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Camino 2022 Annual Report | ENGLISH

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2022 Annual Report

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LETTER FROM THE CEOBY THE NUMBERSIMPACT REPORTSCamino Health CenterArribaThe WearHouseCamino Research InstituteCamino ChurchCamino UniversityCommunity OutreachGRANT AWARDSDONORSIN THE NEWSWHO WE ARE12463638418151821 242930....................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................... ....................................................................................................................

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Every business, nonprofit organization,church, and family have felt the stress ofthe last few years. The pandemic, highinflation, supply chain issues, and thechallenge of finding employees haveweakened many, shut down others, andchallenged us all. On top of all theseshared issues, Camino faced uniquechallenges: we had delayed funding foralmost 7 months, and on July 4th, 2022,we had a fire that devastated our largestfacility. Because of all of these challenges, manywould expect that the following annualreport would be filled with justifiably lowperformance and cutbacks; however, thiswas not the case at all. As a result of ourdedicated and skilled staff, board ofdirectors, donors, volunteers, andpartners, Camino has almost doubled insize and impact! As I reflect on last year, I am renewedin my commitment to the Caminomission, and as I look to the future, Iam filled with great hope. As we startthe year 2023, we are embarking onour 25th year of serving Latinocommunities, and we have never beenstronger and more prepared to fulfillour mission of equipping people tolive healthy, hopeful, and productivelives! I believe that the future isLatino. So, in continuing to serve theLatino community, I know that we areinvesting in a future filled with hope, hard work, and mucho sabor.Thank you for your continued support. In for Life, Rusty PriceFounder & CEO“Camino has almostdoubled in size andimpact!”Letter from the CEO1

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Camino includes two bilingual, multicultural, nonprofits: Camino CommunityDevelopment Corp Inc (CCDC) and Camino Church. For more than 20 years,CCDC and Camino Church have served Latino families in the Charlotte area.CCDC includes Camino Health Center, Arriba, The WearHouse, and CaminoResearch Institute. Camino Church includes the Church and Camino University.Although these are separate legal entities, they share a location, values, andmission—to equip people to live healthy, hopeful, and productive lives.All of Camino’s services are bilingual and multicultural, ensuring every personreceives the services they need in a language they understand and in a settingthey trust. Most of Camino’s entities are located in Mecklenburg County, NC,however, Camino Health Center recently acquired a second location in CabarrusCounty, NC, where they provide clinical and behavioral health services.Camino is uniquely positioned to provide a direct pathway betweenfaith communities and health and human services2

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By The Numbers3

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2,400Contigo Outreach1,003Camino Vida 2,028Camino Fitness 12,358Food Farmacy 1,886EntrepreneurshipTraining 1,779WorkshopParticipants12,509Transactions431Families in Crisis Assisted2,171ESL Program5,535EmploymentReadiness Program 445Promotores deSalud 1,594Therapy Sessions299Collaborative Care 9,038Clinic Visits2,455Social Navigation 103,582IN 2022, WE SERVED PEOPLEtimes through our collective services4

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19Mental Health Training 2,600Christ mas at Camino300Commun ity BlockPartie s1,003Medici ne Giveaway15,014Pastoral Care1,406Church Community Outreach 793Volunteer Training 446Camino United SoccerTeam14,368Church Attendance3,098Bible Study 2,488Circles147Vacation Bible School 220Church Planting Course 300Mini Pitch GrandOpening250Arte y Cultura400Fiesta y Fútbol4,799Volunt eers5

