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RightTrips™ Network Optimization Yields

17% Reduction in Total Supply Chain Costs

RightServe™ Conversion to Daily Delivery Leads to Auto Industry's Highest Customer Satisfaction

RightStock™ Implementation Yields Industry Leading Fill Rate of 99.1%, Record Gross Margin and

35% Inventory Reduction

RightCast™ Program Yields

21% Increase in Forecast Accuracy

RightBuys™ Program Reduces Supplier Leadtimes by 28%.
Increases Supplier On-Time Performance to 97.8%

 RightHouse™ Honda helped to completely transform Honda's DC operations into the industry's most productive, most cost efficient, most responsive, and most accurate.

Some of the important components of RightHouse™ Honda are highlighted in the following slides.



RightPaths™ Layout Optimization Leads to 23% Increase in Productivity

RightSort™ Honda