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Online Remedial Therapy and its benefits.

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SoftTarbiyah is a rising support group which is based on team of different special educators who are providing all the therapies you need for your child. Our Aim is to support and help people who face difficulties in academics, behavioral or emotional problems and communication. Our team is very supportive, we welcome you to share your problems with us and we will assure you that you will be satisfied to approach us.


How online therapies can be effective?

Online therapies are almost as effective as traditional therapies, it provide full support ,guidance and care to the person who have any problem in taking traditional therapies. The biggest advantage of online therapy is that therapist and client can set their schedule according to their comfort and are not strictly bound as in traditional therapies. It can also help people who are not comfortable attending traditional face to face groups. Participants are able to work anywhere they like and at times that suit them most .All that’s required is a computer with an Internet connection, a webcam, and an audio headset.


Remedial Therapy ( Cognitive) :
Remedial teaching is also called corrective teaching. Its intended to enhance or polish the deficient skills of slow learner through different effective teaching techniques.


How it works..

 Remedial therapy is very effective when it comes to online. It’s an interesting thing for children to study online and ‘Softtarbiyah’ has a number of brilliant special educators who possess versatile teaching styles and know different effective teaching techniques which is going to be very helpful for the children who has learning difficulties.


Occupational Therapy:

Occupational therapy is the treatment for the problems which hinders one's ability to perform several motor skills through fine motor, gross motor, sensory processing and posture.


It can also prevent a problem or minimize its chances of increasing. Occupational therapy is focused around exercises and activities designed to improve:

-Fine motor skills

-Posture Reading and writing skills

-Sensory processing

-Other motor and integration skills that enable students to access the educational curriculum.



How it works..


OT is that one therapy which no one has imagine it to be done online, but ‘Softtarbiyah’ is providing that opportunity. OT is very helpful for the parents who cannot take their child to any Occupational Therapist due to any reason. So, for such parents ‘Softtarbiyah’ is there to help you. ‘Softtarbiyah’ has a team of Occupational therapists who will guide you the techniques of therapy and how to help your children being at home. If the parents are willing then this therapy will have really brilliant effect on their child.

Speech Therapy:

Speech and language therapy is a treatment for children and adults whose speech and language is impaired and have communication problems caused by accident, developmental delays, hearing loss and strokes etc. Speech and language therapy helps individual in following areas:

-Articulation Skills

-Expressive Language Skills

-Receptive Language/Listening Skills

-Speech Fluency/Stuttering

-Voice and Resonance 

How it works..


Online Speech Therapy is just as effective as traditional Speech therapy. Infact it will have further more positive effects on a child with speech or language difficulty because children will participate more in to online therapies rather than going to give a visit to any center, this cause great anxiety to children. Where there ‘Softtarbiyah’ has number of Special Educator there also a number of Speech Therapist they have. Our Speech Therapist are trained and well experienced who will give you assurance of a positive change in your child.


Behavioral Therapy:
Behavior therapy is also called behavior modification therapy and psychotherapy or a combination of two therapies. The whole process of this therapy not just focus on behavior but also linked with higher mental processes that might be causing them.


How it works..


Obviously, online Behavioral Therapy would not be as effective as traditional Behavioral Therapies but for sure it would definitely be as manageable as you want it to be, because in today’s era children are more attracted towards anything which is related to technology and we all know that it’s not an easy task to take the children to the therapist and convince them to give a visit once, especially those children who have behavioral issues. And we, the team of ‘Softtarbiyah’ give you assurance that you will definitely see a positive change in your child’s behaviour after having few session with us. We will give therapies online in a way that your child will definitely show his/her willingness towards it and would never hesitate in taking session rather he will feel free to open his hidden self and explore himself once he get used to it.