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Impact Reports6

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Impact Report

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Joe JacksonRusty PriceBOARD OF DIRECTORSGeoff Gibbs, Jr.CHC is unique in its ability to integrate physical and mental health servicesthrough an evidence-based model, Collaborative Care. Since 2021, CaminoClinic and Camino Contigo have worked hand in hand, leveraging theCollaborative Care model, to ensure patient care plans are cohesive andconsider both physical and mental/emotional needs. Camino Health Center (CHC) provides holistic healthcare that equips peopleto live healthy lives. CHC focuses on treating the physical, emotional, andsocial needs of each person. We provide primary care through Camino Clinic,behavioral health services through Camino Contigo, health education andwellness services through Camino Vida and food insecurity services throughthe Food Farmacy. During its 20+ years of service to the community, CHC has gained areputation for being a trusted medical resource among the Latino communityin the Charlotte area. CHC offers low-cost holistic health services using awhole person centered approach. WHAT WE DOSteven KroppKaren KivelsonDr. Luis Valles, MD, FAAPShaun Moynihan Dr. Liliana MazzeiDr. Carmen Teague, MDGreg Phipps9

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provider visits5,362labs drawn3,222free medicationdistributed1,003vaccines administered95Camino Clinic uses a family-centered,whole person approach to care, providingprimary care, labs, ultrasounds, vaccines,and chronic disease management tochildren and adults. Camino Clinic received the NAFC GoldStandard award in 2022, acknowledgingthe exceptional care provided by clinic stafffor the second consecutive year. In 2022, Camino Clinic extended its hoursfrom 5 to 6 days a week at theMecklenburg Campus, allowing us to servemore people. At the Cabarrus campus,Camino Clinic hosted a back to schoolevent, providing free school physicals to 47children. • 70 % of Camino Clinic patientswith high blood pressure havetheir blood pressure undercontrol (≤ 140/90)• 74 % of Camino Clinic patientswith diabetes have their A1cunder control (A1c ≤ 9)10

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of the patients enrolled in therapymet their treatment goals80%of patients who completedtherapy had a significantreduction in depression, anxiety,or stress 96%Social Determinants of Health assessments were administered128members of the surroundingcommunity were engaged whilebeing educated on Camino services2400In 2022, Contigo extended its services to CHC’sCabarrus County campus and took services intothe community, equipping community memberswith information and strategies to help them copewith the day-to-day challenges of being animmigrant in the US. Contigo partnered withCabarrus County Schools, Kannapolis City Schools,and the Cabarrus County Sheriff’s office to beginproviding behavioral health services in the schoolsystem and jails.The Camino Contigo Team participated in 16community events in partnership with multiplestakeholders, including Charlotte MecklenburgSchools, Mecklenburg County DHHS (Departmentof Health and Human Services), Cabarrus CountySchools, Alliance Behavioral Health, and localchurches and agencies. Our reach extended intoSouth Carolina, with one of our therapistsrepresenting Camino at a Virtual Peer SupportConference in South Carolina. Camino Contigo provides individual andgroup therapy provided by licensedtherapists; peer support services, whichare evidence-based, recovery servicesfor adults diagnosed with a mental healthor substance use disorder; and socialnavigation services, which connect andcoordinate Camino’s services internallyand externally through communitypartners. Social navigators screenpatients using a Social Determinants ofHealth assessment and connect them toservices based on their needs.Stigma surrounding the topic of mentalhealth is common among Latinocommunities. In an effort to decreasestigma and raise awareness on theimportance of mental health, Contigopartnered with the American HeartAssociation, with funding from Blue CrossBlue Shield of NC, to launch their first 6-week radio and billboard mental healthcampaign in Spanish.11

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In 2022, Camino Vida launched a fitness membership thatincludes personal training sessions and group exercise classes:Camino Vida provides one-on-one coaching and support topatients of Camino Clinic who have a chronic disease tohelp them manage symptoms through lifestyle changes,including eating healthy foods, exercising, and managingstress.Camino Vida staff also provided community education oncardiovascular disease and diabetes, which wereaccompanied by a cooking demonstration. Our Camino Vidateam presented at multiple community events, educatingLatinos on culturally inclusive healthy eating habits. Thesecommunity education events impacted 201 people.36%45%42%of patients improved eatinghabits of patients with high bloodpressure lowered it by 10%of patients with highcholesterol lowered it by20%80%75%77%of patients improved theirmuscular strength (chairstand score)of patients improved theircardiovascular fitness of members in the fitnessprogram (personal training)lost an average of 3.6 lbsduring the first 2 months ofthe program“Camino Vida has helped me to love myself, to learn to eat healthy,to be a good person and to transmit what I feel to my children[and] to my loved ones...Camino Vida, motivates you to exercise,gives you routines at home that you can do… and you feel relaxed,and your spirit is at 100%.” 12

