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 My Aunt




By Chris Ramos


My aunt, Hilda Madden, was a great woman. Even though I never got the chance to meet her, I could tell you a lot about her from the things i've been told. I remember my mom telling me one time about a memory she had. When my mom was younger, she used to help my aunt out a lot around the house.  She used to help her cook food to sell because my aunt wasn't able to work. My mom remembers cooking a lot of tamales and selling them to the people living the the same town. "She was a very nice lady. She would take really good care of me and help me out with anything I needed help with" (Ramos, A).


My aunt Hilda was very caring for my mom and her brothers. After my mom's mother passed away when she was a kid, my aunt brought them in as if they were her own. She helped raised them into the people they are today. They would always be taught discipline and right from wrong. If they wanted to hang out with their friends they would have to clean the whole house before. "I remeber when I would ask your mom if she wanted to go somewhere she would always tell me she had to do all of her chores the same day" (Ramos, J).

My mom's brother also liked her as much as she did. Although they didn't spend much time together because he'd be working out of the house, they still got along as well as her and my mom. She would always be very funny and silly almost all the time (Martinez, A). Even though she was disabled, she was a very hard worker. Even though they were very poor growing up, she would always find some way of helping other people around her. My aunt had a very good heart. "She loved helping people, that made her very happy" (Ramos, A). 

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