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Retail Enertainment And Lifestyle Marketing


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The REALM Company, LLC. is a boutique consultancy where technical, creative and professional service providers collaborate to bring client visions to life. The firm is an independent project of Aimeé Clarke Bass, a professional marketer that focuses on embedding brands into the lifestyles of consumers in ways that are welcome and invited.

The REALM Company and its marketing partners have marketed brands with target audiences from all walks of life. Our trade specialization is as follows:

Retail - Entertainment - And - Lifestyle - Marketing:
From concept to completion our team of professionals will examine current activities and measure their effectiveness.  We will also provide a situation analysis and provide our best recommendations based upon the company's budget, unique selling position, situation and target market.
We also create custom events and media to suit your brands marketing mix. Whether on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, however you company markets, we'll create customized content for your brand. Digital to print, audio to visual. We're a one stop solution to fulfill your needs. 
Consider us a virtual cloud based marketing solution partner with the luxury of a physical project support presence. With The REALM Company your brand stays in the loop of every project in real time. No micro-managing necessary. With our cloud based systems, you will know exactly what is going on when, and by whom. Working in this manner will also allow Realm Company in the future to work internationally as a team. 



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The REALM Agency is a versatile media resource responsible for the creative development of branded media. We are also a public relations asset providing maximum exposure for your brand with customized strategies to meet your companies media exposure goals using a strategic mix of:

Social Media Planning
Social Media Branding
Social Media Posting
Email Marketing
Digital Media Kits
Press Releases
Copy Writing
Video Production
Print Graphics
Print Brokering
Digital Photography
& More based upon the 
individual needs of the client. 

FOCUS #1: Media

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Work smart not hard is the mantra of The REALM Agency's management consulting practices offering careful review and analysis of current operations. Upon completion of an initial assessment recommendations are made to the business owner based upon their unique situation and needs. We provide an effective mix of advice, fresh ideas and solution integration incorporating:

Virtual Sales & Operations Management

Virtual Support

List Management

Customer Relationship Management

Research & Development

Transaction Management

Special Project Management

FOCUS #2: Management

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The Realm Agency believes that a company's marketing strategy is the power behind the brand. It propels the client’s brand vision forward to achieving their short and long-term goals. The REALM Agency has over 20 years of experience in this arena working with out of the box tactics that produce results for our clients on a regular basis. A customized assortment of tools, resources and services that build the brand are essential. At The REALM Agency we combine the following services for maximum brand impact:


Website Design and Maintenance

Strategic Marketing Plans

Cross Marketing Opportunity Development

Brand Focused Marketing Calendars

Brand Presentations

Marketing Proposals

Creative Direction & Services

Turn Key Campaigns

Special Events

And More…

FOCUS #3: Marketing

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Realm Company LLC operates in a virtual office environment.

We are a cloud based consultancy with a local presence whose core focus is viral media development, virtual operations management and digital marketing. Our efforts are concentrated in the Retail - Entertainment - And - Lifestyle - Markets = REALM.

We are also Value Added Resellers of REALM proven products, services and applications related to the above focuses and markets. We offer account setup, training, customized content, local support and more as well as complete virtually managed systems for entrepreneurs to small businesses.


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REALM Company LLC provides professional, efficient handling of our client’s special projects.

We use virtual system to insure that both REALM Agency and our clients are on the same page. We recruit and organize teams as needed to insure proper execution. We source materials and handle logistics in a way that is in line with the vision of our clients. Projects are assembled through assessment processes, research and development specific to

the unique operations of our clients. Once REALM Co. takes on a project we become your partner

in the achievement of your success goals. Every project that we complete successfully is a direct reflection on our abilities as an agency. In essence we build our brand with each brand we build.

Ask about past projects:

Fashion Week New Orleans

Le Prix International Film Star Awards

Model Searches

Magazine Issue Launch

Corporate Image Shoots

Viral Video Series

Client Branded Media - Haute News


Product Launches

Television Appearances

Film Industry Product Placement

Television Commercial Creative Direction

Fashion Shows

Retail Events

Museum Exhibit - NOMA

Celebrity Interviews & Styling

Cross Marketing Relationships

And More…

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Realm Company LLC coordinates all aspects of special event projects for our clients from concept to completion.

We organize events from product launches, fashion shows, sales events, performances, creative exhibitions, model and talent searches, retail openings, open houses, fundraisers, tastings, silent auctions, trade exhibitions and more...

When capturing the moment is serious business you can count on The REALM Agency to handle the assignment accordingly. From red carpet events to once in a lifetime performances, our team of professionals has the experience and skill to provide your company's vision in the digital output you desire.



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Brand Packages

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“The greatest good you can do another is not just share your riches, but to reveal him his own.”- Benjamin Franklin

The REALM Agency on occasion partners with brands with limited marketing budgets that we believe in. The brand must have the potential to succeed profitably. In this event all brand development is performed on the level of an equal partnership.  Both companies are investing time, energy and resources in the best interest of the developing brand.  The REALM Agency will also accept the responsibility of marketing and promoting the brand as it is launches by preparing a customized campaign. The Agency will provide services, molding the brand based upon market trend and strategic goals.

Terms: Client pays expenses upfront Expenses are 50% reimbursable through sales revenues Business Partner Relationship 50% / 50% - Profit & Loss Equal Ownership Rights Package #1:
Brand Partner

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“Management is, above all, a practice where art, science, and craft meet” - Henry Mintzberg

REALM Company LLC more frequently virtually manages brands in areas specific to media arts, strategic marketing and cloud operations management.  We incorporate effective systems, handle special projects and plan special events that propel our clients forward towards their goals.  We create customized campaigns and are given formal permission to market, promote and sell products and services on behalf of our clients. For our services we are paid a fee on a project by project basis. For sales generated by our customized systems and efforts, during the contracted time period, a negotiated sales commission is earned by REALM Co.  

Terms: Client pays expenses upfront Client pays for services as needed Negotiable Sales Commission % Client Provides License Independent Contractor Relationship    Package #2:
Brand Manager

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"I have never worked a day in my life without selling. If I believe in something, I sell it, and I sell it hard." - Estée Lauder

As a Brand Representative REALM Company LLC acts as the power behind an existing brand. We provide client campaign support and feedback.  Clients seeking this sort of service have an established brand presence, a current marketing plan and have set up marketing channels accordingly. They are in need of quality maintenance, implementation and monetization of current systems. REALM Co. completes such activities for a negotiated flat monthly fee plus commission on sales earned through the efforts of our company. 

Terms: Client pays expenses upfront Negotiable Sales Commission % Client pays a flat monthly fee for customized services Client pays for additional services quoted as needed. Independent Contractor Relationship Client Retains All Ownership Rights  Package #3:
Brand Representative

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The ambassador was never present, but his presence was never absent. - Theodore C. Sorensen 

The REALM Agency as a brand ambassador acts as the voice of the client’s brand. We assess our clients branding and offer services to solidify their efforts. We provide research and development insight in order to maximize brand profitability. We are also the brands source for public relations and social media management.  We create custom campaigns based upon the specific needs of the client. We monitor brand reputation and provide timely reporting on brand presence.  

Terms: Client pays expenses upfront Negotiable Referral Commission % Client pays a negotiated monthly retainer for customized selection of services Client is invoiced for additional services valued above retained amount Independent Contractor Relationship Client Retains All Ownership Rights   Package #4:
Brand Ambassador

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