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My booklet is about adoption. There are kids all around the wold that live everyday and know that when they wake up every morning that there is no one to hug them and tell them they love them. Please help and give a kid a home.

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Presentation By: Rachel Upchurch


Every Child Deserves A Loving Home

AdoptUSKids was founded on November 20, 2006. And have done amazing things for kids of all ages up to 18 in Foster Care. There are 428,000 infants, kids, and teens in the U.S. foster care system and 112,000 are waiting to be adopted. AdoptUSKids’ maintains a national photo listing service for children waiting to be adopted. Since the project launched in 2002, more than 26,000 children who were once photo listed on have been adopted and nearly 39,000 families have registered to adopt through the website. AdoptUSKids mission is to try to do the best they can by giving kids in Foster Care the best home. It isn't something that can happen over night. It took my parents 3 years to finally adopt me. Most adults go into Foster Care not knowing how much time, work, and money is put into it. There are certain standards you have to meet in order to adopt a child. Foster Care also involves a WHOLE lot of paper work and court visits. 

AdoptUSKids is an organization to get everyday normal people like you and I to adopt a child. There are kids everywhere that are born to parents that could care less about them. There are kids that wake up hungry and go to bed hungry, Kids that live everyday knowing that there is no one for them to run to if they ever need anything such as a: hug, a friend, or just someone to talk to. Kids that have to live everyday of their life in fear, wondering if today is their last! A lot of people think that if a kid is placed with another family other that the one they were taken from, that they will be a lot better and live a better life until they get adopted or their parents go to court and does everything that's supposed to be done in order to get their kid back. But how ever that's not always the case! Some kids that get placed in a Foster home/care can be placed somewhere worse or just as bad as the place they were taken from. Just imagine how hard it would be to be taken form the only place you know and have nothing but the clothes on your back! And going to live with some random stranger you have never met before. It has to be scary. But some kids are fortunate enough be get adopted by a loving and caring family who would literally go around the world and back for you. Having a safe and warm roof over your head. And clean clothes on your back and food in your stomach.  

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