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“I’ve been coming here [Food Farmacy] for 12years or so. They give top quality foods [and]supplies. I am grateful for being able to come here.They are always friendly and, for the length oftime I’ve been coming, we recognize each other.It’s like a friendship and you look forward tocoming [to the Food Farmacy]."The Food Farmacy, in partnership with Loaves &Fishes, helps address food insecurity for high riskindividuals. Camino receives referrals from manyother places to help people who are in need of food.Our food pantry is the second largest referral sitefor Loaves and Fishes and the second largest sourceof referrals to Loaves and Fishes through socialnavigation services. In 2022, the Food Farmacy began working hand inhand with Camino Vida to ensure the food provided bythe pantry is nutritious and culturally appropriate. The Food Farmacy hired a chef to oversee theholistic collaboration between nutrition, wellness,and food insecurity. Something unique about thisprogram is the emphasis placed on maintaining thecultural roots of each person and the foods they eat,while fostering healthy eating habits. Because ofthis emphasis, The Food Farmacy and Camino Vidapartnered with Loaves & Fishes and the AmericanHeart Association to ensure the food received fromLoaves and Fishes meets dietary guidelines.13

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CHC is committed to expanding its array of high quality, evidence-based services based oncommunity needs and demand. Although services will continue to be offered on campus, they willalso be mobilized offsite, extending CHC’s reach to other areas of the state, equipping people withthe knowledge and resources needed to live healthy lives. received over thecounter medications 1,003peoplereceived flu vaccines 63peoplereceived COVID-19vaccines 32peopleCam ino Health Center hosted a m edic ine giveaway at theMec klen burg Campus, inpar tner ship with Medassist, AtriumHea lth, and Mecklenburg CountyHea lth Department, providing overthe cou nter medications andvac cine s:LOOKING AHEAD TO 202314

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Impact Report

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job seekers inattendance98people receivedentrepreneur training34people completed the Promotorasde Salud certificate program701ST ANNUAL JOB FAIR16

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Arriba also provides educational classes and certificate programs. In 2022, Arriba provided Entrepreneurial training courses with the Ecuadorian Chamber, a Promotores de Salud(Health Promoters) program with The American Heart Association, and Mental Health FirstAid Training. people obtainedemployment throughArriba150people completed theMental Health First AidTraining program65job seekers wereconnected to employers406employers partneredwith Arriba to hire jobseekers81Arriba plans to expand the entrepreneurial training program to reach more people atdifferent stages in their entrepreneurial career. In 2023, Arriba also plans to establish acomputer lab to offer digital literacy and computer classes to community members.LOOKING AHEAD TO 2023increase inconfidence to speakEnglish11%decrease in stresswhen speakingEnglish publicly14%increase inconfidence to writeEnglish8%*In partnership with Central Piedmont Community College17

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in 2022The WearHouse wasvoted Charlotte’sBest Thrift Store bycommunity members ina contest conductedby the CharlotteObserver! “I purchase items for people who need it and also for myfamily…I do buy things here & send them to my countrybecause the items purchased from The WearHouse arecomfortable, beautiful, and in very good condition. Theyhave been happy and they really like the things I have sentthem.”18

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The WearHouse is a thrift store with a mission—not just to help you up your fashion game atextremely affordable prices but also to help the community. By giving back our proceeds toCamino we directly aid the Latino immigrant community here in Charlotte. The WearHouse plansto expand to anotherlocation and seekadditional corporatepartners, allowing us to help more families inneed. 431612,509families in crisis were assisted through TWH($5,587 in-kind donations)new corporate donationpartners enlistedtotal transactions*in 2023*7.24% increase from 2021,,19

