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Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. World Continents
  3. World Regions
  4. Tectonic Plate movements
  5. Climate Maps/ Land Use Map 
  6. Physical Topography/Elevation Map
  7. Transportation Infrastructure/
    • Political Boundaries Map
  8. Population Density Map
  9. James
    1. Alternate world
    2. Featured Concept
  10. Hayden
    1. Alternate world
    2. Featured Concept
  11. Thomas
    1. Alternate world
    2. Featured Concept



Tectonic Plate Movements

Climate Map / Land Use

Physical Topography / Elevation Map

Transportation Infrastructure / Political Boundaries Map

Population Density Map

James Bartling's World

Mt. Ququavion

Featured Concept

    Classical music is a culture created in the Mediterranean. Migrations, in a north western direction occurring for many various reasons, brought it to western Europe where it flourished. In this area it was developed and grew. This culture was primarily European at this point and was confined to this area. Then, trade and imperialism began to occur. This resulted in a spread of culture. Through this the classical music culture was spread world wide. Today most countries around the world listen to and accept classical music as a part of their culture. This demonstrates how the movement of people brings culture to different areas of the world. Like this, the culture of the settlement Mt. Ququavion spread to other settlements and trade centers that were under the rule of Mt. Ququavion,  to other areas of the continent Ququavious, and to continents oversea that traded with Ququavious settlements. The difference would be that Classical music was spread primarily by imperialism and the trade that occurred in this process. The culture in the settlement of Mt. Ququavion spread through trade, other peaceful interactions, and population movements.

Featured Concept

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Thomas Cowsar's Alternate World


Featured Concept  Qaquethequia  Thomas Cowsar