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Ky'Ajiah Reid-Miss Armstrong-1st Period-November 29



Miss Armstrong\1st Period\due November 29

There are many different important holidays that are celebrated in China every year. The largest event in China is the Chinese new year which is celebrated for a total of three days starting on January 28,So the Qingming festival celebration/memorial day for the dead celebrated on April 4th only lasting 1 day, And the national day on October 1st a gathering to honor the people who started China, And may day the day for the men and women who served the country to be honored on May 1st ,yet the one least celebrated but still a holiday the new year’s day. Chinese holidays are important because simply keep the culture alive so that it doesn't become history.(china highlights)

Holidays in China

There are many traditional foods prepared in China some of the most famous foods from old traditions and holidays . Chow mien is a stir fry with a variety of meats, veggies, and fried noodles. Sweet and sour pork is a well known pork and veggie specialty and it is  popular in Jiangsu. But  Wonton is another famous dish that can be prepared boiled or deep fried and it is usually made with chopped beef or pork Mostly prepared in the Winter time Another type of food is ma po tofu, which is a famed spicy tofu from 1000 years of history in China cuisine. Dumplings is another traditional dish that has been prepared for over thousands of years with small diced meat and veggies wrapped in dough. China has many traditional foods that have been around for many years some only eaten on special occasions . Chinese food is important to the culture because it keeps traditions going and also  keeps their culture alive.(china highlights )

food in China 

A vital part of the Chinese culture and government is their communication/language. Mandarin is the form of Chinese spoken by over 955 million people in the Country, Yet  A fraction of the population are deaf,’’ using their first dominant communication,’’ sign language , And  Cantonese is a primary language in Hong Kong and in Macau which started in Guangzhou. Wu Chinese  is a vernacular of the eastern province of china in 6 main subgroups and split into 14 varieties spoken by at least 80 million citizens,  But English is a foreign language which is mostly critical for people to learn but is mostly spoken in Hong Kong . China has a government that includes many different languages helping to keep it diverse Chinese, So language is important because it helps to keep  the country going. (Sawe)

Language in China