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Impact Report

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Camino Research Institute (CRI) is a hub for community-drivenresearch that informs the development and implementation of servicesand policies that meet the needs of Latinos. CRI uses community basedparticipatory research (CBPR) approaches to address the socialdeterminants of health. In 2022, CRI’s biggest accomplishment wascompleting the Latino Community Strengths and Needs Assessment(LCSNA) in Mecklenburg County, and expanding that project acrossthe state. CRI presented at professional conferences and community meetings:CRI also published its first paper in an academic journal in 2022. Thepaper titled, “Así es la Vida”: Stress, Control, and Coping AmongLatino/a Immigrants was published in The Journal of LatinxPsychology. National Association of Free and Charitable Clinics 2022Charitable Healthcare Symposium The 2022 National Latinx Social Work Conference82nd Annual Meeting of the Society for AppliedAnthropologyCharlotte Talks with Mike Collins: WFAE radioLt. Governor’s Roundtable22

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147people completed theCommunity Voting Survey171people completed theOpinion Poll SurveyCOMMUNITY RESEARCHCRI will continue the statewide Latino Community Strengths and Needs Assessment, with plansto release reports in the Western and North Piedmont Regions. We will use this data to informCamino’s efforts to take its services out to communities. Data from the LCSNA will also help CRIdirect and prioritize additional community-based research projects. In 2023, CRI remainscommitted to ensuring their findings are widely accessible and available in both Spanish andEnglish.people completed the LCSNA survey inMecklenburg County458people participated infocus groups for theLCSNA36total people completed theLCSNA surveys across NC1027LOOKING AHEAD TO 202323

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Impact Report

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church members wereequipped for ministry169people were baptized25people accepted Christ96In 2022, Camino Church had more than 600 new visitors and 85 newmembers, demonstrating exceptional church growth, especially in a postpandemic world. Camino Church is a nondenominational church that equips everyone to live in the freedom thatcomes from an everyday relationship with God. Camino Church is leading the way indesegregation of church, having brought together a predominately white church and a primarilyLatino church to create a unified bilingual, multicultural congregation that includes people whomay not otherwise cross paths. The entire service, including songs, prayer, and worship isprovided in both English and Spanish. Working hand in hand with Camino’s other services(Camino Health Center, Arriba, The WearHouse, Camino Research Institute, and CaminoUniversity) the church has a unique opportunity to reach into communities as the “hands andfeet” of Christ, building deep connections with community members while also referring themback to Camino services to have their physical, mental, and social needs met. In summer 2022, Camino experienced a fire in the church building, displacing the church for 4months. Rather than seeing the fire as a hindrance, the Pastors of Camino Church saw it as anopportunity to take the church outside of the building walls. Church Leadership credits the firefor acting as a catalyst for creating awareness among church members of what was going on inthe local community, ultimately allowing the church to help more people. 25

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kids attended Easter EggHunt160at ten ded Va cat ion Bi bleSc hoo l147kids attended Water Day37attended Fall Fiesta onthe farm52CaminoKids provides bible study,lessons, and activities that help spreadthe gospel among children and familieswithin the church. CaminoKids alsoprovides support and encouragement toparents, strengthening the relationshipsof Church families. CaminoKidscelebrates having a fun and uniquetheme every month, where kids cancelebrate during the Church service withgames, candy, prizes, and crafts!26

