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Research Project

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DOES YOUR CARE PROVIDER PROTECT YOUR INFORMATION Do you want to prevent any cyberthreats and keep your data safe Make sure that your care provider meets the digital security requirements with the Contact Us data security protection tool below Check that your care provider is C O LOWLANDS 13 HAYMANS GREEN WEST DERBY LIVERPOOL L12 7JG protecting your information by asking them the following questions Does your care provider 0151 270 1703 have a data security policy Do they take data security seriously Do they have a data protection officer or information governance officer What is their ODS code Then you can go check the DSPT website and check if they are completed and published REVOLUTIONISE THE SOCIAL CARE SECTOR dspt lscpinfo co uk How safe is your information Data Security Protection Toolkit Research Project

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CHANGE STARTS WITH YOU ABOUT THE DATA SECURITY PROTECTION TOOLKIT DSPT Raise awareness to digitalise social care and protect your data Scan and share the questionnaire How it helps you with your friends and family Keep you and your family member s data that care organisations The DSPT is an online self assessment safe and understand tool that allows you to measure your security rights your use data care provider s performance against data security standards https www lscpinfo co uk services DSPT research project Make sure your care provider has completed and published the DSPT to show how they manage and treat cyber awareness in their organisation and that they take the initiative to protect your data DIGITAL IS THE FUTURE OF SOCIAL CARE

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