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 Healthy Living

By, Raina Dhesi

How can I improve my diet:

- The main way that I could improve my diet is by increasing my servings of fruits and vegtables.
- According to Canada's Food Guide, a teen my age (female of 15 years) should be having 7 servings of fruits and vegatbles a day. After anazlizing my diet I beleive that I have around only 3 servings a day, so it should be increased a lot

- I couls also aim for having a larger breakfast to start off my day
- since breakfast is the first meal of the day, it is known as being "the most important meal". I could acgieve this by planning my breakfast the night before and prepare it.
- I coud also aim for having a bigger lunch

My Daily Diet:

- Do not usually have a full breakfast
- I often have tea and maybe a peice of toast 

- because of school I don't have a big lunch
- I find that bevause there is not a lot of time during lunch that i find myself not having a big lunch
- Usually have a sandwich or pasta

- unlike my breakfast and lunch I have a big dinner
- my dinner consist of meat and usually vegtables
- I often have chicken, pasta and a lot of other meats


The Effect Media Has On Myself:
- From the resources that were provided, I learned that researchers suggest that media advertising negatively impacts a women's body image. I think that this is true for multiple reasons. I think because most teens that are my age are on social media, they are exposed to so much. From social media the ideal women is describeed as being tall, skinny and defined as having a 'perfect' face. Teens, like myself, see this and often feels bad about the way we are. We feel that our bodies need to be changed so that others would like us. Media makes me feel as if I should change the way i look and that i am forced to change just to make people like me. Social media also makes me feel self concious about myself. I find my self pointing more of my flaws out than actually seeing the good things. Overall i think that ever since social media has gotten big, that it has effected myself and also other teens.


Social Media

Stress In My Life:
- The stress I have in my life is mainly from school. The feeling of being pressured and having demands on you is a way to describe what stress is.I feel presured to exceed in school because i've been taught that having an amazing education and being smart is what leads you to becoming succsessful in life. I think that school gives me stress because I am constantly thinking about it. I always try to make sure I'm doing my absolute best in all of my classes and to stay on task. If I find that I'm getting behind in a class or even confused, it gives me a lot of stress because i feel that i'm doing bad. Making sure that i get good grades in my tests and assignments also gives me stress. I think that i over think a lot when it comes to school which leads me to getting stressed out because i want to make sure i'm exceeding in school. 


Ways To Reduce My Stress:
- I think that I can reduce my stress by teaching myself to understand that what i am doing in school is fine. I think that I need to understand that I am trying my best in school and that I should not be preassuring myself.
-I also think that I should be taking time to focus on my self instead of always thinking about how I should impress others. I should do what I think will make me feel good and not others. 
- I also could talk to otthers about my problems and stress since a lot of teens my age also feel stressed out often.

I think that physical activity plays a very important life in a teens life. The reasons I think that is because physical activity helps:
- healthy growth and development
- prevent cronic diseases like cancer
- makes us stronger
- gives us energy
- decreases stress
- prolong independence as we get older

 After learning more about physical activity, I believe that I have enough physial activity a day. According to the Puclic Health Agency of Canada, a youth should have at least 1 hour of moderate to vigouris  activity a day which I think that I get. Firstly, every other day (during week days) I have PE (Physical Education) at school for an hour and twenty minutes ecah day, On the day's that I don'y have PE I usually have other things, such as basketball, that keeps me active. I play basketball around 4 times a week, ecspecially during he weekends.

Physical Activity

Is My Life Balanced:

From the multiple things I explained in this project (diet, social media, stress and physical activity) I have come to the conclusion that my life is more than less balanced. The reason I believe that is because after I researched the topics I did, I learned that I am mostly doing the right things in my life. Although there are things i need to work on (like my diet), I believe that the way my life is so far, is balanced. My life can be showed as being balanced because although I do struggle with having stress, I am still getting the right amount of physicl activity in a day which balances my life out. Having stress isn't something that i need to fix about my life because I leanred that it is normal to have stress and also a lot of people have it too. Even though I do feel pressured because of social media, I know that the way I am is perfectly fine and that I should not change it. Overall I think that through the topics of diet, social media, stress and physical activity, it is shown that my life is pretty much balanced.