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youth participated onthe Camino United Team22Camino Church goes far beyond providing a placeof worship. In 2022, Camino Church wasinstrumental in serving Latino immigrant familieswho have just arrived to the US, which speaks tothe deep relationships of trust the church hasformed with Latino communities.The Church provided over $13,000 in assistance tonew families as they navigate their new life in theCharlotte area. To aid in equipping church members to serve thecommunity, Camino Church provided volunteertraining, ministry training, and ministry courses.Camino Church felt called to take the church outside ofthe building walls in 2022. Building upon thismomentum, Camino Church, alongside CaminoUniversity, plans to train and deploy communitymembers to plant churches and provide spiritual andsocial support to the communities around usthroughout 2023. Camino Church is committed tohaving a consistent presence in the community and willconnect individuals back to the rest of Camino’sservices. LOOKING AHEAD TO 202327

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“Studying and practicing what I learned in this class, Godaccelerated my spiritual growth. Iknow, as a lifelong believer, I’d bea million light years ahead in myspiritual growth today, had Itaken this class decades ago.”Impact Report

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This course, offered in English and Spanish, was developed in response to research that shows Latinos turn to faith leaders in times of need. The Certificate in Missional Churchplanting equips community members to embed themselves within specific neighborhoods,establishing deep relationships that allow them to bring and connect community members tothe resources needed to live healthy, hopeful, productive lives. People who enrolled in theCertificate in Missional Church Planting Program are making a deep commitment to invest inand serve local communities. In 2022, Camino University launched its first educational program:Certificate in Missional Church PlantingCamino University, founded in 2022, brings educational opportunities to the Latinocommunity, by providing programs that eliminate affordability, language, and geographicalbarriers. Camino University equips students with the intellect and ingenuity necessary tobecome community- and service-oriented leaders in their localities. Camino University seeksto develop leaders with distinctively global perspectives through transformative experiences inthe local and digital classroom. Camino University also provides training on theintersection of ministry and mental health toequip people with knowledge and resourcesneeded to help others cope with stress and othermental health difficulties. 19Camino Church members received a training on handlingcrisis situations in communities18people made up the Inaugural cohort of the Certificate inMissional Church Planting ProgramCamino University will develop certificate anddegree tracks, taking steps towards becoming anaccredited University. Camino University will alsoprovide more training on mental health educationand awareness to organizations and churches acrossthe state, equipping them to serve theircommunities. Finally, Camino University will beginoffering continuing education activities for mentalhealth professionals that improve social service andhealthcare service delivery for immigrantcommunities.29

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In 2022, Camino deepened our relationships with surrounding communities, building bridgesbetween communities in need and Camino’s services. We piloted our "Takin' it to the Streets"initiative with a nearby neighborhood, Charlotte Hills. 181 families were impacted by Caminoin the Charlotte Hills Neighborhood through a variety of initiatives:Community block parties filled with family-centered activities,health services, and dinnerA new community playgroundInstallation of cabinets in a housing unitPressure washing of community units and blowing leaves fromyards 400 people attended Fiesta Y Futbol, a festival to celebrate Hispanic Heritage month inpartnership with the Charlotte Independence and BlueCross Blue Shield of NC. The fiesta, heldoutside Legion Memorial Stadium,. included live music, food, wrestling matches, inflatables andother family fun activities. Attendees were invited to attend the Charlotte Independence gameafterwards.Camino made history as the site of the first ever candidate forum to be televised in Spanish. In collaboration with Telemundo Charlotte (WSOC-TV), Latino Civic EngagementCommittee, El Pueblo, and The Libre Initiative,two forums featuring the candidates for theMecklenburg County Board of Commissioners and the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Board ofEducation were broadcasted live in Spanish31Camino held its 13th annual Christmas at Camino Event. During Christmas at Camino,families enjoyed a live nativity scene, music, games, food, and much more! Each child whoattended the event received a Christmas gift and had the opportunity to meet Santa. 1590families attended the eventpeople attended theevent15901590families attended the eventchildren received agift10101590

