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Class Genetics Project

This January we made our own pet family. My making a Punnett   square, they randomly chose the pheotypes and genotypes of their pets and made them accordingly. We then drew and dispalyed the end results. 

Class Winner of Essay Contest

John Johnson was voted by the class to win the best essay of why he loves America. He was able to read it in front of the whole school and displayed on the school wall of recongition. All the essays submitted were wonderful. Thank you to all who participated and congratualtions John!

Patty Peterson

Wants to pass off her mulitplication timings.

Is memorizing the Preamble.

Writing a biogrpahy book report on Betsy Ross.

Got 100% on her last math test.

Is enjoying her music class a lot.


What the students are up to this month



Tabitha Tallman 

Took up some art classes

Designed the class presentation board

Got a 95% on her last science test

Her goals is to become a better writer 

Ryan Ramirez 

Got the solo for the school musical

Joined an after school soccer team

Is working on his science fair project

Wants to raise his math grade to an A

Writing his book report on Jackie Robinson