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This will tell you on how people take the word equality, and are affected by it.

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The Reconstruction

After the Civil War, the south was in crisis. There were many poor white people because slaves were now free. The black people were free but had no money like the other white people. So, the government decided to establish a group called the Freedmen's Bureau. This group was formulated to supply the Freedmen and the poor whites. But, groups like the Ku Klux Klan didn't like this idea, and this is because it's shown like a form of equality. Since both white and black people were treated the same. So, this added pressure to the Freedmen's Bureau. Eventually, the government was pressured so much, that they were forced to shut down the Freedmen's Bureau.  As you can see, some people like the KKK are affected by whites and blacks treated the same. They're scared of equality. You don't want that to affect you in the future right, so we should stand up, and fight it with pride.

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By: Marcus Velazquez Troop 90