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In March 2022, Camino revealed its brand new mini pitch as part of Charlotte FC’s 2022 Pitches for Progress Initiative. Camino’s mini pitch was the first of 22 pitches to be installed, providing a safe place for Latino children andfamilies to fuel their passion for soccer. 300 families came out to celebrate the pitch’sgrand opening and first kick on the field! Families received Charlotte FC jerseys, ticketsto the first home game, and other Charlotte FC swag! The kids also had the opportunityto run and play on the field. Camino’s soccer team, Camino United, practices and playson the field. The mini pitch has also been used for various church and community soccerleagues, providing opportunities for dozens of families who love the sport to gather andplay together.32

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1590 30 1590 300 Thanksgiving turkeys 14 336 pounds of food were given out families attended the event families attended the event 600 bags of avocados were distributed by Camino 3 080 worth of grocery store gift cards were given out 33

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Camino held its first Arte & Cultura (Art and Culture) Event tokick off Hispanic Heritage month through a celebration ofLatino art, culture, and music. Arte and Cultura also includedan art exhibit with 70+ original works from villages all overGuatemala, live music, and an international cookingdemonstration. Attendees were taken on a journey of hopethrough an interactive digital tour where they were able towatch stories of hope unfold. Camino Research Institute alsopremiered a video in Spanish that presented the findings of the2022 Mecklenburg County Latino Community Strengths andNeeds Assessment.people attended theArte & Cultura event25034

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Camino believes that everyone should beafforded the opportunity to be equipped tolive a healthy, hopeful, and productive life,regardless of their circumstances. Buildingupon the deep work done in Latinocommunities for more than 20 years,Camino is launching an initiative that isdedicated to going beyond our buildingwalls, taking all of our services intoneighborhoods where we are needed most.We will be expanding our use of mobileclinics to provide medical, behavioral, andwellness services, as well as digital learning,employment opportunity services, andentrepreneurial training. We will bridgegaps in accessing services, using a personcentered approach to meet people wherethey are in every aspect of their life.COMMUNITYEVENTS: We could not have done all ofthis without the help of ourvolunteers! Volunteers servedalongside Camino on campusand out in the community morethan 4,799 times in 2022!75120720backpacks weredistributedyouth attended aSoccer Camp on themini pitch inpartnership withUrban Promiseindividuals served at acommunity block party inpartnership withMoments of Hope Church VOLUNTEERSLOOKING AHEAD TO 202335

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GRANT AWARDSWe are so thankful for ourWe are so thankful for ourfunders who help us carryfunders who help us carryout our mission: to equipout our mission: to equippeople to live people to live healthyhealthy,,hopefulhopeful, and , and productiveproductivelives.lives.36

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USAANovant HealthNC DHHS ORHUS DHHS HRSALeon Levine FoundationDuke Energy FoundationSt. Peter’s Hospital FoundationMecklenburg County GovernmentMecklenburg County GovernmentMecklenburg County GovernmentMecklenburg County Public HealthAstraZeneca Healthcare FoundationMecklenburg County Sheriff’s OfficeUnited Way of the Central CarolinasSisters of Mercy of North Carolina FoundationNorth Carolina Association of Free and Charitable ClinicsNorth Carolina Association of Free and Charitable ClinicsNorth Carolina Area Health Education Centers (NC AHEC)$2,511,360$360,000$75,000$30,000$200,000$178,000$450,000$50,000$479,400$125,000$4,900$15,000$100,000$25,000$40,000$10,000$20,000$11,00037

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DONORS Special thanks to our Corporate Foundation and Civic Donors 10 000 AT T Tepper Sports Joe Carmen Teague Foundation for the Carolinas Moments of Hope The Neal Family Rusty Anna Price Lowes Home Improvement 500 999 The Blackbaud Giving Fund William Dusch Shaun Moynihan Mike Kavanagh Adam Young Amy Sumner Indu Gilman Vanguard Charitable Women s Business Center of Charlotte The Benevity Community 5 000 9 999 American Endowment Foundation 2 500 4 999 Coca Cola Consolidated Renaissance Charitable Foundation Norsan Broadcasting American Heart Association Schwab Charitable 1 000 2 499 Donald Rose Sara Tinsley Joh Jones David Yeager Josi Paschoal Sherwin Williams Sara Tinsley Ken Edel American Health Caritas Brent Beason 38 Under 500 Adrian Johnson Al Mariacher American Online Giving Foundation Andrea Boulware Andrea Goettsch Angelica A Audrey Freeman Ayesha Waters Bart Noonan Bill Bipasha Tewary Bob Ward Brian Pressman Camaria Welch Carmen Raos Carmen Turner Carolina Benitez Carolina Haverty Carolina Valder Carolyn Icard Casey Shannon

