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"I live in New York city. I have bought your Hokkaido Soba Cha at Chitose Airport before and really like it.  I was happy to find that FHWL offered the exact same soba cha I love from Hokkaido. 

I wish more prefectures have such online shops like this because each prefecture has its unique products! Thank you for sharing the unique Hokkaido products with people beyond Japan. 

My husband and I also both enjoyed very much the cheese sticks and Kitami peppermint cookies. 

 We will come back to order more from you in the near future!"

Tina L. (USA), June 2022

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"All the products are great, such as the horse oil skin cream which was soft and silky for my skin. The haskap jam is my favorite - sweet and sour. It tastes like real berries. 

I'm also excited to see the health benefits of the reishi mushroom products. I recently started taking the reishi supplements and drinking the reishi tea. 

I can recommend these products and the great service from the bottom of my heart!" 

Sheila G. (USA), May 2022

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"I placed an order with From Hokkaido With Love. I just received it and it is outstanding. The products of food items, skin cream, and a special WoodArt made in Hokkaido Japan, are all top quality, at a very reasonable price. Furthermore, these unique items cannot be purchased outside of Japan. It is like getting a taste of Hokkaido and Japan, without traveling there. My wife and I are planning a trip to Japan when it will be possible, getting the products From Hokkaido With Love, made us want even more to visit there. the items we liked the most were the two WoodArt pieces. They are so unique, and I have never saw such an art work anywhere else. Thank you From Hokkaido With Love for your excellent service." 

Amnon G. (USA), February 2022

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"Thank you so much for sending the delicious haskap jam. It was just as delicious  as we had remembered it when we lived in Tokyo and we visited Hokkaido. Many thanks! "

Karen Y. (USA), December 2021

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"I placed an order and it arrived so fast. I got some teas and single brew coffees that I love. I also got some bath salts and night cream which keep my skin so soft. I got some delicious snacks and I even got my son this neck pillow shaped like a salmon and he loves it! Everything came packaged beautifully and traveled really well. I can’t wait to place another order! I love supporting small businesses  "

Eilat G. (USA), September 2021

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"This site is FABULOUS. I ordered one of the owl nameplates for my door, and it was even better than I expected. The craftsmanship is top-notch, and the personalized characters are beautifully rendered. I also ordered a variety of teas (the hascap tea is SO GOOD, and they even threw in some samples of other treats, which were so tasty I will order them next time) and jam, and the cheese sticks. Everything arrived quickly and in perfect condition. The prices are great. 100% will order again--and this is the PERFECT way to sample a taste of Hokkaido no matter where you live!"

Susan S. (Japan), May 2021

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"A HUGE shoutout to my friend who surprised me with some goodies all the way from Hokkaido, Japan! 😳🤯🗾 Haskap jam and tea, with some other goodies from this great new business specializing in Hokkaido products, From Hokkaido With Love ❤️ Thank you 

Isn’t that the cutest photo on the coffee pouch?!? 🦊 This takes me back to the haskap beer I had once at Sapporo Brewery. 🍺 I wish everyone in Japan to be safe and healthy. I cannot wait to visit Hokkaido again!!"

Gretchen H. (United States), May 2021

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"We received order today plus your generous and gracious gift. Love the scent of roses. Thank you. Just wanted to share with you all that your product offerings and packaging is just so high end and classy. You folks nailed it. All the items are of such high quality and very representative of beautiful Hokkaido. We were blown away with how quickly the items shipped overseas, especially the Wooden Temperature-Humidity meter with customized engraving. The quality and packaging of the items is outstanding, and the customer service exceptional. We will be returning customers."

Debbie F. (United States), June 2021

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"Ty for the package and tea.
The cheese sticks are amazing. Oh coffee too. Going to have that for bfast. Also I adore the Japanese jams. I like them so much more because they aren't that sweet. 🤤"

Bettina K. (Germany), June 2021

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"We are amazed how quickly the package shipped! They have the local connections <3"

Claire F. (United States), June 2021