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Recchiuti Confections Business Gifting Catalog

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2We are here to help you every step of the way. Contact us directly at 800.500.3396 or email In the meantime, you can take a look at our catalog to see gift ideas and learn how others are sending impactful moments.Looking forward to hearing from you,Michael & Jacky RecchiutiFounders of Recchiuti ConfectionsWe understand the importance of client customer relationships and maintaining visability.A box of confections from Recchiuti is so much more than a gift; it’s a reminder to the recipient that they are always valued and appreciatedDear ValuedFriends AndPatrons,

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3“I get Recchiuti chocolate as Thank You gifts in business. Needless to say, it’s always the “best chocolate I’ve ever had.”P. 4Our Story Learn about our handmade cultureP. 5Signature Confections Best-selling gifts and collectionsP. 8Giving Back Doing good never tasting so sweet!P. 9Specialty Confections Small-batch confections unique to RecchiutiP. 12Holiday CollectionsDeck the halls and heartP. 14Custom ChocolateCreate a gift that tells your storyP. 15Drop Ship ServiceSending to multiple recipients made easyP. 18Ordering DetailsAll the details you need to start creating your giftsInside e Lookbook

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4When you introduce people to truly exquisite chocolate and ingredients, they will be won over instantly.After years in the test kitchen, Michael and Jacky Recchiuti were ready to introduce Americans to real chocolate in 1997. Nearly 25 years later, we still source California farms for fresh herbs to create our signature infusions. Confections are still made with custom-blended chocolate based on Michael Recchiuti’s own palate. And of course, we wouldn’t be Recchiuti without Michael’s signature Burnt Caramel. This smoky, whiskey-like flavor is woven into the fabric of our confectionary line, from Burnt Caramel Truffle to Burnt Caramel Almond.Still Made By Hand

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S Confections5B B$50, 16 piecesThe flavors and craftsmanship of our Black Box are nothing short of sophisticated, and dare we say, seductive. The Black Box is made for impressing any giftee or celebrating a little self-indulgence.B B$92, 32 piecesWhether you’re new to Recchiuti or back to discover a new favorite, the mix of classic and contemporary truffles are sure to delight every palate.Gift IdeaCustomize Black or Burgundy Box truffles with your company’s logo!

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F  S C$26, 16 piecesDelicate floral notes of Fleur de Sel (sea salt) draw out the caramel’s rich, smoky tones. It’s their perfect balance of salty and sweet that led them to be named one of the best handmade chocolate-covered salted caramels by The New York Times.S C$30, 9 piecesA beautiful mix of classic and contemporary Recchiuti. Our Sepia Truffle Box is a 9 piece collection composed exclusively with our Dark Milk Chocolate truffles to achieve the perfect alchemy of dark and velvet.N C$30, 9 piecesComposed exclusively of our darkest confections, the Noir Truffle Box is made for any chocolate lover looking to experience complex, bold, and smooth chocolate flavors.S Confections6

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S ConfectionsStoring Your ConfectionsStore your confections the same way you would store red wine. In an air-tight container is recommended at or below room temperature. Refrigerating is not recommended. Our advice? Enjoy right away.7R W P C$30, 9 piecesPaying homage to California’s wine country, we’ve developed the Red Wine Pairing Collection to elevate any wine night into a gourmet tasting experience.W P C$30, 9 piecesIn honor of Michael Recchiuti’s spirit of choice, we’ve developed the Whiskey Pairing Collection to lead you through an unparalleled home tasting experience with our handmade chocolates.

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For over 15 years, Recchiuti has partnered with Creativity Explored to create one-of-a-kind truffle collections that support the organization and the arts. Creativity Explored is a San Francisco nonprofit visual arts center where artists with developmental disabilities create, exhibit, and sell art.Our lastest collection, San Francisco Icons collection (seen above) features original illustrations by Isaac Haney-Owens. A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each box directly support Creativity Explored programs. Learn more at Sweet 8

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S ConfectionsK L A$26, 6 ouncesOriginally developed during Michael Recchiuti’s pastry chef days, these thinly sliced Granny Smith apples are soaked in key lime juice before being dried and dipped in semisweet chocolate.K L P$26, 6 ounces Available October - DecemberThinly sliced Bartlett pears are soaked in key lime juice before being dried and dipped in custom-blend semisweet chocolate. These paper-thin slices of fruit and fine chocolate are just as delicate as they are delicious.P  F$26, About 20 pieces Our gorgeously simple Pates de Fruits burst with flavors of fresh fruit and are finished with crystallized sugar.9

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Doing business has looked a bit different lately and we know just how important choosing meaningful gifts for your valued relationships will be. A box of confections from Recchiuti is so much more than a gift; it’s a reminder to the recipient that they are always valued and appreciated even when you can’t be together in person.Always Valued, Near or Far.“I sent several Sharing Gift Boxes as a thank you to friends and colleagues and received wonderful thank you notes and messages from every recipient.”10

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GIFT Boxes11S B$120Perfect for marking a special occasion, or for sharing a sweet moment with the office. Enjoy the Sepia Collection, Fleur de Sel Caramels, Cacao Nib & Fleur de Sel Mendiants, Dark Hot Chocolate, Dragee Sampler, Dark Milk Bar, Semisweet Bar, and Bittersweet Bar.O B$195More than just chocolate, Recchiuti Confections is an indulgence on the verge of obsession. Enjoy the Burgundy Box, Fleur de Sel Caramels, Key Lime Apples, Peanut Butter Pucks, Peppermint Thins, Burnt Caramel Almonds, Cherries Two Ways, Bittersweet Bar, Dark Milk Bar, and Semisweet Bar.Gift IdeaAdd a custom ribbon with your logo to each gift box.