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Under 10 000 500 Continued Cesar Gonzalez Cindy Fernandez Colleen Heppler Craig Allen Curtis Preik Damian Rojas Dani Martinez Daniel Diaz Daniela Gonzalez David Lindsay David y Lizeth Demond Richardson Disability Determination Services Donis Olivares Donnie Wilson Elizabeth Escobar Eric Brown Eric Pompi Familia de Rey Fernando Jimenez Francisco Cerrillo Gina Gold Ginger Billings Gloria Lee Heather Listebarger House of Judah Irma Villanueva Isaiah Soto Itzel Medina Jason Hollar Jeanette Espinoza Jenny Cox John Reyes Jordan Lopez Jorge Martinez Jose Villalon Josef Penner Joshua Fernandes Joyce Sequeira Karen Ervin Karina Runyan Kimberly Finnell Lanee Hunter Larry Johnson Leslie Burleson Liliana Sierra Luis Ada Valles Luis Dominguez Manuel Rey Marc Carruth Maria Benitez Marty Marx Mary Harrington Mauricio Segura MedAssist of Mecklenburg Megan Kleinhenz Meylien Delgado Miah Shephard Michael Hartman Michael Myrick Michael Schmidt Molly Flynn Morgan Listebarger Nichole G Norma Mckee Ollie Williams Ophelia Pollard Pamela Leon Paola Garcia Paulina Martinez Pauline Waters Randall Kane Reatna Taylor Ricardo Garcia Richard Stutts Robby Carney Roberto Sarmiento Rocio Verdiguel Rolando Aguiar Ruth Swander Samantha Hagler Samuel Frowine Sara Hall Sara Monge Sarai Ordonez Scott Braswell Scott McClure Sean Burleson Selena Sifontes Sequoia Hicks Shubham Dhungel Soraya Gavino Stephen Gazo Suni Garcia Sydney Williams Tatiana Vergara The Guardian Insurance Thomas Cox Timothy Hagler Tracy Trevino Valentina Sierra Vickey Maclin Warren Tadlock Wayne Sasser Wendy Pascual William Drago Yarince Pascual Mateo Yasmine Yira Garcia Zoila Taylor 39

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IN THE NEWS EARNED MEDIA 26 6 million 1027 increase from 2021 1 billion people 1566 increase in audience OUTLETS WHO COVERED CAMINO WBTV WCNC WSOC WTVI WCCB Spectrum NC Health News WFAE The Charlotte Observer Axios Charlotte Charlotte Business Journal Progresso Hispano News La Noticia Fox 46 Charlotte Channel 9 NBC Charlotte Lake Norman News Creative Loafing Chapel Hill News Newsbreak Big News Network Daily Advent Public News Service WGSP FM South Charlotte Weekly State News Service WOLS FM WURN AM Yahoo Canada The Durham News Fort Mill Times The Stamford Advocate Rocky Mount Telegram WacoTribune Herald Associated Press Hickory Daily Record The Titusville Record The Herald Under the Dome CBS 17 WCBD News 2 Fox 8 World Magazine Concord Independent News and Record Winston Salem Journal WGSP FM Hola Noticias Power 98 Kiss 95 1 Patch SOCIAL MEDIA Total New Followers 38 4 increase from 2021 2 786 Total Engagement 12 935 40

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