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Video Diary  

By: Cole Skelly and Remy Figueroa

In my opinion, I would be able to help families hide. Miep and Mr. Kraler were good people for helping out the two families. Also, although the risk is still high for the family to be caught, Mr. Frank had prepared everyone for hiding and knew that the only way for his family to be caught was if a worker knew about them. Due to the preparations Mr. Frank had made, this risk would be reduced. I don’t believe I would help people who did not prepare because it would be easier to find them and get caught. Although the risk of being caught was high, I would have helped the Frank family.

-Cole Skelly


Act 1, Scene 2


Peter would be the easiest to get along with. He is able to be by himself the easiest, which would let me be by myself when I needed to, and also he is able to be social when he needs to. Also, Mouschi would be another good addition because I have a few pets at home which means I would like spending time with the cat. Peter would be the easiest to get along with because he is not always hyper unlike Anne. Having one person my age would be a good thing while in hiding.

-Cole Skelly

Act 1, Scene 3

My favorite holiday being Hanukkah like the Franks it wouldn’t be that hard for me to do it in hiding. The alteration is my family is conservative and we would say the prayers and presents weren’t always a thing on Hanukkah. The presents coming out every day was more from a modernization and Christian things from Christmas and other things. It also is from the sacrifice that the Maccabee's in Israel and that we should rejoice and be happy so we added it. The thing I might miss most is just the food for Hanukkah because Latkes are supposed to be this thing that says we didn’t have oil then now lets use a lot of it because we can. It would also be weird for me to think about blowing out the candles, because like anne said you usually let them burn themselves out. I think the only sacrifice that would be the hardest  for me at that time is that I can’t enjoy it as much knowing that i’m in a place of hiding.

-Remy Figueroa


Act 1, Scene 5

Anne is a very silly person in the play how she acts and does not care about what the others say. We saw this in Act 1 when she talked to Peter in his clothes and started joking around. On the page we see almost what she has actually been thinking the entire time they are in the hiding place. She say that they are young and lost when they think about these horrors going on. She also feels the blame is being put onto them when she said “So don’t try to take it out on us!”. This shows that she feels that as kids they are all taking this to heart and they are the ones at blame.

-Remy Figueroa


Act 2, Scene 1


 Act 2, Scene 2

In act 2, scene 2, Peter tells that he doesn’t have any friends nor does he need any. I believe that some people prefer to be independent rather than have a lot of friends. Throughout this play, Peter is often isolated from everyone by choice because he enjoys alone time more than time with others. He seems happy while alone and I think many people share this trait with Peter. Some people are easily annoyed by others which causes them to prefer to be alone.

-Cole Skelly

    I feel that knowing people today and how we see bad we would be scared if we heard Gestapo agents down stairs. I say this because people back then opened up a bit more knowing what’s at hand and not thinking what could happen to help you. If people are in a sticky situation most of the time people run away from it rather than fight it. People as well nowadays are so unconnected to the rest of the world if someone else did try them they wouldn’t even know what to do, were all ready unconnected from nature half of the people don’t even realize the things they eat we’re living. This is just enough to say that nowadays we are far more oblivious to things going on in the military and other things.




Act 2, Scene 4

Final Choice

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