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           Rick O'Connor grew up watching the first Star Wars movies (4-6, if you didn't know) and the original 80's Transformers Cartoons, knowing that someday he wanted to be an animator. He went to Sheridan Collage, where he studied traditional animation for 3 years. While in school he got a job as a cleanup artist. A year later he became a character designer at Phoenix animation studios.After collage he got a job at Square, a animation studio in Hawaii, he was taught how to animate using computers. Later he would be hired by ILM to create Star Wars episode 1, the phantom menace.

                        The reason I chose Rick O'Connor was because he was one of the animators for the Transformers films, one of my favorite movies growing up. I believe he is a lead animator due to the fact that animating all the complex movements for some of the characters must have taken a very long time to perfect those skills.

Rick O'Connor

                                    by: Dawson Bell

Rick O'Connor started his career in the visual effects at Industrial Light & Magic more than 15 years ago with Star Wars, Episode I. He then worked on films such as the TRANSFORMERS films and STAR TREK.