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We were beyond excited when Google asked us to help them celebrate the opening of the new Google Grove Experience Center in Redwood City. We worked closely with their team to create vibrant custom chocolate transfers and chocolate box assortments featuring the classic Google Super G and the new Google Grove logo.Spotlight On Google14

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15Choose Box Type and FlavorsCustom assortments are available in a 2, 4, or 9 piece box. 8 Customizable truffle flavors are available.Add Your ArtworkSend us your custom artwork or choose a free design from our in-house design gallery.Add Finishing TouchesChoose a complimentary satin Recchiuti ribbon or design your own custom ribbon. You can also add a unique gift message to each of your recipients.Company logos, personal messages, life milestones—they’re all more memorable when set atop a piece of artisan chocolate. Provide your own image or choose from our in-house selection of images. Contact our concierge at or 800.500.3396.CreateCustomGis

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16Wedding Bicycle Best Wishes A Roses A Roses B Fluttering HeartDove Love Doodle Birthday Balloons Birthday BicycleReal Estate ChatGolden Gate A Golden Gate BL M  CS F LB  SSeason’s GreetingsPeace on Earth Happy New YearHappy Holidays ASnowflakeSIN-HOUSE Transfer Gallery

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17GThank You AThank You D Thank You E AnniversaryBirthday ACongrats A Congrats B Congrats DIN-HOUSE Transfer GalleryChoose to customize your chocolates with artwork from our in-house gallery at no extra charge to you.Fill out one Drop Shipform for all yourrecipients.Gifting to multiple recipients? Choose to ship your confections with our multiple recipient Drop Ship service. Our Concierge team is ready to assist you in arranging the details of your order. Call 800.500.3396 or e-mail to start your order.Benefits Of Drop Ship1/3Send a unique product and gift note to eachrecipient.2/3Use your own FedExor UPS account, or we offer flat rate shipping.3/3

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18CUSTOM CHOCOLATE GuidelinesVenezuela VarietalLake breezes in the Sur de Lago region of Venezuela provide a unique growing climate for cacao and result in a distinctive flavor. This varietal exhibits delicate caramel and nut notes.Colombia VarietalSingle origin cacao from the San Vincente de Chucurí region of Colombia. Balanced wine and spice notes with a long, slow finish.Ecuador VarietalThe straightforward intensity of this chocolate made using single origin cacao from Ecuador, exhibits remarkable persistence of flavor. Smoky tobacco notes with a hint of earthiness and rich coffee.Madagascar VarietalSingle origin Criollo cacao from the island of Madagascar. Criollo is known for its complex flavors and aroma as exhibited by the notes of tart cherry and fruit in this chocolate.Burnt CaramelMichael Recchiuti’s signature piece. Dark, smoky caramel blended with 70% dark chocolate ganache. Enrobed in our semisweet chocolate.Force NoirSilky 70% dark chocolate ganache infused with whole vanilla bean. Enrobed in our semisweet chocolate.Lemon VerbenaLocally-grown lemon verbena steeped in whole cream, blended into decadent chocolate ganache and enrobed in our semisweet chocolate.Spring Jasmine TeaDelicate jasmine blossoms and green tea leaves infused in pure dark chocolate ganache. Enrobed in our milk chocolate and marbleized with semisweet chocolateChoose a Box Size and TypeTwo-Piece Box Option: Clear Top with Ebony BottomFour-Piece Options: Clear or Ebony Top with Ebony Bottom, or Clear Top with Platinum BottomNine-Piece Options: Clear or Ebony Top with Ebony BottomGift Idea: Customize the Black or Burgundy Box with a custom truffle or ribbonChoose A Ribbon ColorRed, White or Black satin ribbon with Recchiuti logo, or; Create your own custom ribbon in a color of your choice with a special message or company logo.While you can choose to include nearly any of our truffles for your box, only certain truffle flavors are customizable. See below for customizable flavors.

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19Guidelines Order Minimum: There is a 20-unit minimum per orderArtwork: When providing your own decoration, please send artwork as either a high-resolution PDF or an Adobe Illustrator file (v. 10 or higher compatible). Full-bleed designs are not recommended.Lead Times: 4-6 weeks on all custom truffle orders.Shelf-life and Storage: 4-5 weeks with proper storage in a cool, dry place as you would store red wine. Refrigeration is not recommended.Includes warehousing of unused prints for up to 24 months. A 50% deposit on product cost is required to place and process orders. The balance, including set-up fees and any shipping charges, is due when your order ships.Recchiuti Confections is more than chocolate –It is an experience in ingredients, service, and value.Recchiuti Confections Custom Chocolate is a gift that engages all the senses. Contact our Concierge team at or 800.500.3396 to begin telling your story through personalized gifting.Artwork & Ribbon Pricing Custom TransfersTransfer Setup Fee: $200 (1-color image, set of 500 transfers)Additional Colors (up to 4 colors): $75 eachStandard best-match: $125 per custom colorReprint transfer set of 500: $85Custom RibbonTransfer Setup Fee: $250 (1x100 yd ribbon, 1-color)Additional/Reprint Ribbon: $85 (100 yd)Additional Ribbon Color: $120Truffle Box Pricing • 2-Piece Box: $11 each• 4-Piece Box: $15 each• 9-Piece Box: $30 eachCUSTOM CHOCOLATE Guidelines

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Speak with ConciergeCall 800.500.3396 or a Corporate OrderCall 800.500.3396 or your ShelvesIf you are interested in becoming aRecchiuti Wholesale partner, contactus at at the Ferry BuildingOne Ferry Building, Shop #30San Francisco, CA 94111415.834.9494Recchiuti OnlineVisit to shop online, and to learn more about our products, culture and upcoming events!