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A brief description of what you may expect staying at Your Vacation Home in Rome-- The Roman Institute of Permaculture Experimentation's (RIPE) Bed and Breakfast

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At RIPE's B&B you will feel at home in Rome as you experience the beauty of the Eternal City without the hustle and bustle of the metropolis

RIPE, the Roman Institute of Permaculture Experimentation, a 160 sq. m. apartment  with a 400sq. m. garden, is finally launching its B&B.


RIPE is located in a secure complex in the heart of the quiet residential suburb of Vitinia—a 13 minutes ride, on the metro train, one of the main transportation hubs of Rome (Stazione Porta San Paolo, near Piramide).


Besides being a permaculture lab, it is also the dwelling of your host and her three cats, who will welcome you in their home, ready to recommend interesting, "off the unbeaten tracks" sights and facilitate your stay the best they can.


The sleeping areas at RIPE are two.  Both overlook the garden, but the B&B's shared room is the ideal accommodation for the adventurous backpacker who follows an ambitious itinerary and simply needs a good night rest to recharge to get back on track.


While the cozy double bedroom is the best choice for the snuggly type, who wants to decompress before a long return home, or who simply wishes to experience Rome in a leisurely, slow-paced fashion.





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Eat,  sleep,  play!

While continental breakfast is available in the morning, you have full use of RIPE’s kitchen and equipment, in case you want to experiment a newly discovered recipe or simply desire a good home cooked meal.


The small neighborhood has a supermarket, a delicatessen, a fresh produce shop and a couple of good  restaurants.  In case you need special dietary food products please do not hesitate to ask us to provide you with them beforehand.


Also know that we can provide you with home-made organic soy milk, marmelades, sourdough bread, muffins, brownies, pastries, tofu, ghi and liqueurs.  


You may also decide to have a chef cook you a complete 3 course meal, so that you may learn some of the secrets of the Roman cuisine ... just don't be shy to ask!  

Relax and Dream!

RIPE's B&B is surrounded by fruit trees, green bushes, a vegetable garden, and chirping birds—An ideal location to “unwind” after a  busy day visiting the historic center. 


Our goal at RIPE is to transform the apartment’s open space in a urban forest garden, rich in edibles.  So, ideally, whenever you decide to visit, there will be something fresh and crisp to snack on, be it a ripe organic fruit from a tree or a winter veggie from the biointensive garden.


You may choose to relax in your room, watch TV on the couch*, bake a cake in the kitchen, read a book on the hammock, or even get involved in one of the many experiments that are constantly taking place at RIPE.  So much so, that there is the risk that you'll forget your role as a traveler and neglect your sightseeing mission.


*No TV in bedrooms

While not downtown, public transportation connects RIPE's B&B very well to  the historic center. 


Trains are available every 10 minutes, while travel time is about 15 minutes. 


The trains run from one of the city's main transport hubs: Ostiense/Piramide.  Here, you have access to the metro, buses and trains:


  • For trains to and from Fiumicino Airport  head towards Ostiense Train Station;
  • For metro trains to and from Vitinia head towards Porta San Paolo Station;
  • For access to the metro system, for trains to the historic center or commercial venues head for Piramide Metro Station.

Once arrived in the neighborhood of Vitinia (the fourth stop), RIPE's B&B is only one minute away from the train station--just across the roundabout that you find on your right, as you exit the train station, is the comdominium's main entrance!


In any case, do not hesitate to contact us for assistance on finding the easiest way to get RIPE's B&B.   We can even arrange a pick-up service from your landing airport with a personal driver.

Getting There

RIPE's B&B                                                

The Street View

Largo Castelbolognese 10   

00127, Vitinia Rome                  




The rates vary depending on the type of accomodation you choose.  Broadly speaking:


  • Backpacker's bed: 30 E. per bed
  • Suite:                       40 E.  one person
      •        60 E.  two people

However we are open to other non traditional ways of exchange, such as barter, sliding scale pricing, and... you propose!  


For more detailed information please do not hesitate to contact us, by leaving a message via:

  • Email:
  • Skype: schreibg8478
  • FB: RIPE's B&B