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National Recovery Administration

the goal was to an eliminate cut-throat competition.

Dillon Corfee

national recovery administration was made by Franklin D, Roosevelt in 1933. was made to bring industry, labor, and government together to create codes. prices would change to minimum prices at which products could be sold. National recovery administration ended in early 1935 


The negotiations of a code for the Coal industry came against the background of a rapidly swelling union, the Mineworkers headed by Jon L, Luis and an unstable truce in the Pennsylvania coal fields. The NRA tried to get the principals to compromise with a national code for a decentralized industry in which many companies were anti-union, sought to keep wage differentials, and tried to escape the collective bargaining provisions. Agreement among the parties was finally reached only after the NRA threatened that it would impose a code. The code did not establish price stabilization, nor did it resolve questions of industrial self-government versus governmental supervision or of centralization versus local autonomy, but it made dramatic changes in abolishing child labor, eliminating the compulsory scrip wages and company store, and establishing fair trade practices. It paved the way for an important wage settlement.