is revolting!” I said. The whole world is based on probability! What!


     "God doesn't roll dice!"This upstander Nieh boir doesn’t know anything. I said to him, "I like to think that the moon is behind me even when I’m not looking.


    Also entanglement is awful. How in the world are two particles connected?! That is awful physics.  I tried and tried to show how this is wrong.This theory is not wrong but incomplete.










What Albert E. thought...

    Albert quotes about God rolling dice.

This is the minding blowing world of Quantum Physics. We learned how to Teleport and learn about Quantum Leap. We learned about Entanglement . Imagine what scientist will discover next.